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Zeldris was around the age 63, which still made him rather young compared to other demons. Heck, despite being the younger brother of both Meliodas and Estarossa, he wasn’t even allowed to fight in battle yet. At most, he was allowed to train with his brothers on the palace grounds.


He was often bored when it came to being around his brothers though, as they only ever spoke about the war with the goddesses.


Zeldris had never seen a goddess before, but he’s sure he could pick them out if he did. Eyes that glowed a golden orange with a symbol in them, long hair even if they were male, and large white wings. He thinks he’d know one when he sees one. His brothers and Chandler had constantly told him that if he were to encounter one of the goddess clan, to attack and kill them, before they could do so to him.


He had always asked after why they were at war with the goddesses, and was always told that they were horribly prideful dicks who had been at war with them for centuries. But that hadn’t really answered Zeldris’ question. Before, Meliodas would give the same answer as everyone else, but now, he was in the same boat.


“Honestly? I have no idea why this war is happening,” Meliodas had said. “I only fight to protect our clan, you, and Estarossa. If I got the chance to end this war, I sure as hell would take it.”


At this point, Zeldris felt as though them being at war had no point whatsoever, and was just their dad and the goddesses queen having a hissy fit.


He now walked down the long halls insearch of either or both of his brothers, feeling uninterested on listening to Chandler be his tutor for the day, once again. He entered into a large lounging room, and frowned in deep confusion when he caught sight of his brothers.


Estarossa was fine, as he sat back almost too comfortably on a large couch, smiling amusedly as he watch their older brother. Meliodas was what confused poor Zeldris, as he was currently lying on the ground, with his head stuck in a hole near the end of the wall near the carpet. “Dammit-! The little vermin escaped again!”


Estarossa slapped a hand to his mouth as he hugged his stomach, “Pfft-! This is just too much! A small animal is beating you in a game of find and kill! The goddesses should have it train them.” Meliodas pushed his head out of the wall, hair more tousled than usual as he sent Estarossa a glare, “Very funny. You know, you could try to help?” “Nah~ You agreed to this job, so it’s your problem.” Meliodas grumbled and looked back into the hole before sighing, “Great…”


Zeldris walked over and looked to the hole in the wall, “What are you looking for?”


Meliodas shifted his hand through his hair, shaking out dust from being inside the wall. “A small animal. No idea how it made it so far into the clan, all the way into the castle walls…” Estarossa snorted at this. “Yes you do. When we were coming back, we stopped at a lake to rest, and someone decided that they liked the berries from a bush, grabbed the bush, and brought it back. Dimwit.”


Meliodas whipped his head around to glare at the younger brother, “Well excuuuse me! I haven’t had those berries in over 2 hundred years, and I was hungry! Not like I knew they would have a wild animal in them.” Zeldris blanked to his eldest brother, “He’s right, you are a dimwit.” “Hey!”


“What kind of animal is it; squirrel? Racoon?” “Dog,” Estarossa answered boredly.


Zeldris froze in his steps towards the door. “Oh… I’ll help you look. I don’t like dogs very much, so I’d rather it be gone as soon as possible. Are you just bringing it to the borders, or…?”


Meliodas shook his head, “Too much of a hassle. We’ll just do away with it.” “...Kill it?” “Yep.”


Zeldris’ head was down as he nodded. “I’ll take care of it.” Meliodas smiled happily,”Really? Thanks, I need to actually head back to the training fields to prepare the next group to head out. See ya!”


Estarossa groaned, “But we just got back!” “Quit complaining, and let’s go.”


When the two had left, Zeldris walked calmly to the kitchen. The chef there, Mosque, was an old demon who had 3 extra eyes on his forehead, and two broken horns. He was kind to the princes’, having a quiet nature on him. Zeldris walked over to find him baking dough for something. “Mosque-San? Is there any meat I can borrow? Meliodas lost a dog in the castle, and didn’t even think on lureing it out.”


