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No one saw this coming. Jimin especially. He thought he was going to be an omega. He had already prepared to be an omega. His parents had as well. Everything was paved the way for him to be an omega.

But he wasn’t. He expected to wake up to his first heat. He expected to wake up leaking slick and feeling empty.

Not to a knot swelling under the covers. The desire to be submerged in another’s slick. Opposed to what he thought would have been drowning in his own.

No one saw this coming.

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Jimin had been feeling off all day. He was feeling really moody and he normally didn’t get too fluxed with warring emotions. He was just in a state of perpetual irritation and discomfort. He didn’t know what was going on, but he figured he may have been getting sick.

He didn’t think much of presenting. He knew it was going to be within the next year or two with him being 20 and normal presenting ages veered between 18-22 or so. He knew he would be cramping really badly and feeling absurdly hot, since those were usually the feelings preceding presenting as an omega.

So with that in mind, he figured he was just falling ill with something. He wasn’t cramping so he just shoved the presenting theory to the back of his mind.

Currently he was going to meet up with his best friends, Taehyung and Jungkook. They were meeting at a coffee shop downtown from campus. They went to a university for arts in Seoul. Taehyung was going for acting, Jungkook for photography, and Jimin for dancing. Their other friends were also going for various other specialties. Namjoon and Yoongi were going for production; they want to go into companies where they produce music for up and coming artists. Seokjin was also going for acting. They knew he would make it far with his looks and talents. Hoseok was with Jimin, dancing. Though in his opinion, Hoseok was much, much better.

Approaching the doors of the shop, he stopped with a groan. Not feeling too well again. It fluctuated with how bad he felt. It was manageable for the most part. But sometimes the discomfort peaked more than he would like..

Trying to shake it off, he walked inside, scanning the room for his friends. He saw the bleached blonde hair of Taehyung sitting next to Jungkook’s cherry red hair, his current choice of hair color.

“Hey guys!” Jimin chirps, trying to hide his discomfort. Taehyung is a beta, so his sense of smell isn’t as sharp as an alpha’s or omega’s. However, Jungkook’s was much stronger since he was an omega, and his nose scrunched up cutely when Jimin got closer. “Do I smell that badly? I showered after dance practice!” Jimin jokes when Jungkook didn’t let up on his teasing face.

Jungkook paused for a second, taken slightly aback, as if he hadn’t been staring at Jimin with a scrunched up nose like Jimin smelled bad. “N-no Hyung. You just smell different today.” He started. “Did you get new cologne or something?” Jungkook queries softly, head tilted to the side, analyzing him intensely.

“What? No? What do you mean I smell differently?” Jimin questions, a perplexed look on his face. “Do I smell bad?” Jimin tries to take a subtle sniff of his armpits. He knows he fails when Taehyung smirks and chuckles slightly at him.

“Don’t worry Chim, I don’t smell anything. I think our maknae is just trying to mess with you” he chuckles. “You are fine Jimin, just ignore him. He has a big project coming up and is probably just stressed.” He finishes with an affirmative nod.

Jungkook looks almost offended. “Wh-what? Why-” Jungkook sputters.

Taehyung and Jimin burst out laughing at his stuttered reply and face. Jungkook continues sitting there, confused and lost. Still sniffing at the air around Jimin, a little furrow between his eyes.

“Hyung? Do you think it may be something else? Like presenting or something?” Jungkook asks softly.

Jimin waves his hand in the air, mentioning he doesn’t have any cramps that precede the presentation. Jungkook looks like he is about to say something before Taehyung interjects, “Oh yeah, then you’re fine Chim. Omegas have some bad cramping before presenting. Come on, Jungkookie, you know this!” Tae laughs.

“Yeah, I just think I am coming down with something. Maybe that’s why I smell different? I don’t notice a change though, either.” Jimin finishes. “But oh well, it will probably go away in a few days.” Jimin is trying to hide his irritation. He doesn’t even know why he is irritated. His friends didn’t do anything wrong, if anything, he should be thankful towards Jungkook for his concern. “I really need to work on some new choreo for my performance though, too. So let’s get crack’in!”

Jungkook looks like he wants to say more. But he seems to pick up the slight twinge or anger or frustration in Jimin’s scent and lets it go completely. He feels fairly relieved when the youngest lets it go.

They work silently for a little while, each doing their own thing. But Jimin can sense Jungkook glancing at him fairly often, assessing his mood and health. It is slightly annoying, but also sweet. Jimin has always had a soft spot for the younger (more than what was normal for friends), but he knew with both of them being omegas, heats would be horrible since neither would be able to knot the other.

Jimin just decides to shrug the others gaze off. Deciding to put 100% of his focus onto creating a new choreo.

“You’re welcome for blessing you guys with my presence” a new voice booms from behind him, making Jimin jump and slam his knee into the table, eliciting a curse as he turns around to glare at the culprit. “Woah there, Jimin. Calm yourself. I know I am beautiful and perfect, but no need to be so jealous!” Seokjin finishes with his loud laugh, his shoulders shaking excessively with it and his teeth showing.

“That’s not why I am glaring at you, hyung!” Jimin starts angrily. “I hurt my fuckin’ knee because you showed up out of nowhere and yelled in my ear!!” He can feel his blood pressure rising.

Seokjin seems to notice that Jimin isn’t kidding at all. “Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you Minnie, that’s wasn’t my intention.” Jin assures softly. “I wasn’t trying to make anyone upset.”

Jimin tries to calm himself down, not understanding why he was so upset right now. “It isn’t your fault, hyung. I have just been on edge today. I didn’t mean to snap at you, that wasn’t right.” Jimin apologizes, truly feeling very guilty about snapping at him.

Seokjin, not one to let little things keep him down, immediately starts smiling again, patting the younger’s neck in sign of his forgiveness. Both Jimin and Jin miss the analytical look passed between Taehyung and Jungkook during their short interaction.

“Well, I actually came here for a reason besides gracing you guys with my company! Joonie was thinking of having us all over tonight. We haven’t all hung out together, the seven of us, in a while!” Jin starts excitedly. “So are you guys in or out?!” Jin is almost bouncing up and down with how happy he is that they will all be together again after so long.

Taehyung and Jungkook both promptly respond in the affirmative while Jimin hesitates some. Wondering if he should just go home, take some painkillers and nap. “Uh, I don’t know, hyung, I’m not feeling-”

“You aren’t feeling well?? What’s wrong? Are you really sick? Do you need to go to the hospital?? What’s wrong? Why aren’t you answering me?!?” Jin interrupts, panicking. Starting to fret and wave his hands around him. Taehyung and Jungkook hide their snickering as the eldest flits around Jimin, inspecting him for obvious signs of pain or discomfort.

“Hyung! Calm down! I am fine!! Just not feeling all too amazing. I would probably be a downer if I were to go anyways.” Jimin finishes lamely. Hoping that his hyung will accept his answer and let him stay at his apartment. But when had luck ever been on his side.

“Come on Jiminie, we haven’t all been together in so longgg. I would really love it if you were there,” Jin pouts, batting his eyes at Jimin. “Pleaseee?”

Jimin stares into his eyes and quietly relents. “Fine hyung, but if I start to feel worse I am going straight home!” The other three cheer once Jimin states he will come. His odd behavior slipping their minds as everyone looks forward to the night.


Jimin had only been here for an hour.. maybe an hour and a half, and he was quickly feeling much worse than earlier in the day. Maybe he should go to the doctor tomorrow. He was feeling really hot and irritable, which would make sense because who isn’t irritable when they have a fever. He approaches Namjoon to check for him. “Does it feel like I have a fever, hyung?”

Namjoon, who was about to take a sip of his beer, paused to turn and look at him. “Are you not feeling well?” Concerned eyes look back at him. “I am sorry if Jin coerced you into going tonight if you weren’t feeling up to it.” Namjoon states, obviously knowing his boyfriend just a little too well. Regardless, he lifts his hand up to Jimin’s forehead, almost immediately yanking it back in shock. “Damnit Jimin, you are burning up! You need to go home right now and get to bed. And drink lots of water. And take some medicine. And-”

“Okay, hyung” Jimin agrees immediately, cutting the elder off. Happy to have permission to leave a little early. He enjoyed all the time he spent with his friends, but the discomfort steadily outgrew the enjoyment he was feeling from being with his friends. And Jungkook kept looking strangely at him throughout the night. He just wanted to go home and put a cold washcloth over his forehead in hopes of feeling slightly better and slightly cooler. “Sorry to interrupt, I just don’t feel good hyung.” He says once realizing how rude he was being.

Namjoon nods understandingly. “I know Jimin, just be careful getting home and let us know when you do get there.” Namjoon pats his head protectively, eyeing Jimin’s small stature with apprehensiveness, knowing how dangerous it can be at this time of night. “Do you want someone to accompany you? I will if you want! Or someone else?”

Jimin’s irritation bubbles up again slightly, but he just manages to suppress the bitter reply waiting to lash out. “No, hyung, I’ll be fine. I just gotta say bye to everyone first.”

Jimin makes his rounds of goodbyes, promising Yoongi to meet up soon, and to show Hoseok the new choreo be had been working on. Taehyung looked nervous letting his best friend and roommate walk out alone at the time of night, plus with alcohol in his system. Jungkook readily offered to walk him home, but he denied, thanking everyone for their well wishes and good intentions. Jungkook sat back down warily, obviously displeased that he would be going home alone.

The door closes softly behind him as he begins the trek back to his apartment, he lets out a sigh of relief as he can finally stop pretending to be in pain and just let the facade drop. His joints all ache incredibly, which he worries about because he doesn’t want to sit out of dance for any amount of time. His head is pounding, he can feel it in his eyes. So he knows this is a migraine and he just wants to lay down in the dark, a cold pack on his head. His movements are more sluggish as he gets closer, but he assumes this is all just because he has gotten so tired and is ready to pass out any time now.

He finally makes it to his apartment, almost dropping to his knees to praise god that he finally made it. He completely forgoes showering and washing his face or brushing his teeth, in favor of peeling off his clothes and practically falling into his bed. Too tired or too lazy, or maybe both, to even peel the duvet off. He is out as soon as his body makes contact with the bed.

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Jungkook wasn’t sure what was going on. His hyung was acting differently than normal, he knew he was not being insane, as he had asked the other hyung’s, though they said it could have been an off day. But they also don’t spend as much time around Jimin as he does.

Besides the fact that Jungkook spends as much time as possible with the other, he knows the others are really busy and can’t, even when they want to. So he finds himself to be the most reliable anyways, in this circumstance.

His hyung smelled different today. He knows it for sure. It wasn’t him imagining things. He knows Jimin smelled different today. But it didn’t smell like he was about to present as an omega. Which is why he asked how his hyung was feeling. If he mentioned cramps and pain in his midriff then they would have been able to nail that he was about to present. But obviously Jimin knew that too, which is why he assured the other that, that wasn’t what he was feeling.

Jungkook has always felt a little different when it comes to Jimin-hyung than his other hyungs. He is more aware of what the other is feeling. He is more in tune with the other’s emotions. He doesn’t want to say he cares more for Jimin than his other hyungs, but he pays more attention to Jimin than to the others.

So today, he was especially worried. He could tell the elder wasn’t feeling well, and could particularly tell that he was hiding the amount of pain or discomfort he was in. Jungkook hated that Jimin did that. He hates that the other tried to hide his pain away from their friends, when Jimin was always the first to notice if something was wrong with someone else, and also to be the first to help someone if they were upset with anything (and usually if Jimin asked about stuff like that, he was right with how intuitive and attentive he was).

Jungkook really, really wanted to go home with Jimin. Pure intentions, obviously. But he could tell Jimin was DEFINITELY not feeling well, and he wanted to be the one to make sure he was okay when he got home. He absolutely hated the fact that Jimin had gone home alone, when there were six other people who were perfectly fine and healthy, who could have taken or accompanied Jimin back home.

Jungkook was just really worried. He loved his hyung so much.. in a different way from his other hyungs. He desperately wished for Jimin to make a swift and stealthy recovery. He needed for him to because Jimin was his everything.. whether the other knew that or not.

Being an omega (male or female), had the stereotype of being submissive and domestic and nurturing. While Jungkook could be all of those things, he could also be the opposite. Which was why he was so adamant on Jimin not going home alone when he was feeling as poorly as we was. He was also just worrying so much over his hyung.. who was as pure and sweet as could be. He didn’t want him to encounter any trouble. Jungkook knew he could handle stuff like that, but with how poor he was feeling, he still wanted to be there to support him, physically or mentally. He just knows he wants to protect his hyung with everything he has, regardless of the situation.

Letting Jimin leave Namjoon and Seokjin’s place tonight alone, was honestly one of the hardest things he had to have done in a while. He literally wanted to follow him until he got home to make sure that he had made it alright and was safe. Jungkook really wanted to be with Jimin. In every way possible. But he also knew that omega - omega relationships were very difficult. As he knows VERY well, an omega in heat almost NEEDS a knot to feel somewhat satisfied during the heat.

He has never had a ‘heat partner’ as a lot of omegas do. He can’t find it in himself to find a random alpha and have sex with them to assuage his heat. He would rather go through it alone. But he was so disappointed when he found out how utterly likely it was for Jimin to be an omega.

It made sense to everyone. That Jimin would be an omega. Jimin had prepared for it, his family had, his friends had. So why did he, oh so hope, for Jimin to be anything BUT an omega. Even a beta. Just not an omega. Jimin hadn’t presented yet, but he knew he wouldn’t be lucky enough for Jimin to be anything but an omega.

Jungkook also knows that it is okay to mate with those of the same level. It doesn’t have to be with an alpha or beta.. he just knows it is easier to be with someone of a different class level. But he would rather have Jimin than a different person of another level.

He has never had a heat before where he used an alpha or didn’t use a toy as a knot, so he knows that he would not exactly need an alpha in order to feel satisfied enough for his heat. The toy works just fine… so he feels like (if Jimin at least feels the same about him) that Jimin wouldn’t mind have a relationship with someone of the same level.

But honestly, Jungkook just wants to check in Jimin to make sure he is okay. He really didn’t look like he was when he left the apartment of their friend’s. So Jungkook decided he was going to go visit Jimin and make sure he was doing okay.

Jungkook makes sure to say goodbye to everyone and assure them he will see them soon before he decides to head to Jimin’s and Taehyung’s (though Tae doesn’t know, especially since he seems keen on staying the night at their hyungs’ place).

Jungkook heads over to Jimin and Taehyung’s place after he said goodbye to everyone. He is almost stopped in his place once he reaches the doorstep and smells what he does.

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Jungkook knew something had been off! He just knew it. The the difference in smell, the mood swings.. he figured Jimin was about to present. Though he found it weird that he didn’t have cramps. Weird and he was also kind of annoyed, since he had had really really bad cramps before he presented.

He figured Jimin would need some help right now and some comfort, so he decided to go in and offer what he could to his hyung.

What he did not expect upon entering the apartment, was to feel his cock harden and a small amount of slick to gather at his hole. His muscles went taut and he froze in place. This was NOT the scent of an omega. This was all alpha. Jimin’s original muted scent got ten times stronger. This was an amplified woodsy, lemony scent that assaulted his nose in the best way. His hole clenched and some more slick started gathering.

He tried to calm himself down. Tried to think of things that would turn him off, but with every inhalation, his dick got harder and slick just kept leaking out. His body was preparing to be thoroughly fucked. The fact that this is Jimin, his hyung who he has had a crush on for years makes it so much harder to control himself.

“Jiminie!?” He calls out into the darkened apartment, moans drifting from his room. Jungkook knows he shouldn’t head that way, knows it cannot lead to anything that would be good. But his body is craving that scent to wrap him up, to invade every last cell of his body he wants to be consumed with that amazing smell.

“J-jungkookie?” Comes Jimin’s stuttered reply, some panting mixing in with it. His raspy, panted reply causes more slick to ooze out of his hole, clenching around nothing. This is Jungkook’s wet dream and nightmare all mixed together. The fact that Jimin is an alpha elates him so much, over the moon. But the fact he had no preparation for this situation, that is his nightmare. And the fact that he wants his hyung to wreck him completely and utterly useless. “Wh-what are you doing h-here” Jimin barely manages to get out around his pants. Slight moans increase in frequency and volume, just as Jungkook’s pants continue to get tighter and wetter.

“I c-came to ch-check on you hyung, you w-weren’t f-feeling well and I d-decided to come here to help” he manages to get out. Now they are both panting, just separated by an inch and a half of wood. “What is going on hyung?” He calls through the door. Though he knows what is happening, he still wants Jimin to verify it for some reason, as if that will affect anything.

“J-Jungkookie, I am not an omega” comes a distressed voice from the other side of the door. “I-I didn’t think I would be an a-alpha. There is a knot. I’m not supposed to have one. I don’t kn-know what to d-do” He wails. “I’m not tall and stocky, I’m not dominant or proud.. what am I going to do?”

Hearing Jimin confirm his status, hearing the fact that he has a knot forming right now, makes Jungkook moan loudly, a large amount of slick coming out, soiling his already ruined pants.

“A-are you ok-okay?” Jimin stutters when he hears Jungkook’s moan. “What h-happened?”

Jungkook opens the door only for that mouth watering scent to overtake every other process. He is leaking so much at this point, his cock has so much pre-cum coming out of his slit and he is heavily panting. He has never been so aroused.

Jimin is laid down on his bed. His bangs sticking to his sweaty forehead. Legs sprawled across the bed. One hand holding the sheets near him, the other pumping himself furiously. Pumping his angry, red cock with a ferocity. His face is pure sin, lips parted in ecstasy. There is so much slick being produced that Jungkook did not even know he could get this wet.

He can tell the moment Jimin can smell his arousal because his eyes dart open and his nostrils flare. He is taking in Jungkook’s unique scent of fruity chocolate, that is attempting to overpower Jimin’s with how aroused Jungkook is.

Jimin’s eyes flash red as he takes it all in and thrusts harshly into his hand, back arching off the bed. Jungkook’s hole clenches again and he moans loudly.

Jungkook tried to reign in his pheromones, knowing it is probably making it harder on Jimin. He tried really hard, but being immersed in Jimin’s scent is taking a huge toll on his self control. “Hyung, are you okay?” He starts off with. He tries to mask his stifling embarrassment at how aroused he is. “Can I get you anything? A cold wash rag?” He continues.

His voice seems to affect Jimin just as much as his smell, as his nose scrunches cutely and a few moans come out while he is talking. “Could y-you Jungkookie?” He pleas. “I-I can’t think right n-now.”

Jungkook immediately goes to retrieve the towel. Knowing if he stood there any longer, he would have been impaling himself onto Jimin shamelessly.

He tries to shake himself out of it once he gets the towel and a glass of ice water. He prepares himself to go back in and decides to only breathe through his mouth. He knows he needs to step it up and take care of his Jimin, hopefully, his alpha someday.

He comes back to witness Jimin’s writhing form on the bed, sweating profusely with the veins in his neck and arms protruding immensely. Jungkook almost loses himself in the haze of arousal again, but he tries to focus. Knowing he is needing to take care of his hyung right now.

“Hey Jiminie, I got you a glass of water and a towel.” He mentions, laying the towel atop Jimin’s burning forehead and setting the glass near him.

“Jun-Jungkookie. I need y-you.” Jimin moans. Arching off the bed as Jungkook tried to ignore what Jimin is doing to himself. “Please!”

Jungkook is so conflicted. This is everything he had ever wanted. But he didn’t want it like this. He wanted to be with Jimin because of the love they share, not in the heat of the moment when Jimin just presented and is going through his first rut.

“I’m sorry, hyung, but I can’t. You aren’t thinking clearly. I can’t take advantage of you when you’re like this.” He whispers brokenly.

“But you w-wouldn’t be! I am l-lucid enough to know what is g-going on!” He pleads again. “I can smell your arousal. You are so wet!” Jimin moans out.

Jungkook closes his eyes as he feels more slick pooling in his boxers, cursing his feelings and the pheromones that the elder is releasing right now. He knows it isn’t Jimin’s fault, but god, he wants Jimin to take him right now in every position possible.

“I'm sorry hyung, I just can’t,” He finalizes sadly. No matter how much Jungkook wants to, and he does, he just can’t do it without knowing if Jimin truly wants him, and not just an omega to fuck. “I will leave you with my hoodie though, I think my scent will probably help a little, since I have been here.” He reasons out. “I will come by to check on you throughout the rut. Usually the first one isn’t too long. Please don’t be mad at me, either. I just can’t do this when you are not in your right mind.” He takes off his hoodie and hands it to his hyung, who snatches it gratefully and inhales it like it is the finest of foods. Jimin’s mouth watering at the smell, he even starts to lap at the neck of the hoodie, where Jungkook’s scent would be strongest.

Jungkook has to will his arousal away for the millionth time as he observes Jimin do that. He turns his back, trying to ignore the growl Jimin let’s out upon noticing his exit, and then a sad whine as he exits through the front door. He has never been more proud of his self control than in this moment. Never been more proud and more self loathing, kind of wishing he had shit self control so he would have been able to be fucked by the person he has been in love with for so long.

He knows he has to tell the others what is going on. Hopefully Taehyung can find a place to stay. A bitter feeling arises inside him when he thinks of the possibility that Tae may want to go home and take care of Jimin. But that is HIS job, and he won’t let the beta get in his way.

Jungkook tries to sway himself out of his sudden stupor. He also decides he needs to take a detour on his way home, before heading back to Seokjin and Namjoon’s. Knowing he needs to change his slick drenched pants and boxers. He sighs heavily. Feeling like he is doing the walk of shame even though he didn’t get to even have mind blowing sex.

The omega finally reaches his apartment. The strong smell of his friend and roommate, Daesung is there. But he isn’t out in the living room, so he quickly runs to the restroom to take a cold shower and wash away the acculmonated slick. He fingers his hole to get out the rest, and a huge amount rushes out, as if a bubble was popped. His eyes roll back into his head a second as he feels it gush out of him. Making him decide that instead of a cold shower, he was going to do what had been on his mind at Jimin’s.

He really didn’t want to go back to Namjoon’s.

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Jimin was so confused. He was in so much pain and so hot and... so aroused. He wanted, no needed, to be buried into something. Or someone. How could Jungkook just leave him like this? He needed him and he abandoned him! He thought they were best friends. Why wouldn’t he help him when he was going through this?


Jimin moaned so loud it hurt his throat. He didn’t know if it was due to arousal or pain, but he felt this itch that he just couldn’t scratch. This need that was so foreign to him.


He had been prepared for presenting as an omega. He even had the toys for it for his first heat so he had been prepared for it in any way that one really can be. He didn’t have the toys that would help an alpha through his rut. He just kept inhaling Jungkook’s scent from his hoodie, rutting against the bed as he tried to imagine Jungkook with him.


The rut had been bearable until Jungkook had walked in. It had been really hot and uncomfortable, but he somewhat had it under control, regardless of the confusion. But when the omega entered his apartment and came into his room, and got blatantly aroused, it made his rut flare up so much more to where it was painful if he wasn’t inside at least something !


Then he left Jimin! He riled him up, teased his body, his scent to the writhing alpha, tossed his hoodie at him then bolted. Who does that to their friend?? Did Jungkook not consider them close enough? Jimin would have at least stayed with the omega when he was in heat to help him clean himself and eat and stay hydrated. But Jungkook just left him.


Was he not a good smelling alpha? Did Jungkook not like him anymore because he presented as an alpha? Was he mad at him for not being an omega like they all seemed so sure of? He felt like crying from inadequacy as much as from confusion. He was aroused as hell and offended that his friend wouldn’t try to stay and help. He just tossed a piece of clothing at him as if that would do much, it only drove him even more crazy. It was like giving a kid a lick of a lollipop and then not letting them have the rest. He would have rather had no clothing so he wouldn’t be driven to the brink of insanity by rutting against the damn shirt.


He felt tears begin to leak from his eyes, at this point he didn’t even know what they were from, too many feelings and hormones raging at the moment to pinpoint any specific reason. He let himself be consumed by the rut once more, trying to turn off his rational side of his mind and let his primal instincts take over.

Jungkook had just reached Seokjin and Namjoon’s place when Yoongi opened the door, startled to see the other when he thought he had headed home.


“What are you doing here?” The beta asked. “I thought you were going home. Did you forget something?”


Jungkook shrugs somewhat helplessly. “No. Hyung, I need to talk to all of you.” His feeling of dread intensifies with Yoongi’s unwavering stare.


Yoongi just opens the door wider and stepping back some. He lets out a long sigh, figuring he won’t be able to go home now once he smells the anxiety and confusion emanating from the young omega.


Jungkook nods and steps over the threshold. Everyone was still there thankfully, though they did seem somewhat more tipsy than they had when he left, which honestly wasn’t much of a surprise..


“Everyone, I have something to tell you all.”


“Alright Kook, What is it?” Namjoon inquires. “Is everything okay?


He shuffles slightly while staring at his shoes. He doesn’t exactly know how to say what he witnessed. And he doesn’t want to let the others know how he reacted to it either, he was too embarrassed. He knew he wasn’t exactly subtle about his feelings for Jimin hyung.


“Um… you guys know how Jimin hyung wasn’t feeling very good today? How he was moody and not very extroverted?” Everyone just kinda nods, non verbal assurances that they were paying attention. “Well, I followed him a little after he left here to make sure he was feeling okay because I was concerned.” There are a few sympathetic smiles flashed his way. With his stance and constant twitching, they slowly fade, realizing that everyone is not quite as it should be with the younger. “Hyung was in rut when I went to check on him.” He states as fast as he can, hoping they all understood him.


He refused to meet anyone’s eyes so he just kept staring at the ground, waiting for someone to say anything .


Half a minute went by with no one saying anything, before Taehyung burst out laughing. “Good one Kookie!!” He continues cackling, bending over slightly while holding his stomach. “Man I can’t believe you came all the way back over here just to mess with us like that!” Tae starts wiping tears from his eyes.


Even though Taehyung seemed like he didn’t believe it, everyone else was ominously quiet. Namjoon finally starts muttering to himself. “How did I not see this?! I knew something was off, I knew he smelled more potent. It wasn’t sweet like omega, and beta’s scents don’t change that much. He was more sensitive and grumpy. How did I not see this ??” He starts to get worked up as he continues his rant, while the others silently observe him.


Namjoon pauses for a second, noticing the sour tint in Jungkook’s scent for the first time since he entered the apartment, his stare now zeroing in on Jungkook. “What did you do?”


Jungkook pauses for a second. “What do you mean, hyung? I didn’t do anything!! I wouldn’t do something like that when he wasn’t in his right mind!” The omega quickly goes to defend himself.


Namjoon exhales sharply. “I don’t mean that Jungkook. I meant, what did you do? Did you go into his apartment? His room? What did you do about his presentation?”


Once he relays his actions (while briefly summarizing his response since he knew they would ask, due to his and Jimin’s pheromones) to the others, Yoongi face palms, Hoseok gapes at him, Taehyung glares at him, and Seokjin and Namjoon stare at him, almost harshly.


Namjoon begins to speak to him as if he were a toddler, which greatly irks Jungkook until he hears what the elder starts to say. “You went into his room.. got aroused in front of an alpha in rut.. then left him with an article of clothing..” he trails off in disbelief. “Why would you have gone in there Jungkook? He said what was happening through the door! Do you have any idea how your presence has affected him? He must be going crazy, after smelling a very aroused omega in his room , with some of his clothing . You made his first rut so much worse ! He will be going crazy having you so close, being subjected to your presence, only to have it taken away! And you didn’t even help take care of him! You don’t have to have sex to take care of a wolf in heat or rut. You help them bathe and eat and keep them from hurting themselves-” Namjoon gets cut off by Seokjin’s hand on his arm.


