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Chapter 1
Part 1


As I woke up to another day of work. My phone was getting annoying to a point that I started to wake up just a minute before it goes off. Which spared my phone for another day not being slammed by my exhausted weight of my hand as I it off. I got my glasses and put them on. The light blinding hit my eye as I went “Ah the light it burn!” As I cover it with my hand and grunt.

Thankfully I’m moved out of my parents place, so then I won’t be woken to my dad ramming my door to wake me up an hour before my alarm. Scaring the living shit out of me. Enough about that. Now I’m awake and ready for day 5 since I got this job.

I never knew that working at a mall cleaning up after people; it felt like I’m their mother cleaning up after their mess. I get the usual few that are nice to clean up after themselves. But the ones that were pure lazy leaving their trays and shit bugs me the most. Or the piles of unused napkins/ empty drinking cups.

I was kinda proud more that I got the night shift . Which all I have to do is sweep and wax the floor by myself. And the most satisfying thing is by the time the mall closed; the pure silence of the mall as I wax the floor is very bliss. On top of that I get to listen to my music as loud as I can. The security people here are very nice.

They like my shenanigans when I would randomly dance to both entertain them while they are stuck at the surveillance desk. And for me to not be bored when cleaning.

I got out of the bed as the summer heat seeps through the cracks of my window, making my body sweat to a point that my satin covers sticking to my lower back. “This is really unpleasant as heck. I really need to find a cover that doesn’t stick on to my bod.”

I walked to the bathroom to get a shower ready to get rid of the sweating running down my back. As the cool water hit the floor of the tub I bolted in in awe it felt amazing. Once I was done taking a shower. I grabbed plain and simple black cotton panties and a black strapless bra from my dresser drawers. I went into my closet next to grab thin black leggings and a black tank top that has this phrase across my chest. “Bad to the bone” while the grim reaper was holding a scythe. Just to roam around in my apartment to grab lunch.

Thankful that night shift doesn’t start till 5 pm. I went to grab a ice cold water bottle to set out of the freezer to lay it on my neck to keep cool. ‘Damn it ! When is my landlord coming in to fix my ace unit...its been like what?...A week now?’ As I walked toward to my calendar marking down how many days it was. ‘Of course’ I went into my small living room.

I sat down in the middle away from the arm rest. I got the remote that was stuck between the seat and turned on the weather channel to look and hoping for rain or a thunderstorm. Anything but heat.

The weather man was too struggling as he had several water bottle scattered on his desk. His voice sounded like a blow dryer on high speed. He said. “As for the weather we are finally getting some scattered thunderstorms as soon as tonight. We hope it stays around until this weekend. In other News..” I turned it off and went back to my room to get on my laptop before I have to go into work. I looked at the clock in my kitchen as it was ticking silently . ‘Huh...Only Noon still. Damn I must be fast or the clock is getting low on batteries again.’ I sigh as I go to my room.

I entered only to see my paper scattered around. I couldn’t remember what I did as I looked at my laptop screen. The wallpaper of Undertale was static on screen. ‘Fuck it must of did an update for the new windews shit again…’ I finally got to my computer chair as I input my password in. Everything started up and then the windows open chrome showing a video I have up last night.

The title says it all. “Multi-dimensions break through. Into the mind of scientist of Today” I slammed my hands down on the top of my desk and away from my keyboard. “Oh shit that’s right! I only started this about...How long was I in the video?” As the Nyan Cat loading bar was on standby. ‘Only a minute in?...What the Fuck?...I swore I saw more than that?”

I shook my head and instead start the video. While the video continued. I picked up the paper that was scattered on the floor. I forgot how infatuated I was with the idea of other dimensions being a possibility. ‘Hmph...maybe within 1000’s of years maybe. Ha if we're not dead by then.’ I giggled as all of it was finally off the floor. I put them in a empty folder that was never used. And place that in the mini filing cabinet where all of the project I did started and only made it to the halfway mark.

As the metal door to the cabinet clanked. I got up and stretched a bit. The video talked about a slight chance for their technology to be able to get one dimension. But that was like a 15 percent chance. Which it’s not even close to be a possibility. But they were positive with more research and more fund in due time they said in 10 years they would reach about 30 percent.