Mosque nodded and grabbed the prince a bowl of thin meat slabs,”Here you go.” “Thanks.”


Zeldris came back to the hole in the wall and sat down in front of it. He placed the meat plate in front of it and waited. “Come on out. The weird blonde idiot is gone now.” One the other side of the castle, Meliodas sneezed at the insult.


After waiting a few minutes, a small, black, wet nose stuck out of the hole, and sniffed at the plate. Zeldris didn’t move yet, as he waited for it to come fully out. When it did, his eyes widened at the sight of it. It was a brown husky, small enough to fit into a salad bowl. It was just a pup, and by the looks of it’s front right leg, it was injured.


Zeldris pushed the plate of meat closer to the puppy and offered a small smile. “Here. My brother probably stole your meal by that bush, so eat up all you like.” He watched as the small dog laid beside the plate and started to tear up the meat appily. He got up and left swiftly, making sure to be fast before anyone entered the room. When Zeldris returned, he was carrying a small roll of bandages. He sat closer to the small husky, and careful wound it’s arm.


“Was this from when he grabbed the bush, or when you were trying to escape them in the castle?” When the dog was done, Zeldris took him and the plate back to the kitchen. He handed Mosque the plate, “Thanks.”


Mosque nodded as he turned to the dog, “You’re brothers must want you to execute it.” “...Yeah…”


“Will you?”




Mosque grew a small smile as he walked Zeldris up to a back door. “Here, I won’t go telling. No one in the castle can take it for you, and it won’t last a week here without your brothers finding out. Perhaps you could find someone else to watch it for you?”


Zeldris smiled up to him, “Thanks Mosque!” He turned and ran out the door towards town, hoping that one of the demons there could take the small husky.


However, as it happened, no demon liked the idea of owning the small dog. Some would panic and flee upon seeing the prince, fearing to be in trouble if they may upset him. The few who he did speak with however, all had valid reasons for not bein able to watch the dog.


“Apologies, young prince, but I just couldn’t afford to take care of the poor thing.”


“My home is filled with cats. A dog would be a bad choice…”


“I run a hotel, and pets aren’t allowed, as they would make a mess and eat too much of the food. Not a good choice either when receiving in guests.”


“I’m sorry but- *achoo!* -I’m allergic…”


As it turned out, a lot of demons were allergic to the small pup.


Zeldris sighed as he walked towards the border. “Well, I guess I could just release you back to your home.” He walked out of the borders and used hellblaze to go back down to Britannia. When he landed to the ground,he set the small dog down. It sniffed the grass before giving a small sneeze from pollen, and looked back up to Zeldris. The demon tensed and immediately looked away, “Don’t give me those puppy eyes. You’ll be fine, you’re back home.”


He turned and walked back, his hellblaze turning to wings for him. Before he could fly off however, he glanced back to the small husky. He nearly choked at what he saw.


In less than the one minute that he had his back to the small puppy: It hd gotten itself trapped and entangled in a bundle of vines. “Arf, arf!”


Zeldris facepalmed as his powers diminished and he walked over. “This is ridiculous…” He untied the pup, and it immediately lunged into his arms. “Arf!”


Zeldris pouted, “You did that to make me come back, didn’t you?”




He sighed and picked it up, “You can’t take care of yourself… I’ll see if Gloxinia can watch over you.


Gloxinia frowned from his seat on the giant mushroom, “A puppy? How did Meliodas not see that there was a puppy in the bush?”


Zeldris shrugged, “He’s an idiot. Anyways, I said I’d take care of it, but they think that I killed it, so-”


Gloxinia cooed as he flew down and pat Zeldris on the head, laughing happily. “Aww~ You care so much! You took pity on the small thing, and now you’re trying to find it a home. Why not just leave it in the forest?”


“I tried, and the dang thing tricked me into taking it again. Anyways,I was hoping if you could watch it?”


