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Demons and goddesses fought and slaughtered one another without remorse. They were all enemies on the battlefield.


They were on a remote land that had soon looked to decay mere minutes into the fighting. Elizabeth hated it. She flew high above it all beside Mael as they rushed to the battle scene.


She had never wanted to join the fighting, but it was a direct order from her mother, the Supreme Deity. Mael was ecstatic about it and always tried to make her see that it was good for her and the right thing to do. It never worked. She pretended she was fine, but the war with the demons killed her inside.


The demons were living beings just as much as the goddesses, if not even more so. Demons had several hearts, and from what she learned of them, they knew how to live, unlike goddesses.


When she was a child, her mother had told her all about the demons in hopes of her coming to hate them, but it didn’t work. Elizabeth had only come to the realization that the demons may be more cruel in fighting, but outside of that, they were better than goddesses in almost every aspect.


In the goddess clan, everything was dull, and no one truly cared for others. Everyone was prideful and merely cared for boosting their own ego, or the ego of their kind. Mael treated her kindly enough, but that was due to his crush on her. She never mentioned it, but she knew he liked her, and she also knew why.


She was the supreme Deity’s daughter. The perfect trophy wife for the Archangel. Heck, if it were for her looks, she would have found even that less conceited than her being the daughter of their leader.


She looked to him as a friend, but nothing more. He was just like the rest of the goddesses. She didn’t need someone like that as her partner for life.


The 2 flew over the battlefield, looking down among the chaos. Suddenly, Mael pointed ahead with a grin. “There. I can sense two of the 10 Commandments have arrived in the east side of the battle grounds.”


Elizabeth looked ahead to see two male figures fly in with dark demon wings extended from their backs. One wore a red and white suit, with black hair that spiked back. The other in a silver and white suit that exposed his arms, showing what seemed to be a red marking on his left arm. He had blonde hair the spiked wildly around. Their demon marks rested on their foreheads as they both frowned to her and mael.


She gulped as she felt the power they exerted. They were sure to be the most powerful of the commandments.


Both pairs stopped far enough away from each other, both waiting to attack. Mael smirked proudly to them. “So it’s the two of you, eh? The Demon King’s own sons.”


Elizabeth felt her eyes widen in shock. They were just like her. Were they here by  force though, or did they truly choose to fight?


Zeldris looked to Mail curiously before a look of recognition passed through his black eyes and his head fell back. “Fuck…” he groaned, “This guy gets on my nerves… Can you deal with him?”


Meliodas smirked and looked to his brother, “Really? What, you don’t think you can take him?”


His younger brother scoffed at that, “No, I can take his power no problem. It’s his attitude I can’t take. One out of three sentences that leaves his mouth is prideful shit that’s just him trying’ to stroke his ego.”


Meliodas glanced towards the Goddesses to see Mael scowl at the hit of Zeldris’ words, and Elizabeth behind Mael had to turn from her friend to cover her mouth to keep from laughing. There was just too much truth in those words.


Suddenly, the rest of the commandments flew from their places in battle to stand behind their leader and his brother. Ludociel flew up behind Mael and sighed, “Jeez, go and start without me why don’t you?”


Meliodas eyed Elizabeth curiously and called out to them. “Oy! Who’s the girl? Don’t recall having to fight her before.”


Elizabeths smile immediately fell as she paled slightly. Shit, he wanted to know of her. She smiled nervously, “Umm, no one! I’m no one. Don’t pay me any mind, I don’t want to fight and I'll just leave and-” Mael held out a hand to interrupt her, as though never having heard her speak.


“She is Elizabeth, the Supreme Deity’s daughter.” Elizabeth groaned and facepalmed as he continued. “She will gracefully defeat any of you who oppose her, just as her mother commands.”


Galland barked out a laugh, “That girly is the Supreme Deity’s daughter?! Ha! I could snap her like a twig!”