I sigh ‘I hope something happens sooner before I’m old and grey. Having all this multi-dimensions talk gets me hyped to a point only to be let down by it.’ I gripped my fist hard overthinking things. ‘I should of went to college for a science degree but heck college is so expensive just for a piece of paper and the knowledge…’

I then ruffled my wet hair as it made it slightly more dryer; as I made this derpy raptor noise of frustration. I stopped the video as the clock on my laptop read out 12:20 pm.

“Shit what else could I do before I go to work?...Hhhmmm I could sweep and mop the floor? Or prep up my meal for tonight and instead of eating out to El Loco Taco again. Also I almost forgot to eat Lunch again...mmmeeehh”

As I dragged my feet to the kitchen once more and instead of making a sandwich or something with meat. I grabbed some pineapple and strawberries from the fridge. I washed and de-stemmed the strawberries to slice them up. I went back to my room and sat down watching random video on UwU tube.

As time passes by a bit. I was watching the same usual. Gamer UwUer’s where they either play a 4 or more player death run to random jump scare games. I looked down on the clock which read out 2 pm. “Fucken finely. As for now I’m gonna do a bit of sweeping and mopping in the kitchen and shit why not the living room.” ‘It’s not like I bring people by to hangout with me anyway.’

I then pulled a music video list of the top 90’s song. ‘Damn I feel very old but heck to it. It gonna cool down tonight from this amazing rain why the fuck not celebrate?’ I then pressed play and then got my ass up and get the sweeping ready.

Yet another 30 mins passes by, I broke a small sweat as I went to my room to grab the slightly icy melted bottle. I only got half the water that wasn’t frozen down my throat. “Aahh that feels great.” 2:30 was blaring on my cell phone screen as it was laying on the nightstand. ‘Hhhhmmm I could wash my face and get ready?...I just forgot it take awhile to get to work since 5 everyone on the road gets off of work...Eeehh’ I pause the playlist of songs and went to get dressed.

I then grabbed this pale light blue short sleeve shirt and black dress pants. I then put on these thin layered sock to wear with these black clunky shoes with slip resistant sole. I got up finally. I grabbed my coat, mini backpack and some fruit instead. Since I forgot to make my dinner again. I rushed out with my hand having both my phone and keys. I locked it quickly and rushed down the stairs since the elevator was really slow this time around. As I got out to the door and into the parking spot. I unlocked it quickly and drove off to work.

When I got to work and then powered through half my day. The clock on my phone showed 10 pm. Only 5 more hours to go. The building is only open on one side tonight for the movie theater. All the food court was done for the night. I chowed down El Loco Taco again. But this time it a salad instead then usual mega stuffed beefy burrito. As I ate, one of my other coworkers named Nathan sat next to me.

With my mouth almost stuffed. I mouthed out. “Hey sup? Long night on the left wing. I hardly saw you all day. That or the teen girls were asking your numbers again?” Nathan has jet black hair, fair skin with a few sunspot sprinkles on his face and neck.

The uniform he was wearing almost looked like he could of been in a boy band. Since I had a playlist file of Korean boy bands on UwU tube. He smiled and said. “Don’t eat with your mouth food silly.” Which made me gulped it down fast. “Hey sorry I ain’t poise girl here. So spill it, what done today boi.”

He chuckled more as he took a bite out of his lean sandwich stating. “Well I had to go into the sport and goods to clean up a drink that was spilled over by the bikes. And one girl I’m guessing 20’s? Was asking really odd question but funny enough boss came by and saved me before her mother almost would 360 scold at me.”

I laughed a bit. “Shit Well I hope her mother does a scolding on her the most. I bet she dropped her drink since she saw you. If that wasn’t the first time? Your like what 25? All the Girls thinkin your 21 and you have good genes to be honest with ya. You got amazing complexion. Your personality is on par. Heck i'm surprised you don’t have a girlfriend yet.”

Nathan almost choked at all the kind words I said. Which I pat his back a bit while handling his water to him. Which he swigged it down. “Ah hehe sorry I never would of thought of your wording me like that.” I smiled “Well it’s true tho. You should embrace it before you get old like me. Heh. At this age it’s harder to find someone you can connect to. I have been in and out a couple of time since high school and twice in college.”

