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Chill Out

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Her brothers and sister were fighting against the other members of Mister Mind's team. She was left to go wrangle - that was funny word, wrangle - the Crocodile Man. It was not so bad at first, but then, he managed to hold onto her. That made her panic a bit. The Crocodile Man had his hand on the back of her white cape, and no matter how much she tugged at his hand, he just wouldn't let go. Darla didn't want him to get her, so she opened her mouth to speak. 

"Shazam!" she said.

There was a burst of lightning, and the familiar jolt ran through her, white smoke rising. Darla easily fell from his grasp, tumbling to the ground a few feet below. She scrambled to her feet before he started after her again, and she took off into the darkened hallway. She was not half as fast when she was like this, but she was smaller and able to fit in more places than she could in her adultish form. Darla heard heavy footsteps come after her, and she sped up a little more. The girl ran all the way to the end of the hallway and slipped through the crack in the door, darting out into the street. 

It was dark outside because it was night, and it was hard to see much. She ran straight into a figure in the alleyway, and she almost fell over. Whoa. Darla steadied herself and looked up at who she had just ran into. It looked like a man. He was wearing a thick, fur trimmed parka coat, and his eyes were hidden behind round, black goggles. In his right hand, he held a metallic weapon that glowed with iridescent blue light and whined with charge. Darla gasped in surprise. She heard the other guy come closer, and she squeaked, jumping back next to the funny man in goggles. 

"Give me the little hero," the Crocodile Man growled. 

"Funny you should say it like that. See, I don't think I can do that," the Goggles Guy said. He smiled coldly and lifted up his metal weapon. The blueness of it intensified, and a beam of light ejected from it with a whine, hitting the Crocodile Man's front. Ice spread over his flesh at an alarming rate as Darla watched. The Crocodile Man shuddered, his green scaled flesh turning a more grey color. She felt a hand over hers, and she glanced up at the man. "Come along, dear. Let's get you out of here." 

The Goggles Guy began to pull her down the street, his metal weapon powering down and the blueness fading. He strapped it to a sturdy holster on his thigh as he walked with a practiced motion. His goggles were still covering his eyes, so she couldn't tell what color they were. His strides were long, and it was a bit hard to keep up with him. The man with goggles glanced back at her for a second as he continued to speak. 

"Now, as much as I'd like to be optimistic, I've never frozen an Alligator person before," the Goggles Guy admitted as they hurried down the alleyway. "Don't know how long that will hold, I'm afraid." 

"He's a Crocodile," Darla told him. 

"Hmm?" the man said. He glanced at her. 

"He's the Crocodile Man. He's not an Alligator person," Darla corrected. For a moment, she thought he was upset with her, but instead, he just smiled at her. 

"Oh. Well, you learn something new everyday," the Goggles Guy remarked. 

"Who are you, mister?" Darla asked. 

"I'm Leonard... or Captain Cold. Whatever you prefer," the Goggles Guy told her. "And you are, little miss?" 

"My name is Darla," she said. 

"That suits you," Leonard decided. 

"Um, thank you," Darla said. "Are you a Superhero, Mr. Leonard? You have a cool name like a Superhero." 

"Just Leonard is fine. And no. I would not say that I am," Leonard replied. He tugged her into another back alley, his gloved grip firm on her hand. The soles of her sneakers crunched on the loose gravel, little bits of rocks skidding. "I'm a thief. And a good one at that."