“Joon.” Nodding at Jungkook, who had begun to shrink in on himself. “Calm down, Tae has already left to take care of Jiminie. He will be okay. But you are scaring Kook.” He continues gently. Trying to calm down his boyfriend.


Jungkook startles at the fact that Taehyung had left already, not even noticing his absence. The bitter feeling arises again, when he realizes how quick Taehyung was to jump at the chance of helping his alpha with his rut. Not his .. the bitter feeling threatens to consume him, before Namjoon clears his throat to get his attention.


Namjoon bows his head at him slightly, in apology. “You are young, I should not have gotten so intense with you Jungkook, I apologize. You could not have known. Thank you for coming back to let us know though. That was a very good decision. Taehyung will help him now that we know.” He finishes softly.


As confident as Jungkook is, he still succumbs to vulnerability, and this is one of those times that it is very obvious.


Yoongi comes up behind him to put his arm around his face. “Kook, you’re okay. Jimin will be okay. Just keep that in mind for any friends in the future if they enter a heat or rut. They may be craving sex at the moment, but not primarily for their first ones. They are confused and scared about what is happening to their body, regardless of how much you learn about everything in class, actually experiencing it is so different. You remember your first heat, right?” Oh, does he.. it was horrible. Luckily his mom was there to help take care of… him. “It is not your fault. You didn’t know. But just know for future reference. Especially when someone of a different class comes in. You go in and then just leave, regardless of class, abandonment feelings come in from the vulnerable state they are in when completely at the mercy of our instincts.”


The more Yoongi talks, the more Jungkook wants to break down and cry. He left his hyung when he needed him most. He wasn’t able to be there for his most treasured hyung. He left him in his time of need. Jimin never asked for anything, always giving everything and never taking.


The more he spiraled, the more he began to worry about what Jimin would think of him once his rut ended. Would he hate him?? Would he feel like Jungkook didn’t care?? Did he need to go back to Jimin’s apartment? He needed to go back !


“Woah there Kook, slow down. Going back over there won’t help. Taehyung is there and he will help him. It will probably be better for a beta to be there anyways. Jimin won’t be overcome with a beta’s scent. He will be able to think more clearly.” Seokjin restrains Jungkook when he tries to bolt for the door.


“Hyung! Is he gonna hate me?? I left him when he needed me! He is gonna hate me. I would hate me too.. I made it so much worse for him, I shouldn’t have even gone to check on hi-” he is cut off by Hoseok coming over to hug him. The other omega’s scent really helps to calm him. He latches onto him like a lifeline.


“Kookie, try not to worry too much about it anymore. There isn’t anything we can do now but wait his rut out. Jiminie is the most forgiving person we all know. He can’t hold grudges even if he wants to. You are his favorite dongsaeng so don’t even worry.” Hoseok assured him as he continues to burrow into the other’s shoulder. He hopes Hoseok is right. He doesn’t know what he would do if Jimin were mad at him. He has never had that disappointed and distraught face directed at him before and he doesn’t know if he would be able to handle it..

Taehyung finally reaches their apartment. Even as a beta, he can really smell the intensity of Jimin’s scent that wasn’t there before. But he can definitely smell the strong distress and sadness in it even more so. Taehyung curses internally at Jungkook (though he knows it isn’t really his fault, his best friend is still in agony right now because of the other’s ignorance to how presenting works).


Taehyung bursts open the door, breaking the lock by accident, but also not really caring. He trips over a table that was out of place, ‘maybe by Jungkook when he hightailed it out of here’ he thinks bitterly.


He lightly knocks on Jimin’s door before entering slowly, nose bombarded with his lemony, woodsy smell. He refrains from holding his nose with his hand, not wanting to offend the other. He didn’t smell bad at all, in fact, he smelled wonderful, but it was just so strong .


The sight and sounds though is what really gets Taehyung. His best friend looks to be in agony. He is dreadfully aroused but sobbing about being alone and someone leaving him like this without caring. He is rutting against the bed, nose immersed in Jungkook’s now soiled hoodie. But he is sobbing as he is thrusting into the bed. Taehyung knows he isn’t sobbing from pleasure either. His heart cracks as he watches and listens to the presented alpha.


He quickly approaches Jimin, but stealthily and makes sure to appear slowly in the alpha’s line of sight as to not startle him.


When Jimin finally notices him, he knows the sob that gets let out then is definitely one of relief, opposed to the harsh, form wracking ones earlier. He blindly sticks his arm out towards Taehyung, eyes glazed over like he isn’t truly seeing him. But he knows Jimin can see him, or at the very least smell his slight citrusy, tangy scent. They know each other too well to not recognize the other, even in the state that Jimin is currently in.


He quickly goes to gather the alpha in his arms. Whispering assurances that everything will be alright, that being an alpha is just as good as being an omega. Which is strange, considering that normally people presenting as omegas always seem to be wishing to be alphas; the ‘alpha is always better’ stereotype, still slightly strong in the community, especially among the more traditional side.


Taehyung assures Jimin that he is only going to the kitchen to get him some water and some ice to replace the now, sweat drenched towel that had fallen to the side of his head. Jimin growls, not wanting him to leave, but Tae assures him he will be quick, sprinting all throughout the house to get everything he needs to help Jimin in record time.


Jimin reaches for him again, his sour scent immediately calming down again once he smells Taehyung had come back for him. Taehyung begins to lightly dab at the sweat streaming down his body, knowing how sensitive his body is right now, not wanting to make it any worse. He wraps the ice in a towel he had grabbed on his earlier mission and gently rests it against his friend’s forehead. Slightly shocked at how fast it melts. But knowing it’s still cool so he doesn’t have to get up to get more quite yet. Jimin has stopped thrashing as much, though he is still moaning and grunting. Tae asks if he needs help getting off, only knowing vicariously how these feel, and knowing Jimin would help him in a moment’s notice if the situation were reversed. But in a moment of lucidity, he gently shakes his head, thanking him with sincerity and love in his eyes.


Taehyung waits for him to fall asleep, somewhat restlessly, before going to get a bucket to put ice in so he doesn’t have to leave Jimin’s side again once he wakes up. He also makes some food to bring in as well, so that he can feed him some when Jimin comes to. He will wait another half a day, once the rut has gotten less intense, to help him bathe. Which wouldn’t even be the first time they have helped each other bathe. They can get antsy and like to do all kinds of things. So injuries are not uncommon with them, Taehyung thinks somewhat fondly.


Taehyung, however, is shocked that Jimin went into rut. He, even as Jimin’s platonic soulmate, really didn’t see this coming. In retrospect, he could maybe see mild mannerisms, but with how all classes are defying traditional stereotypes these days, he didn’t think much of them. He thought Jungkook was going to present as an alpha. Or at least a beta. He did not see the omega presentation, though even that, seemed more believable than Jimin’s presentation as an alpha. Jimin just always had more the nature of an omega. Taehyung could have seen him as a beta almost just as easily… but alpha completely blindsided him, so he could only imagined how confused and startled Jimin was.


His thoughts are interrupted once Jimin starts to groan, giving away his rise into consciousness. Taehyung just begins to whisper assurances to Jimin once more, cuddling him from behind, even as his best friend ruts into the hoodie again. Taehyung just wishes there was something more he could do to alleviate all this from his friend, wishing he didn’t have to go through this alone. If Taehyung could do it for him, even a fraction of it, he would do it in a heartbeat. Rationally, he knows it isn’t exactly Jungkook’s fault, but he can’t help but he upset with him while watching his best friend in this condition. He knew Jimin was presenting, he definitely knew, Taehyung would have smelled it without having had the information prior. So Jungkook willingly went in, and inadvertently, made it exponentially worse for Jimin. Jimin lets out a long throaty moan, fussing from the overwhelming heat his body is producing, aches intensifying the longer the rut goes on.


He just continues hugging the alpha. Letting him get everything out as he cries and grunts and moans and comes onto the bed. Still wishing there was more he could do to help.

Jungkook has not felt so guilty in such a long time. He loves his hyung so much. The last thing he wanted to do was make this incredibly stressful time, just that much more so. He knows presenting as an omega opposed to an alpha are different, but inherently are similar in the purest form. Either craving to be filled or craving to fill. Breed or be bred.


And he had made both those cravings to fill and breed so much strong in the kind hearted alpha, and now his rut will be longer and more intense than it should have been.


“Hyung? Should I go bring more of my scent over? Now that he has my scent in his system?” He asks Namjoon hesitantly, somewhat tepid of getting scolded again. “Or would that make it worse?”


The elder contemplates, thinking over his presentation rut. He can't really relate because he didn’t have an omega’s scent clouding his mind. His mom was an omega, but obviously that would not have affected him in regards to mating.. but in regards to Jimin, he does not know for sure. He thinks of calling his dad, but he doesn’t want to make Jimin uncomfortable by talking about it with his parents. But Jimin is very uncomfortable right now, so he figures it would be better to call his parents and hope they can shed some light on the topic. “Hold on Kook, I am going to call my dad. I didn’t have an omega’s scent around me when I presented. So it was fairly normal.” He quickly leaves the room, already having his phone out and his dad’s contact on the screen.

Taehyung stirs awake by the stifling heat. Though he does notice that it is not as all consuming as it was 8 hours ago. He is facing Jimin but doesn’t know if he is asleep or awake, even though his eyes are closed, so he lightly nudges his friend to see if he is awake. The alpha doesn’t budge, so he just analyzes him, to see if he looks any different.


Obviously, he looks exhausted. His eyes have deep, dark bags under his eyes, his muscles are still strained, even while asleep.. his muscles are also twitching somewhat sporadically, showing he is not experiencing a restful sleep whatsoever. Taehyung was really hoping he would have had some reprieve while asleep, but upon glancing down, he sees Jimin’s red cock flat against his stomach.


He can’t even remember how many times the other had orgasmed. And to see him completely erect still made him feel intense sympathy for his friend, though also curiosity of what that would feel like. He is so, so happy he doesn’t have to go through heats or ruts, but man… if you had someone to go through it with you, it would probably feel like heaven, right?


But I guess if you had an omega’s scent, especially one you had feelings for, it would probably be worse than hell, he thinks disheartedly (‘but both burn as hot as if you were in hell’, he thinks sullenly as he feels like is as hot as Jimin).

Namjoon re-enters the room after ending the call with his father. Everyone gathers at attention once they notice him. He exhales heavily, pinching  the bridge of his nose, “Alright Jungkook, from what my dad mentioned, the only real good way of dealing with this would be for you to go help him through his rut-”


The young omega’s head shoots up panicked, “But I can’t! He can’t honestly tell me he wants that, he may ha-”


Don’t interrupt me.” Namjoon glares at him. Exhaling through his nostrils, like an angry bull. “This situation is not good. Jimin will be fine either way. But Jungkook, I am not saying you should or shouldn’t help him through his rut. That is entirely up to you and Jimin. But what I am saying , is that if you don’t help him through it. Don’t give him more clothing or anything with your scent on it, because it will only ignite the burn he feels even more and make it more painful. You know as well as anybody who has heats or ruts, that these can get reignited with the smallest damn spark.” Jungkook sighs in relief and regret. “But, -” Jungkook cringes by knowing he should have expressed there to be a condition. “-you also may want to stay away from him for a little while after his rut ends as well.”


The omega gapes is at him in dismay, the others just watching the exchange quietly, eyes darting back and forth between omega and alpha.


“W-what??” His eyes widen in horror upon noticing the somber expression upon the other’s face, realizing how serious this was. “B-but. He’s my best friend! It’s my fault it’s this bad.. I can’t not talk to him!”


Namjoon sighs again, looking like he is carrying the weight of the work on his shoulders. “Look, I know. Trust me. It will be really hard. But you have to do what is best for him, too. He is going to be really sensitive to the sights and scents and sensations after presenting. Your scent is going to affect him poorly for the week or so following the end of his rut, most likely.


“He has been spending, and will spend, his whole rut with your scent stuck in his mind. We know how Jimin is, regardless of his new ranking. He will, for only now hopefully, associate your scent with feelings of abandonment and inadequacy. You left him in a vulnerable state, which is not your fault as you didn’t know, but it did. He won’t be thinking rationally. He is going to be ruled by his instincts immediately following his rut. So smelling you so strongly with not bode well for him. If you want what is best for him, just keep some distance for a little while, at least until he has calmed down some.”


Jungkook blearily stares at the floor, doing his best to hold in tears. He just wanted to help his hyung, and now it is like he is being punished for trying to do a good deed. But he also should have called his hyungs to begin with he supposed, he has never been around a newly presented wolf at all, let alone an alpha, whom he has no experience with at all . He doesn’t want to keep away from his Jiminie. “D-do I have to?” He mumbles quietly, doe eyes beseeching Namjoon’s, who sighs as he nods gently, assuring him he does. “I.. I don’t want to hyung.” He mutters again, more to himself this time though. Namjoon hears him though and pats his back, whispering a gentle, ‘I know Kook.’

The cherry haired boy’s shoulders slump. An ache in his chest as he realizes to the extent of what he has done. Hoping his hyung will forgive him for not only making his rut, that much worse..but also for not being able to be around him for the days following it. He hopes he will understand that he is doing it for him.

Chapter Text

The next few days pass by extremely slowly, for the newly presented alpha and the beta helping him. The worst of the rut seems to pass in slow motion, each day feels like a week in the worst days of summer. Taehyung does his best to help Jimin in any way that he can, but in reality, there is not really much he can do at all to relieve much of his best friend’s pain and suffering. He can really only sit there and observe Jimin, try to cool him down when he can and feed and hydrate him when Jimin allows him to leave his side to retrieve the necessities.


Jimin feels even hotter, no doubt. The enormous discomfort he feels cannot be paralleled. The rut he went into was more intense than it normally would have been for a presentation rut, and he also experienced the intense scent of an aroused omega, one he had had feelings for, for years now.


The time passes by slowly for Taehyung and Jimin, both wishing there were some sort of actions that could help them feel better, though both knowing only one person would be really able to sate the difficulty the alpha was facing. Both had certain feelings of bitterness about this situation concerning the cherry haired omega, while rationally knowing that Jungkook likely did not know the situation he was putting his friend into, it was still easier to direct blame onto him.


However, something that Jimin felt and Taehyung didn’t, were the feelings of abandonment and vulnerability. The omega he had been pining after for years, had left him when he was at his weakest. Taehyung was at least staying and helping him in any ways that he could, Jungkook had just bolted, and Jimin was ashamed that Jungkook couldn’t even be around him. Maybe he smelled really bad, and Jungkook got disgusted he got aroused from the pheromones that Jimin had been releasing.


Maybe..Jungkook didn’t like him at all like that. He maybe never even stood a chance, and now presenting as an alpha made Jungkook like him less, because they all assumed he was going to be an omega.


Jimin did not really know what to think. But he knew he would need some time before he could face the young omega again, having embarrassed himself to the highest degree days prior. He also still felt those feelings of bitterness towards him, like he dangled his mouth watering scent to the elder, then just decided against it and tossed his hoodie towards him, making the following days that much worse. Jimin wondered what he had done to Jungkook to make him react the way he did, and wondered if it was something he needed to apologize for, but also thinking that, Jungkook needed to apologize to him as well.

The days did not go by any faster for the omega either. The guilt was eating him alive. He had no idea the effect his presence was going to have on his hyung. He just wanted to help, that is why he even went to his apartment that day, just wanted to check on his beloved friend.


He knew that he made the rut worse, but he just wanted to make sure his friend was okay, was that really so bad ?? He had the most honorable intentions.. until he smelled the alpha. His instincts had completely taken over, begging him to present himself to such a delectable smelling alpha. The pheromones that the shorter was releasing were so intense that it almost brought Jungkook to his knees.


He even felt slick begin to pool at his hole as he began to think about it again, the scent just as vivid in his memories as when he stood before the writhing alpha. Oh, Jungkook wished he had done something else than run away. Anything would have been better! Staying and helping him, not necessarily having sex with him, but staying by his side. He knows how Jimin is, how he perceives things, always worrying that people are going to leave him, like his parents did when he was younger. And Jungkook never wanted Jimin to think that he could be one of those people to walk out of the elder’s life without so much as a glance.  


And the taller hopes that Jimin will understand that in due time, hopes to whoever is listening, that his best friend knows that nothing has changed, that Jungkook still loves him with everything he has. The arousal he had been feeling quickly dissipated with his current route of thoughts.

Jimin’s eyes slowly opened, crust at the edges. He was cocooned in blankets with Taehyung in his bed. Jimin finally felt somewhat like himself again. He was no longer feeling like he was burning alive in hell, nor was he destroying his bed anymore, which he would have to buy a new one soon. Taehyung was nice enough to let Jimin sleep with him once his rut had calmed down, so that he wouldn’t need to sleep on the couch or floor.


Jimin owed his best friend so much. Everything he did to help him was the most generous and kind thing.. he had probably ever received. Tae had held his hand as he writhed and screamed, grunted and groaned, pushed and shoved… he had been there through it all, just trying to help Jimin stay cool and nourished. He had no idea how to repay his roommate for everything he had done for him.


Jimin didn’t think just taking his friend out to dinner would be much of a thank you, so he knew he would really need to put some thought into what he was going to do.


Jimin turned around in Tae’s arms and nuzzled his neck, scenting his friend as much as he could by showing his appreciation in a simple, but very intimate way. Only family or mates or close friend’s scent each other, it is a very intimate process that does not occur among strangers or mediocre friends.


Taehyung shuffles around in his bed, leaning in to his friend’s touch. Smiling and exhaling softly through his nose, eyes blearily opening, one, then the other. He bares his neck for the alpha to get better access, the elder quickly taking advantage of the invitation to display his great appreciation and love for his soulmate.


Taehyung purred softly, assuring Jimin that all was well, that he wouldn’t have had it any other way, that he was so happy to have been able to do something to help him, even if it only alleviated the symptoms for the shortest time. Tae felt honored that Jimin let him stay and attempt to help in any way he could, while Jimin felt honored to have a friend like Taehyung, who would offer what he did and stay with him as he did.


Both Jimin and Taehyung had briefly wondered what it would belike if they had decided to mate. But they thought of that as something that would be amazing, but more like if they didn’t find someone good enough for the other, or if Jimin or Taehyung didn’t approve of the opposite’s partner. Tae and Jimin, even though they call each other platonic soulmates, it is more as if they are not exactly soulmates, but that they are one soul split. They wouldn’t be the same without the other in their life, as if they share a blinding, lovely soul.


Taehyung bent his neck down to scent Jimin once the other had finished, nosing along his scent glands and rubbing his face on his friend’s neck. The remaining tension drained from the two best friends simultaneously, both slowly drifting off back to sleep, the previous week’s exhaustion catching up to them, once again.

Namjoon, Seokjin and Yoongi were all eating at a cafe when Jungkook met up with them waiting for Hoseok and Taehyung to  finally meet up with them. 25 minutes later than the time they agreed on. Yoongi had decided to go ahead and order after 5 minutes had gone by, knowing that if they didn’t show up by 5 minutes, then they wouldn’t bother with hurrying after that time mark. Jungkook was still kind of anxious, not sure how to react upon seeing Taehyung, not knowing how the beta was going to react after seeing the omega that had something to do with the poor state of their hyung over the past week.


Hoseok and Taehyung hadn’t noticed where the others were sitting yet, glancing around before noticing the hostess’ table, and going straight to the beta standing behind the stand, asking where they could get some water.


Yoongi sighed irritably, noticing how once again , those two didn’t care they were making everyone else wait (well everyone but him since he wouldn’t allow them to keep him from eating every time they all decided to hang out together).


Yoongi flagged them down by waving his hand briefly, too agitated and tired to get up and get them. They quickly recognized him and pointed over to him and their friends after bowing to the hostess, quickly making their way over to the table.


“Hey guys, how’s it going?” Hoseok quickly starts, his smile to bright with the sun already out and no clouds in sight. Yoongi exhaled and lifted his hand up in a semi wave half heartedly. Namjoon and Seokjin both smiled politely and said they were doing well, and Jungkook hummed, still looking at the table.


Taehyung still hadn't said anything, and Jungkook did not know what to make of that.. he knows there can be many reasons for a silent Taehyung. It can mean he is angry or upset. It can mean he had some personal problems and does not want to burden the group with them. Or that something is off with his best friend, who both seem to have some sort of connection to the other. A connection that Jungkook has felt jealous of too many times. He knows it isn’t fair, but he is only half human.


Hoseok continues chatting, almost enough to where most of the group doesn’t need to contribute much, the other two, Seokjin and Namjoon, contributing to the rest. Jungkook can feel Taehyung’s icy stare on him, but he is too scared to look up, to make eye contact, to even twitch in the beta’s direction.


“So,” Namjoon begins, “How is Minnie doing? Hoseok mentioned that you said it had been pretty hard?” Jungkook knows that he was asking for the concern of their friend, but some malicious part of him feels like Namjoon is passively trying to make Jungkook feel even more guilty. “Tae, what all happened? He didn’t hurt himself did he? Or you ?”


Jungkook’s head snapped up to stare at Namjoon, “He could hurt himself ?! How? Why ? How?!”


Seokjin’s head tilts to the side, Jungkook’s profile looking ashen. “Jungkookie, presenting as an alpha releases completely different hormones than presenting as an omega or a beta. Regardless of how society perceives the different ranks, no longer seeing alpha’s as the only important rank, they are still biologically the strongest and most dominant” He starts. “That influx of dominant and controlling hormones, all at once.. well you can imagine that it is not a soft.. awakening. It is very rough. My cousin broke his wrist and strained his ankle when he presented as an alpha. Namjoonie broke his hand by punching through a wall, trying to grab onto his bed post.


“Presenting as an alpha can be dangerous if no one is around to help contain you. You are not exactly a submissive person by nature, but when you presented, is that not all you felt during that time, just pure submission? After it ended, sure, you were feeling like yourself again and not a submissive wolf. Jimin is not a naturally dominant person, but during presentation, that would be one of the few emotions he was feeling.”


Jungkook’s face had begun to pale, just now imagining, even more , what could have happened if Tae had not gone to Jimin as soon as Jungkook had gotten back to the apartment after running away from the alpha.


He quickly turned towards Tae for the first time since he and Hoseok had arrived, “Is he okay?? Please tell me he is hyung? Please? I am so worried, I have been so worried, I screwed up and I am so sorry! I-I-“ sobs break out before he can finish his pleading.


Seokjin quickly turns to the youngest and brings him in towards his neck. Letting the younger scent him and try to calm down. Seokjin’s unique scent of lavender and grass (when it is fresh and  slightly wet in the morning), managing to calm down the panicking maknae to a certain degree. The sobbing slowly subsides, turning into sniffling as some watch in slight shock, and Taehyung with a slight indifference.


Tae knows it isn’t exactly Jungkook’s fault, he didn’t know any better, he had no idea what he would do. But he also didn’t witness his closest friend going through what Taehyung did for the past 5 days. He didn’t see the agony on his friend’s face, watching the arousal take over, just for the pain to return. The sobbing for everything to stop. The wishing to be a beta. The wishing to be an omega in heat even.


Jungkook didn’t witness that. But Taehyung did. And while he knew this wasn’t going to be the best idea he has ever had, he can’t help but let his pent up emotions out. He can’t. He already feels bad, he knows Jimin wouldn’t want the younger to know just how much his actions affected the alpha physically, emotionally and mentally.


Jungkook didn’t see that. But Taehyung did.

Yoongi senses the rising tension within Taehyung before he had even uttered a word. While everyone else was focused on the sobbing maknae, Taehyung was most definitely not, his bitter, sour , scent clogging up Yoongi’s nostrils.


“Taehy-“ Yoongi starts, but gets interrupted before he can even start the warning of attacking the omega right now.


“He is not okay.” Taehyung, while you can smell, and almost see (though he seems very composed), is very tense and unhappy. “He is not okay.”


“I had to hold him as he cried. As he sobbed, wishing to be anything but an alpha. Anything ! He cried about you hating him now that he wasn’t an omega, that you were upset with him, so you threw your stupid hoodie at him, so that you wouldn’t have to look at him! He isn’t okay! He is still recovering from that rut. He strained his glute in his right leg and has bruised knuckles and ankles from knocking and kicking things over. He doesn’t feel good enough, when even one of the people he loves most in this world, walked out on him, when he needed them. He doesn’t know who he can trust anymore. I tried for ages to get him to come with us to eat here. He doesn’t think anyone wants anything to do with him anymore. I stayed with him during the whole rut. Helped him however he needed it. I wanted to, I needed to, and even after that, he still felt like I was assuming he was just a burden. Even though I love him so much and would never want him l think that. I bathed him, slept with him, fanned him when his fever broke to 105, fed him, kept him hydrated, iced him…he has just been laying in my bed, not saying much. It is breaking my heart.”


Taehyung, tears leaking from his eyes and voice cracking throughout, leaves the restaurant. Not caring about making a scene or the impact he left behind. Just needing to go home and see if there was anyway to make his best friend more than a walking corpse.

The table sat there, confused and slightly taken aback, the normally cheerful and laidback beta they had come to know was not the stressed and hollowed out beta that just left. They supposed they had no idea how the process went. They had only thought about the time Jimin was having through his rut, sadly, the beta’s feelings were not exactly taken into account.


Jungkook, however, continued to stare at the exit that Tae had just left through, feeling exponentially worse. He knew Tae was right. He didn’t know the extent of what happened or what it was like to witness Jimin to through it all. He could only imagine. He didn’t know how much worse or better than what he assumed, the rut had been.


A strong feeling of bitterness and jealousy surged through him. Taehyung was the one who helped Jimin through his rut. He maybe even helped him with other parts of the presentation. His scent quickly began to sour, imagining Taehyung and Jimin intimate together.. maybe even kissing , maybe stuff so much worse ! Jungkook’s scent was extremely sour at this point, making Hoseok almost slam his hand against his nose to stop inhaling the very unpleasant scent. The rest of the friends’ noses scrunched up slightly, though Namjoon as the only alpha, smelled it particularly strongly, making him want to wrap the omega in his arms.


“Don’t worry, Kook-ah, Tae is just upset. He is the one that had to make sure Jimin didn’t hurt himself or do anything during it.” Yoongi starts to say. “So, I am sure he is just sleep deprived and exhausted. It can be a very taxing job - physically and emotionally. Watching a friend go through something like that can be really difficult to process.”


Yoongi sighs, “Just try not to take any of it to heart” He finishes.


Jungkook just kind of nods numbly to what Yoongi had been saying. Feeling even worse because now he didn’t just hurt one friend.


He had hurt two.

Chapter Text

Taehyung was crying in his way back to the apartment. He didn’t know how to handle everything. His best friend had gone through so much this past week. He knew it wasn’t Jungkookie’s fault, he shouldn’t have yelled at him, but he just couldn’t keep it together this long. He couldn’t break in front of Jiminie while he was going through presenting, he couldn’t have made that about him… he was just so upset with the situation. He knew he would have to apologize to Jungkook at some point, but he didn’t want to spout out more stuff he truly didn’t mean. This past week had just be so, so hard.


He let out a long melancholy sigh. Not quite knowing where to go or what to do.. he decided he would go back to see Jiminie. Probably get scolded for what he said too, but he wanted to make sure he was okay. He had been sleeping like the dead since his rut ended.

Surprisingly enough, Jungkook had not started crying after Taehyung had left, it was more of an emotional overload situation. Things kept adding together, more and more, but no solutions were coming out, just more variables added to the equation.