Gloxinia frowned as he scratched the dog under the chin. “I’m sorry, Zeldi. Puppies need a lot of attention, and you can’t leave them alone for too long. I’m flying around all over the place, and always leaving for business and trips. I wouldn’t be able to see the small guy often…”


Zeldris nodded,”It’s fine. I’ll see if maybe Drole can take him.” Gloxinia stiffened and gave a nervous chuckle. “Umm, think that one through a bit more… While Drole would be happy to take the puppy, I don’t think the small guy could survive a day…” Zeldris’ eyes widened as he thought of it. Chances were, the pup would get squashed when pat on the head.


Zeldris watched the puppy as it walked alongside him. He had been searching for a possible owner for hours now, and still couldn’t find anyone to take him.


“Uuuuugh!” He groaned, his head shaking back and forth as he tried to think. He could try to give it to a human, but they would know he was a demon right away, and wouldn’t even give him the chance to speak before running. He may be a kid, but as a demon, he was still to be feared.


Suddenly, the husky stopped, its ears perking up as it sniffed the air. “Arf-Arf!” It sprinted forward through a thicket of bushes, leaving Zeldris to call after it. “Hold up!”


Zeldris ran after the puppy through the trees and bushes. When he finally came through it, he was in a large clearing, bright green grass, flowers, a stream, and almost breathtaking weather.


He looked around in search for the small dog, when-


“Hello there~ Is this little cutie here yours?” Zeldris turned towards the source of the voice to find a shocking sight.


A goddess.


She had long silver hair that flowed in the wind. While one eye was blue and the other a golden orange, both held her clans symbol. She wore a white blouse with a dark blue tie, and a matching skirt with a long dark blue sock on her right leg, and matching heels. On her back, four goddess wings emerged, only to lay flat.


Zeldris jumped a few feet back, hand to the handle of his sword as he glared to the woman, his hellblaze rising to protect him if she lashed out. Great. He was already busy with trying to find a home for the pup, and now he had to deal with one from his clans arch enemies.


He waited for any threatening movement from her, as she looked at him in surprise by his movement. He didn’t remove his gaze from her, knowing it could be death if he made a mistake. After a few seconds, he heard a resounded bark and looked down to find the small husky was standing below the goddess. It rubbed its head to her legs with a small whimper for attention.


She giggled and bent down, scratching its head, “Nee~ You’re so cute!”


Zeldris felt his stance ease slightly, and his hellblaze fall back,  as he watched the goddess sit down to pet and play with the puppy. “You’re… not attacking?”


She looked up to him in surprise before pouting as if offended. “Of course I’m not! For one, I’m peaceful, and for two; your a child! Whether or not you’re a demon, it would be wrong to harm a small child.” The husky was now on her lap and licked at her cheek. She giggled lightly and pat its head, “My name is Elizabeth, may I ask of your own?”


Zeldris remained silent for a moment before cautiously coming closer, “Zeldris.” he didn’t notice the slight surprise in her eyes as she watched him sit beside her. “You said you were peaceful, huh? I haven’t met a goddess before, so is it common?”


Elizabeth put her hand to her mouth as she giggled, “No. In fact, I’m often spoken about in my clan for being against the war. It’s not all that popular of an opinion, it’s population having only 1 in my clan.”


Zeldris watched her carefully. He knew she wasn’t lying, but it still didn’t hurt to be cautious. “I’m too young to fight, and my brothers rather not involve me until I’m older, so I’m not in any of it.” “Hmm, do you want to be?”


Zeldris thought about this before answering. “No. I’m always asking why our clans are at war, and I never get an actual answer. My oldest brother told me that he doesn’t even know, and he doesn’t even want to be apart of it. But he is due to our father.”


Elizabeth smiled sadly to him, “I suppose it makes sense. You are the Demon King's sons after all, so it’s only natural that you would be pushed to join the war.” Zeldris looked to her in shock and slight panic. “H-how did you know who my father is?!”


