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The Fire of the Phoenix

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"Come on Ginny! Just… a bit… further!" Harry Potter's voice was strained, and he had a death grip on Ginny's hand. Red hair fell in Ginny's face, and from the corner of her eye, she could see Harry push his raven colored hair from his, revealing the lighting bolt-shaped scar on his forehead. The sounds of the Hogwarts battle reached their ears as they half ran, half crawled up a steep hill leading from the Forbidden Forest where they had barely escaped their deaths.

Curses lit up the air like Fred and George's fireworks. All different colors, but mainly green. Screams and sobs filled the air and chilled Ginny right to the bone. Harry had refused to turn himself in at midnight, and now the Dark Lord was attacking greater than ever. They were outnumbered at the beginning, and now their numbers only continued to go down. In the chaos of the battle, Ginny had been abducted and dragged to the Forbidden Forest where the Death Eaters predicted Harry would come for her. And he did. He always did. They had managed to escape and now they were running for their lives, toward the Great Hall. And from the state that Hogwarts was in, Voldemort was winning.

They sprinted up the marble staircase, Harry supporting a limp. All around them curses sailed through the air, and spells were screamed into the night sky. They burst through what once were the double doors of the Great Hall.

"Where are Ron and Hermione?" Ginny's voice was nearly drowned out by the sound of screams.

"I dunno." Harry tried to look at ease, probably so he wouldn't scare Ginny, but his body language gave him away. From the tightness of his shoulders, the way he was clutching a stitch in his side, the way he put all this weight on his good leg, and the way his emerald green eyes darted around the room in panic betrayed him. "We'll find them though Ginny don't worry." The bruises and cuts stood out on his face, and Ginny imagined she couldn't look much better.

"HARRY! GINNY!" They turned to see Hermione clutching Ron's hand and firing curses with her other as they made their way to them. Ginny's face relaxed into the closest smile she'd had in months, but it quickly evaporated into an expression of horror as a robed figure appeared seemingly out of nowhere and seized Ron around the neck.

It was all over in a split second.

Hermione's scream of fear for Ron was lost over the screams and shouts of others as a green jet of light flew towards her. The force of it blasted her and a bystander off their feet and into the wall behind them. She slid down it, and slumped at the bottom, face white, and unmoving.

Harry and Ginny's screams mingled together to become one, "HERMIONE!" Ginny could feel salty tears stinging the cuts on her face as her body shook with sobs. The robed figure threw back his hood, revealing the pale snakelike face of Lord Voldemort.

Ginny's breath caught in her throat. A wave of pure horror washed over her as the Dark Lord raised his wand and leveled it at Ron's throat. Voldemort had obviously given orders for his Death Eaters to stop fighting, because now, they lined up behind him; some masked and some not. She saw a very pale looking Draco Malfoy standing next to his mother and father, Bellatrix Lestrange standing next to her sister, staring at Ginny with a cruel inane smile on her lips and cowering in the corner was Wormtail. Voldemort's snake swam through the air in an orange glowing sphere over their heads.

The defenders of Hogwarts, The Order of the Phoenix, and Dumbledore's Army assembled themselves silently behind Harry and Ginny. The Dark Lord and Harry Potter simply stared at each other, Ron still caught in Voldemort's grip, daring not to struggle. The Dark Lord finally spoke.

"Give up Harry. There's nowhere left to run." Voldemort's voice was chilling and swept over the great hall like a freezing wind.

Harry just stood, and said nothing.

Voldemort smiled. "You know it's true, don't you Potter?" Bellatrix cackled. "Just give up. You fought gallantly, but you are outnumbered and wounded. Enough have died, I just killed your friend, the Mudblood," Ginny glanced over to where Hermione's body still lay. "How many more have to die Potter? Just give up Harry. You have no one. You have lost everything. Give up."

Harry found his voice although it wavered; the spoken, defiant word seemed to echo over the grounds of Hogwarts. "Never." The defenders, the Order, and the DA cheered.

