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Priority Mail

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Hey Fawn.


It’s been a month since I’ve last seen you. I can’t believe that that happened so fast. Yasra and I spent a week and a half flying without much happening. We stopped by Otark’s and he was just so angry at me for hiding who I was. Wish you could’ve been there to translate, I understood like a quarter of his rant. Of course he stuffed us full of fresh food and we ended up eating way more than we should have which brings me to the next stop.


We stopped by Larwein to trade for some rations. Talaar and Selchin are still the same, even after the shock with the templars. Kel apparently broke into their place at night and tied them up. It sounded terrifying, but I guess that’s how she was. They found Torlan upstairs after getting saved by some guard. It must’ve been a shock, they don’t use that room right now. It happened in the one we were in, too. As for Kel, I’m still trying to figure out if she had any family that I should be contacting. Nothing so far.


Yasra and I walked across the border to make sure they wouldn’t try to shoot us down. Lessa, Otane, Helmond and Anzha are there, fortifying the border on the Xadian side. Toward the Xadian side. Also a sun elf named Janai. She reminds me a bit of my Aunt, just the way she carries herself. They know about the armistice and all that but they’re not trusting it, too much. I also have my doubts, a bit. It’s hard to trust anything Raszagal puts out after our personal debacle. Have I mentioned how much I miss you? I love you. I’ll just write that whenever it comes to mind.


Turns out the steely Queen Aanya of Duren is a hugger in private. And a crier. She’s really torn up about Ezran. A lot of people liked the little man and I miss him so terribly, especially now that I’m back at the twin towers. I’m guessing it’s also the pressure coming off her shoulders. She was the chief negotiator at the border after Ez had gone. I don’t know how he managed it, it sounds like a crazy job for a crazy king. I love you.


So now I’ll ask you to sit down, if you aren’t already comfortable. Grab something you can squeeze and take a deep breath.


Claudia was just shocked to see me. She probably expected more letters and more warning. I just didn’t want to waste my arrows on a page that says `Yeah, we’re still flying and stuff`.


I know you probably won’t like hearing this, but she’s still interested. She says she respects what we have and that she’s just trying to get over herself. That’s obviously never easy. Don’t worry though, she’s not making any moves and you know I’d tell you if she did. I took her back to the Twin Towers, there’s no point in having her waste away at the Breach, there’s no laboratory there.


She rode behind Yasra, don’t even think about it.


That was still uncomfortable, even just to watch! Claudia’s not fond of elves, still and Yasra is just so disgusted by her dark magic. They made conversation like two angler-pufferfish, trying not to inflate each other!


Viren’s just… gone. Soren’s hopefully still looking for him, we obviously don’t have much news from him.


So now I’m officially home and I just can’t get a grip. There’s so much stuff to do! My dad had my mom to share the responsibility. Ez had Corvus, apparently. Can you come save me, please? I love you. Even just kick Opeli in the butt a little! She is just so annoying with her constant scolding and worry and AAAAAAAAAA!


You know it’s bad when I write out a scream. I’m sitting here, bent over more paper than I’ve ever seen in my entire life and I’m an artist! She says I have to have an overview of the kingdom. I’m just baffled as to how that’s supposed to all fit in my head! I know I have a good memory and all but, what?! Why do I need to know about the crop yield of Aberg?! Title of a random piece of paper I just picked out. Joy!


I don’t wanna complain too much in case you have it way worse. I really hope not, though. Since, you know, I love you.


I drew you a picture of my face in the mirror. The frown is real. They made me a new crown, for whenever that goes on my head, permanently. I had to try it on. Opeli’s still figuring out the whole coronation thing.


I’m thinking of trying to grow out the beard. I’m hoping it’ll give my face some sort of definition. It just looks really patchy and stupid right now.


Let me know your unbiased opinion.


Please send me a letter back, soon.

I miss you.

I love you.



P.S. Jelly tarts are problematic. I just dropped some filling on the letter, so, sorry for the red splotch. It’s not blood.