Elizabeth gave two thumbs up as she slowly flew back, “No need, I’m leaving right now actually! Don’t want to fight and-”


She rolled her eyes as Mael interrupted her once more to scoff to the commandments. “Please! She could defeat your leader without a sweat. She is our beloved princess, and none shall threaten her and live to tell the tale!”


Elizabeth glared into the back of Mael's head, hoping to laser a hole into it. Ludociel shook his head and muttered, “A little much, Mael?” He looked to the commandments with a frown. “He is right though. Elizabeth is strong enough to bring down your most powerful champion. Her power goes beyond any of the Archangels.”


Elizabeth muttered curses under her breath as they tried to place her on the highest horse they could find. While it was true that she was strong, and her power level exceeded all of the Archangels’, she didn’t care to fight, and her power level merely came from her mother's own power.


Melescula smirked. “Let’s test that then. What do you say, captain?”


Meliodas eyed Elizabeth closely, taking notice as she glared to her Archangels. She rolled her eyes and looked off in annoyance.


“Alright then,” he called, gaining the three goddesses attention. He smirked up to Elizabeth. “You and me, princess.”


Her eyes widened in horror, “ WHAT ?! NO, I-”


Mael decided, once again, to interrupt her. “You’re on, demons! Watch as Elizabeth defeats you in ease!”


Ludociel stiffened and rushed to grab and hold Elizabeth back as she tried to reach to Mael and choke him in wrath. Ludociel needed for her to fight, but he wasn’t planning to send her against Meliodas. At least, not right off the bat! “Umm, Mael?”


Mael shook his head with a prideful look, not even yet noticing as Elizabeth looked to him murderously. “Oh come now, Ludociel. Elizabeth can take that runt easily. Just allow her a chance to prove her want to battle.”


Elizabeth gaped at this, “ Want ?!” Ludociel frowned and looked to Elizabeth with a slight plea. She growled before turning her head with a humph. “Whatever. I’ll do it, but only because I know what my mother will do if I don’t…”


Mael smiled triumphantly as they head off towards the commandments. Mael took on Zeldris, and three more, whereas Ludociel took on the other five. Meliodas and Elizabeth flew higher up above the chaos, a long enough distance to not be heard from below.


“So then, goddess .” He sneered the title to her as if an offense, before gathering a ball of hellblaze into his hand. “If you’re truly their beloved princess, then why haven’t you been sent to battle before?” She stiffened at first, but ignored it to prepare her Ark. “That is none of your concern, Sir Meliodas.”


He blanked at this, his hell blaze almost dying out immediately. “What?”




“No, what did you just call me? Before my name?”


Elizabeth frowned in confusion, “Umm, ‘Sir Meliodas’?”


He stared at her long and hard before narrowing his eyes as he looked her up and down. “Okay, you are way too polite…”


She faltered and glared to him, “The heck does that even matter?!” “We’re enemies, and you’re trying to kill me, remember? Why bother being polite?”


She dissipated her ark and crossed her arms over her chest, unintentionally pushing her breasts higher up. “Why bother being rude? It’s much easier for me to be nice without trying.”


He moved to retort, but stopped when his eyes landed on her now pushed up chest. God dammit, they were huge, and he liked it to much. What the heck?! He never even felt this way towards the female demons of his clan, or female humans he had slaughtered, so why was he so drawn in by this goddess? His enemy since birth!


He eyed her up and down, “How old are you? You can’t be that old, or else your damned mother would have pushed you to fight long ago. You can’t be all that young though, seeing as your body looks fully grown…”


She flushed and her arms fell straight at her sides. “That’s none of your concern!” “Just answer the question, will ya?”


She frowned, “27…”


He looked to her in shock, his eyes slowly widening in almost horror. “Your kidding me, right? A demon at that age is like a toddler.”


She turned her head to look away in embarrassment. “I-it’s the same with us goddesses, but I grew quickly due to my mothers magic.”