Voldemort smiled, like this answer pleased him. He shifted his gaze to the left of Harry, and Ginny thought for a moment he was staring at her, but the red-eyed gaze swept over and behind her. For some reason, this scared Ginny more than The Dark Lord looking at her. Just as her eyes meet Harry's and shared a look of fear and apprehension, the Dark Lord nodded his head and strong arms wrapped around her and the feeling of being shoved into a tight rubber tube overtook her, and for a few seconds, she couldn't breathe.

Then with a loud CRACK she appeared on the other side of the room. Her knees slammed into the stone ground with enough force to make her teeth rattle. Before she could gather her wits, she was dragged on her feet by her hair, and a wand was pressed to her throat.

"Ginny!" Harry's voice was thick with fear, his green eyes wide. Ginny saw her parents hold on to each other more tightly. Bill and Charlie glowered while Fleur stood next to Percy, tears running down her face, and next to them the Twins were looking murderous.

"It's alright Harry," Ginny tried to keep fear out of her voice, "don't listen-"

" Silenco!" The traitor that was holding her suddenly snarled, and Ginny suddenly found herself unable to speak. She caught Harry's eyes again, and tried without words to say that everything would be fine, and not to give up.

He silently searched her eyes. His eyes shone with desperation and helplessness. He had the eyes of a man with his back to a wall. He couldn't, wouldn't, allow his best friend, no his brother , and the one girl he truly loved be killed in front of his eyes.

Harry closed his eyes in defeat. No! Oh Merlin no! Ginny thought, Please Harry no! No, no, no, no, no!

Harry opened his eyes at last, and green eyes meet scarlet. Slowly Harry raised his wand, the Death Eaters bristled, ready to attack, and Ginny felt a mixture of fear and hope rise within her.

But then…

Harry seemed to move in slow motion. He drew his wand arm back, and with the skills of a Quidditch player, threw his wand through the air to the Death Eaters. The wand flew through the air with a kind of grace and seemed to catch every eye. It spiraled over the heads of the crowd and hit the ground then slowly clattered to a stop at Ginny's feet.


The hall went deathly silent, all of the defenders of Hogwarts, all of the Order, and all of the DA stared first at the fallen wand, then at the broken form of Harry Potter in the worst expressions of defeat ever seen.

"Harry! No mate, don't do this!" Voldemort passed a struggling screaming Ron over to another Death Eater who dragged him out of the hall. Shortly after there was a flash of green and Ron's protests were cut off along with the sound of a body hitting the ground. Mrs. Weasley screamed and her sobs echoed throughout the hall.

Ginny tried to scream, but the silencing charm was still on her. She struggled against her captor mouthing Ron's name, with no effect. Harry's face was etched with pain and tears ran down his face.

He looked at Ginny. "I had to; I'm so sorry Ginny I had to." His eyes begged her to understand. "We couldn't win, I am so sorry." Tears were again running down his face. "I'll die for you Ginny. You and everyone else, no one else can be hurt." His face was pitiful, covered in bruises, cuts and tears. "No one else will die for me Ginny. No one."

Ginny shook her head and tried so hard to tell him that this was wrong. That they could still win, but the Dark Lord stepped forward.

The dark Lord simply looked at him, as if seeing him for the first time. He didn't give a victory speech, didn't torture him, or even laugh. He simply said, "Harry Potter. The boy who lived."

Then the Dark Lord raised his wand and muttered the two words Ginny only heard in nightmares.

" Avada Kedavra!"

Just before the green light left Voldemort's wand, Harry looked at her, green eyes met brown, and he said, "Ginny Weasley I love-"

But then the killing curse hit him directly in the chest and he crumpled on the ground, defeated.


She distantly heard her mother's anguished wails, along with Lupin and Tonks' calls for Harry. It' wasn't real. Wasn't happening. But then, it hit her.

It was happening. And it was very real.

As the pain and anguish built up inside her, so powerful it shattered the silencing charm, and as her scream echoed throughout the halls and grounds of Hogwarts, drowning out the cries of her friends and family, she thought she heard Harry's voice.

Stay safe.