“Kook,” Namjoon begins. “You know he didn’t mean that right? He is just stressed. We all know that none of this is your fault. You didn’t know any better, none of it was intentional. And it was a mistake anyone could have made, especially with how young you are. It wasn’t fair of Tae to take it out on you, he should not have done that at all. You don’t deserve that. So please don’t try to take the blame of what happened upon yourself.


“I can understand feeling sad that they both had a hard week. But it isn’t like you had an exactly easy week. You didn’t do anything with malignant intentions. Don’t go blaming yourself, okay? You made a mistake, but it was an honest one that you had no way of knowing beforehand. We are here if you need us, need to yell or scream or cry about anything, just want company? We will be there in a heartbeat.” Namjoon finishes resolutely, no hesitation in his voice at all.


Jungkook glances thankfully up at Namjoon. “You don’t think Jiminie-hyung is gonna hate me or anything, right? He is gonna known I didn’t do anything on purpose?” His doe eyes blink owlishly, worry evident in them.


“If there is anything at all, that I know to be certain in my life, is that Jimin cannot hate anyone, let alone our Jungkookie” Seokjin states with a proud and loving smile.


“Just give it time, Kookie. Just give it time,” the second omega at the table assures.


He nods, making sure that he will be at Jimin’s first thing once one of his hyungs’ deems it a good time to be away. He will not let something destroy the love and strength of their bond over some ill-timed hormones that came out of nowhere.


No, Jungkook will most definitely not allow something so stupid to ruin something so absolutely beautiful.

Taehyung had just gotten back to their apartment and was ready to confront Jimin and figure out the best way to help him. The first thing the beta noticed upon walking into the house, were the overwhelming alpha pheromones that almost made even him, a beta, want to bare his neck in submission.


“Jiminie?” He hesitantly calls out. “Where are you?”


“I’m in your room Tae.” A soft voice responds. Exhaustion just dripping from the light voice.


He makes his way to his own room in order to talk to his friend, who he finds to be rolled up in his bed like a burrito. “Hey Chim, what’s going on?”


Jimin turns over to glance at Taehyung. “I don’t know how to feel Tae-Tae. I don’t want to be an alpha.. I don’t know how to be one. The rut now is over, but what about the ones to come? What about the complete opposite set of hormones I’ll be experiencing? I am not a dominant person! I am not a confident person! I am not huge! I just.. I was told I would be an omega.. I was told I was perfect to be an omega. What do I do now that I am an alpha? My parents raised an omega. They didn’t raise an alpha.” Tears that had gathered in his eyes as he was working himself up, quickly began to spill over and steam down his cheeks. “I don’t know who I am anymore.”


Taehyung is speechless. He doesn’t know what to say to his friend. So he just begins by saying, “Chim, you know that we would neve think anything less of you, for what you present as, don’t you? How could you think we wouldn’t still consider you to be half of the sunshine of our group? Omega..beta..alpha.. they are just ranks that don’t define who we are. You are still Jimin.


“You were never Jimin The Omega. It was ‘Jimin’, who may or may not be an omega. You have always just been ‘Jimin’ the sweetest guy we all know. ‘Jimin’ a hell of a dancer. ‘Jimin’ the most selfless friend. ‘Jimin’ the best friend.” Taehyung finishes with passion in his yes.


Jimin peers up at him from the blanket burrito he is wrapped up in. “Really?” His meek voice, barely a whisper, reaches the beta’s ears. “You- you don’t think I am useless now?” Hope somewhat begins to set in on Jimin’s face. “I don’t know how to be an alpha, but I can learn, right?” The alpha slightly perks up.


Taehyung smiles back, endeared. “We all know you will make the best alpha, Chiminie. But hey, everyone wants to see you, you know.”


Jimin slightly tenses at that. “I want to see everyone, too.” He starts, “But I don’t think I can face Jungkookie anytime soon. I don’t want to overwhelm him with my scent again, he seemed pretty disgusted by it. And I know the pheromones I was releasing made him react in ways he found just as disgusting. So I don’t think I can see him yet..” he finished with a forlorn scowl on his face. Knowing that things would maybe never be the same between he and Jungkook, who couldn’t be bothered to stay longer than three minutes after he arrived. Maybe Jimin just wasn’t worth it. He thought he and Jungkook were very close, closer to each other than the others by a good amount.


It must have just been on his side, he supposed. It was nice of Jungkook to come check on him after he had gone home, but now he wonders if one of the hyungs has asked him to?


Jimin’s feelings were coming and going way too quickly to properly be able to identify them. But the rejection he felt that day is still very prominent, if not more so now than then. He thought the opposite ranks pheromones were supposed to smell good, but Jungkook had hightailed it out of his place as quickly as he could.


He guessed he could take some comfort that at least Jungkook had called the hyungs to let them know what was going on, and to send Tae over to help. “So what happened the night my rut started?”


Taehyung hesitated, not fully expecting that question with all of the other things up in the air. “Well, after you had gone home. We all just decided to chill for a bit longer. After a little while, Kook said he was going to go home. He must have went to go check on you, because shortly after he left, he came back short of breath, about you being in rut. I didn’t stick around too long for the explanation, because I headed straight here, knowing you shouldn’t be alone while presenting.”


Jimin’s face is mostly blank while listening to his friend recall what happened that first day. So it seems like he was mostly right, just not about the hyungs asking Jungkook to come check on him. But then he doesn’t know if another hyung asked Jungkook to that maybe Tae didn’t know about.


Jimin was too confused and conflicted to continue this train of thought, so he just decided to switch tracks. “What do I do now, Tae? I don’t know how to do this. I..I was supposed to be an omega. I don’t like sports, I like to dance? I like working out, but not to get tons of muscles, just for the feel. I’m not confident at all.. I don’t know how to talk to people, let alone people I am interested in. I don’t know how to be an alpha .”


Taehyung analyzes his best friend for a few moments. “Minie, you are one of the most resourceful people I have ever known. I know you will do amazing at this, as you have everything else. I know you don’t see much of yourself, and while I wish you saw what all of us do, I can live with the fact that someday you will. We all just have to be there to reinforce and reinforce all of your incredible attributes. Attributes that you will have as an alpha or as you would have as an omega. Don’t fall into a societal construct or mold. Be your own person, and don’t let people tell you otherwise. We love you for you . Not for what you presented as. Your presentation means nothing to us, other than the fact that we are proud that you finally have, and don’t have to worry about when it is going to happen ever again.”


Tears form at Jimin’s eyes, the profound love he feels for his best friend threatening to spill over his heart. He merely pulls him into a hug, squeezing him so tightly until Taehyung manages a small squeak of protest.


“I stand by what I just said, but your muscles have gotten more pronounced Minie, and I can’t breathe, ” He wheezes out, arms slightly flailing to assist him in getting out of the hug turned chokehold.


Jimin chokes out a watery laugh, “Sorry Tae-Tae” the shorter boy sobs out. “I am still adapting to this.” He trails off with a sheepish grin.


Taehyung just nods understandingly into his best friend’s neck, making a soft humming noise to symbolize affirmation. He knows the elder will thrive as an alpha. He has absolutely no doubt. He knows it will take some adjusting, as presenting does regardless of rank, but Jimin is so adaptable that this won’t be too, too difficult for him.

Jungkook hesitated outside Taehyung and Jimin’s door. He really wants to see the eldest of the three… but he is scared of Taehyung and Namjoon hyung had said to give Jimin and his body time to acclimate. He just wanted to see his most precious hyung, and he wanted to make sure the elder knew that he loved him so much.


That that is why he left, so he didn’t do anything without Jimin’s consent. He had still gone to his hyungs to get help, that counted for something, right?


Just as he was about to ring the bell, the door opened to reveal the beta that lived here. Taehyung stared at him for a moment before releasing a long, exhausted sigh.


“Kookie, I’m sorry. I didn’t react well towards you. This past week had just been so incredibly stressful. It was very hard to see Jiminie like that. And I guess I just needed to release some of the stress, but it wasn’t fair to release that on you. You did not know any better, and I knew that before I even went to check on Min. So I am really sorry, Kook. I hope you can forgive me.” All of this is said as Tae glances at the ground, slightly shuffling around in nervousness.


Jungkook is frozen for a few moments, completely not expecting the encounter to go like this. He was expecting a door to be slammed in his face when the slightly taller opened the door. “I understand hyung, I know it couldn’t have been easy to watch Jimin Hyung like that. I had a hard time watching it when I was only there for a short while, and I guess it just got that much worse after I left him alone..”


”Kook…” Taehyung starts slowly, “I don’t really know if he should see you yet though. There is not really any easy way to say this.. but a majority of the time, he was sobbing about how you didn’t care about him anymore and that you left him when he needed you. The hormones are still raging inside of his body. Do you think now is really a good time to see him?”


Jungkook had thought of that, which was why he had been hesitating so much when he asked Taehyung if he could see Jimin. He wanted to make everything right. He really needed to. He loved his best friend in every way imaginable. He wanted to do whatever he could to make him feel better.


He was really hoping Taehyung would let him in to talk to Jimin. He knows how close they are, and that every time, Tae would choose Jimin’s side. Jungkook just wanted to let Jimin know how much he truly cared for him. It was eating Jungkook alive, that the alpha thought Jungkook didn’t care for him.


Taehyung continued to analyze him, just staring at him. Jungkook began to lose hope of seeing his small hyung, coming to realize that it was very unlikely the beta was going to let him in. His sensitive nose was picking up the change in his hyung’s scent, the citrus getting more and more pronounced. The conflict the older was feeling becoming more apparent with the change.


“Eh-” he pauses again, obviously feeling great discord with what course of action to take. “I.. I don’t know Kook.. I-” another pause. “Lemme ask him what he wants really quick. I don’t want to make an assumption.” Tae gestures him in lightly, “You can come on in for now though. I’ll go ask him now.”


Relief so profound floods his entire being. He knows it is early for that to happen since he still doesn’t even know if he will be able to talk to his hyung, but just having a potential chance.. that means so much to the omega. Taehyung glances back at him, “please stay here while I go ask him what he wants”. And then he leaves for Jimin’s room.


After the relief sets in, Jimin’s scent begins to flood his system. Not as intense as it was when he was presenting and going through a rut, but still so strong . Overpowering in its pungency. He begins to inhale deeply, loving the scent, calming him but also making him feel slightly warm. He loves the smell. He wants to submerge himself in the source, he wants to just roll around on the couch, sink into the cushions. He closes his eyes to fully appreciate the aroma surrounding him, easily able to completely disregard the citrusy counterpart belonging to the beta.


Jungkook, lost in his savoring of the newly presented alpha, completely misses the reappearance of the beta. Taehyung just stands and analyses the other for a moment, just observing the other relish in the environment he finds himself in. He hears a light purring emanating from the other, or light grumbling coming from his chest. He clears his throat to get his attention, but he might as well have done nothing, since the omega did not even flinch in acknowledgement. Taehyung just coughs loudly in his quest to get the attention.


Jungkook’s eyes snap open and the soft sounds stop immediately. His big, doe eyes, beseeching Taehyung’s, daring to hope that he can meet with Jimin.


“He feels really conflicted Kook, and he is vulnerable. Please.. be gentle with him. He is not only dealing with your reaction to the presentation. He is dealing with all of it. He was not ready for any of it, so there are a lot of things that he has to come to terms with, but hopefully you can help aleve at least one of the things on his mind. Just..” a long, exhausted sigh accompanied the other, while he tiredly rubs at his eyes. “He wasn’t expecting any of this. Just remember that when you go to talk to him.”


Jungkook vigorously nods his head, a ‘thanks’ coming to the tip of his tongue as his body, already orienting itself towards the direction of Jimin’s room, starts to twitch with the desire to head over to it already.


“I will not upset him Tae, don’t worry!” An excited omega, pleased with the fact that he can finally alleviate the guilt he feels, and the confusion or hurt that Jimin feels. He just wants to make things right, make them better. “I can go talk to him now?”


The omega is preening. So happy to be able to set everything straight. “Yeah,” Tae sighs. “Go on, he is in his room.”


Jungkook bounds over to the room, trying to keep his anxiety from taking over, knowing he needs to do this. He knocks on the door a little bit more aggressively than he meant to, just wanting to see the alpha. He waits with bated breath for a response, almost cheering when he hears a soft, ‘come in.’

Chapter Text

“Hey Jiminie!” Jungkook exclaims, somewhat loudly. “How are you doing??!” He asks once he enters the room. He gets inside the room to see the alpha encased in his blankets and lounging on his bed. He fights the urge to hold his hand over his nose, the scent still really strong. The omega in him once to bask in the aroma of the alpha, roll around in his bed and inhale the mouth-watering scent. He battles this urge quietly, hoping Jimin doesn’t notice with all his might. 


“Hey Jungkookie” The other responds, uncertainly, trying to gauge the taller’s attitude to try to figure out how to respond. Jimin doesn’t quite know what to say, he doesn’t know how to act around the younger. 


Jungkook takes a few seconds to just let everything settle in, deciding on what to say and how to say it. The regret and guilt he feels overpower the urge to bend his neck to the other, to scent him so he smells like Jungkook. The scent gland is more pronounced on the other’s neck now that he has presented, so partially why his scent is stronger. 


“Hyung..” He starts off uncertainly. “I’m so so, so sorry. I shouldn’t have left you that day. The other hyungs explained to me what probably happened. I did not know my leaving you would affect you as strongly as it did. You are one of my role models and someone I consider to be a best friend. I just wanted to check on you to make sure you were okay and then when I got here, the way you smelt, it overpowered me. But not because you smell bad !!” He is quick to say once he notices the way that the other droops in defeat, assuming that Jungkook was saying he smelt horrible. “I just.. I felt like I was losing control and I didn’t want to do anything without your consent. You were pheromone drunk, hyung and you couldn’t have understood what you were asking.” Jungkook finishes lamely. 


Jimin just stares at him for a moment, analyzing his posture and pondering what to say, obviously judging the sincerity that is simple oozing from the omega. “I..” He trails off. “I know heats and ruts are completely different.. but Jungkookie.. that hurt. You know that for both of those.. feelings of vulnerability are extremely high. You could have stayed with me.. Tae stayed to make sure I was okay. It felt like you didn’t care enough for me to even stay. You gave me your hoodie ! Your scent.. it made it all the more apparent you left me when I needed someone. I am so relieved you went to the others, because the comfort Tae offered was really needed.” Jungkook attempts to shove down the strong burst of jealousy he feels, not wanting Jimin to detect it in his scent. “But Kookie.. why did you desert me? It just.. it feels like you don’t care as much about me as you do the others. I have always worried that, and this just makes it hard to believe you. I would have stayed with you through your heat. I have done that for you. I took care of you.. but you left me here, by myself..” Jimin, trying to fight the urge to cry in his self pity, but ultimately fails when his eyes tear up. A single tear flowing down his cheek. 


Jungkook feels his own eyes stinging. “NO! No, hyung, that’s not it at all. I shouldn’t have left you! I know you needed someone, and it burns me up inside that I wasn’t that someone. But hyung, your scent. It was so intense and I don’t think I could have controlled myself from being with you for merely comfort.” He struggles with how to continue. “You have no idea how grateful I am that you stayed with me during my heat. I needed that comfort. But you were not presented yet at that time, your nose wasn’t as sensitive. And you definitely not an alpha around an omega in heat. I’m not trying to make you sound like you wouldn’t have been able to do it anyway, but it makes a difference! Taehyung is a beta, so he may have had a hard time, but not as hard as an omega would. The pheromones you were releasing.. hyung..” he doesn’t want to say this, but he thinks he probably has to. “I left because I was so aroused I wasn’t able to think properly. Your scent.. it made it to where all I could think about was riding your knot.” He finishes shamefully, hoping Jimin would not be so disgusted or upset. Knowing his dongsaeng was saying this. 


There is a slight spike in his hyung’s scent. The lemony part of his scent peaking some, which in turn, makes Jungkook’s heart stutter, feeling a slight heat pool in his belly. “Jungkookie, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to make you so uncomfortable.” Jimin starts miserably. “I’m such a horrible hyung, I’m supposed to take care of you, but I just made you feel things you didn’t want to feel. I must have made it so hard for you, I can only imagine what an omega in heat smells like, when just your smell alone affects me as it does, let alone if someone was in heat around me. I didn’t even think about that. Your biology made you want me and feel uncomfortable around me..” the alpha looks so upset, that another tear manages to flow down his cheek again. “I’m so sorry!” Jimin cries out as he shoves passed Jungkook, running into the bathroom. 


Jungkook stands in shock for a moment. Not at all how he expected this conversation to go, he thought Jimin was going to yell at him and hate him. Not feel even worse about himself, he thought the other was going berate him for his actions; he should have known Jimin would shoulder everything, the alpha too selfless and self-deprecating to be upset with another. 


Taehyung, having witnessed Jimin sprinting into the bathroom, comes into his room, enraged at what he just saw.


“What the hell happened, Kook?!” He demands angrily, trying to subdue his scent, knowing his irritation would affect all wolves present. 


“I.. I don’t know Tae. We were talking and it seemed like everything was going alright. But then he started crying about how he was a horrible hyung, and that he should have considered my feelings.. something like that. I am still kind of lost.” He finishes lamely, not quite understanding what had just happened. 


Taehyung lets out a long and loud sigh, two fingers pinching the bridge of his nose, a low growl rumbling in his chest. “I should have known he would react this way. Well Kook, I better go check on him. You may want to go for now, he feels too guilty to come back out right now I think. I will try talking some sense into him. See what has him mind so conflicted.” It looks like Taehyung had aged beyond his simple 21 years of living, the past week having taken a toll on him. 




“I think it would be best. I know you want to talk to him, but I, or he, will call you soon. I just think he is really emotional right now. The rut took a really harsh toll on him. I’m sorry Jungkook-ah. I just think it’s best for now.” Taehyung interjects his denial. 


The omega’s shoulders droop, obviously disappointed he could only get in a few words before his Jiminie ran away. He wanted to reconcile so badly, he wanted to apologize and go back to the way it was before. Just Jiminie and Jungkookie. Not alpha and omega. That complicated so many things, it was so upsetting to him.


“Mmkay, TaeTae.. I’ll go, but please please call me as soon as possible.” He acquiesces. “I miss my best friend.” He laments. 


Tae’s eyes soften in remorse and pity. “Don’t worry Kook-ah, I will attempt to get him to call you as soon as possible. I know this has been really hard on you.” Taehyung pats his back sympathetically. “I’ll make sure to let you know when everything is sorted out.” 


His reassurances meant little to Jungkook at that point. He just wanted to get everything sorted out. He felt like he had been so close, and then he got shut out again. A noncommittal noise escaped his throat as he waved his hand in acknowledgement. “I’m gonna head home then, Tae. I’m tired and I will have my phone nearby.” 


He brushes past the beta to go home, lifting up his hand once more to wave goodbye. He makes his way home, melancholically kicking at rocks as he walks. He didn’t know what to do. He wanted to be with Jimin. But that hadn’t turned out like he had hoped. He stopped to contemplate for a moment, should he just go back? Force Jimin to talk to him? How else did they expect to face each other again if they didn’t talk?


Or would that be too much? Maybe he should give the alpha some more space again in hopes that he would reach out to Jungkook soon. 


“Gah!” He grunts in frustration. Not knowing what the hell he was supposed to do. He wanted his best friend back, but he didn’t know how to go about it; he wanted to force it but he knew that that would likely fix nothing if he did it that way. He was at such an impasse that he really wanted to cry. 


He turned around, deciding he was going to just hash it out with Jimin then and there, why delay the inevitable conversation. They were going to have to have it at some point.


...but then.. Did he want to force such an incredibly important conversation when he may just make things worse if Jimin was not ready to face it? What if he made it exponentially worse. He couldn’t lose the elder. He just couldn’t. His eyes started stinging from the pent up emotions he was feeling. He needed to head home before he started sobbing in the middle of a random part of town that was on his way to his apartment. Maybe he should go see Hoseok, he may have some time for him to try to analyze his feelings, since he was also an omega who had gone to see Jimin after he presented. Despite his jealousy of Hoseok and how he apparently didn’t freak out. as Jungkook did, he figured he may offer some good advice. 


He turned in the direction of Hoseok and Yoongi’s apartment, knowing it was the right decision to get a non-biased opinion.

“Jiminie?” Taehyung calls through the bathroom door. The faint sound of sobbing barely just distinguishable through the wooden barrier preventing him from comforting his best friend. “Can you open the door for me please? I just want to check up on you. Jungkook left to let you gather your thoughts together.” He really hopes the alpha is actually listening to him. “No need for you to drown in your self-destructive thoughts alone, right?” he tries to end with light jest, though he knows with certainty that that is exactly what he is doing and that it is not a funny or light matter. 


“Please let me in, Minnie.” he begs one more time adding some of the very real desperation he feels to slip into his tone, hoping that he will eventually relent and open the door for the beta. 


To his immediate relief, he hears movement towards the door and then the gentle click of the lock. Jimin peeks his head out, glancing around and then focusing on Taehyung. There are light tears dotted upon his face, shiny from where they fell. 


“Oh Min…” Taehyung sighs, an utterly exhausted sound that emanates from deep within his chest. “Come ‘ere” he gestures for the other to come in for a hug. “What happened? What’s going on?”


“I don’t know Tae? Everything I feel is so confusing! I love him so much, and I know he is being sincere.. but my brain just keeps saying he doesn’t want me? That he was expecting me to be an omega and that since I presented as an alpha… he- he ran from me. I mean.. being an alpha is as strange to me as everyone else. I don’t want to be !” The tears come back with a vengeance, acting more like a river than slight dots now. “I love him, Tae. And I can’t deal with rejection and that is all my brain is telling me. I know Kookie would never abandon me, I know that . He is such an amazing person! But why can’t I keep that small unwilling part of myself from taking over.. my instincts are screaming at me. My emotions are screaming at me. My thoughts are screaming at me.” Jimin hugs Taehyung tighter to him, slightly trembling with the force of his declarations. “Can you ask him to come back tomorrow? Or find a place we can meet? I was thinking our place because I haven’t left the house yet, because I didn’t want to be overwhelmed yet, I don’t want to be bombarded with hundreds of scents for this conversation. But if he doesn’t want to come back, then we can definitely meet somewhere. I just need to tell him all of this. He needs to know that I don’t blame him for anything.” The smaller continues. “I just- I just am dealing with all of these new hormones and expectations. My parents reacted so strangely when I told them about my status. They were so happy to hear I presented. But then when I mentioned my new status, they were completely shocked. I don’t even know if it was a good or bad silence because it lasted for so long. So I just said I had to go somewhere and that I would call them back. I just feel so conflicted about everything, like my life was turned upside down, but it wasn’t just my life, but the lives of everyone around me!” Taehyung reaches up to disengage his friend’s hands from his hair, where he had been tugging very harshly, making the beta worry for the other’s well-being.


“Hey” he gently interrupts. “We will figure everything out. Let’s work on settling your emotions before we do anything. I can get some suppressants from the store if you want to help with hormonal control for now. We can ween you off the more you decide you want to get off, if you end up wanting to decrease your dosage. But we got this Chim. All of us are here with you. Try not to let those evil thoughts you have take over. All of us love you so much.” He continues, the most serious expression on his face. “As I said before, status means absolutely nothing to us! So you smell different from before. In my oh so humble opinion, you only smell better.” He adds in jest, to try to lift the mood some. A small chuckle the other releases, affirms his attempt. “We will all be fine. You and Kookie will be fine. Everything is going to work out.” Taehyung finishes with a giant boxy smile. 


The two hug for a long while, taking comfort in each other’s embrace and scenting each other. Jimin nuzzles the side of his neck, letting the bitter smell of citrus invade his senses and calm his heart and racing mind. Letting everything numb until he is in a state of complete relaxation. The same is said for the beta, who lets the smell of the forest and lemons take over his own senses. Taking comfort from his soulmate. They continue nuzzling each other until they are just cuddling, falling asleep on the couch to a movie droning in the background. 

“Oh, hey Kookie! What’s up?” The omega greets with a wide smile stretching across his whole face. “How have you been??” He continues, eyes creasing with his sunshine smile. Jungkook is immediately comforted by the vague tropical and vanilla scent from the other.


“Hey hyung, could I come in for a minute?” He questions Hoseok, hoping to see if he can get any insight from the other, omega to omega. Maybe he can see if Yoongi has anything to add if he is home. 


Hoseok analyzes him for a moment, trying to gauge if the other one is alright. “Of course, Kook! There is no reason to ask, you know you are always welcome.” He opens the door wider, his smile somehow getting improbably wider. 


Jungkook smiles, relieved, his scent softening some, which Hoseok notes immediately and has his curiosity flaring. Upon entering, Jungkook is assaulted with the tropical vanilla scent of Hoseok and the gentle aroma of mint and sand that belonged to Yoongi, his scent always managing to make the taller feel immediate ease. 


Hoseok continues to analyze the younger as he enters the apartment, wanting to interrogate him about what was wrong, but also not wanting to overwhelm him or make him uncomfortable. So he just decides to wait for the other to initiate the topic he wanted to discuss. 


“Is Yoongi hyung here?” He mumbles, self conscious of how to go about this conversation. 


The question seems to take Hoseok aback a bit. “No, no he’s not. Do you want to wait for him? He should be back in the next hour, or so?”


Surprisingly, this information relieves Jungkook some. “No! I mean, no, I would like to talk about this with just you first, if that is okay?” He answers shyly, fairly embarrassed from his reaction, cheeks tinged a light red. 


Hoseok merely chuckles softly, “That is fine Jungkook. Was there something in particular you wanted to talk about? It seems like there probably is.” The other omega states, gently placing a hand on the younger’s shoulder.


“Mm, yeah.. I guess. I just wanna-, I just-. Okay, all I really want to know-”


“Jungkook!” Hoseok laughs, somewhat boisterously, unable to contain himself at the adorable floundering of the other. “What would you like to know?” He asks with an extremely affectionate grin. 


“Well.. I guess I want to know.. how did you feel when you first visited Jiminnie hyung?” Jungkook asks very quickly, almost indecipherable. Luckily Hoseok seems to understand him. “I mean.. did you lose focus at all? About how he smelled? Or, just about anything from how newly presented he was?” 


The elder stares a little longer at him, a fond twinkle to his eyes, seeming to completely understand what the other omega is asking him about. Their biology, how the pheromones affected him


“Well, he smelled very different, obviously. I would say he smelled really good. But not in an.. erotic way I guess.” Jungkook turns a cherry red, the blush going all the way up to his ears. Hoseok pats his shoulder, knowing exactly what the other is thinking, not trying to embarrass him. “But, he didn’t act much differently. I could tell he was taken aback. He didn’t expect this, so he stepped on a huge landmine, that had everyone around him get affected somehow in the ‘wreckage’. He was glad when he noticed that while he found my scent very sweet and pleasing, he didn’t want to.. ahem.. take me or anything..” 


Jungkook stares at him a moment longer, trying to figure out what he meant. It’s obvious when he does because his scent spikes, a very bitter scent, emanating the jealous feelings to a large extent. That smell continues to sour until he finally registers just what exactly the omega had said, that Jimin didn’t want him like that. He then begins to emote his sweeter chocolate fruity scent again, luckily making it to where Hoseok no longer wanted to hold his hand over his nose and hold his breath, which he almost did. 