Elizabeth looked back down to the small puppy, “I knew who you were the moment you said your name. You’re brothers are Meliodas, and Estarossa, correct? Before, when I once did fight in battle, I fought against your oldest brother on a daily basis almost.” When she saw his eyes widen, her smile softened. “I’m actually the Supreme Deity’s daughter.”


Ah, that made sense. Of course this would happen.


Zeldris goes off on his own, and meets his first ever goddess, who ends up being peaceful, and the Supreme Deity’s daughter. Just a normal day, right?


Yeah, no way his brothers would believe him if he told them that…


He sighed lightly as he reached out and pat the small pup as well. “Honestly, at this point, I’m not even all that surprised… So what made you become peaceful?”


The two spoke together for a while, and Zeldris came to learn more about the goddesses than what he had been told from Chandler and his brothers. He had at first expected for Elizabeth to stand up for her clan in their description, but when he told her what he had been told of Goddesses, she merely snorted as gave a nod of the head.


“Honestly, it’s true. Talk to any goddess, and there's a 97% chance their prideful and stuck up. To humans, we’re seen as divine beings who care for all, and while that’s half true; the goddesses I happen to know are all egotistical jerks who only care for themselves. Their selfish really.”


Zeldris hummed as he looked to her, “I half expected you to try and boast about them.” Elizabeth shook her head. “Why? I’m not like them. I‘ll admit to my faults, and I don’t care much for boosting my own ego. A few times, I had to keep myself from punching two of the Archangels in the face, because they wouldn’t stop talking about their own magnificence.”


He laughed at this, “You really aren’t as I’ve heard. Back when you and my brother used to fight in battle, he would describe you as a pain. He said that when you both first met, that he almost killed himself just to get out of having to deal with you and the archangels boasting.”


Elizabeth nodded, “When I used to fight, Ludoshiel and Mael, the archangels who accompany me, would never stop saying how I was sooooo strong, and could beat all the commandments with the flick of my wrist. All lies, I will admit. When fighting your brother, I could rarely land a hit, though neither could he~”


“After a while, he started being weird though. He said you were still a pain and he wouldn’t stop until he beat you in battle, but, well…” He blushed lightly as he pat the husky on the head. The small dog now laid on its side in a flower bed. “He started going on about the only thing he liked about battling you, as that it gave him an excuse to grope you. He wouldn’t stop talking about how much he adored your looks, no matter how much I covered my ears…”


Elizabeth seemed to stiffen at this, as an angry tick appeared on her head. “He said; WHAT ?” Zeldris held up his hands in defence, “Honestly, he used way more inappropriate words, but I blocked out everything.”


Elizabeth rubbed her temples and sighed, “I know I’m peaceful, but I suddenly feel like killing him for different reasons… It’s one thing for him to feel that way towards his nemesis at the time, but it’s another to say this to a kid. I’m disgusted.” “Understandable.”


Zeldris didn’t know how long it was he spoke with Elizabeth, but he didn't’ really care. He told her about his life growing up, and she told him more of her clan. They had reasoned on naming the small husky, but that took a lot of disagreeing, before they both agreed on Avallo(see what i did there?;)).


Eventually, after much discussion, Elizabeth decided to take care of Avallo. “Whenever you want to see him again, we could meet here and talk~”


But out of all that they had spoken on, there was one thing that would remain shocking to him for quite some time.


He stopped walking with her beside the lake, causing her to look back to him confused. He looked to her in shock and almost slight horror. “You meet with my brother here?”


Meliodas flew as fast as he could, hoping that maybe Elizabeth would still be there at their meeting place.


“Idiot…” he mumbled to himself. “If she’s there, then she’s been waiting for hours… just like me to forget what day it was.”


When he arrived to the clearing, he dropped out of his hellblaze and looked around. “Ooooooy! Elizabeeeeeeth!”


There was a small pause, and just as he was about to go looking around to be sure, he heard her call you to him. “Over here!” He sighed with relief as he walked that way.


When he came near her, he gave a sheepish grin. “Sorry I’m late. I completely forgot we were meeting today, and got held up training a group. Thanks for waiting.”