Nathan bit into his sandwich again and asked “how many times so far? It couldn’t be no less than 5 right?” I softly scratched my cheek “Heh you wish tried 7 times. Funny I would said 8 but he sadly rejected me 4 years ago. I go after guys that only like me for sex. And I don’t know why. Well two of them thought I was perfect until they saw their type somewhere else…”

Nathan gulped as he put a hand onto my shoulder with a slight grip. And then a large sigh expelled out of my nose as I chugged the energy drink down hoping to drown the sorrow. “But don’t worry being single ain’t that bad. At least my bank account isn’t being sucked dry by any of my moochy Ex’s I sadly know I work hard while my Ex’s think I’m an extra bank account for them to walk all over.” I got up to throw away the can of energy drink and I saved the fruit for later if needed. As Nathan hand went back to the table to finished his dinner.

I went over to Nathan and put my hand on his shoulder. “That’s why I would say this to yea be careful of who you love. Get to know them and hopefully they love you for you and not what in your wallet….As for now let get back to work to fill our wallets for next week pay. We can’t be lazy bones sitting here. Hahah!” As I patted him softly as I walked off. Nathan hurried to the garbage can to throw out his brown bag.

As he caught up to me as he went off about this summer coming very soon and the boss told us that the mall had to be close for reconstruction. But we get to be on lay off for a month. “Oh yea I almost forgot we do get paid during that time. Hehe that great now I can focus on scheduling on visiting this one site I wanna go.” Nathan interested on your summer plans. “Whoa you going somewhere that’s the first hehe.” I chuckled and then said while stretching your arm.

“Well I haven’t done it forever. I was thinking on going on top of that mountain. Yea know where people goes in and never comes back out. I wanna to experience it. Because I heard there was one person that came back. But the rest of the others that went were in groups of two. Nathan nodded. “Yea I heard that with Becky and Greg.They said you be mad to go up there.” I smiled at him. “Well I like the thrill of mysterious places like that to be honest. If I make it out of alive than the next thing would be the ruins not to far from there. I heard it was haunted. That or the cave was the one making noise like that funny enough it's cited there anyway.”

Nathan was almost going paler than before about that thought. “Heck nope I hate creepy shit like that.” I smirked as looking at him. “What ghost freaks you out huh? Perfect I could haunt you if I become a ghost. Hahah!” He smacked me softly “Not funny Sam!” I giggled “Im kidding. But if you like to come along you can. It’s better to experience the edge of your seat with a bit of safety of course".”

I stopped to the closest to grab the broom and stuff for both of us. “ Funny tho those started as soon as I moved into town. Its kinda strange. Only about 3 month everything started to unwind with the disappearing stuff and then the random wailing near the ruins...huh? Maybe I'm curse~” As I wiggled my fingers creepy at Nathan. “Geez if you are maybe I shouldn’t go with yea now~”

I pouted with my cheeks inflated. “Your no fun Nathan. You only live once. Heck it's better than being at my hot apartment.” Nathan nodded “True, you’re right. Why not when is it.” I looked at him with a fake shock. As I placed both of my hands on each cheeks. “Oh wow you turned around Nathan. Why you really got interested now? Heheh”

Nathan was slowly shaking at the knee as he was sweeping on one side of the hall while I swept on the other side. “Well I almost forgot my family were about to come and visit me. But I told them I’m going somewhere. Which knowing them. They would come over to see if that’s true…*Sigh* But Heck anything better than my family sneaking around my house. Touching my things and asking what I do when my work in construction. Then for them to hear me saying. Oh... I do Art stuff on the side. And then hearing my dad nagging that art is for girls.” He breathed finally.

Which I chuckled. “I understand that. Funny enough same reason. My dad was about to visit me but I was like I'm going out somewhere. He would be nosey enough to see by going to where I’m at as well. Heheh…” As I reached out “So it’s a deal your not gonna chicken out on this hike I’m making you go to get you away from your family?” Nathan weakly smiled as his hand shake. “Ye...Yea..”