Anyways ,” He continues kind of teasingly. Which causes Jungkook to redden again, a mixture of jealousy (mostly residual), embarrassment and satisfaction. “He was obviously just struggling to deal with all of the new hormones and all of this new information. He was taught how to be an omega, you know? He knew all what to expect before he was about to present, he knows all about heats and how to deal with them and what to do. A rut was never even on his radar! His countenance, really is that of a ‘traditional’ omega. He mentioned to me how he doesn’t have an assertive bone in his body, he isn’t submissive, but he’s definitely not dominant. He was ready to be an omega. He wasn’t prepared to be an alpha. 


“And now he is floundering. He is in the middle of the ocean and doesn’t know how to get back, you know? We were basically all taught what would happen if we presented as any of the status’s. Jimin’s parents, in my opinion, did him a disservice by only teaching him about the omega status. We were all ready to be any of them, an He wasn’t. He still isn’t. I told him to talk to Namjoon because that will likely help him. We may have all been prepped to the possibility of becoming an alpha, but obviously, we don’t know what it feels like.


“So you may have reacted differently than I did. But, can you tell me you didn’t previously have feelings for him before he presented?” He questions the younger knowingly, Jungkook looking down. “I can assure you, I have never had romantic feelings for our Jiminie.. well.. maybe once..” Jungkook’s head snaps up, his scent souring again and a low grumble in his chest. “ Kidding ! Kidding! Sorry, maybe too soon” Hoseok chuckles, feeling bad. Jungkook, still coming down from his random burst of possessiveness. He knows Hoseok was kidding now, but he still doesn’t like the ‘our Jiminie’ part at all . He needs to calm himself down!


“Kookie, I know he had feelings for you, too. Just maybe.. give him some time, I know for a fact he will reach out to you very soon. I know it. But you can stay here as long as you like! You are always welcome, please know that.”


Jungkook contemplates everything. Putting actions and words together, trying to reason everything out to make sense in his head. So he already knew he reacted the way he did because of his previous feelings, and now he knows it was mainly because of that, since Hoseok wasn’t resorted to a leaking, panting mess when he saw him. And he figures that Jimin must have some sort of partiality towards him, since he didn’t react to Hoseok’s scent, the way he did towards his. A smug and proud feeling emanates throughout his chest. 


“Thanks hyung, you really have helped a lot. I really appreciate it,” He graces Hoseok with one of his bunny smiles. It makes the elder melt, seeing the carefree omega again, and not the brooding depressed one he had come to get used to. Relief floods his system, thanking the universe. 


“Of course, Kook!” He reaches up to ruffle the taller’s hair, laughing at the put out expression on his face. 


It’s at this moment that Yoongi happens to walk in, his nose scrunching as he demands, “Why the hell is our apartment stinking so damn much?” 

Chapter Text

Jungkook knew what he had to do. But he also knew to wait for the elder to reach out, lest he make it harder on both of them. So he decided to just stay with Hoseok and Yoongi a little longer, knowing that if he was home alone (since Daesung was barely home), he would be way more tempted to get in contact with his alpha. 


Well.. not his, but hopefully his one day. 


“Hey kid, stop moping so much. Your rotten scent is makin’ me nauseous.” Yoongi states bluntly, making Jungkook immediately feel his hackles raise. 


He is about to lash out about how unfortunate it is that Yoongi has to suffer from his very own misery, but deflates just as fast. He knows how his hyung is, he knows how he shows his concern for his friends. He makes subtle little jabs to see how they react, hoping it may brings a smile or change their line of thinking. He also knows the beta’s sense of smell isn’t as strong as his or an alpha’s, so it can’t be effecting him nearly as much as Hoseok hyung. 


“Sorry hyung, I’m working on it. I just want everything to be back to normal. I just wish Jiminie was an omega like everyone had planned for, you know?” He pauses, then decides to continue, since the whole group of friends know how he feels about his pint sized hyung (little does he know, they also know how said hyung feels for him). “I mean, there is a part of me that is absolutely thrilled he is an alpha…” he trails off, thinking about the huge amount of benefits that come with Jimin being an alpha. Like how he could satisfy his heat to where there would be little to no where he would have a knot inside his hole, pumping him full of his warm come to where it would be dripping past-


“HEY! Whatever you’re thinking about, STOP IT” Yoongi snaps in indignation, but also with a slight knowing smirk on his face.” Jungkook feels his face redden with heat in utter humiliation...and arousal since he feels the back of his underwear a little moist and the front a little tight. ‘Fuck’ he mumbles under his breath, willing his heart to slow down and his libido to stop it . When did he revert back to being 13 years old, unable to control getting a boner, in front of his friends. “There you go baby omega, don’t start thinking those things around me, for the love of god. I love you. I love Jiminie. But I don’t need or want any other kind of imagery involving my otherwise pure perceptions of you horn dogs. So please , just keep it in your pants, and forego stinking up my place, please!”


Hoseok stares a Yoongi with a blank face for a microsecond before laughing his ass off and crumpling to the floor with the force of his shaking. While Jungkook, does a good impersonation of a fish, opening and closing his mouth repeatedly, no sounds coming out. His face had managed to turn a fairly impressive shade of red, that neither Yoongi or Hoseok had thought was possible for humans nor wolves to turn.


Jungkook grumbles as he moves to sit down to get more comfortable. While humiliated, he is also slight salty with Yoongi for disrupting his day dream, it was fucking hot and he would give anything to be able for that to truly happen, and-


“Jungkook.” Yoongi interrupts his thought process once again. “I swear to god that I will, quite literally, kick you out of my damned apartment if you don’t stop right now. I almost prefer rotten fruit to this sickeningly sweet candy land.” Yoongi pretends to shudder, though Jungkook thinks at least some of it was real. 


“Sorry hyung, you’re right. I shouldn’t be thinking things like that regardless. It’s not fair on Jiminie hyung.” He trails off, evident sadness tinging his soft voice. 


“Kook, there is nothing for you to feel guilty about. Jimin adores you! Even after what happened, where he would had every right to feel upset around you, vulnerable, and insecure. While he feels a semblance of those emotions, he loves you way too much to stay away. Which, is obvious by the way, in the fact that he saw you so soon after his rut ended!! I mean, namjoon said it could take a few weeks at least!” Hoseok begins, trying to alleviate some of his dongsaeng’s guilt (unnecessary guilt at that). “He loves you too much Kookie. Don’t let the damn hormones of the status’ you two belong to control you all’s relationship, friend-wise or more. Don’t act like you are a slave to your hormones, they can be controlled, whether you believe it or not” Hoseok attempts to add humor into his mini speech. “Don’t let this affect your friendship of over a decade. You guys are too important to us, and we cannot stand to see either of you guys upset. So please, accept your love for him, embrace it, and act on it. I have no doubt that he will be ecstatic and return it just as strong.”


Jungkook doesn’t say anything immediately, trying to process everything. Should he tell Jimin? Is it too soon after his rut? Is he still upset with him? Hoseok seems utterly confident that JImin feels the same, has Jimin said anything to him?? He knows how close the two of them are, since they have been dancing together for so many years. Anxiety pools in his stomach, he wants so badly to tell Jimin, he wants to be with him. Is it too optimistic to think that Jimin will return his affection? 


Jimin is incredibly nice to everyone around him, a true people person, which Jungkook is most definitely NOT a people person, especially if he has the option of staying in or hiding behind one of his hyungs. Would he hold Jimin back from being himself if he were to sit there and baby Jungkook, opposed to being the social butterfly that he is? His heart starts to pick up its pace as he begins to think of all the scenarios that could go very very wrong. 


What if he lost Jimin? Completely? He could not handle that, not at all. He needs him as much as he needs air to breathe. Jungkook needs consistency, he needs to have everything be a certain way. That would be irreparable if he lost any of his closest friends, especially if he were to lose Jimin. God, how he wished Jimin had ended up presenting as an omega. Hormones would not be ruling his mind and body right now. 


Like he thought earlier, there are many benefits for both of them this way. He was still happy with the possibility of being with Jimin, even should he have presented as an omega. Heats would not have been as easily taken care of since neither would be able to knot, but there are toys for that. Toys he has been using for years now. But every other aspect of a heat would be taken care of since at least someone would be there to hug and kiss and… everything else, he tries to change his thought spiral so as not to let Yoongi aware of where his thoughts were going. 


Hmm… he truly didn’t know how to handle this. He was in love with Jimin and had wanted to mate with him for so long now, he is truly terrified of this feeling though, there are so many variables..too many for his comfort. 


“Hyung?” He starts, with such a soft voice that both Yoongi and Hoseok are at immediate alert. “What if I confess...and I lose him? I really can’t lose him.” he finishes brokenly, dreading the very thought of losing someone that is so much closer than even a best friend. His shoulders droop and his arms wrap around his waist.


Yoongi has the softest look in his eyes as he gazes at the maknae. “Jungkook, I am giving you my word, I would bet my life , that you would never lose Jimin if it were up to him. He loves you so much. The worst that could happen would be him not returning your feelings, and remaining as close as you are now. There is no force in this world that could yank you two apart, I am more sure of that than I have been about anything else in my whole life.


“Think about the possibilities though, the scenarios, of him returning your feelings. Think of how amazing you would feel. You guys already cuddle and stick to each other like koalas, but imagine the additional loving acts that come with confessing. Being in love is like nothing in this world, but when you exchange your heart with another’s, entrusting them with it… it is worth every risk you take to get it.”




“Who knew you were so soft, hyung.”


Hoseok’s face is immediately met with a pillow, and the vision of Yoongi’s back as he walks away, having said everything he deemed the situation needed. A final ‘fuck you’ in the form of his middle finger is thrown their way once he reaches his door.


Jungkook and Hoseok exchange glances before breaking into raucous laughter, falling over each other and laughing until red in the face.

“Hey hyung” Jimin greets upon the arrival of Namjoon. He has been waiting for the chance to truly converse with the elder, needing to understand all of these largely varying emotions and feelings. “Thanks for coming to visit with me, I know it has been a hectic schedule, especially in consideration of everything. I am so sorry I have th-thrown our group into chaos.” he finishes lamely, head down to where his chin was almost touching his chest. His lips wobble, just the slightest.


A large, warm hand comes to rest on his shoulder. He glances up to see the warmest and most understand gleam in the taller’s eye. The slightly spicy scent of what could be cinnamon pie, engulfs the younger, immediately calming him. He expected to feel like he had to rise to the challenge of another alpha in his vicinity, releasing any kind of pheromone. 


He is so incredibly relieved to find out that that doesn’t happen, the warm scent of Namjoon allows him to completely relax, basically entrusting the other alpha with his life, all guards brought down. 


Jimin subconsciously nuzzles into Namjoon’s touch, feeling like he is cocooned in warmth and peace, like sitting warm at a fire during winter when you are with your loved ones. 


“Hyung… I don’t know how to act anymore. I feel like I am not me anymore. Like I am someone else? It is like there is a voice in the back of my head that tells me how I should think and act. Like it is trying to take over or something.” Jimin starts out, hoping he is explaining it well enough, because he barely knows how to articulate it. “I feel like I can talk to you or Taehyungie or Yoongi hyung easily enough, but when Jungkookie came in, the voice just started growling and chomping at the bits. I didn’t know what it wanted and I was still overwhelmed from when he left..” 


His shoulders droop and his eyes get glassy, “I can’t lose him.” He whispers. “But what if this voice inside of me overpowers me or something? It feels so strong! It’s like he is dormant, but when something agitates it, the chains rattle and break. I’m scared Joonie hyung…. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I feel like I should just be locked up in my room..”


…“I feel like an animal.” He mumbles brokenly. 


Namjoon stares at Jimin with varying emotions that flash in his deep brown orbs: pity, empathy, sadness.. 


“Well Chim, I can only help with the alpha side of your personality now. I can give you advice on whatever you want or need. And that voice in the back of your head, that is definitely the newly  awakened alpha part of you. And do you really have no idea, why it only gets restless around Jungkook, and not the rest of us?” Namjoon implores with beseeching eyes. 


Jimin stares into his eyes a little longer before breaking the contact. “No.. I know why. I just… I just used to be so good at shoving it to the back of my mind, unwilling to let it destroy my friendship with him! Now I’m scared I will do something stupid, like try to mate him or maybe I will be too intense and scare him… I can’t hurt him Hyung, I can’t !” A slightly panicked edge starts to seep into his speech, his Busan dialect also manages to come through. “I can’t lose him! He is one of the most important-”


“Jiminie!!” Jimin shuts up after Namjoon roughly shakes him and shouts his name. A light growl manages to sneak out at the aggression, his lips slightly bared. Namjoon stares back silently, an eyebrow raised as he waits for Jimin to calm down and return back to his sane headspace. Jimin looks distraught, already beginning to apologize before Namjoon cuts him off with a slight shake of his head and a small, understanding smile on his face. “It’s okay Jimin. Just calm down for me, okay?” Jimin gives the most imperceptible nod. 


“Jimin, Jungkook adores you. There is absolutely nothing you could say that would keep him from being here with you everyday. I know that for a fact. After you went into rut and he had left. He came to us immediately (Jungkook, sneakily enough, hadn’t told them he went home to shower first after leaking so much). He wanted to make sure that you were okay and well taken care of. He didn’t feel like he was adequate to help you alone, but he knew you needed it. He shouldn’t have progressed the way he did, he messed up and he has acknowledged that, but you know how young he is! He was genuinely so confused when we were so flabbergasted that he had left you after all that happened. He got so upset when we told him how you likely felt, that he tried to immediately get back to you.


“He loves you so damn much. We all know you’re his favorite hyung, even though he will deny it and you will deny it. We know you are each other’s favorites. What my point is, Jimin, is that there is not a thing you could say nor do, to push that stubborn baby omega away from you.”


Jimin just stares at Namjoon, the most disbelieving little smile on his face, with galaxies in his eyes. It’s like everything is finally clicking into place, and Namjoon feels slightly giddy at knowing he was the one to finally set Jimin’s head correctly back on his shoulders. 


He knew all too well how disorienting presenting can be, but he can only imagine how difficult when you have prepared for the completely wrong status; beta representations are fairly uncomplicated. Your sense of smell and hearing get slightly heightened, and your own scent just gets a little more perceptible, though still nowhere near as strong as an omega’s or alpha’s. But when expecting to present as one of the extremes, only to get the opposite.. man, he can only imagine how difficult that had to have been. 


“Jiminie, all things considered, you have handled this incredibly well. I am so proud of you. You have gotten the worst part over with now. The first rut is normally the worst. It’s the most volatile and aggressive. It only gets better from here…. Especially if you have a partner to enjoy them with..” Namjoon trails off, waggling his eyebrows suggestively at the smaller alpha. Jimin gasps and slaps his chest, before breaking into giggles at Namjoon’s expression. 


“Thank you Joonie hyung, I don’t know what I would do without you. And trust that I will be coming to you for tons of advice on how to deal with everything. There are too many new hormones that I never researched because I thought I wouldn’t need to.” Jimin sighs in annoyance, kind of wishing he had all that time he had spent researching omega’s to have been somehow else. 


Namjoon hugs him close to his chest, and upon hesitant approval, begins to scent the younger, allowing for his own cinnamon scent to mix with the lemony scent of his smaller companion. 

Hey Jungkookie, what are you up to right now? 

- Jimochi❤️


Jungkook stirs, sleepily reaching towards his nightstand, knocking a couple things off that he doesn’t even bother to worry about. The insistent buzzing of his phone the priority so he can sleep. 


Grunting in success after having finally grabbed the dreaded device, he blearily tries to decipher what…no, who is texting him so much. 


His brain is suddenly very awake to see so many messages from Jimin, the latest just asking what he was up to. His fingers fumble to respond, the phone dropping three times before he forces him to stop and calm down. Trying to quell his irritation at being too incompetent to work a damn phone, his eyes rolling naturally at his annoyance. 


Opening his eyes again, he slowly reaches for his phone to respond,


I was sleeping, hyung. What people tend to do at 2:00 in the morning.


Shit… he meant for that to come off as funny as sarcastic, but what if he just came off as grumpy and irritated. If it had been someone else, you can bet he would be pissed about being woken up after finally having fallen asleep! But this was Jimin! And he can’t be mad at him. 


Before he has much time to fret more, he hears a ping and a buzz. 


Well I was wondering if you would like to meet up tomorrow to talk? I have some stuff I would like to talk to you about. 

And since when do you go to sleep by 2:00??


Jungkook exhales a large sigh of relief, immensely glad Jimin hadn’t taken that the wrong way. But he also grows slightly wary. Is Jimin going to rip him a new one for how he left him when he needed Jungkook? Does he want to revoke their friendship? Does he-


And before you go about worrying your pretty little head. It is not bad. What I want to talk to you about, that is. It is not bad.


Jungkook laughs loudly, before cringing and slapping a hand over his mouth, hoping he didn’t wake Daesung up with his wild laugh. 


Sure hyung, when and where are we going to meet up for this ‘talk.’


Jungkook, no longer very tired at all, is impatiently waiting for the next buzz of his phone. Tapping on the frame of his bed until he finally gets a response about 23 seconds later. Well, 23 seconds too long in his book! 


How about Osulloc Tea House? And say, 10:00?


Jungkook groans, not wanting to have to be there so early, but he is also aware how much Jimin is an early bird. Though he is also a night owl, so those have a hard time coinciding when you are both. 


This is when he knows Jimin knows him too well when he immediately changes his offer. 


Actually, how about we meet at 12:00. I forgot you don’t like to be with the living until later in the day. 


Jungkook laughs again, though this time he manages to contain the volume to a very low chuckle. 


Sounds perfect hyung, thanks for the time change! Gives me some more time to play overwatch, AND sleep :D 

Aish.Damn brat, just be there at 12:00, okay? 


Jungkook chuckles at the response and feels his face heat up, the blush spreading to his ears. He feels even more giddy, excited to see Jimin so soon. And not only that, but it was Jimin who initiated first contact! Jungkook actually does decide to play overwatch because now he is too excited to sleep, and video games, while he loves them, always make him tired. 


He turns on his game console quietly with a huge grin on his face, threatening to tear his face in half with its width. 

Jungkook is running late. Of course he is. He played overwatch longer than he should have and didn’t sleep until 5:00. One would think this would still be enough sleep time (until 11:55) so he could meet Jimin, but nope. He had to wake up to Jimin finally calling him, to ask where in the hell he was. 


Jungkook mentally face palmed again, and again and again. 


He continues to run until he gets to the shop, panting and trying to cool off before he goes inside and stinks up the place. Once it seems like he just isn’t going to stop sweating, he just decides to go inside. 


He searches the small store until he sees the back of Jimin’s head, hair now a soft pink color that Jungkook just  adores


Jimin turns his head almost immediately upon his entrance, nostrils flaring and eyes zeroing in on him. It’s like Jimin is seeing past him for a few moments before he registers that it’s Jungkook. 


Right away, he bounces up to hug Jungkook really tightly, his scent blocking the receptors in his brain and shutting down all rational thought. Jungkook noses down Jimin’s neck, breathing in his scent and nuzzling against his scent gland. Euphoria gushes through his body, as well as some peace and tranquility. He pushes Jimin’s head to the side so he is baring more of his neck, ignoring the squeak of surprise the alpha lets out to inhale even more of the delicious aroma. Jungkook feels himself begin to harden some, he can feel his hole flutter a little as he continues to just breathe in alpha, Jimin . His tongue just pokes out the tiniest bit before there is a light growl and all of a sudden it is his head tilted to the side as Jimin inhales his scent. 


Jimin is nosing and mouthing at his neck, roaming the expanse with little kitten licks and light brushes of teeth that cause intense shudders to go through his body. Jungkook feels something hard pressing into his leg and he lets a light moan out as he grinds the slightest against it. He can feel lubrication just waiting to trickle out, like it’s stuck and the slightest thing can unleash it in torrents. 


Which unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your viewpoint, it happens when Jimin bites a little harder right over his scent gland. His hole releases out a glob of slick at the bite and Jimin pulls back, his pupils dilated to where all you can see is blackness. 


Jungkook groans louder, his cock now fully hard. 


He is only brought back to the present when he hears some noises of disgust and sees people covering their noses, very blatantly their way of telling them to get out. 


Jimin seems to realize this at the same time and his face darkness almost as dark as Jungkook’s hair. 


His voice is incredibly raspy when he speaks to Jungkook next, “I’m so sorry Kookie, I don’t know what came over me. Maybe we should go sit outside?” He finishes lamely. The raspy voice did nothing to help Jungkook’s self control, another amount of slick, trying to inch out of him. He clenches his cheeks together to prevent that, but judging by Jimin’s nostrils that flare again, he can still smell it. 


“Yes please, hyung. Maybe we should stop stinking up the place with our pheromones.” He tries to joke, attempting a chuckle. Jimin gives a light smile and gently drags him towards the exit. 


Jimin keeps going until he rounds the store and sits at an area outside of it that has tables with umbrellas situated on them. No one else is out there thankfully, so they sit down calmly after putting the umbrella up. 


“So… that was intense.” Jimin starts, going for nonchalant and missing it by a few kilometers. 


Jungkook simply nods, trying not to think of it, knowing his predicament, and Jimin’s, will only get harder and harder


“I’m sorry-”


“I know-”


They start at the same time, and both laugh as the tension begins to melt away. Jimin gestures for him to go ahead. 


“Okay Chim Chim, I just want to say, please let me get all of this out before you try to say anything. I need to get this all out in one go, or it’s gonna be even harder to understand and harder to explain.” At Jimin’s nod, he continues, with a small nod as a ‘thank you.’


“Alright.. so let me begin by saying that I am so sorry that I left you when you went into rut that day. I didn’t realize the consequences of my actions until the hyungs pointed it out. I didn’t know what to do, I haven’t ever been around anyone presenting, especially presenting as an alpha. I had no experience with that, at least omega I could have related to. But alpha? And then I was so shocked, because we prepared for you to be an omega, we were all so sure. Hyung, I panicked… and I am so sorry that you suffered because of that. 


“I wish I had done so many things differently. You have no idea how much I wish I had handled that situation better. It wasn’t fair to you at all. It made it so much worse for you. Heats are horrible, I hate them, and I know ruts aren’t any better. And I left you alone, after giving you a piece of clothing, which I am also now aware it made it that much more difficult for you, since your mind was focused on me as an omega. So I am so so so sorry, about everything that happened that day. I love you so so much, hyung. I didn’t know what to do and I knew you needed more than I could do. I’m sorry.” Jungkook ends that part, guilt consuming his face, the weight of it that he had been carrying around very obvious. 




“Not done yet, hyung!” Jungkook sings, like he was waiting for Jimin to say something, just so he could do that. Jimin just smiles, gesturing for him to continue. 


“I wanted to visit you right away after your rut ended. I wanted to make it up to you so bad. You are my best friend.. you have been my best friend for years and years now. I stayed away because the hyungs said it would be better for you, not because I wanted to. So please know that I would have come in a heartbeat if I could have. So it wasn’t that I didn’t want to, the complete opposite actually, I love you. I wanted to be with you and supporting you and helping you. 


“And lastly, I went to talk to Hoseokie hyung, to try to figure some things out. He helped clear up a lot, as did Yoongi hyung. Jimin hyung.. I- I love you.” 


Jimin kinda stares at him, waiting for him to continue. When he doesn’t, Jimin starts, “Well Jungkookie, I know you love me!” He laughs good naturedly. “I love you too!! You’re my Kookie!” 


Jungkook sighs lightly. “No hyung, I love you. I want to be with you. I want to date you. I want to be with you. I have loved you for so long now. And I know that that is why my wolf is so attuned to yours. I can feel it! When I first smelled you when I walked into your room.. god, I just wanted to bend over and let you have me! And hope you mated me in the process. Hyung.. I want to mate with you, to be one with you. I love you.”


Jungkook looks up from the table to make eye contact with Jimin, whose eyes are glittering and he is blushing. But Jungkook can’t tell if he is elated, embarrassed, confused or upset. Or maybe he is too nervous to properly discern the emotion in case it is a bad one… or in case it is a good one. 



Chapter Text

“Jimin, just reach out to him. Both Joon hyung and I think you should. This is eating both of you up.” Taehyung states sadly. “Also, I want to be able to see Kookie again,” he goes for lighthearted. “I haven’t seen him for a while!”


Jimin exhales sharply through his nose, trying to work himself up to call..even text Jungkook. He is scared that it is all messed up. What if he makes it worse when he sees him in person again. His self-control was almost nonexistent when they met up before. Every time he saw a sliver of the omega’s neck, his gums ached, ached to be buried deep into the scent gland of the taller. 


Gah! Why did biology have to mess with his head!?? This was his Kookie.. his dongsaeng..  why could he not just suck it up and be around him like a normal person. Why did his scent have to drive Jimin up the wall? 


“I know Tae-Tae, it’s just hard. My alpha just wants to... devour him. I don’t know how to act around him anymore when half of me just wants to take him anywhere and everywhere. Constantly. And then I can’t believe I think that because he is so pure, I love him so much and I don’t want to hurt him or make him uncomfortable around me. I couldn’t bear to do that. It would hurt me too much. I just need time to get used to his scent I think..” Jimin finishes lamely, missing his best friend but not knowing how to function around said best friend. 


“Jiminie… you really do not need to worry about that. Jungkookie loves you so much. I don’t think there is any way that he could ever hate you or hold anything against you. You are his world, Chim. Don’t ever doubt that. Just go talk to him.” Tae finishes with a friendly pat on Jimin’s shoulder. Jimin feels his eyes sting, he leans in to nuzzle at his best friend’s neck, his tangy, citrus smell engulfing him enough to calm his racing heart. 


“I love you so much, Tae. You are always here for me and I don’t know what I would do without you..” Jimin finishes lightly, so soft that Taehyung almost didn’t hear him. 


Taehyung is scenting him back when he just grazes the back of the alpha’s neck, fingers playing with the fine hairs that were there. As Taehyung nuzzles into the shorter‘ scent gland, he lets the woodsy smell of his best friend calm him down, just as much. Letting complete and utter relaxation overwhelm everything else, until that is the only thing that he feels. 


Just as they begin to part, Yoongi barges into their comfortable apartment, scrunching up his nose. “Dammit. I just left my apartment to get away from all these sappy feelings. And your combined scents are stifling. Jesus Christ.” Yoongi complains upon entering. Though Yoongi complained, his minty smell was really light and cool, like it was the epitome of being inside on a cold winter's day. His affection was obvious even though his words did not represent that part whatsoever. 


“So what is the problem over here at vmin’s place?” Yoongi inquires, snickering at the nickname he made up for them. He always liked to mess with people whenever the opportunity arose. He had a great time with the baby omega just before, so some time to mess with the newly presented alpha was too good to pass up. 


They break apart to gently appraise him, analyze what kind of mood he was in. They didn’t want him snatching their hearts out for complaining about anything. When they were reassured that he was in, at the very least, a decent mood, they decided to clue the beta in, to an extent at least. 


Yoongi glanced between the two, wondering who was going to start about whatever the situation or issue was. He was curious about the other side of the equation that consisted of Jimin and Jungkook, knowing that Jimin has his own large set of doubts about everything, from the omega to the presentation. 


He knows that the younger has lots of insecurities about being worthy, many of which stem from his childhood. His parents stuck around for the bare minimum and basically left him to fend for himself when he was not even of age, yet. They only bothered to teach him about omega’s, and not the other two statuses, so they left him on his own, only for everything he had been taught and raised to be, to be almost completely irrelevant for him.


Yoongi doesn’t blame him for having these insecurities, even though it can be frustrating to constantly reassure him that they are not going anywhere, when they have not even done anything indicative of leaving him. At first he felt like the younger did not trust him at all, that he was taking a hit at his personality, and that greatly offended Yoongi. But with time, he came to realize what it all meant and the reasons behind the actions of the young alpha. 