Elizabeth smiled to him from over her shoulder as she sat cross legged on the grass, but before she could reply-


“She didn’t, idiot.” Zeldris scooted over from sitting in front of Elizabeth. “I just kept her busy.”


Meliodas froze in his steps, not breathing or blinking as he stared at his youngest brother beside his perfect goddess. Elizabeth smiled cheerfully. “Yep! At first, I thought it was you, but it turned out to be your brother’s presence I had sensed. Oh! Meliodas, can you bring him with you from now on when we visit?! Please?!”


Meliodas’ eye twitched, “Wha-?! How-?!”


Zeldris snorted as he looked to Elizabeth, “I’ll come either way. Honestly, I’d rather talk to you over him and Estarossa. Unlike them, you’re not insane.” At this comment, Meliodas snapped out of his shock and pointed to them Zeldris horror. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!”


Elizabeth smiled to him and hugged Zeldris to her on her lap. “Stop yelling Meliodas, you’ll frighten Avallo.”


Meliodas blanked, “Aval-?” “Arf!”


He jumped in surprise at the dog that now rubbed to his leg.It barked up to him as it sniffed him. He narrowed his eyes to the pup, “Wait a minute…” Zeldris smiled up to Elizabeth, “Thanks for agreeing to watch over the little guy.”


She nodded before glaring to Meliodas, “Well, unlike some people; I can see how cute and sweet he is, and am more than happy to take care of him.”


“Zeldris!” Meliodas pointed to his brother, “You said you would kill it!”


Zeldris held up a finger in a matter of fact attitude. “Actually, I said I would take care of it. You simply misinterpreted it.” Elizabeth hugged Zeldris tightly as she turned her head away from Meliodas with a humph. “”Jerk. It’s a puppy, Meliodas. A puppy! I’m ashamed of you.”


Meliodas frowned and crossed his arms, “That doesn’t fix the problem at hand here. Zeldris, did you attack Elizabeth when you saw her?” Zeldris rolled his eyes, “I don’t want to know if you wanted me to or not, big brother. When I saw she was a goddess, I was prepared to fight if she attacked me, but she didn’t, and I saw she was peaceful. We’ve been talking for hours now.”


Elizabeth pat er thigh, luring Avallo to skip over to her. She scratched behind his ear and smiled as she pat Zeldris’ hair with her free hand. “You know, I prefer speaking with Zeldris a bit more. I may just visit with him instead.” Meliodas’ eyes turned back to black and his demon mark appeared on his forehead, “Like hell. Zeldris, you disobeyed orders, and-”


Zeldris smiled widely to his oldest brother, “And you have been meeting up secretly with a goddess for years. The Supreme Deity’s daughter at that. How many of your own orders have you disregarded in that time, hmm?”


Elizabeth had to bite back a laugh at the fearful look that passed Meliodas’ face at Zeldris’ comment. “I- umm-”


Elizabeth smiled cheerfully to Zeldris, “Yep! It’s official. I like you better.” He nodded, “Same here. Elizabeth-Sama, can you be my sibling instead? I prefer you over Meliodas and Estarossa.”


Meliodas’ jaw dropped in horror at the statement whereas Elizabeth squealed and hugged him tightly to her, “Yes! I now adopt you as my little brother!”


Meliodas gawked at his lover, “That’s not the way it works!”


She shrugged, “So? I’ve already taken Estarossa as my other brother as well, so why can’t I for Zeldris?”




























Shit .






“How long have you been meeting with Estarossa as well?”


“U-umm… Haha- now, you’re gonna laugh. Umm…”


Estarossa whistled as he walked down the halls, before turning a corner to find both of his brothers waiting at the door. Meliodas looked to him and glared viciously(damn, what the heck did he do?!), and Zeldris just smiled pleasantly.


“Estarossa, we’re going out to see Elizabeth-Sama, are you coming?”








Estarossa choked, “W-WHAT?!”