My mouth curly in a smirky smile. “Awesome, once work is close. Which it’s next month~ Which it would be about two week from now. We should be packed and ready to go. I’ll give you the list of stuff to bring to make sure we are okay to hike. You already have my number. So the day we will start is June 1st. Awesome! I can’t wait. I’m so hyped!” Nathan on the other hand was shaking. “Hooray~”



Chapter 1

Part 2


The two weeks went by fast. It was about 10 am and I got the duffel bag of clothing. Another bag full of hike ware. And lastly my mint kitty backpack with other stuff like laptop, music player. As for all the wires for that, as well as camera and emergency shit were in a Undertale Bag with Sans face plaster on the front. All packed up and into the vehicle. As I rolled out to go get Nathan in the Rental SUV.


Nathan was waiting at his front door as I pulled up in front of his house. Nathan was surprised. “When the heck did you have a SUV? What happen to the other car?!” I smiled as I winked at him. “I stole it~” Nathan eye twitched at me. “Your kidding right?” I let out a chuckled. “Hahah Not real. I don’t have 4 wheel driving on my car and I don’t want to get use stuck where we are going. Heheh”  


I then set up my phone with an Aux cable to get the playlist ready for the road which would lead them 5 hours away from home. I also set up my map to The Void’s Peak.  “Okay you ready Nathan?” He gulped as he brought two bags as usual. He gave me a thumbs up while weakly smiled at me. I howled. “FUCK YEA!” As I was blaring music “Freak of the Week by Freak Kitchen” the window slowly rolled down. We rolled out as our adventure starts.



The 5 hour hour passes by as I encourage Nathan by letting him pick songs as we both sang to random of road trip songs. Which lifted his spirits up. I was proud that he doesn’t feel so scared. That would of bummed me out if he didn’t have fun. We made it to the cabin that was between both spot we are gonna explore.


When I parked to the very rocky car spot. The Landlord was their with both of our keys handed to us. She was a very kind lady. He tiny voice spoke out to you. “Now Deary do be careful with your hike if your going to do that today.” I softly took the keys from her and nodded. “I will Ma’m, Once we get our stuff in we might explore around but no hiking just yet. That would be tomorrow and maybe the next day. And then we will be doing some ruin exploring is my friend wants to. If not I don’t mind doing it by myself.”


She nodded with a smile smile at me and then walked back to her little cottage. As her husband rocking in a old log rocker. Nathan got his stuff in and I went on ahead and grabbed mine as well. We both had a week to chill here to explore enough other than the two I thought of. I did research that there is a waterfall not to far from here.


As I got my stuff in he took the bed closer to the bathroom. I took the one near the door.  I put my stuff near the smaller drawers which I only packed a few shirts, shorts and legging. The hiking stuff was in the car so it would be easy to unlock the door to the SUV ready and go. I placed my keys in the small night stand next to my bed. As for my phone I quickly charged it as it was almost at 10 percent.  “Ppphheeeww that was close. This GPhone would be taking longer or at least forever to charge.” I turn to see him take out his clothing as he laughed at my response. I flopped on the bed as the bed creaked gave in. “God AC I missed you back at home. Do you mind if I crank it up to the 70’s at least?” Nathan turned his vision to me and he nodded. “Sweetah!” I bounced toward the window side of my bed and cranked the AC down to the 70 number. Nathan sat down and set up his stuff. Which was his Gpad and PPH Laptop. I smirked at him.


‘So whatcha gonna be doing? Games? Videos? Or your gonna chat your online friends?”  I scooted over to the corner of my bed. Nathan shakes his head. “Nah nothing like that I’m gonna do some of my art now I have time.” I nodded. “That’s cool. I should do that as well. I brought everything just in case. But i wanna explore a bit. If you wanna stay there I’m gonna go for a short walk. I wanna scope the area a bit. Before tomorrow for the hike haha”


As I bounced off to my other bag which was decked out with a bunch of pins and buttons. I pulled everything out to relax my bag. As for the Undertale bag you pulled the cords out instead leaving the rest in. Everything was set. I saw him sketching something as I got on my hike boot to break them in.


“Okie dokie My phone is a quarter almost done charged. So messaged me or call me if you wanna grab food or such okay. See yea in about an hour. But if I'm not back I would be presumed dead.” Nathan chuckled. “Don’t die out their and don’t say that. That’s bad luck. Do let me know what you found~” I placed my hand to forehead flat to salute him. “Aye aye captain” He chuckled and waved goodbye.