But when your own flesh and blood can basically abandon you, for excuses Yoongi still doesn’t fully know, then it almost makes it possible for just about anyone to leave. That is something that Yoongi can definitely understand. Once your family leaves you, what are friends? Rationally, he knows that some friendships can be stronger than relationships among families. But there is also this built in belief that has been going on for as long as their species has been at its earliest stage, that family comes first. That other bonds come and go, but family will always be the most important and prominent bond that one will ever have. So it is hard to immediately rule out feeling unloved when the people that are always supposed to be there for you, are the first to let you go without any fight.

So Yoongi made it his mission to always reassure Jimin when he could, knowing that that worry is an ever-present one, merely depending on if it was at the forefront or back of his mind. Yoongi just happened to think that the issue at hand for the young alpha, could have something to do with his friends (or more specifically, the baby omega). His entire world just got tilted off of its axis, so he was merely waiting for the other to mention what was bothering him, and-”


“Hyung..I guess I am just scared. You know how I always thought I was going to turn out to be an omega. I had done so much research on how to act once I presented, what emotions I was expected to experience, what hormones I would gain and how to deal with them. I guess I was ignorant to not look at the other possibilities..but I know nothing about being an alpha. I am not what people think of when they think of alpha, I am the complete opposite!” He notices Yoongi about to interject and is quick to add- “I know that stereotypes are not the definition of what someone needs to be..but I have NO qualities an alpha has. I mean..most people at least normally have half of the status they present as, those stereotypes are there for a reason.. It is because the qualities are so common of that status. 


“Even Kookie, he can be dominant. He has large muscles and works out an insane amount. I work out, sure, but compared to him?? And I do not have a dominant bone in my body. I may not be particularly submissive, but I am surely not dominant. What if I fail my future mate? What if I am not adequate to be an alpha?”


Before Yoongi even has a moment to contemplate everything Jimin just blurted out, he continues on a slightly different track. 


“And speaking of Kook-ah, I don’t even begin to know how to act around him! My alpha has complicated one of my relationships with someone so incredibly close to me. It just wants to claim and mate. I love him, much. But I used to be able to handle it, along with being best friends, but how do I do that now when every instinct I have won’t even let me be near his scent? My instincts were dulled when I was unpresented, and I could deal with that love without being driven insane. But.. how do I keep that friendship when I can’t think of only being friends with him? He smells so good, hyung.” Jimin slumps, shoulders caving in on him, as if trying to shield him from the world. Taehyung moves to wrap his arms around him again, wanting to calm him with affection, knowing how much it helped the smaller. “I feel lost, hyung… I don’t know how to act around him anymore. I have never had that issue, even when I realized my feelings for him in the beginning. It was hard, but it was bearable. I can’t even act human around him wolf is too restless.”


Yoongi gently appraises him for a moment..then another..and another. His eyes narrowed and just watching the younger two wolves. 


“’re an idiot.” He states bluntly, ignoring the other’s insulted, offended face. He needed to make his point. Jimin had always had a certain respect for the elder beta, so he was really hoping that would come into play in this instance, especially. “Of course you don’t know how to be an alpha. Your damn parents kept you from learning enough about the other two statuses. Which is also likely, why you don’t have as many traits as “stereotypical” alphas, you grew up with the perception you would be an omega. Why would you try to be dominant, knowing you wouldn’t be expected to have that trait? It is one thing when you do not expect to present as any specific status, but being told you would be a specific one..well that makes you more likely to have the qualities known of that status. Psychology 101. 


“But the thing is, you can learn to be an alpha. You’re not alone in this. We have all been briefed on alpha’s, we are going to help you with accommodating. Namjoon is an alpha, he can help you. You already talked with him some, right?” Jimin nods his head timidly. “No one is expecting you to be anyone else than our Jiminie. We know there will likely be some personality changes, but that comes with the territory, and you are not going to change so drastically, that you won’t still be you . These are things you learn , so don’t go around thinking the world is over, or that friendships are over. We were all surprised about your presentation, but not in a bad way at all. It can be good to stick out of the majority. You are special in that you are not fitting into a particular mold, you are your own person. And that is also something that we all know.” Yoongi emphasises the “all” because he knows that Jimin has been referencing Jungkook for a few of his points.


“Jungkook..he thinks you hung the moon, Jimin-ah. Really, we all do. We love you so much, and you are an amazing person. But Jungkook-ah, he doesn’t seen anyone else when you are in the room. I am so surprised that you guys have not noticed how you see each other the same way when you are both so obvious about it.” Yoongi rolls his eyes upward, as if searching for a reason. “You love him more than the omega-alpha pheromones, he isn’t Jungkook The Omega, he is Jungkook The Best Friend. I can’t pretend to understand the difference in the five senses that alpha’s and omega’s have, that beta’s don’t. I am certain, though, that you care more about having a friendship with Jungkook than not having contact with him at all. You have so much self-control, you always have. From intense dieting during your dancing to just general discipline, that honestly, many do not possess. Could not dream of possessing. Just try not to let your alpha control you. YOU control IT. 


“Jungkook-ah may smell absolutely mouthwatering to you, but I know you well enough that you would never act on that to something he wouldn’t want. There is no possible way that you could ever force him to do something he wouldn’t want too. Also take into consideration that he isn’t some mindless puppet, he can resist something you are attempting. That muscle pig may even be able to beat you, you may need to be the one worried-” Jimin lets out a low laugh. “Talk to Jungkookie, Jimin-ah. That is the best way to get this all sorted out. He really wants to talk to you, too. He is at my apartment right now, fretting away with Hoseok-ah.” Yoongi rolls his eyes again. “Now I have had this conversation two times in as many hours. So I am going to make my way to Namjoon’s and hyung’s, hoping I do not have to go for a third.” Yoongi only semi jokes.

Jimin goes to hug Yoongi, “thank you so much, hyung. You have honestly helped a lot. I will text Jungkookie and see when we can meet up. See what times he has free. I would like to meet up with you in the future though, so that we can talk more about some of this. I think your experience can help me a lot. And I think I need some blunt, straight-forward processes to learn to deal with some of this..” Jimin trails off. Yoongi warmly hugs the only slightly smaller male back. He is assuming Jimin may grow at least a little with the new hormones raging through his body. He really hopes that he doesn’t because that would make the beta the shortest of their rag-tag group of friends, and he can go without the height jokes that Jimin goes through daily.


Yoongi smiles at the other two, and with a wave and muttered, “bye bitches” he exits as fast as he had entered. 


Taehyung and Jimin exchange looks again before shrugging and laughing, their tiny hyung having some strange tendencies. Always acting so exasperated with them, but also showing how much he appreciates them seeking him out. Taehyung reaches out to bring Jimin back to his neck, letting him scent him again, calming the alpha down, once again. 


“Text Jungkookie. He will help you feel a lot better about this.”

The seconds have ticked by since Jungkook blurted everything out. Jimin just staring at him, these deep imploring eyes. “Hyung..?” Jungkook decides to prompt when it doesn’t seem like Jimin is even breathing anymore. His scent spiked, but he didn’t have enough time to decipher what it meant before it was masked.




Jungkook gives him an unimpressed look. Knowing Jimin can do better than a stuttered response, though he also knows the alpha well enough to understand that he is truly overwhelmed at the news. Personally, Jungkook is surprised that Jimin is so surprised, it is not exactly like he was all that subtle about his feelings…




Jungkook rolls his eyes, but decides to wait for just a little bit longer before-”




Well...that was marginally better than the stuttered silence, he supposes. But not by much, not much at all.


“Hyung.. I wouldn’t lie about that, or play with your feelings, or mine, like that. I love you. I have for a while. Before you presented as an alpha. This is not my omega side just wanting to be with you as a newly presented alpha. I wanted to be with you even when I thought you were going to be an omega. Heats would have been harder without the presence of real knots but that didn’t bother me. I wanted you. I want you .”


Jimin’s eyes start to water and Jungkook begins to fidget, blood pressure rising when he begins to suspect that Jimin is upset by the information. The taller is not ready for the floodgate that opens when the first tear that falls, only for many, many more to follow its trajectory. 


“Hyung!! It is okay if you don’t feel th-”


The breath is knocked out of him when he is attacked by citrus and forest. He stumbles, catching himself, and the elder, on a nearby pillar. It smells so sweet that his mind begins to cloud again some, his earlier erection stirring again. His gaze zeroes on the scent gland of the smaller immediately, seeing the pulse beating steadily. His hole clenches unexpectedly. His reactions to the alpha always so strong and immediate. 


Jimin seems to smell the blatant arousal in his scent and startles as he gazes up at the taller. Jimin’s mouth opens and closes a couple times before his eyes also begin to glaze over some. A slight spiciness accompanies his already present scent, and it immediately catches Jungkook’s attention. Jimin looks between Jungkook’s eyes and his lips. He begins to close the distance between their lips, before Jungkook, after realizing what he is doing, crashes his lips to his best friend’s. 


He tastes even better than he smells, which is NOT something that Jungkook thought was possible. Jimin seems just as ravenous as he does, their instincts taking over for a moment.


It, however, is this thought that causes Jungkook to pull back, regardless of how much he really, really does not want to. Jimin chases after his lips, like a kid after candy that is taken away.


It causes Jungkook to smile some when he sees how affected the other is. “Jiminie, I need to know how you feel..I can’t.. I can’t do this if you don’t see me as a potential mate. I want to mate with you, and not because of our biology. I love you and want to be with you..” the omega states unsurely, worried about rejection. What if Jimin was just scent drunk just now?


Jimin gazes at the omega incredibly fondly, watching him as he is fiddling with his fingers and staring at their shoes as if they were the most interesting things. He brings his finger up to the taller’s face, gently caressing his face in hopes that the other would look up for this. His wish is granted as Jungkook shyly raises his gaze to meet the alpha’s. “Jungkook-ah, I have loved you for so incredibly long that I cannot even imagine this being real. I have wanted to mate you almost as long as I have loved you. That was why I had such a hard time during the rut. It was you that had left me. It felt like the worst kind of rejection when the man that I was in love left me when I needed help. I didn’t know I was really even presenting at first, I was so confused and then you were there, and then gone. I am not saying this to make you feel guilty whatsoever. I promise. But if one of the other’s had done that, it would have hurt, but not break. I thought you were disgusted by me, and that I had messed everything up when I presented as an alpha. I thought you were mad that I wasn’t an omega, since we had talked so much about it…” 


Jungkook wishes he could punch himself right now, though he is happy with the fact that Jimin is squished into his chest right now, and prefers that over the punch he deserves. But something in particular caught his attention that Jimin had said. 


“I have no bigger regret than leaving you that day. That was a huge mistake and I wish I could take it back, so so badly.” The next thing he is about to say seems so preposterous to him, but he needs to know if this is what Jimin meant. “And when I left, you think I left because of disgust? You really didn’t notice?” At Jimin’s perplexed nod, Jungkook bellows out a huge laugh, irony and embarrassment filling it. Jimin’s eyes flash with slight hurt before Jungkook is quick to rectify why he laughed. “Jiminie...hyung.. That is NOT why I didn’t stay.” Jungkook chuckles again, definitely more on the embarrassed side now. “Hyung.. You smelled positively delectable , like ambrosia right on my tongue and filling me up with it. Hyung, I left because I was scared I would take advantage of you when you were in a vulnerable state. 


“I was terrified I would do something you didn’t want when you were not in a sound state of mind. I was so fucking aroused...basically like a water fountain.” His face almost as red as his hair at this point. “I had never been so hard, so quickly, hyung. Gosh..just thinking of your scent has me feeling a little hot. But your scent when in rut, I wanted to just lay down and present myself to you.” A large spike in Jimin’s scent, once again , brings attention back to his semi hard cock. His hips jump forward into the alpha’s without his consent, bringing forth a slight groan upon contact though. Jimin’s answering groan just make his hole flutter again, also without his consent, he can feel his hole begin to anticipate the presence of something and he can feel a little trickle of lubrication already.


Jimin groans even louder when he smells this, just making his situation worse. It is a constant cycle of the other’s reaction making their current state worse, as more slick begins to gather in anticipation. Jimin’s nose in his neck so fast that it startles the omega some, but not in a bad way. The elder is nosing and laving over his scent gland, making his knees shake. He bares his neck more to him, a soft grumble of delight following his movement. Even more slick begins to form, making him whimper slightly. He quickly manhandles Jimin to where his back is to the wall, and dives his head to mouth at the smaller’s neck. The alpha’s scent has thickened so much that Jungkook feels a large glob of slick leak out, making him groan once again, as he earnestly scents Jimin. 


He has never had such an intense and amazing scenting session with anyone. Jimin has always been special. This is like something out of a dream though. Besides the fact that they are in public…


Jungkook pulls back as fast as lightning. “Jiminie” he pants, struggling to come back from the haze he had fallen into. Jimin doesn’t seem to hear him, as he just decides to go to Jungkook neck right after he pulled away from Jimin. The omega goes slightly pliant amidst the intense pleasure he feels from Jimin’s tongue. He jolts when he feels teeth against his skin, causing even more slick to leak out to where it has now ruined his pants completely. Enough to where he barely even cares under the onslaught of emotions he feels. His hips begin to rut into Jimin’s, feeling how hard the alpha is against his thigh. He always knew Jimin was on the bigger side from the locker room after they worked out together and would change, but he wonders if presenting has made him bigger? Or age?


His hole is leaking too much slick now and it is clenching around nothing. He almost feels like he is in heat, he is so desperate; he knows he is not though, because he is not due for another week and a half. But god..this is overwhelming. Jimin is so hard against his thigh, and he is biting and licking at his scent gland and Jungkook just wants him to take him here and now .


They break apart when they hear a cell phone ring, both confused and struggling to remember where they are and what was happening. It wasn’t one of their phones, but a passerby person. They lean their foreheads against each other, inhaling sharply, the other’s scent still impossibly strong. 


“Wow.” Jimin exhales breathily. “That was… wow.”


Jungkook chuckles, trying to control his raging boner. “I know. We should go home. Or meet up later? Whatever you want..?” He finishes kind of awkwardly, not really knowing where they stand with each other right now.


The smaller stares up with him with stars in his eyes. We can go back to mine? We don’t need to do anything physical. But I have missed you and want to be with you as much as possible.” His gaze darkens immediately before he states, “and also, if you think I am going to let you travel alone, smelling as you do, you have another thing coming.” Possessiveness was always something Jimin had, especially when it came to him, but the aura and scent he lets off now is so fucking arousing that Jungkook shudders.


However, agreeing that he would not let Jimin go alone smelling as he did either. His eyes darken as he agrees with the elder. “Good point, I won’t risk you running into any omega’s that want what is mine.” He starts when he realizes what he just said, getting ready to defend what he meant, because he wasn’t-


“Yes, yours Jungkookie.” Jimin smiles up at him so contently, so assured. 


“I’m yours, too. I’m yours, hyung, if you’ll have me.” 


“I want nothing more, Jungkookie. I have never wanted anything more.”


They nuzzle each other some, trying to calm down and will their boners away. It is so hard when they keep riling each other up without even doing anything, but they manage. The sweet and loving feelings, temporarily overriding the sensual and lustful ones. 


“But you are staying close to me Kookie. I am not trying to be so overbearing, but you are wet and I am not letting any other alpha get even an inch away you.” Jimin says resolutely. A tad bit of the stereotypical alpha attitude already showing. Though Jungkook knows this has always been there, just amplified now.


“Oh, don’t worry, hyung.” Jungkook begins to reassure, “you are staying close to me, too. I am not going to let any damn omega get close to you with how you smell right now… actually, I am never going to let one get near you regardless. You smell too good even when you aren’t aroused.” Jungkook nods to himself in affirmation. Making a deal with himself to never let Jimin get anywhere near another omega.


They share some loving smiles before they decide they are as decent as they are going to get before they decide to head back to Jimin and Taehyung’s place. They hold hands as they make their way to the metro.

Chapter Text

“They are doing it again ” Hoseok complains. All seven of them had met up at Namjoon and Seokin’s place again and it has been almost intolerable with the two lovesick birds across the room, who weren’t even paying attention. Didn’t even hear Hoseok. “Jimin’s alpha pheromones are too prominent right now, does he even know he is flooding the room with them??” Hoseok grumbles, expressing more of his displeasure. He doesn’t even feel anything more than platonic love for his small alpha friend, but his scent is imbibing the omega with a certain want.


Jungkook immediately perks up at that and lets out a low growl, his eyes bleeding slightly silver when they glare over at Hoseok. He is immediately pacified though when Jimin leans down to rub his nose along the omega’s scent gland, murmuring something into his skin that the rest cannot hear. Which they figure is best as Jungkook’s scent gets slightly sweeter and the dopey smile that comes to rest on his face.


“Oh my god, guys. You are in my house-” Namjoon interjects a soft ‘ our ,’ “and you are going to be two creatures, instead of one melded together. Now Jiminie, get to the other end of the couch now . Jungkook-ah, stay where you are now.” Seokin stands up. While being a beta makes his sense of smell duller than that of an alpha’s or omega’s, his mate is an alpha, and he doesn’t want Jungkook’s scent clogging his nostrils.


He is also just sick and tired of being forced to watch a semblance of porn for teens, since everything is above the clothes. ‘ For now’ he thinks with a slight twitch of his eye. Namjoon, likely noticing his boyfriend’s distress, places a hand at his lower back to reassure him. Nothing poor is going through the alpha’s mind and that the beta can calm. 


Jungkook and Jimin both look stricken for a moment, whether it be at the thought of separating, or the sight of Seokjin getting legitimately upset with them. Jimin’s pout and Jungkook’s slight whine of indignation fall on deaf ears. As Jimin gets up to relocate, there is a chorus of relieved sounds and exclamations.


Yoongi’s ‘ thank god,’ and Taehyung’s ‘ finally.’ Hoseok sighs in relief, hoping this will help quell the slight tension that has befallen the group. Completely different from the sexual tension from before Jimin had presented between he and Jungkook. That was a whole lot more subtle..that and the fact that they didn’t know it was requited helped quite a bit, he was sure.


Both of their scents had soured slightly, but it was fine with everyone else. Especially Taehyung, having had  to be subjected to it the most, since he lived with Jimin...who Jungkook seemed to be living with now. He honestly thinks he has seen Kook less since they got together than when they were in a rift. Which was maybe all of three times. He rolls his eyes to the ceiling, letting out a small sigh; happy for his friends, but exasperated with them at the same time.


They all can’t wait for this honeymoon phase to be over. They are worried though to an extent, since Jimin has always been a physically affectionate person. Him using actions to display every ounce of emotion he feels for someone. They can only imagine how much more intense that will get for someone he is in love with. 


“Alright,” Namjoon breaks the silence with a slight smirk, finding everyone else’s misery amusing. “Now what should we do? We have movies, snacks, drinks, games.. Does anyone have a preference?”


Yoongi immediately puts in his suggestion, “Alcohol is always a good stress reliever, but I am somewhat afraid of the effect it will have on the two gag-inducing, dimwits over there.” 


Two shouts of indignation come from the opposite sides of the couch ‘ Hey! ’ and ‘ Don’t hate because you can’t relate’ coming from the alpha and omega respectively. Yoongi rolls his eyes at the maknae’s response.


Taehyung seconds the idea of alcohol, but he recommends some drinking games to coincide. He figures that as long as he gets tipsy enough, the ‘gag-inducing dimwits’ won’t be as gag-inducing. 


“Yeah, I am not feeling a movie as much. The group has been a little splintered since Jiminie’s presentation,” Seokjin immediately halts what he was saying to clarify one thing- “ which is no one’s fault ,” he strongly emphasizes, wanting to make sure that everyone knew that all is well, “but it would be nice to catch up, see how everyone is doing. Just relax together.”


Namjoon readily acquiesces to his boyfriend’s idea, not just because he wants to make the beta happy, but he is very casual with what they do, merely enjoying spending time with his good friends. Just being together satisfies him, he loves the company and vibes of his friends. The way all of their scents mix together brings him an inner peace that only Seokjin can provide him with when they are both feeling calm. 


Jimin and Jungkook also agree, because they figure that the drunker people get, the easier it will be to stitch themselves together again where the weathered strings lay now, disconnected. Jimin knows he is probably be melodramatic about this, but he feels this renewed sense of wholeness, of belonging, now that he and his Jungkookie have settled everything. That they reciprocate their feelings of love. It blows his mind how he was able to be happy before when he didn’t have it. He can’t imagine living without it now.


Jungkook, on the other side of the couch, is having similar thoughts. He just wants to get back into the side of his alpha, he loves the smell of their scents mingling together. It is better than anything he has ever smelled before, the sweetest, yet natural smell. Not artificial or forced or anything, but natural, like it was meant to be. Which he whole-heartedly believes it was. It is as if there is some kind of itch under his skin that is making it difficult to not be touching Jimin. He almost feels...empty?


He watches as the rest of his hyungs decide on a drinking game to start the night. Hoseok recommends 3-6-9, and the rest readily agree. Yoongi and Namjoon pleased with this choice, because they are both pretty good with this game; Yoongi doesn’t quite know why Hoseok recommended it of all people though, since he really isn’t that good at this game. He will make sure to keep an eye on the omega tonight, not wanting him to overdo it or hurt himself somehow. 


“Alright, since I am the eldest, I will start,” Seokin states smugly. 


“It’s been a few decades since you were in school though, hyung. Do you still remember how to count? We don’t want you to be too wasted 20 minutes into the game!” Jungkook ‘worries,’ trying his best not to laugh at the vexed expression on the elder’s face. Namjoon splutters some, but manages to keep a laugh in, thankfully for himself, since he did indeed want to be sleeping in their bed that night. Jimin tries to hold back his laughter just out of politeness, but the look on Seokjin’s face sends him careening into Hoseok’s lap next to him, who is also guffawing. Yoongi manages a small smile, but hides it behind his soju bottle. Taehyung laughed before the joke was even over, having been getting ready to make a similar joke before Jungkook beat him to it.


Seokjin stares at Jungkook for a moment, who is still laughing with his cheeks matching his hair, before he gets a devilish glint in his eyes. “Hey Jiminie?” The beta starts off with a sugary sweet tone of voice. “Do you remember the beautiful , handsome omega that I work with that has so many similar traits to you! I set you guys up a few years ago! She loves to dance. She is shorter than you, so you could be the tall one. She has long brunette hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was disappointed when we mentioned you were likely to be an omega, so she cut it off after a few dates. She would love to know that you presented as an alpha .” Seokjin finishes with a pleased glint in his eye.


However, he realizes that he may have taken it a few steps too far when both Jimin and Jungkook stiffen immediately. Jungkook lets out a feral growl as his eyes go black and Jimin bares his teeth when the scent of his distressed, enraged omega invades his senses. Jungkook immediately jumps up to barrel towards the smaller alpha, shoving his nose into the other’s scent gland, aggressively scent marking him, ensuring that one would not even be able to tell that there were two separate entities. Seokjin steps back some from them, as do the rest of the group, when they sense the threatening aura that both let off, but especially that from the omega. 

Unfortunately, Hoseok being the biggest threat to his alpha, since he is the only other omega in the group, prompts Namjoon to pull him behind he and Seokjin to better keep him hidden from the infuriated omega. Seokjin is so frustrated with himself, he meant it to be more playful than aggressive, but he, better than anyone else here since he was bonded with someone, how intense that feeling is in the beginning. He was so ashamed of himself.


Jimin is currently desperately scenting the other to try to calm him down, let him know that there is no one else, that the other omega was merely a replacement for someone he thought he would never have. 


He enjoyed being with her, could have seen himself with her, but it would never have been fair to her. He was always Jungkook’s. Sure, if he had never met Jungkook, he could have seen himself loving her, but never as much as he loves the omega on top of him right now.  Loving another is utterly inconceivable to him.


All he can hear is growling. All he can feel is a rumbling from somewhere, his alpha nosing at his neck, lips ghosting along the ridge. All he can see is his alpha’s neck, laving his tongue over his scent gland over and over . He doesn’t know where he is, but he smells others’ presence in the room with them. He only shoves himself further into Jimin, as if he was trying to become one with him, which he would only be too happy to accomplish if it were possible. 


Jungkook begins to grind on his alpha, asserting his claim to what was his, Jimin was his . Not some nameless, shapeless omega he had met years ago. Nor the one currently in this room. Jimin was his. He was not going to lose him right after he finally got him. Slick started to gather at his entrance, trying to entice his alpha, let him know that he made the right choice. Trying to get his alpha to take him, devour him. You made the right choice, alpha. His omega is desperately seeking his alpha’s reassurance. 


He does not need to wait long, he feels the growing hardness between his alpha’s legs, letting him know that he is just as worked up as the omega. Yes, I am yours. Take what is yours. Just as I am taking what it is mine . Jungkook feels more slick pooling at his entrance, prepping himself for his alpha, showing how good he is for him. How ready he is.


He feels a deep rumble, this time not from himself, but the body below his. It is a comforting noise now though. Not the desire filled one from moments ago, which begins to make him question he not what his alpha wants?? Is he-


The alpha, sensing his omega’s thoughts begin to spiral, merely strengthens his scent, letting the other know that ‘ yes, I do want you but not in front of other people, you are mine to see’ which is something that the omega’s clouded mind had forgotten. He didn’t want his alpha to be seen by anyone else, either. No way in hell.


Jungkook slowly felt himself coming back to himself, confusion settling in as he realized his position. The last thing he really remembered was Seokjin mentioning...someone from work? 


His thought process is immediately interrupted when he shuffles against Jimin below him, and his engorged cock rubs against Jimin’s, which also reminds him of how wet he is. He was leaking in preparation for Jimin… Still slightly confused, but also now insanely aroused. And embarrassed. Very, very embarrassed when he now registers the smell of his friends in the house as well. 


He lets his thoughts and emotions calm though, when he can feel the relaxing aura that Jimin is still sending out, trying to put his omega side at ease. Jimin had taken to softly nuzzling against Jungkook’s neck, having calmed down sooner than the omega had. Jimin was humming one of Jungkook’s favorite songs, and his hands, which had been holding onto Jungkook’s hips with a bruising grip in the beginning, had taken to kneading his hips and softly running his hands up and down his back, then again. Stopping at the nape of his neck to lightly rub there everytime a hand reached it, knowing how sensitive the omega was there, and utilizing that sensitivity now to calm him. 


Jungkook was trying to calm down his enraged emotions as much as his raging libido. His hole was still clenching around nothing and slick was still gathering, albeit much slower than before, but not fully having stopped. He knew now was not the time, but he hated feeling so empty and wet . That hollowness, it felt like someone carved something out of him, and only Jimin could fill that hole (quite literally).


Jungkook whimpered at the feeling, discomfort starting to creep into his random cluster of practically nameless feelings, the drying slick becoming uncomfortable. The continuity of the leaking slick also beginning to cause discomfort. 


Jungkook was now more snuggling Jimin than trying to devour him. The others had cleared out of the room when Jungkook had been otherwise preoccupied.. So when his eyes finally returned to his normal chocolatey brown, Jimin curled his lips into a smile. He pulled Jungkook’s lips to his own, sharing an incredibly sweet kiss, despite both of their bodies straining for more. They knew now wasn’t the time.