He narrowed his eyes and looked back down to her chest. Yep, still huge. “So you’re fully grown?” Elizabeth didn’t know what it was, but she continued to answer his questions. She didn’t understand where he was getting at with these questions, but what she understood even less, was why she was so open to answering him.


“I suppose…?”


Meliodas suddenly smiled widely as he gave a cheeky thumbs up. “Great! Then I won’t feel as guilty about this as I would if you were a child!”


Mael was fighting Zeldris as his main target at that moment, keeping on a brave front even as he was internally exhausted. Just as he aimed his Ark towards the demon prince, an ear piercing scream rang out through the air.


The Commandments and Archangels all stopped to look up to Elizabeth and Meliodas. The commandments looks in hope and excitement, while the Archangels looked fearful and worried for their clans princess. What they saw however, sent all eleven of them into shock.


Elizabeth flew in dizzying patterns, crying out in shock as she tried to take Meliodas off her. He had planted his face into her boobs, and his hands were pushed up her skirt in the back, clutching her butt to squeeze, and also hold her to him.


Elizabeth swiftly raised her hands in panic, “A-a-a-ark!” She didn’t call the entire thing to her hand, but just enough to cover the palm of her hand, and slapped her hand atop his head, sending  him flying back by several meters. She panted with red tinted cheeks as she yelled to him. “You-! Your completely insane and perverted!”


She didn’t notice as Meliodas pulled whatever he held in his hand up to his face. “Yep, probably. But I got a good souvenir out of it, didn’t I?”




He looked up to show his face, and down below, Ludociel had to catch Mael as he fainted. The commandments were either in states of shock, or hilarity. Zeldris was laughing hysterically at the sight of his older brother.


Meliodas held up a peace sign to the gaping goddess, her stolen pink panties upside down on his head, covering his eyes as he wore a shit eating grin. “Love your choice of wear, princess~”


She screamed in fear as she lunged to him, “Give those back right now, you perverted demon!”


He dodged her lunge and swerved to grab her from behind, arms wrapping around her as his hands went up her shirt. He groped at her chest and smiled teasingly over her shoulder. “Dang, never thought I’d enjoy holding a goddess like this ~” She screamed in shock as he laughed in enjoyment. Down below, Gowther watched in surprise as Zeldris clutched his stomach and fell to the ground in laughter.


The doll looked to the demon prince in surprise, “I’ve never seen Meliodas act like such before with a woman, he’s usually blunt in telling them to back off.” Zeldris tried and failed to calm down. “Thi-this is t-too much! Bwahahahaha!”


Ludociel now carried the unconscious Mael on his back as he sighed and glanced up to their princess. “Elizabeth? Are you quite done yet?”


Elizabeth was now glaring to Meliodas in fury, a large Ark pointed to him as he spun in glee full circles, her panties still blocking his sight. “Not until I kill him!”


Meliodas dodged her Ark almost too easily as he flew back down to the commandments. He turned to where he heard his brothers laughter and gave him a peace sign. “Welp! I’m good for the day~” Zeldris chuckled and turned Meliodas around to face him, “I’m over here. Are you not returning those to their owner?”


Meliodas pulled up the elastic band to wink, “I’m the owner of them from now on!” He turned to look up to Elizabeth, who was now thrown over Ludociels left shoulder, as Mael was thrown over his right. “Oy! Elizabeth, was it? Make sure to wear a super sexy pair the next time we meet in battle, kay~?”


Elizabeth growled and turned her head with a humph. He chuckled and walked off with the rest of the commandments.


Once nearing their clans borders, Zeldris looked to Meliodas and chuckled to see the Meliodas had his hell blaze leading him, as his eyes were still covered by the pink fabric. “Chandler will die of 7 heart attacks if he sees those on you.”


Meliodas shrugged, “Well, if he’s got a problem with the panties, then…” He pulled another pair of pink lacey fabric out from inside his jacket. He unfolded it and smiled all too proudly to his brother. “It’s a good thing I brought back-up!” Zeldris clutched his stomach as he laughed wildly, “You stole her bra to?!”