I started to walk on a trail that caught my eye first. Thankfully my outfit is khaki knee length pants. A dusty green tank top with a red plaid light button shirt. I took in the fresh pine smell as I walked this faded path. I placed in the earbud in as I listen to Genesis Invisible Touch Album.


When I started the path it was very faint at first. Which it’s where. But then it split off a bit but I kept straight. For what seems like a few minutes in there was a log and a black plaque. It rusted out due to the rain a bit. So I took out my phone. The words were quite scratched up. I shrugged as I stopped for a bit when I heard a twig snapped. I turned to see who it was. There wasn’t anybody. So then I went in further into the thickness.  


I heard a few steps behind me as I picked up the pace. My heart was starting to get harder as the footstep got closer. All I felt was something clubbed upside my head. My vision was very fuzzy as my face was covered by the tall grass that I landed.


The pressure of the person body was on top of me and I felt a rag going around my mouth and eyes. My focus was cut soon after they picked me up by my tied up hand.



All I heard was when I came through was panting as there was a shadow in front of me taking bags? And chuckling them into what looks like edge? From all the fuzziness I could puzzle together. This figure then noticed my awake state. And then they came closer, which I flinched as they placed my glasses on my face. I blinked a few times but still kinda fuzzy from being out god know what.


I heard a chuckling as there was another figure soon after what sounded like Nathan. He came to view and tilted my face to rip off my gagging cloth. I was huffing back and forth in confusion and anger. “Nathan what the hell!” As I jerked up but they bound my legs up. Only to fell face on the floor as he then placed his boot onto my shoulder with a bit of weight.


“OOoohh Sam you’re such a fool I lured you in so I could drop you off to you death. I was only playing nice until you went off to go on a adventuring BS. People like you that are naive, open minded, sweetheart. And  Ack” As he split neck to my face. “Gullible. But you made it easier for me. I thought I have to do that planning to get you up here. But I chose the person to be friends with hehehe…”


I huffed “I trusted you for a week. I should of know when you had those bag. And that acting of your was pretty spot on. But you won’t be acting when my father finds out!” Nathan chuckled at the complement. “Oh that pure. Don’t worry about that I know how to hide my track. Because funny enough your not my first person to be dropped off here.”


I hitched as my ribs were digging in harder. “Don’t tell me, those couple of people were your plans..Right?”


Nathan shakes his head. “The first and the last group was my doing. The others were just idiot probably doing selfie takes when a predator animal killing them or rock... I don’t wanna get into details when I’m throwing you in this pit. This part of the mountain would be my first time dropping you here. Be honor I didn’t throw you on the side where the other two were.”


I spat as my lung were coated with saliva from being panicking and irate. “Well why not when I was out cold. Or you like to hear me rambling?” Nathan Nodded while cheered. “Ding ding you go it right sweetheart~ Now your prize is that your stuff goes first into this pit. So then your weight breaks everything~”


“Ooo ouch nice insult. Pouring salt over my open wound. I had worse insult with my high school bullies. And your not on par there yourself Nath.. Hmp!” Nathan stuck a sock in my mouth as he signal the bigger dude to shove me into this long dark drop.  


Everything slow motion as Nathan than waved back at me with that wide smile. As I then felt the gravity of the darkness engulfed me as I muffle screams echos. The drop felt long as I shifted my body a bit. But then I saw a white ring around the edges of the drop. It made a bell noise as everything that was black slowly brightens below with this blind white light.


My eyes closed at the light was too much to see. My body shifted to my back to shielded the light more. And then all I heard was splat and then gasping all around me. My head felt very light headed as I tried to open my eyes a bit. I was hoping at first to be harder on what I landed.


I finally got my eyes open and all I saw was nothing but skellies for day in front of me, as well as white frosting all over my sides and feet. When I got up to fix myself from where I landed.


But then above I heard a bell ringing and then all I saw was my bags suddenly dropped on my lap and then my cellphone hitting me in the head. Before I was knocked out by my phone. All I heard was. “IS THAT A HUMAN!” And “Ooff”