“Come on, Jungkookie, let’s go to the bathroom and clean up some.” Jimin’s warm, honeyed voice brought even more comfort to the red-haired boy, which he really didn’t even think was possible. Jimin sent a text to Namjoon to see if he could bring some extra clothes and set them outside the bathroom for them to change into after a shower. After he received an affirmative he tried to move the body currently on top of his. “Come on, baby, let’s go take a shower. Namjoon-hyung said he would leave some clothes for us to change into after we were done.”


Hearing his alpha call him ‘baby’ sent a strong jolt through Jungkook, pleasure shooting down his spine. But after realizing what he said, Jungkook whines, not wanting to get up, feeling exhausted after the tumultuous emotions that had blown through him in such a short time period. 


He also didn’t want to let go of his Jiminie, that, honestly being the biggest reason for not wanting to get up. At Jimin’s prodding, he whined again, still not moving. He did not even care about his discomfort with his clothing. 


Jimin let out a hefty sigh, knowing he was going to have to carry Jungkook, who was heavier and taller. “Let’s go, baby,” Jimin let out a low laugh, seeing the pouty expression on Jungkook’s face. “It will be the first time we get to shower together.” Jimin tacks on. This immediately perks the taller up to where he is staring at Jimin with anticipation in his eyes. 


“Then why are we still laying on the floor, old-time?” 


“God dammit, Jungkook-ah. I am gonna punch you one day.”

God dammit , Seokjin. Why would you do that? And with their relationship so new?? Jimin just presented. They just got together a few days ago. You know better than to mess with a new bond! Especially one that started as rocky as theirs did. You could have really put yourself in danger by antagonizing both of them like that, Hoseok in danger! Do you realize how careless that was?” Namjoon nearly shouts. He had already put clothes outside the shower when he had heard that the others had made their way there. 


Najmoon’s scent is clogging the section of the house that the rest of the friends retreated to, making Hoseok slightly even more agitated. Yoongi noticed how Hoseok was twitching, and the discomfort that was incredibly fucking obvious if one had eyes, and moved to go scent him, to hopefully bring him some calm.


Seokjin was looking down at his feet. Already knowing that it was a stupid move, already knowing that it hurt two people he cared about immensely, and that it could have hurt more. He just didn’t think . The maknae was always making fun of him… of his and Namjoon’s relationship, but he also has been with Namjoon for years and not days. They are secure in their relationship in ways that Jimin and Jungkook are not, yet.


Namjoon is infuriated, he is practically boiling with anger and discontent. The biggest things that hurt Seokjin, though, is the clear disappointment he sees in his boyfriend’s eyes. Something he so very rarely has seen, let alone directed at him. He is disappointed with himself so, so much. But it hurts so much more, when someone you love more than yourself is even more disappointed. 


Before Seokjin really even has a chance to say something, Taehyung comes up to put a hand on Namjoon’s arm, causing the alpha to still immediately. Tension unnecessarily fills him, before he recognizes the citrusy scent of the beta. He is likely on edge from the other alpha in the house that was enraged and possessive and protective of their intended mate. That is how he would act with Seokjin, how he has acted.


Namjoon turns to Taehyung with his eyebrows raised, the beta doesn’t even say anything, merely looks over to where Yoongi is hugging a slightly shuddering Hoseok, whose scent is more obvious to Namjoon than the others in the room. Namjoon places a hand on Seokjin’s arm, even in his angry state, making sure it was okay with the beta before going over to comfort Hoseok, to scent him. An alpha’s scent likely going to help more, biologically.


Seokjin tilts his head in affirmative, not caring at all. Yet again, another example that he and Namjoon have been together for years, the security of their relationship. Seokjin watches as Namjoon slowly makes his way over to the pair, placing a gentle hand on Yoongi’s shoulder and nodding at Hoseok. Yoongi has a thankful look on his face, because even he is comforted by Namjoon’s scent. Namjoon just seems to have one of those scents.


Once Hoseok spots Namjoon coming closer to him to embrace him, and he smells the calming and welcoming pheromones the alpha is letting out, he practically melts into him. Hoseok is not quite crying, but he is sniffling, being overwhelmed by all of the different emotions that the smells around him carried. 


“Let’s just wait until they are done and calmed down some. Minnie said he would text me when they were done, either to let me know they were heading out or that they were ready to talk. But he said he would let me know.” Namjoon finishes, still rubbing Hoseok’s back, hoping that his presence was calming the omega somewhat.

Jimin gently runs his hands down his Kookie’s back, the suds disappearing as the water hits his back when he turns around. They lovingly clean each other, movements soft. Erections both mostly gone and slick washed away. 


It was hard, quite literally at first, because Jimin was likely still being affected by Jungkook’s smell or slick (or both), because when they got in, Jimin whispered: “Let’s just wash up for now. I don’t want the first time we fuck to be in hyungs’ shower.” Jungkook had whimpered slightly, and more lubrication had seeped out. But he wholeheartedly agreed, no matter how much his body was craving sex, a knot.


But once they started cleaning each other, their love eclipsed their lust. Their cocks slowly going down and Jungkook’s slick getting washed away. They stared into each other’s eyes and could see constellations. The endless love that was just constantly reflected..back and forth, brought both of them so much comfort. 


They kissed an immeasurable amount of times in the shower. They didn’t say no kissing.. Just no sex. The soft caresses of their hands feeling like silk against their skin. Jungkook was feeling euphoria currently, really enjoying the soft stroke of his alpha’s fingers along his scalp, washing his hair. A low purr resonated from his chest, which only increased in volume upon hearing Jimin’s sharp growl of approval. 


“Hey Kookie-ah?” Jimin questions quietly, not ready to break the tranquil atmosphere, but knowing he was about to. At Jungkook’s soft hum of acknowledgement, he began again. “So..this is totally up to you, I will be fine with whatever you decide. But do you want to go back out and talk to the rest of the group? Or do you just want to head home? If you need time, then we should just go because I told Namjoon that I would ask you. I asked him if he could keep everyone out until I texted him, either letting him know that we were staying or leaving. So baby, what would you like to do? We can go home and relax, or talk to the other’s. I am behind you 100%.” Jimin finishes lovingly, cupping his cheek. 


The taller takes time to nuzzle against it, letting the feeling and smell of his alpha keep him calm. He doesn’t quite know yet, if he is being honest. He is still upset, the blanks having been filled in with time and with Jimin enlightening him when he realizes he can’t remember a specific part of the incident. 


Jungkook knows Seokjin did not have malevolent intent, but he has to know what would have happened from mentioning that, didn’t he? And not just mentioning it. But flaunting it, reminiscing about when they were dating, how she would still like to date him. That was mean. It was uncalled for.


But he knows Seokjin. He knows he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Especially towards those he sees as family. So Jungkook chalks it up to...not exactly being insensitive, but ignorant of the intricacies of the newness of Jimin and Jungkook’s relationship. Which makes sense..only Taehyung really knows about it, and that is just because he is his alpha’s.. ‘Soulmate’ (he is not bitter at the term...definitely not).


But, while he may be ignorant to the intricacies, he is not ignorant to the workings of the face value parts. Apparently they all knew that they were both pining for the other for years and not bothering to clue either one of them in… 


So, he had to know the insecurities that Jungkook felt. The difficulties of how different this was to actually know he was in love with Jimin, that Jimin was in love with him, and not just loving him as a best friend. So Seokjin knew enough to where what he said was completely uncalled for. He knows he meant it in jest, but there IS such a thing as ‘too soon’ . Which Seokjin should have known that that kind of joke was too soon.


And honestly, it would never be appreciated to hear about his alpha seeing someone else or someone else being interested in him, it just wouldn’t send him into a rage of jealousy and anger and possessiveness...he thinks. In time, he can probably just stew quietly in frustration, but Seokjin did definitely not give enough time for him to merely react like that.


Jungkook was upset with Seokjin, and he didn’t like it. He hated it. He loved all of his friends. It absolutely killed him when he had to stay away from Jimin-hyung. Admittedly, that was a different situation, since he was definitely not in love with Seokjin. He still can’t stand being in fights or complications with people he loves: be it friends, family, or a lover. It exhausts him and makes him anxious, he just doesn't-


Jungkook starts when he feels a soft brush of Jimin’s fingers across his cheek and he opens his eyes, not even realizing that he had closed them. He immediately brings his fingers up to Jimin’s cheek to stroke his cheek as well. Seeing Jimin close his eyes and nuzzle into his palm brings a warmth to his heart that he really cannot identify. But he also doesn’t really need to, the feeling it brings is so pleasant that it doesn’t matter what it is, just that it is there. 


“Hey Kook-ah, let’s get out and dry off. We have been in the shower long enough to get all pruny,” Jimin says, his nose scrunching up in distaste. Jungkook just feels another flood of love crash through him, Jimin looking as adorable and sweet as ever. He knows that had Jimin presented as an omega or beta, he would be just as in love and willing to be with the other. 


Jungkook hums his acquiescence, moving to turn the knob of the shower after he made sure that neither of them had any leftover soap or shampoo on themselves. Jimin steps out of the shower, only to get pulled back into Jungkook’s chest, being tightly snuggled against the omega’s muscled, broad chest. Jimin lets out a plethora of giggles, stomach muscles contracting as he laughs. Given his tendency to laugh with his whole body, his hips and ass meet the taller’s crotch, which makes him let out a small groan. 


Jimin immediately starts, wanting to grind further down, but knowing now is not the time. Jungkook is in the same boat, as he wants to pull the elder closer and grind into his ass, but he just manages to fight that urge. 


He manages to reach for two towels in the nearby cabinet once they have both settled their libidos. He goes to wrap one around himself, but Jungkook had managed to yank both of them from the alpha’s hands. He put one around his shoulders, and then opened the other one up for Jimin, swaddling him in the towel as he dries him. The utter reverence that the omega shows the alpha, makes him feel warm all over and he just wants to smother the taller in kisses and hugs for the rest of their lives. Jungkook treats Jimin like the finest glass, like the slightest touch could break him, like he is what he treasures most in this world. Jimin feels his face heat up, all the way to the tips of his ears with a huge grin on his face. 


Jungkook merely hums as he dries his lover, only having ever wanted to care for him, to truly show his love for the other. It warms his entire being to finally be able to do this, to have Jimin react the way he does to Jungkook’s touch. He has never felt warmer or happier. The domesticity of them showering together and drying each other, really reaches him and his heart beats even faster. 


Jimin turns around after he was fully dried, to do the same thing for Jungkook; he wanted to show the omega the same love and reverence that was bestowed upon him. He wanted to let him know that he loves the other just as much, if not more (in his own very humble opinion). 


Once they were dried and dressed, Jimin jumped up onto the counter with Jungkook coming to stand between his legs, his hands going to rest on the alpha’s waist. He leaned his forehead down to rest against Jimin’s. The smaller’s hands went to wrap around his neck, lovingly caressing the fine hairs at the nape of his neck. 


Both of their eyes were closed when Jimin spoke up again. “So Kookie, what do you want to do? Go back out there? Or go home?” Jungkook opened his eyes to see the most understanding look on his face, eyes still closed, but a small, serene smile gracing his lovely features. 


Jungkook closed his eyes again, really debating if he wanted to go back out. He wasn’t really embarrassed for how he reacted, but he was a little ashamed. He was in another’s home, and he managed to make it to where they needed to evacuate while he had a mental breakdown. 


Jimin, picking this up in his scent, pulled sharper at the hairs on his neck (which really elicited a different reaction than was intended, but that both ignored the sharp, short scent of arousal that appeared in Jungkook’s scent). “Jungkook, you have nothing to feel bad about. Seokjin, while I know he wasn’t trying to hurt you, he was trying to get a rise out of you. He didn’t know to the extent it would, but he knew what he was doing. Don’t you dare feel guilty. You have nothing to feel sorry for.” Jimin finishes, his heady scent making Jungkook a little dizzy with its intensity. 


Jungkook lets out a small whine, nuzzling into his alpha when he realizes how worked up the other is. Jimin realized this and tries to calm down, his palpable anger affecting his omega. They calm down for another few moments before Jungkook speaks again, “Can you handle going back out there, hyung?” He asks jokingly, a dopey smile on his face with his nose scrunching up above his bunny teeth. 


Jimin, actually considering the question, he really doesn’t want to lose his cool. Especially considering how new his presentation is and his hormones and instincts unpredictable. And how his reaction can affect Jungkook… and vice versa. 


“Well Jungkookie, I can handle whatever happens as long as we do what you want to do. I will happily follow you anywhere. I have always had pretty good self control, and I like to think I can handle all these new instincts. So what do you want to do?”


“Let’s talk.”

Namjoon is sitting quietly beside a calm Hoseok now. None of them say much as they wait for Jimin to let them know how to proceed. Seokjin really hopes they can talk now, he doesn’t like putting his problems off. He also doesn’t want the younger couple mad at him, he didn’t mean it.


He was being stupid. He is stupid. He should have known better than to rile up a newly formed couple. Especially given Jiminie’s newly presented status. 


Yoongi is not good with the unknown. He doesn’t like not having a plan or not knowing what is going on. He doesn’t know why Seokjin felt the need to instigate anything, but he just wants the normalcy back. He wants to drink his bottle of soju that he left on the counter. 


He just wants the two younger brats to come back so the elder brat can apologize. Yoongi’s eyes roll to the ceiling in his annoyed state, almost just wanting to go home at this point. 


“Hey guys, you can come back out now if you want to talk?” A tentative voice reaches them through the door. “If you don’t want to, we can head out, but Jungkookie said he was ready to talk if you are.”


Yoongi mutters a ‘ thank god’ before pushing his way to the door, not even sparing the young couple a glance as he goes to pick up his abandoned bottle. 


The others file out much slower than the grumpy beta. Hoseok still looks a little shaken, Jimin going over to hug him, realizing that it was likely him that upset the older omega. He whispers small platitudes as he hugs him, reaching up to card his fingers through the other’s hair. Hoseok immediately relaxes at the soothing pheromones and actions the younger alpha emits in order to comfort him. He nuzzles softly against his dongsaeng before immediately  tensing and looking over to the other omega, who is staring with a slightly dark gaze, but also a small smile as he gives a nod to the elder.


Hoseok decides to just send him a warm smile, knowing it is probably best for another omega to stay away from an already agitated one. Especially if said omega who is agitating other said omega, is right next to his claimed alpha...yeah, Hoseok will just send a warm smile. 


Right after Hoseok and Jimin break apart, Jungkook makes a move to go to the smaller’s side, back hugging him and scent marking his neck, gently laving over the scent glands. No one else comments on the action, even though while extremely intimate, they decided that they would let it slide this time with how tense everything and everyone is. 


Jungkook ushers Jimin to the nearby couch to entangle them together until one cannot see whose limbs are whose. Jimin turns around to burrow against the omega’s scent gland, which turns out to be a very good idea, as the other’s eyes close and a gentle purr emits from his chest.


Namjoon, knowing he needs to say something as the peacemaker of the group, decides to interrupt the moment before it can get any more private in front of their five other friends. And while they understand their urgency to mollify the other, the rest of the friends really don’t want to witness mates reasserting their claims in front of them.


“Jungkook-ah, Jimin-ah… we are so sorry about what happened earlier-”


“No, I am so sorry for what I said earlier,” Seokjin interrupts. “I knew that I had taken it too far, right after it came out of my mouth. It was unacceptable, and I should have known better. You are newly together and I know, as well as anyone else connected to another, that a new bond is to be catered to and not teased or mocked. So, Jungkook-ah, please accept my utmost apologies. I overstepped by a few hundred steps, and I will make sure to watch what I say. It was petty and stupid, since I only wanted to tease you when you teased me, but I teased your new relationship, and that was unacceptable. I am so sorry .” Seokjin bows his head and kneels down in front of them, a great show of respect when someone is that much older than you. The kneeling almost more of an apology than the words spoken.


Jungkook hates fighting. But… he is also stubborn. And he loves Seokjin, but he won’t just forgive him, just like that. He won’t drag it out, but it will take some time. His instincts are still rattling the cage his wolf is in for the moment, the locks shaking. Unfortunately, his Jiminie will be the one to suffer with the insecurities that any female omega is going to bring when they are in the vicinity of one. 


This fact, almost makes him more upset with Seokjin, because he doesn’t want his alpha to be tip-toeing around him. He loves his small hyung so much, and now he is going to have to be wary around omegas for the time being..especially female omega’s. Jungkook has always been a possessive and jealous person, especially when it concerns his best-friend-turned-boyfriend-turned-eventual-mate. 


Jimin’s alpha responding to Jungkook’s omegan nature (and just Jungkook’s natural possessiveness and jealousy that have nothing to do with his wolf side) is only making that side of him more potent. When Jimin and Hoseok were hugging, logically he knew there was and never would be anything between them. However, he was still incredibly tense as they hugged, even though it was only for a few seconds; then, when Hoseok nuzzled him..he had to really concentrate so he didn’t release any threatening pheromones. 


He also hated when another omega, even if it was Hoseok, smelled even vaguely like his alpha; it made him want to set off and rub his scent all over the alpha until all he was smelling like nothing but Jungkook.


Jungkook makes a small grunt of acknowledgement to Seojin before rubbing his face against his boyfriend’s neck again, trying to calm down his fluctuating instincts. “I know you didn’t mean to inflict any harm Seokjin hyung, but you did. You know better than most people how much I hate being out of control. You had to know on some level that that would affect me more than almost anything else you could have said. And this doesn’t only affect me, but also Jiminie hyung. He had and will likely have to cater to me for a little while until my instincts stop boiling over-” Jimin interrupts him with a small, ‘I would cater to you as long as you would let me’ that no one else was able to hear. Though they could tell Jimin had said something very sweet (maybe too sweet in Yoongi’s opinion) from the almost literal moon eyes Jungkook sent him, along with the sickly sweet chocolatey smell that accompanied them. “You and Namjoon hyung are the only other ones committed to another right now, you wouldn’t like it to this day if I said something about another, especially a former flame.


“I just… I don’t understand why you did that? It hurt Seokjinnie hyung. I always turn to you when I need help understanding something. I went to you in confidence when she was approaching Jiminie about how much it bothered me, I don’t know why you would have thrown that back in my face.” Jimin makes a mental note to assure Jungkook that she would never have a chance in hell of holding even a flicker of what he feels for the omega in his arms. 


Seokjin’s scent sours greatly as he mutters a profuse amount of apologies, all somehow sending even more genuine than the one before it. A feat in itself as each person in the room could feel the genuity in the first apology.


Jungkook bends down to Seokjin’s level, their eyes just staring into each other, before he reaches out to hug the eldest. Seokjin immediately returns it, his eyes glassing over slightly as he inhales the omega’s scent, letting it calm his racing heart, his guilty heart that will take a while to fully heal  from his very own negligence. Many whispers of “ I’m sorry Kookie” and reassurances of “ I know, hyung” before they finally break apart, Jungkook’s arms searching out for Jimin again, pulling him into his lap.


Jungkook feels relaxed again, knowing that all is well among his hyungs. He knows it will take a bit more time to fully forgive Seokjin, which he lets the other know, but all is well for now. He feels at peace, resting in his loving alpha’s arms, surrounded by his family. 

He leans into his hyung, whispering his love for him and how well he took care of Jungkook when he needed it most. He lets him know that there is not anything he could have done better and that it helped bring Jungkook out of a destructive mindspace. Jimin’s whispers his affirmations back in the form of light kisses and soft I love you, too ’s.

Chapter Text

Jimin collapses on the dance floor, practically leaking sweat. He had been practicing his new choreography for.. four hours already?! He thought it had been two at the maximum . He was supposed to meet up with the others half an hour ago. Damn it


He rushes to get up to shower, before immediately falling back down. And well, since he was already going to be late, he might as well rest some (even though it really isn’t a choice as much as a necessity ) before getting up to shower. 


He does have enough semblance of mind to text them that he was going to be late. He knew Tae was going to give him shit, since he explicitly mentioned to the alpha before he left, ‘to not lose track of time so that he wouldn’t be late.’ 


And of course, Jimin had just rolled his eyes, rebuttal being ‘I’m a self-sufficient adult who can keep track of time.’


Jimin sure proved him wrong .

Taehyung let out another exasperated sigh, “I knew he was going to be late! He was the one saying that we had to make sure we got here on time and that he would be on time, since he is oh so punctual. Since he is oh so self-sufficient. Yeah right, he has been there for four hours , shouldn’t just...two be fine? If that?? Hoseok hyung, wouldn’t that be enough??”


Hoseok merely glances up from his conversation with Seokjin and shrugs, not really caring enough to get into it. It wasn’t like Jimin being late affected their activities all that much. Jungkook was sulking on the couch, trying to hide his worry about his lover from his friends, even though he was not being particularly successful. He knew his hyung overworked himself too much, and he knew he needed to talk to him more about it, but he also knew his hyung was overly stubborn, rivaling his own stubbornness. 


Taehyung rolled his eyes towards the sky with great exaggeration, emitting an enormous sigh, as if Jimin’s lack of punctuality greatly offended him. 


“Ack, whatever. What are our plans for tonight?” He decides to change the subject. 


Namjoon, while one for usually staying in, suggests going out to a club for the night. It had been a while since they had actually gone all out together. Seokjin immediately let out a giant ‘whoop’ to signal his appreciation of the idea, quickly seconded by Hoseok. Taehyung agreed as well, especially happy about the plans because he knew Jimin was not a fan of clubbing, and he was feeling a tad vindictive. Yoongi, also one to prefer staying in, just shrugged while wondering if there was a way he could get out of it. He was confident he could find some reason to stay out of the clubbing scene, everyone already aware of his distaste for large crowds where people you didn’t know started rubbing up on you and being little shits. Going out was one thing, going to a place where a bunch of drunk morons couldn’t talk, or even walk, was not something he understood that people would enjoy.


Jungkook was surprisingly excited about the turn of developments, forgetting about Jimin’s overzealousness for a moment as he allowed himself to anticipate the night. He was ready to flaunt his relationship with his precious alpha in a public place where he knew other omega’s would be that would be wanting to get a piece of his hyung. He wanted to show off that Jimin was his , that he was his future mate, that he would never be anyone else’s ever again. 


His excitement was palpable to the rest of his friends, but they were focused on their own excitement (or dread in Yoongi’s case, as he was still thinking of reasons that he couldn’t go). Hoseok was ready to get out and dance, maybe catch the eyes of some good looking alphas, he loved dancing so much though, that he really didn’t care about anyone he may meet there.


Jungkook’s excitement was quickly amplified when the door opened, allowing the wonderful smell of the woods to envelope him. However, he could definitely sense the fatigue in the scent before he even manage to lay his eyes upon his lover. Once he did, his own scent spiked some, worry squeezing its way through the previous anticipation. He quickly jumped up to lead Jimin to another room, needing to talk to him out of earshot of the rest of their friends.


Taehyung watched as the two left the room, his own concern flowing through his system with his previous irritation with his friend completely gone. He knew how important his showcases were to his beloved friend, and he knew of the demons that the alpha regularly had to fight in his mind to prove that he was enough, that he was great how he was. He also knew that when showcases came up, that those demons had greater ammunition to use to knock him down, that they were stronger with the doubt that automatically consumed his friend. 


Taehyung worried about him, but knew that he was in good hands with Jungkook, even though Taehyung did wish he could comfort Jimin as well. He left it to Jungkook though, knowing that he was the one that most likely had the greatest chance of talking Jimin out of his self-deprecating thoughts.


Yoongi also watched, worried about the signs that the younger was exhibiting again. He was there when Jimin went through his last bout of extreme doubt and insecurity. He knew what could possibly result from this. He and Jimin had always been incredibly close, having little that they wouldn’t share with each other. And because of this, and his natural observant nature, he was able to notice, almost immediately, that this looked like a bit more than just nervous anticipation that was merely a precursor to a performance or showcase.  


He immediately decided he would talk to the younger when he had a chance to, maybe he would go out tonight if Jimin went out, maybe able to talk to him while at wherever they ended up. Jimin always held what Yoongi said to heart, having a certain connection with the beta that was not easily explained. They just knew each other on a specific level that allowed for a silent communication when being unable to verbally speak, that allowed for them to almost feel what the other was experiencing.


So with both Taehyung and Yoongi deciding to step in for the young alpha, the rest were talking about where they should go and when to leave, what to wear and how to get there.

Jungkook rushed Jimin into the bathroom, immediately going to scent the alpha and release calming pheromones. He wanted to make sure that Jimin was relaxed and feeling better before he brought up the fact that he was worried about him, that he thought Jimin should take some kind of break before he hurt himself. He wasn’t at the performance that the shorter had passed out, where he had apparently fallen like a puppet with its strings cut, just completely limp. 


Admittedly, he was halfway relieved he hadn’t had to see that happen, knowing that the sight would have scarred him for some time; but also feeling slight contrition for the fact that he wasn’t there to help the other with the aftermath, psychological and physical. He was running his hands along the shorter’s body as he ran his lips along the side of his neck, mouthing at his scent gland intimately. 


Jimin immediately relaxed upon the younger’s scenting of him, any and all stress immediately sent to the back of him mind, just allowing himself to enjoy and relish in the attention the omega was laving upon his gland. Even though he knew it was not the intent of the scenting, he felt his cock twitch in his sweatpants, not able to help getting slightly aroused at the action. 


Jungkook’s nose twitched while buried in Jimin’s neck, the scent of his arousal permeating the air around them; Jungkook being unable to deny his arousal, was also experiencing the tingle of arousal. His cock began to get harder and he switched to the other side of Jimin’s neck to give the other side just as much attention, more hungry now than comforting. 


Jimin let out a low whine, pulling Jungkook between his legs and running his hands along the other’s back, lightly running his nails down it and feeling the muscles rippling beneath his touch. The attention was just as arousing as the omega’s response to his touch, with his twitching after he ran his hands down the incredibly muscular back. They were both quickly becoming fairly scent drunk, the mixture of their scents only invoking their deep attraction to each other even more, both cocks fully hard at this point. 


Jungkook grunted slightly when he felt slick begin to gather at his entrance, grunt turning into a whine when some of it slipped out and down his perineum towards his balls. He started lightly thrusting against the alpha, letting his instincts take over any rational thought that he had; the omega now pliant in the alpha’s grip as it was the shorter’s turn to lave his attention upon his lover’s neck.


Jungkook succumbed to his instincts and went lax upon the attention, loving it so much as  their scents mixed together to the extent that one could not even differentiate who was who, which Jungkook and Jimin absolutely loved . They were both aware that anyone interested in the other would smell their combined scent and immediately know that they were taken, mistake almost impossible to make. 


Even though it was not Jimin’s intention, as he was completely unaware to Jungkook’s original plan into talking to him about him overexerting his already exhausted body, he did successfully steer any remnants of that thought right out of the omega’s mind. They were just alpha and omega at this point, licking each others neck and thrusting against each other, the scent of the omega’s slick enticing the alpha that he was ready to be bred. That his omega was ripe for the taking. That the alpha was doing his job in ensuring that his omega felt pleasure and was satisfying his mate, that the omega was ready for his alpha. 


A loud knocking elicited an enraged growl from the alpha, pulling Jungkook closer to him and rubbing his hands along his sides as he felt a foreign presence to close to his aroused omega. The reaction of his alpha made Jungkook whimper with even more slick leaking from his hole, thrusting slightly harder against the shorter male. 


However, their bubble was breached when Seokjin’s voice came from behind the door, “You guys better not be having sex in my bathroom! I just bleached and cleaned it! So you better still be clothed and calming down from your pheromone sex, that by the way, is affecting everyone in the living room as well!”


Their instinctual sides faded to the recess of their mind when they realized what they were doing in their friends’ bathroom. Embarrassment quickly engulfed Jimin’s scent, turning it slightly sour, even though arousal still dominated it. Jungkook was much less embarrassed and far more frustrated to have been interrupted, though he supposes he wouldn’t want his friends having sex in his bathroom either..


But he was still wet and wanted his alpha to take care of it, so he was frustrated. Plain and simple. He let out a mix between a whine and a low growl in his frustration, which only seemed to spark Jimin’s arousal again. Jimin, wanting to pleasure and take care of the omega in front of him, was struggling between his instincts and desires against his mortification that he and Jungkook were so close to tearing each other’s clothes off in the bathroom with their friends merely a couple rooms away.


Jimin pulled off of Jungkook, eliciting another discontent whine from him. Jimin rubbed his hands along the taller’s back, trying to calm him and assure him that he was just as disappointed. He knew it took more for omega’s to clean up their arousal, since they actually got wet while he just had a wet spot where his penis was straining against his boxers. 


They hadn’t really done much in terms of sex yet, both a little nervous and never having had sex before. They also hadn’t really talked about it, nor had much time to really talk about it, with work and class and then their friends refusing to let them have any time alone. Jungkook needed to talk about it soon , because he had been waiting for years to be with Jimin and now he finally had him, but not completely quite yet. He knew Jimin felt the same way, but he also knew that Jimin was way more nervous about having sex, still feeling foreign in his own body after having presented as an alpha.


Jungkook resigned himself to waiting a little longer and decided to tear himself away from his love, knowing he needed some space if he was going to get any less aroused, the alpha’s scent still dominated by arousal. Jimin, though reluctant to letting Jungkook out of his arms, silently agreed that was the only way for them to calm down some.


“Hey Minie, I’ll be right out, but I need to clean up some before going back out.” Jimin immediately flushed red, his scent spiking up again. He was quick to head towards the door.


“I need to go then. I know I will not be able to control myself if I smell you unfiltered.” Jimin managed to say through his embarrassment and arousal. This time it was Jungkook who flushed, but while the alpha’s was from his embarrassment, Jungkook’s was from his pleasure at how affected Jimin was from his scent alone.


“Okay hyung, I will be out soon then.” He finished with a soft smile to his loving alpha. Who returned the smile with just as much affection.

Upon reaching the living room, Jimin inquired about what was going on while trying to ignore either the suggestive looks or slightly disgusted looks. He knew he still reeked of his and Jungkook’s...passion. So he decided to redirect the attention away from himself. “So what is the plan for tonight? Are we staying in or going out?” He was silently hoping for staying in, he enjoyed being curled up with his omega, but he would tolerate going out if he could still hold or be held by Jungkook.


“We decided on going to a club!” Hoseok exclaims. “It is going to be so much fun Jiminie! I am ready to dance and have some fun. It has been so long since we went out and just had some fun without any restraints.” He finishes somewhat dreamily.


Jimin looks around to analyze everyone else’s stance on the clubbing to see Yoongi’s expression of distaste, Namjoon’s of slight excitement though subdued at the same time (an interesting mix in his opinion), Tae and Seokjin’s expressions of pure and utter excitement. He was curious of Jungkook’s disposition, though he figured he was most likely anticipating going out, Jimin was not ignorant to the fact of the taller’s intention of making him jealous nor of his incredible possessiveness regarding him. 


Jimin resigned himself to a night out, not quite being in the mood given his exhaustion from admittedly overworking himself, but he also wanted to spend time with his best friends and his lover. He figured he could spend most of his time with Yoongi, noticing how he seemed about as happy at the prospect of going to clubs as Jimin himself did. 


He, however, did try to make it seem like he was looking forward to it more than he was dreading it, “Alrighty! Sounds like it will be a fun night! When are we planning on going out because I do not exactly want to wear sweats to a club.” He attempts, finishing his exclamations with a sheepish giggle, making some of the other’s coo at him. Old habits die hard it seems, though Jimin doesn’t mind, even going as far as utilizing his appearance of being smaller and cute to his advantage. He knew when to go for sexy and hot, as well as the adorableness his hyungs often regarded him with.


Yoongi just rolled his eyes, able to see through the younger’s attempt at sounding excited, as well as his ability to make everyone else putty in his hands. He won’t admit it does the same to him (even though it does) but at least he is aware of the alpha doing it, while the others seem to be blissfully unaware of it.


Jimin was smiling when he felt a pair of long, muscular arms wrap around his waist, immediately sinking into the amazing smell of berries and chocolate, mouth almost watering. Anything he was feeling immediately soothed by his omega, calming any discontent he possessed for going out and having to watch other people ogling his intended mate. 


Jungkook was excited for being able to show off his alpha and making a point clear to every single person, that Jimin was his . That he was not for anyone else. He was so happy he could finally do this, knowing how long he spent admiring from afar, just like all of the people that would be wishing that tonight. He was finally able to hold Jimin and blatantly be able to bestow his complete and utter love upon the amazing alpha currently in his arms in public. 


Jungkook felt euphoric being able to finally be able to hold the other like this, relishing in how perfect the alpha felt nuzzled into his chest, his neck right in front of Jungkook’s nose, motivating him to just bury his face into the scent gland that released the most intoxicating of scents. He was looking forward to this night, he wanted to inspire a certain mindset in the alpha, and he knew just how to do that. Deviousness was his specialty, and unfortunately for Jimin, he was a prime target for the omega who planned on some great things for the night. 

Jungkook was really excited as he was getting ready, knowing which clothes really accentuated his muscular form; he was tall and incredibly fit, he knew Jimin loved his thighs, so he definitely picked pants that would fit his form perfectly. He preferred more monochrome colors, so he settled with a white, loose button-up shirt and black leather pants. 


Jimin came out of the bathroom not long after Jungkook was finishing up and his mouth watered at the sight. Jimin had combed his hair back and had it parted down the middle, his now silver hair shining with a certain lusciousness that made Jungkook want to run his hands through it and never stop. He was wearing a loose silver button up shirt to match his hair, with white skinny jeans and black diesel boots that went to his ankle. They definitely had similar style and Jungkook was worried that he would be the jealous one tonight at this point. 


Jimin’s pupils dilated upon taking in the omega, his scent was mouthwatering and he was dressed like sex on legs. Jimin immediately went to the taller’s side to wrap his arms around his torso and deeply inhale the scent of the other. The scent mind-numbing in its intensity, Jimin didn’t know what he did to accentuate his scent the way he did, but he was definitely not complaining. All thoughts of going out immediately vacated his mind as his instincts encouraged him to just maul the omega in front of him. His hands slid up and down Jungkook’s side as he dove into the gland so tantalizingly close, mouth running up and down his neck.


Jungkook went slightly limp, overwhelmed by the instant tranquility that surrounded his form, he felt a strong tug of heat in the bottom of his belly, but he chose to focus on the amazing feelings Jimin generated besides his desire. 


They remained in their very own little bubble for a few more minutes before Jimin managed to pry himself away. Albeit reluctantly. “I should dress up more often, shouldn’t I hyung?” Jungkook asked with a smirk. 


Jimin flushed and lightly slapped the other’s chest, “Shut up, Jungkookie. Why do you smell so good? Are you getting close to your heat?? We shouldn’t go out if you’re-”


Jungkook interrupted him with slight mortification and slight amusement coloring his tone. “ No , hyung! My.. ahem.. cycle is still a couple weeks out!” He almost chuckled at the complete befuddlement that graced the elder’s face at the statement. “Well...I ordered something online about a week ago. It is a scent enhancer that is technically for omega’s who have pretty subdued scents. So it is there for them to increase the likeliness of finding a mate.”


Jimin stared at him for almost a minute, face utterly blank. “You are trying to kill me, aren’t you Kook?” His voice had lowered to a decibel that Jungkook had never heard before. His dick twitched in his pants and he was slightly regretting the tight fit now, it would likely make his situation worse with the friction if would provide. “You know the only way to fire is with fire, right, Jungkookie ?” His nickname was said with that same tone, making it hard to concentrate on anything else besides the not so subtle threat. 


Excitement coursed through his veins at the statement. He saw this as a challenge as to who could bait the other one first, see who gave in to their desires before the other. Jungkook never stepped down from a challenge; this one in particular, he knew regardless of the results that they would both be winners in the end. Whoever broke didn’t matter as much to him as the end results. Both would be riled up by the end of the night and he was looking forward to that more than the actual night out.


Jimin was also stubborn and not willing to back down from a challenge, and he was determined to win this. Jungkook seldom begged for anything, he was always so stubborn and hard-headed, refusing to accept failure and incredibly mad when he did fail. Jimin was determined to win this round. 


The alpha knew of the younger’s plan (as he really was not very subtle), and he planned on turning the tables on the omega, a plan already forming in his mind with how to break the will of his lover in this particular game. 


Jimin knew all of the omega’s triggers, he was much more observant than his Jungkookie, which severely helped in this instance. Jungkook was attuned to details as well, but he was so easily distracted that he didn’t often focus on the details when they presented themselves. He knew many of the omega’s tells before they even got together, and he had only learned more and more with the time they actually have been together. 


Jimin was more than willing to take on the competition, having a strong feeling that he could take Jungkook on the battle of wills. Jimin had been dealing with this for a long time and knew very well how to mask his emotions, Jungkook was not very good at masking his emotions. Taehyung had known about Jimin’s feelings towards Jungkook because..well he was his soulmate so he noticed lots of things about Jimin that others don’t, but they had also actually talked about it long before he presented. But apparently everyone had known about Jungkook’s feelings towards the alpha, Jimin had seen the preference that the younger had sometimes displayed, but he chose not to believe it, thinking he had maybe imagined the looks and shyness that would overcome the young omega. 


They were both ready with intent to win the unspoken challenge.

They had decided on meeting up and Yoongi and Hoseok’s place before heading out so that they could all go together. They walked to the closest metro station, everyone was dressed to impress, even Yoongi. 


Once they had reached the bar district, Hoseok was practically vibrating with excitement. “Are you guys ready?? It has been so long since we all went out like this, I am so happy!” Hoseok was cheering as they examined different bars, seeing which would be the best atmosphere to go in; which would have the cheapest drinks and cheapest entrance fee. 


Yoongi grumbled something that was too low to hear, though everyone could give a slight guess on what might have been said. Choosing to ignore the grumpy beta for the time being, they kept looking for other places. 


Jungkook smelled a particular place that had a lot of alphas in it, and he suggested that to see if anyone wanted to go in. Hoseok immediately agreed, of course, while the others were fairly indifferent and just agreed so they didn’t have to keep walking around and looking.


After entering the club, they got bombarded with the pheromones that permeated the air, all but the beta’s almost feeling overwhelmed. Jimin instinctively moved closer to Jungkook, placing a hand on his hip and wrapping the other around the small of his back. He moved his nose to the taller’s neck to drench him in his scent, intending for that to drive away and unwanted and horny alphas. 


He knew why Jungkook picked this bar and he knew that he was going to have to exert an intense amount of control to rein in his temper and his possessive instincts that were already flaring up without really having even entered the damn club. He took a large breath of air in, trying to control his raging emotions, knowing that Jungkook was watching him and waiting for a reaction.


Jungkook, pouting slightly at not getting a stronger reaction, just decided to head on farther into the room, knowing he was only getting more and more drenched in foreign alphas scents. He underestimated how much this would affect his omega side though, feeling a little out of place in an area with so many unknown alphas. 


Many traditional alphas still didn’t like omegas like Jungkook since he didn’t fit the stereotype of the traditional omegas. He was tall, muscular, and strongly independent. He didn’t want to be ordered around, and he knows that alphas have used their Voice in order to take advantage of omegas. 


However, he has been practicing with Namjoon for years now, to form a slight resistance to it. He has been practicing with his alpha as well. It took a long, long time to convince Jimin to use it on him, even though it was for purely training purposes. Jungkook refused to be taken advantage of, so he decided to attempt to build a tolerance to that kind of command. He was able to for the most part, but he didn’t know how much alcohol may actually affect that tolerance he has been attempting to build. 


And as much as he wanted to tease and provoke his alpha, he also didn’t want to end up in any danger because he had made a bet with himself that he could make his hyung crack before him. So he knew he would stay within eyesight of at least a couple of his hyungs throughout the night. 


All of them approached one of the few booths left, very relieved that there were any left, because some of them (mostly Namjoon, Yoongi, and Jimin) were not always the most amicable to clubs and preferred to sit and talk for a portion of the time that they were there. They filed into the booth gratefully, Yoongi already letting out a large sigh and being able to sit down.


“Come on, Yoongi. It hasn’t even been that long,” Seokjin exclaimed. “We have literally been walking for 15 minutes and there was not even a line to get in! I am older than you, yet you act like you are 50!” Seokjin lets out a laugh of bemusement. 


“Hyung, I am exhausted. You know I have been working on this project for a group and I don’t sleep much. I am allowed to be tired! Just be lucky I came out tonight.” Yoongi grumbles the last part under his breath. Everyone always seems to mock him for being tired or lazy or grumpy. But he has a different schedule from the rest of them. But he still makes time to be with them because he loves his friends. He doesn’t like going out either, but that isn’t because he was lazy, but because he preferred to spend the time he had with people he actually knew and liked


Jimin completely understood, as Yoongi was the second person he had met out of the group (after Taehyung) when he was still in middle school. He idolized his hyung, wanting to be just like him one day, but dancing to music instead of making music. He didn’t have what it takes to be a music producer. “Leave Yoongi hyung alone guys, we always split up when we are in places like this at some point anyways! Lets just have fun!” He tried to redirect the attention away from his hyung.


Yoongi sent him a grateful look and gently caressed the alpha’s arm, thankful that he was able to understand him the way he did. He knew all of his friends did, but Jimin and Hoseok were the ones that knew him best, knew that he wasn’t some antisocial, fatigued man. 


Seokjin and Jungkook were about to comment before Namjoon recommended going to the bar and getting some drinks. After asking what everyone wanted, the three made their way to the bar to put in the orders. Hoseok nudged Yoongi, silently asking if he was okay; while Hoseok was excited to be out and about, he silently asked the beta if he would like to go home and watch a movie or something. 


Yoongi thanked him just as quietly, knowing how much it meant. Hoseok was the opposite of Yoongi in that he loved meeting new people, even ones he knew he would never see again. While Yoongi preferred making close friends that he would have forever (which of course Hoseok did that too), but Hoseok also loved meeting new people and discovering new experiences. Yoongi wasn’t as interested in making superficial friends, he barely had time to spend time with his closest friends, let alone attempting to make new friends.


Jimin nudged Yoongi slightly, leaning into the elder’s form. He nuzzled softly against his hyung’s scent gland, assuring him that he understood his reasons, that he knew how much everyone meant to the elder. Jimin flooded Yoongi with his crisp forest scent while Yoongi rubbed his wrist against the younger’s gland, allowing his own minty scent to woft over him. 


Hoseok watched on knowingly, loving being able to witness Yoongi at some of his most vulnerable moments, moments that really only him and Jiminie got to see. Watching Yoongi being able to tune out the rest of the club was an act in itself. Yoongi always had a soft spot for Jimin, considering him as a younger brother. Of course he loved his older brother, but he had always wished for a younger brother as well, and Jimin had filled that desire wonderfully. 


Their moment was interrupted when the other three returned to the table, Taehyung having already gone out to dance some, loving the feeling of the music flowing through him. They all accepted their drinks, settling down to just converse for a little before dancing. 


Jungkook made sure to plop down next to Jimin, letting his hand rest on the alpha’s upper thigh while gently caressing it. Jimin retaliated by wrapping his arm around the taller’s waist, letting his hand wrap around his lower hip. They were so tightly pressed together that you could not see any space between them, and even though they were trying to seduce the other, they were still right where they would have been without the challenge.


Jimin leaned his head onto Jungkook’s shoulder, subtly shifting so that his nose was pressed into his lower throat near his clavicle, he just gave the smallest of licks that no one else saw. Jungkook tensed with the action though, feeling a heat low in his stomach. He knew they said they were going to wait a little to have sex, but he was more than ready. He knew Jimin was too, so he figured it would be a good idea to talk about it again. 


With that thought in mind, even more arousal flooded his being, though it was subtle enough to not erect the others attention towards him and his alpha. Jungkook downed the rest of his drink quickly, already waving a waitress down to order more drinks. 


The woman took notice of them fairly quickly, Jungkook ordering two rounds of shots for all of them (on Seokjin’s tab of course). Jungkook, Hoseok and Seokjin were all obviously ready to have a crazy night out, since they took the shots back to back. Jimin, Yoongi and Namjoon had a bit more space between their shots as none of them were particularly fond of shots. Jimin and Yoongi preferred mixed drinks, while Namjoon preferred to sip on whiskey or scotch, if not just a nice, cool beer.


All of them but Namjoon and Yoongi had a fairly low tolerance for alcohol, so with how quickly that Jungkook and Hoseok had drained their glasses, there was definitely going to be some tipsy friends in a moment. They were both fairly ready to get intense on the dancefloor, Jungkook especially with his desire to make Jimin break first. 


Jimin was fairly aware of the red-head’s plan, but he also knew that alcohol can be a good thing and bad thing for Jimin; Jungkook would get more obviously jealous or frustrated while inebriated, but he would also be more careless about the people around him. So the alpha knew he had to keep an eye on his boyfriend. 


While lost in his thoughts, Seokjin had ordered two more rounds of shots. Jimin was ready to take care of a very sick Jungkook and Hoseok at the end of the night, given how they were only here for 15 minutes and the other two had already had four shots and a mixed drink each. Jimin himself, still had three of the four to take, ‘he knew how to pace himself’ he thinks sardonically, while eyeing the two omegas.


Jungkook was already feeling the effects of the alcohol and he was already losing some of his inhibitions. He worried slightly because he knows that alcohol makes him horny...and his plan was to seduce his boyfriend..and competitions didn’t matter as much to his incredibly competitive nature when he was drunk and horny. He mentally face-palmed. He would just need to hold off on any more alcohol for the moment and try to make him jealous while Jungkook was still somewhat sober. He needed to focus on his task while he was still of a somewhat sound mind, he knew it was only a matter of time before the alcohol he already ingested would make its presence known.


“Hoseokie hyunggg, lets go dance!” Jungkook exclaims, grabbing the other omega’s hand and dragging him to the dancefloor. He manages to find a good spot close to the middle of the floor, a hoard of alphas surrounding them. Jungkook lets his muscles unclench as he closes his eyes, just letting the music consume him and his limbs.

“Jungkookie looks like he is going hard tonight. Jiminie, what did you do?” Seokjin asks, a light laugh following his question.


Jimin, who had been staring a hole through the crowd where his omega was dancing, startled slightly at being addressed. “I didn’t exactly do anything, Jin hyung. Jungkookie has it out for me tonight. He is trying to incite a reaction out of me. It is why he chose a club full of alphas. It does worry me though, I don’t trust easily...and he is already tipsy.” Jimin finishes, already staring back through the crowd, just barely discerning his lover. 


“Don’t worry Jimin, we are keeping an eye on all the drunkards our friends are sure to become tonight. I have been keeping an eye on Taehyung for the past ten minutes, and he seems just about, if not more, tipsy than the other two dipshits dancing.” Yoongi states. Yoongi hates dealing with drunk people, but he loves watching them. It is better than any television he could turn on. 


Jimin acknowledges what Yoongi said with a shrug and tilt of his head, now looking for his soulmate to ensure he was doing okay. He spotted his blonde hair next to omega from what he could assume from his current position. He decided to make his way over, just to subtly verify that his best friend was doing alright and not uncomfortable; he knew how that if Taehyung was uncomfortable, he was too nice to try to end the conversation. He would just keep talking to them, regardless of how he felt; Jimin was the same way, so they often saved each other in those situations. So he let the others know that he would be right back.


“-seen you in a while!” Jimin caught the tail end of what the other person was saying. He vaguely recognized the scent, though he could not, for the life of him, place the scent. He did, however, remember not liking the association too much, also coming to realize that the man in front of him was not an omega, but an alpha. 


Taehyung, sensing Jimin’s arrival, turned to greet him with an enthusiastic hug and a kiss on his cheek. “Jiminieeeee, where have you been?!” Tae drawled into his face, his breath fanning across the alpha’s face, making his nose scrunch up. The beta only hugged him tighter at the expression the shorter had made, reaching to squish his cheeks together.


“Jimin! You presented! Congratulations!!” Yugyeom exclaimed. He seemed genuinely happy for Jimin and he thanked him graciously. “You’re an alpha. That is interesting. I thought you said you would be an omega?” 


“Well, I guess fate proved me wrong, huh?” Jimin tries to laugh. Now that the scent was verified, he really didn’t want to spend time talking to Jungkook’s ex. He liked Yugyeom a lot, but there was always this distaste because of the fact he had been dating a certain maknae for a time. “Nice to see you again though, Yugyeomie. It has been a while.” 


“Is it weird? Being so positive you would be an omega, only to end up an alpha?” Yugyeom asks, genuinely interested. 


Jimin doesn’t take offense to his questions. He understood why the other was curious. It seemed like a foreign phenomenon, being positive that he would present as one class, only to present as the complete opposite of the chain. “Oh yeah, it was pretty hard to get used to, and kind of scary when I was dealing with a presentation I had never been prepared for. Really threw me and everyone through a loop.” Jimin finishes, trying for a lighthearted chuckle.


“Well I am happy for you Jiminie hyung!” Yugyeom exclaims happily. “And I didn’t know you two had gotten together, either. I am so happy for you guys.” He finishes with a pat on Taehyung’s back.


Taehyung and Jimin glance at each other for a few seconds, then immediately break out into peals of laughter, with Yugyeom watching confusedly as to why it was so funny. He kept a small smile on his face though, so he wouldn’t appear as rude.


Taehyung, still slightly wheezing, managed to get out, “We are not together Yugyeomie!” another chuckle escapes his lips. “We are not together, but Jiminie here, is dating someone. That someone however, is definitely not me. No matter how much I wish we were !” Taehyung holds Jimin’s face in his own large hands, making kissing faces. 


Jimin shoves him off good naturedly, very affectionately slapping his friend’s arm. “Oh shut up Tae-Tae!” Jimin laughs, “no need to butter me up, you know you already have me.” The alpha jokes.


Yugyeom glances between them, then catching onto what the elder beta had mentioned, “You are dating someone?? Do I know them?” 


Jimin tenses a little, feeling slightly awkward about it. He doesn’t know how hard the breakup may have been on the younger alpha. He knows it was Jungkook who ended it, but he never really got the reason why or what happened. Jungkook didn’t want to talk about it and he respected that. However, he did know that the breakup was hard on Jungkook as well. So he really didn’t know how raw it would be for the taller. 


“Um, actually.. I am dating Jungkook-ah.” Jimin states nervously, quickly glancing around to see if he can see the omega anywhere, tensing even more when he cannot find him. Immediately after his sentence, the scent around him sours enough to make Jimin want to gag, though he holds it in. 


Yugyeom remains very still, eyes fixated on Jimin and nothing disrupting his stare, even when drunk people bump into them in their haste to get even more drinks to get even more drunk than they already are. “ he here now?” He eventually asks.


Jimin immediately straightens, his back going ramrod straight, unintentionally releasing slightly threatening pheromones, which makes the younger alpha stiffen as well. The alphas are having an intense stare down before Jimin feels someone jump on his back. He growls lowly, about to shake the body off of him when he recognizes the scent of his omega. 


He quickly turns around, grabbing the younger in his arms and scenting him thoroughly, lips and teeth making an appearance and eliciting light whines from Jungkook. His hands are running up and down the taller’s body, ensuring that his scent is completely saturated in the other’s scent, barely being able to pick up Jungkook’s scent over the pine and lemon. 


Overwhelmed, Jungkook returns the scenting with the same vigor that he received it from the alpha. He glided his lips along the other’s throat where the gland was, as well as rubbing their wrists together for those glands to receive the same treatment. Jungkook starts to feel slick start to form slightly, alcohol and arousal clouding his mind.


Jimin, smelling the slick, lets out a feral growl, not liking his omega getting wet in a club full of alphas. He hears a growl behind him come from the younger alpha and he whips around, keeping Jungkook out of his sight. He knows Jungkook can handle on his own, he could probably beat up someone better than Jimin could (not probably, he could, but ‘probably’ makes Jimin feel better).


Jungkook only feels more slick gather at the growl his alpha released, but he is also curious as to why it came out in the first place. He knew that Jimin wasn’t just jealous of any random alphas, because he had been trying to evoke a response like this all night without too much luck. So why all of a sudden did Jimin get all territorial and aggressive? 


Jungkook was about to inquire Taehyung, since he seemed to be the most stable at the moment, but he didn’t need to once the familiar coffee bean scent hit him. “Yugyeomie.” Jungkook whispered. He shouldn’t have whispered that in the enraged alpha’s ear in retrospect, since that just brought out another animalistic growl, his hands coming to rest around his lower back to bring him closer to the shorter’s back. 


Yugyeom was posturing at this point as well, not liking to see Jimin and Jungkook together, always suspecting that was the reason that Jungkook had ended things with him. And knowing that Jungkook couldn’t even bother to confirm that assumption when he had flat out asked made him angry. And seeing the elder alpha, with Jungkook so securely in his arms made a part inside of him snap. Rationally, he liked Jimin hyung, but that was not what was in his mind as he contemplated ways to win his omega back. 


Jimin was impossibly tense, every muscle in his body pulled taut, every tendon stressed. Jimin loved Jungkook too much, he wouldn’t let him get away after he finally had him, he couldn’t...unless..unless Jungkook wanted to? Did he want Yugyeom? He was upset after the breakup so does that mean he thought it was a mistake to break up? He knows that they hung out after having broken up.


Jungkook managed to smell the slight sourness that began to emit from his alpha, and knowing Jimin and how insecure he was, rushed to reassure him. He began to scent him in earnest again, insisting that he was the one that the omega wanted. That Jungkook loved Jimin . Not Yugyeom . Jimin’s muscles began to gradually unclench, just barely, because he couldn’t fully with how Yugyeom’s muscles were clenching more intensely with every movement of Jungkook’s. 


Jimin’s sanity was attempting to bleed back into his scattered instinct, driven mind, but every movement of the younger alpha would put his sanity a few steps back. Jungkook was doing everything he could to calm him down, but he was also still hazy from drinking alcohol, the buzz still going strong. He didn’t know what to do. Maybe he should talk to Yugyeom and try to settle things? That was probably the best way to go about it. He figured he was the only one who could really settle things without them taking a turn for the worst and Jimin possibly ending up getting hurt. 


He wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if his hyung got hurt because of an ex that he had dated for maybe three months. He figured peace would be better than war.


He nuzzled against Jimin again, attempting to get his attention. Jimin tilted his head to the side, indicating that he was listening to whatever Jungkook had to say. “Hyung,” he starts with a soothing whisper, “maybe I should talk to Yugyeom and settle things before they end with a fight. I don’t want you to get hurt, hyung.” 


Immediately after having said the words, Jimin’s scent soured even more than Yugyeom’s did, even Taehyung as a beta with a less sensitive nose, had scrunched up his nose at the acrid smell. Jimin completely turned to face him, betrayal flashing deep into his large brown eyes, his mouth pulled into a tight line. “What?” a broken whisper.


Jungkook pulled away slightly at the heartbroken look and the pungent smell the elder was releasing in waves. “I mean, hyung, I think it is best that I try to diffuse the situation. I don’t want Yugyeom to hurt you or for you to hurt him. We can end this peacefully, can’t we? I wouldn’t forgive myself if you got hurt because of me.”


Jimin closed his eyes, reaching behind him for Taehyung, needing some comfort from his best friend. His rational mind figured he was overreacting, but there was that part of him that just couldn’t convince himself there wasn’t more to it. It felt like he was choosing the younger alpha over him.. And he would have preferred if Jungkook had just punched him in the face. At feeling the beta’s touch on the scent gland on his wrist, he manages to bring himself out of the black hole of grief he had found himself spiraling in. 


“Yeah.” He mumbled. “Sure.”


Jungkook didn’t see the tears that had gathered in his alpha’s eyes, but he did smell them. He immediately went to follow Jimin, before he felt a gentle grasp around his forearm and he turned to see Yugyeom. The alpha was wearing a slight victorious smirk at having thought he was being chosen over the elder alpha. Jungkook felt sick to his stomach once he realized how it must have come off to his hyung. He had been trying to protect Jungkook, even though they both knew that he didn’t have to, and Jungkook had basically implied that he chose another alpha over his own. That the protection wasn’t needed or appreciated. Jungkook’s hazy brain managed to put this together as much as he could, guilt quickly overcoming his scent, which still had large traces of Jimin’s scent intermingled with his own.


Jungkook lowered his head, fighting off his own tears. He had already hurt the person he loved most in this world, might as well finish what he started before going back to his alpha. His brain managed to clear up the slightest bit with the emotions that were battling each other inside his being.


“Yugyeom, lets go to another area that isn’t as loud or as crowded.”


Yugyeom merely nodded, indicating for the omega to lead the way with a hand lifted up.


Jungkook made his way to where the bathroom signs were, figuring that would be one of the more quiet places in the club with its booming bass. He took a deep breath before starting to explain why he had broken up with him and everything that had happened.

Taehyung was leading his soulmate through to the back of the club where an exit door, holding his breath as long and as often as he could from how bitter Jimin’s scent still was. As soon as they had breached the door, Jimin was pulled into Taehyung’s arms. He didn’t cry, he stared blankly at the wall, letting his best friend comfort him and scent him. Letting the citrus overcome his sense, letting it temporarily erase Jungkook’s scent from his form. Needing it to erase it for now.


Taehyung tried so very hard to keep his ire in check. He tried so hard. He knew that Jungkook had been drinking. But he had to know how that would look. His instincts, something he was awarded after presenting, would have assured him that choosing another alpha over his own ‘supposed alpha’ was an act of betrayal that his alpha would feel. Both instincts screaming at alpha and omega. 


Even though all three know it isn’t true, Jimin’s instincts were howling at him that he failed, that he wasn’t good enough for his omega. And Jimin still had such little time of being an alpha under his belt, so of course he couldn’t control his instincts much at all yet. But Jungkook had been an omega for a while, he had dated alphas before, he knew this time.


Taehyung was so disappointed. His best friend’s grief was tangible, he could quite literally taste it on his tongue. And the worst thing..his alpha is wounded, no doubt about that, but the human part of Jimin. The insecure part of the man. That part is wounded as well, probably more than the wolf part of him is. That is the part that tears Taehyung up, that is the part that makes his beta ache to comfort the alpha in his arms right now. That is the part that makes his human side want to go find Jungkook, to thump his thick skull. 


Taehyung just continues to rub his friend’s back, wishing there was something more he could do, anything at all that he could do. He didn’t know if bringing Jungkook out here would do more damage than repair, so he decided to get Yoongi. Yoongi had a good way of getting through to Jiminie when he was down, when he needed someone. Yoongi gave good advice and Taehyung felt incredibly out of his depth, unfortunately. 


Taehyung assured the small alpha that he would be gone for just a minute, the other not even responding to his words, not even indicating that he had heard him. 


Taehyung rushed back into the club, noticing Jungkook was still nowhere to be seen, ‘how convenient’ he thought blithely. 


After finally having reached Yoongi, he quickly briefed him on the situation. Yoongi’s eyes had gotten wider and wider until he inquired as to where Jimin was, letting Taehyung know that he would do what he could to get through to Jimin. 


Yoongi quickly made his way to the back exit, finding out that he wouldn’t have even needed the younger beta’s instructions with how strong Jimin smelled from anywhere near the back of the building. Yoongi’s heart clenched when he witnessed first-hand what Taehyung had explained to him, he had subconsciously been hoping that he had been exaggerating. He was remiss to realize that he could have actually been understating Jimin’s mindset. 


He quickly went to embrace the motionless figure of one of his oldest friends, wishing with his whole being that they had just stayed in. He knew that this had nothing to do with them going out to hang out, but seeing someone he saw as a brother going through this grief, it ate at Yoongi’s heart.


He brought Jimin’s head to his neck, caressing the back of the young alpha’s neck as he whispered soothingly. He just talked about happy memories, about what kind of trouble he and his older brother used to get into, about how he got interested in music and started doing what he is doing today, about how his parents were against the idea at first but grew to support him. He just kept talking until the shaking subsided, until his breath stopped hitching as often, until the putrid smell of such agony gradually progressed along the line of to pain.


Yoongi smelt Taehyung’s scent on Jimin, but he couldn’t quite discern Jungkook’s own scent, figuring Taehyung must have drenched his friend in his scent to help distract him from the situation. Yoongi decided to do the same, he started scenting Jimin, rubbing his cheek against the other’s neck, rubbing their wrists together...just assuring that he was there, that he wasn’t going anywhere. That he would never go anywhere. Jimin’s form seemed to relax the slightest bit, recognizing his hyung and feeling relief coarse through his veins, letting the calm tropical, minty scent allow his muscles to relax. 


He began sniffling in Yoongi’s shoulder. “He chose him over me, hyung. He chose him over me. I was a bad alpha. I didn’t take well enough care of him. I was standing up for him, for me, for us , and he went with his ex. I thought he would at least come after me, but he hasn’t. It is as if he didn’t really even care, I know he could smell me, he knows me even without that to have been able to see the pain on my face. But he still went with Yugyeom . Does he not love me as much as I love him?”


The tears that were illuminating the younger’s eyes broke Yoongi’s heart all over again. “You know that isn’t true, kiddo. That boy has loved you for years. You know that. Try to think over your instincts. You know he wants to be with you.”


“Hyung, this isn’t even about my instincts right now. I do feel like I failed as an alpha, which is hurting me, but that is not what is breaking me; the human part is what is breaking me, hyung. Jungkook knows me almost better than anyone, he saw what I was feeling, he sensed it, and he did nothing about it. That is what hurts . Sure, my instincts are screaming at me that I failed my omega, and that hurts, it really does. But there is no comparison to the insecurities and the doubt that now plague my rational mind. Yugyeom is an attractive man, he is kind and talented. I don’t know if I am being silly or immature, but I just feel so upset right now, hyung. Have you seen him at all? Is he even with you guys?”


Yoongi didn’t want to answer. Jungkook wasn’t with them. He didn’t know exactly where Jungkook was, but he figured he knew who he was with, and he didn’t want to upset Jimin any further. "He wasn’t with us when I came out here to check on you and spend some time with you, but he could be there now?”


Jimin knew that he was merely trying to comfort him, that Jungkook was likely still with Yugyeom. Jimin closed his eyes, just wishing he was somewhere else, hating that he was in a shady alley at a club where his omega was talking with his old alpha.


“Hyung, do you think it would be okay if I left? I can’t wait around here for however long it may take for them to have their talk. Or whatever it is. I just… I can’t be waiting for Jungkook to finally make an appearance. Could I stay the night at your place for the night as well? Jungkook’s scent is all over my apartment and I don’t think I could handle that at the moment. I just want to be able to kind of sleep without the constant reminder of him. And I am surrounded by his scent, then I know that I will be thinking about him or dream about him. I just want a dreamless sleep. Is that okay, hyung?”


Jimin looks so utterly vulnerable that Yoongi would not be able to say no even if he was paid. Jimin looked like a young child in the moment, so hurt and searching for reassurance that his actions were acceptable. Yoongi was nodding before he even knew it, “of course Jiminie, you can stay in my bed and I will be there once the others are ready to go home. I don’t want anyone to stay here and possibly get into trouble.”


Jimin is flooded with gratitude, every pore practically radiating with it. “Thank you so much, hyung. You are a lifesaver. Thank you. Truly.” Jimin makes to turn away before he pauses and glances back at his hyung again. “Please make sure Jungkookie gets home safely as well, hyung.” And with that, Jimin turns around and walks towards the metro station, Yoongi not appreciating that he was going by himself, especially in his current state. But he knew that the ride was short, as was the walk. Searching for the right club took the most time. 


Yoongi let out a grand sigh, watching until Jimin disappeared before moving to open the door, only to be startled when Taehyung busted through it. “Is he okay, Yoongi hyung??”


“Not really, Tae. But he wanted to go, and he is sleeping at Hoseok and I’s place tonight.” He pauses before continuing. “Please keep that to yourself for now though, Taehyungie. He didn’t want to go home to his room that his saturated with Jungkook’s scent.”


Taehyung’s scent sours at the mention of the omega, his protective instincts kicking into full gear, not liking that Jimin was once again upset because of the maknae. Though, rationally, he knew the first time wasn’t exactly Jungkook’s fault, but this time definitely was. Taehyung sighs, “Okay hyung, let's go back in and join the others.”


Upon entering the establishment, they notice that Jungkook had reappeared, looking like he was searching for someone. Obviously, they both figured they knew who he was looking for. Yoongi sighed, yet again, and decided he would go over there to inform the younger of the situation. He knew that Taehyung was not exactly in the right state of mind to be able to convey the right point without coming off as threatening or mad. Which was really a situation that they did not need right now. 


“Jungkook!” He called out for the omega. Jungkook could smell Jimin all around this area, his scent was especially strong on both Yoongi and Taehyung. The omega faltered before the two betas when his nose started twitching, noticing the still sour taste of his beloved alpha. He was infinitely more sober now and needed to speak with Jimin.


Yoongi gave Taehyung a pointed look and Taehyung having noticed it, scoffed as he left with a glare scorching Jungkook inside out. He cringed at that, knowing of only one reason that Taehyung is ever really actually mad at someone.


“Where is Jiminie hyung, Yoongi hyung? I need to talk to him, but I can’t find him.” Yoongi is giving him an intent stare and Jungkook has never met someone that could say more with a single look than Min Yoongi. “Please, hyung? I really need to talk to him.”


Yoongi arches his eyebrows, studying the omega before deciding to answer him with a simple “he left.”


Jungkook jolts with surprise. “He what? He left? Where did he go? Is he okay??” Question after question shoots out of his mouth.


Yoongi remains impassive. “He didn’t feel well, Jungkook. Do you know why that is?”


Jungkook wilts in on himself. “Yeah… yeah I do, hyung.”


“Do you really?”


“Um, yes? I was there when the situation was occuring.” Jungkook states bluntly, getting frustrated with how Yoongi was acting.


“Then you know the extent of your actions? How Jimin felt when you chose another alpha over him? How you didn’t even come after him when you, as you put it, ‘were there when the situation was occurring’? So you knew firsthand how he felt about everything that was happening.” 


Jungkook bowed his head with the intensity of his emotions, knowing he had little right to be sad, but he was . He was so sad. He was trying to do the best by both alphas, but it seems he only did right by one of them, and that one was not the one he considered his alpha. He did.. He chose another alpha over his own. He didn’t really see it for what it was at the time, too intent on trying to break up the fight. He wanted to explain to Yugyeom about why he had ended things with him, which was because of Jimin. And it turns out that by trying to let Yugyeom down more gently than he did before, he only brought Jimin down that much harder. 


Jungkook felt sick. “Where is he hyung?? Please!! I need to see him, to explain everything! I can’t stand the thought of him going to sleep with this on his mind. Please, hyung. Please.” 


Yoongi had always had a good poker face. He wanted Jungkook to talk to Jimin, but they were for selfish reasons because he wanted Jimin to feel better, not only to alleviate Jungkook’s guilt. But he couldn’t break the younger’s trust. One betrayal of trust was enough for one night. 


“I am sorry Jungkook, but he asked me to be alone tonight. I can’t break his trust. I know everything will work out. Text him or leave a voicemail so that he knows you at least tried to get in contact with him, okay? I guarantee you that if you do not make some sort of move to let him know that you are thinking about him, then he will feel so much worse . He needs reassurance that you still want to be with him. Choosing him over another alpha..over an ex boyfriend really took a toll on him. Just text him, Jungkookie.”

Chapter Text

Jungkook slept very fitfully throughout the night. He was antsy and uncomfortable, a weight in his chest that refused to relax and caused massive amounts of discomfort. He tossed and turned, wishing Jimin was with him. He was cold and Jimin’s body always seemed to be like a furnace; he didn’t realize how used to sleeping in the same bed as the smaller he was, until he was no longer able to. 


The more he thought about it, he really hadn’t owed Yugyeom all that much. They didn’t date long enough for there to be deep amounts of love, at least according to him; that may not have been fair to assume for the alpha though. He had been in love with Jimin for years, so of course he wouldn’t have been as broken up over their breakup as the other may have been if he didn’t have Jimin. 


He hated that he had upset Jimin, kind insecure Jimin. He loved Jimin with his entire being, and he does know he shouldn’t have gone with the other alpha when his alpha was taken over by instincts in retrospect. His mind had been fuzzy and all he had wanted to do was diffuse the problem that was happening in the moment, not foreseeing the issue that would come with that decision. 


He knows the person that is most upset with him, even with Jimin in the mix, is likely to be Taehyung. He is so relieved that Jimin has such a loyal friend, that Taehyung is merely defending his friend. It really hurts when the beta is upset with him (or really anyone), because that normally means that Jimin was upset about something. Taehyung has been with Jimin longer than even Yoongi, they were childhood best friends, so he understands where the intense protectiveness comes from. Hell, they were all pretty protective when it came to Jimin; the alpha just has such a nice and pure soul, that everyone just wants to shield from any evil in the world. He has heard of how many people have attempted to take advantage of Jimin (or actually have), and it broke his heart more and more with each person. Each person that had hurt him, brought out this intense rage, a fire deep in his belly.


He respects the fact that the elder beta is loyalty first; he thinks that is a good attribute to have.. Or it can be. Taehyung so very rarely gets legitimately angry. While Taehyung being upset with him makes him sad, knowing that Jimin was hurt by his actions is so much worse to him. He knows that Jimin knows that he loves him, but he also knows how their instincts are the least rational part of their beings. 


And he also knows that Taehyung, as a beta, does not have as strong a reaction to their instincts given his more neutral status. Omegas and alphas can be overpowered by their instincts, betas senses are not as strong or compelling. The beta really can’t relate on the same level as he or Jimin, because while of course he feels his wolf’s presence, it is not nearly as vocal or driven by those carnal urges. Fight or flight. Kill or be killed. Protect or die trying (with pride at that). 


He is not as affected by the scents surrounding him as omegas or alphas. Which Jungkook really considers to be a blessing more than a curse most of the time. He can be overwhelmed sometimes, his nose twitching, from the many, different scents that bombard him. Especially when he is approaching his heat and every alpha around him almost becomes either oppressing, arousing or both at the same time. A very unfortunate mix indeed for an unmarked, unmated omega. And he knows the same things happen for unmated alphas in regard to when they are nearing their rut and are surrounded by omegas. 


His omega is trying to reach out to its alpha, and it’s sad because it knows that it hurt him, it recognizes the mistake it had made at the club. Jungkook vows not to drink too much alcohol for a long while. He has never really understood the appeal of alcohol if he is being honest. He drank it because his friends did and that that is kind of what is expected of you when you go to a bar or a club. 


If one drink too much though, there have never really been any good instances. Something bad won’t happen every time you drink, but nothing good has ever happened; if between good or bad decisions while drunk, it would be bad every time. He, and other people, only ever seem to embarrass themselves when drinking. People very rarely tell him something amazing he did while drunk the night before, they are more teasing him about something stupid he did, or something one of his friends did. There seems to be a very fine margin of when one feels good while drinking anyways; too little and you don’t feel any effects until you peak at that “tipsy” stage, but then you drink a little bit more and get to that “drunk” stage where you act like an idiot. 


Regardless though, he knows he needs to speak to his alpha as soon as possible. He looks at the clock, only to see that it is only 3:13. He felt like he had been laying in bed for hours when it only turned out to be more like an hour and a half. He decided to call Jimin again, to at the very least leave one more voicemail. After speaking with Yoongi he had agreed at a moments notice that he should at least leave one message and send text messages, especially when he had been told that one of the reasons Jimin had been upset was because he hadn’t thought to go after him when he smelled what he did emanating from his alpha.


The omega picks up the phone to call the elder, if anything then to at least hear his cheery voice precluding the beep for leaving a voicemail. He could pretend that Jimin was feeling like how he sounded in the recording, even though he knew that he wasn’t, it was a nice thought at the very least.


As he dialed up his lover’s number, he numbly wished that he would pick up, though he was not holding up any hope for him to actually answer the phone.


One ring.


Two rings.


Three rings.


Four rings.


“Hi! You have reached Jimin and I am so sorry that I have missed your call! Please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Have a wonderful day!”


Jungkook’s eyes burn as he listens to the voicemail, thinking about how he had hurt this ball of sunshine and happiness.


“Hey Jiminie, I just wanted to say that… that I am so sorry. The last thing I wanted to do was upset you. I know that I shouldn’t have gone with Yugy-.. with another person when I sensed how you were feeling. I know I should have gone with you to really settle the situation, I just hadn’t been thinking clearly... I was enraged at just the thought of you with another omega when Seokjin hyung brought up how you had a brief relationship with her. Then my ex of a few months shows up and you kept so in control, especially in comparison to how I had reacted to what hyung said. I know how mad and hurt I would be if you had chosen another omega in the same situation. I don’t blame you for being upset, I really don’t. I would be so incredibly conflicted and upset if it had been the situation in reverse; I don’t even like it when random omegas walk up to you, let alone one you actually liked and saw more than a few times. 


“I know I messed up. Just.. just please call me when you are ready. I will keep my phone on me with the ringer on so that if I am asleep it will wake me up. I know you are upset and I want you to take as long as you need, I just want you to know that I will be ready to talk whenever you get to that point, no matter what I am doing.”


He remained on the phone, just breathing into it for a little while, trying to figure out what else to say to reassure his alpha, to make him feel at least marginally better than he does now. Right when he opens his mouth to speak again, though, the voicemail beeps, indicating the time was up. His eyes are still burning as he reluctantly puts his phone down back on the nightstand, he wants to call again, but he doesn’t know if that would be a good or a poor idea. 


A deep sigh falls from his lips, more grief ridden and exhausted than one should really be emitting at his age. He doesn’t know if he is going to be able to sleep at the current moment, but he also doesn’t know what to do; everything in his body is urging him to going to Yoongi’s and Hoseok’s, since he is pretty sure that that is where the elder is staying. 


His omega is yearning for its alpha and he doesn’t know how to suppress that part of him, he knows he is likely overreacting. Jimin is just hurt, and he knows that the smaller will call him in the morning because he is just that forgiving and sweet. But there is still that part of him that assumes that he is going to lose the alpha. And he can’t lose him, he has loved him for so long and now that they are finally together, he won’t lose him. He can’t just let Jimin go… he knows that he doesn’t completely deserve him, but he just can’t let him go now that he finally has him. He will do everything he can to ensure the alpha of that, that he truly only wants him. While the idea that he could want anyone else seems completely ludicrous to him, he knows how Jimin thinks, he knows Jimin, so he knows that reassurance is exactly what he needs.

Jimin awakes confused and groggy with his eyes crusted together. It is still dark outside so he knows he wasn’t asleep for long. He begins to rub his eyes right as the realization as to why they are stuck closed and new ones replace the dry ones. He knows he is overreacting, but he also knows it is primarily his alpha that is making him so upset. 


Sure, he has always been insecure, especially when he presented as the status he never expected to be, not quite knowing how to be an alpha. And then when Jungkook walked away with an actual alpha, someone that knows what they are doing, it hurt him...his alpha and its pride. 


He is still wondering what woke him up, though, and realizes it was his phone just as it quit ringing. When Jimin looks at the clock, he reads 3:15. He regrets not being able to pick it up in time, since obviously anyone calling him at this time probably needed something and was maybe even in trouble. 


His heart hurts when he reads one of the names that flashed across his screen. He jumped when a ping alerted him to a voicemail, not prepared for the sudden loud sound in the quiet room. He didn’t know if he should open it right now, he wanted to, god knew he wanted to, but would that have been a good idea? It may make it impossible to go back to sleep, though he doubted those chances were kind of shot anyways, now that he was awake and aware of the night before.


He brought up the contact, seeing an absolutely ridiculous picture of Jungkook, his nose scrunched and his eyes crinkled, his teeth that slightly reminded him of a bunny’s front teeth; Jungkook making a stupid face, trying to make Jimin open his mouth by laughing so he could feed him. Jimin felt his eyes burn at the silly picture, a small smile on his face. 


He listened to the voicemail before deciding if he should call back then or in the morning after hopefully getting a little more sleep. Hearing Jungkook’s broken voice, the hitches in his breath, the anguish in his voice broke Jimin more than all that went down at the club. 


The end of the voicemail, where he was obviously so upset was just as hard for him to listen to as the heartfelt words from the beginning, his throat and eyes burned as he laid there. He knew Jungkook hadn’t meant his actions to come off as they had, rationally he knew that. It just hurt for some reason, and he wished to everything out there that it hadn’t. 


The night had been fun, everyone was letting loose and just enjoying the night, not letting anything get them down. Jimin didn’t really enjoy drinking but he soaked up happy atmosphere like a sponge, the effects similar to being tipsy, just without the alcohol. He loved it when people were happy, especially his loved ones, so he had enjoyed the night just as much as any of them had been enjoying it. 


Jimin was so conflicted, he wanted to call the omega back, he ached with the desire to call Jungkook back. He loved him so much, had loved him for so long, and he wanted nothing more than to be curled up with the taller, exchanging their body heat and soft scenting. 


He just wanted to be able to sleep though, and he still wasn’t sure if calling Jungkook currently would have helped or hurt his intention. He hated going to bed upset with people though, without letting them know that everything would be fine and that he loved them. He learned from past relationships with people that going to bed angry could never be a good thing, because something could happen to one of them between then and the next time they would have met up. There could be some emergency where things would end with the last hateful words they both had uttered to the other. He refused to break his resolution now.


Jungkookie, I know... I know. Try not to worry or beat yourself up too much. I am sorry if Taehyungie was rough on you; I know how he can be, so don’t take anything he said to heart. I love you, Jungkook. It was just a fight (was it even really a fight if they hadn’t said anything to the other, though? He wasn’t sure) today, not the end of a relationship.


He wanted to press send, he really did. But he wasn’t sure if he should send that or call the omega. He wanted to hear the other’s voice, he wanted to listen to his soothing timbre. It always brought him peace and he misses it so much even though it had been mere hours since he had really heard it. 


After about another minute of debating with himself, he came to a decision. He pressed the contact of his lover and mentally prepared himself once the phone started ringing. 

Unsurprisingly, Yoongi and Hoseok had been unable to sleep once they arrived back to their apartment. After having checked on Jimin, and seeing the dried tear tracks and the puffy eyes, their hearts both broke. Their innocent mochi was upset, and it hurt to see any of their dongsaengs in this position. Seeing Jungkook as upset as he was, Taehyung as angry and sad as he was, and now truly seeing Jimin out of the haze of the club… their hearts were hurting with the pain all three of them were enduring. Over, at least in their opinion, a misunderstanding that had blown way out of proportion. 


Yoongi thinks Jungkook made a mistake, but that is exactly what it was...a mistake . It wasn’t like he was going out of his way to make Jimin upset. He knows Jimin and Taehyung know that, but he also knows that that isn’t what had those two so upset. They both knew it was a mistake, but they were both worried about the subconscious actions of the omega; they were worried that his actions meant something more than what they actually were. 


However, they were also ignorant to the adoring looks that Jungkook had been sending the alpha for the past years that they have known each other. Taehyung while coming off as oblivious because of his lighthearted demeanor, was actually one of the most astute people Yoongi knew. However, Yoongi knew that most of those observations he had made would become hollow when Jimin’s health (mental, emotional or physical) was put on the line. 


He knew Taehyung was aware of how much Jungkook truly loved the other’s best friend, he knew Taehyung was aware of how Jungkook would do absolutely anything for Jimin. He also knew, though, that all of that became obsolete whenever he would come across the alpha in the state he was in earlier that night. 


“Do you think they are okay?” Hoseok asks quietly, breaking the solemn silence that had come over them. 


Yoongi mulled it over for a second, knowing that Hoseok was just as sensitive to their friends’ troubles as Yoongi was, as well as how difficult it was for him when there were rifts within their group of friends. The beta was a very blunt person, but he did know the difference between being honest, and being callous and curt (even if people thought he didn’t). 


“I don’t think they are right now ‘Seok, but I know they will be. Jimin and Jungkook are in love with each other to the point of making me a little sick sometimes” he tries to add a little humor in there, though all Hoseok did was give a half-hearted smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “But I know that all three love each other too much to let this break them.. If it is even possible for that to happen.”


Hoseok lets out a long sigh, “I hate it when we are fighting. I don’t want anyone to be upset Yoongi hyung. I hate it. I just want them all to be okay, I saw how broken both Jimin and Jungkook looked today before they left and it almost felt like it broke me. And Taehyung, he looked just as bad. I know how much he loves Jimin, but I also know it is hard on him to be upset with people he loves as much as he does Jungkook. He has been protecting Jimin as long as we can remember, so I know it is instinct to lash out at those who hurt him, so I know he is beating himself up right now. I know he doesn’t regret it because of how hard Jimin took it, but I also know how much he loves Jungkookie and that he doesn’t like seeing the omega upset ether.”


“Hoseok, I understand. Truly, I do. But just know that everything will end up alright, this is a fight and all couples have them. Hell, all friends have them, so it is all going to work out and while they are hurting right now, they are going to work everything out. These kids are strong and they are stubborn; they aren’t going to let some stupid misunderstanding ruin years worth of friendship.” Yoongi states as he wraps an arm around the younger omega, leaning in to lightly scent his friend, knowing how much that it comforts his roommate. 


Hoseok returns the light nuzzling, and mumbles, “I know hyung, I just want it to be better now though” into his hyung’s neck. He knew he sounded childish, but he feels rifts in the group the hardest of the group, he and Jimin did. They were the most sensitive to the squabbles and fights, they usually did everything they could to fix fights among the group. 


Hoseok rose from the couch with the intention of going to sleep with Jimin, knowing how much the younger valued affection and cuddling, always being one of the more cuddly people in the group. Adorably, even after his presentation, he still wanted to be wrapped up in someone. He absolutely loved being wrapped up in a loving embrace, or wrapping someone up, disregarding his smaller frame a majority of the time. He and Yoongi fit perfectly, given their similar height and weight, and also their history.


With that thought, he decided to go a different route. “Hyung, I was going to go be with Jimin for the remaining of the night, but I think he may appreciate it more if you were to go in there with him. You guys are so close and he looks up to you so much...I think he would really appreciate that.”


Yoongi analyzes him for a moment. “I think, in this moment, it may be better for you to Hoseok-ah, I think an omega around him would really calm his senses. I think his instincts are flaring up right now and that your scent would really help him to relax.” Yoongi chuckles before continuing, “Hell, your scent is the one just about everyone finds most comforting. I think it would be a good idea if you went in there” 


Nodding his acquiescence, the omega makes his way to Yoongi’s room, already committed to helping his friend feel better, if not at least to maybe sleep better with his presence beside him. 


He knocked lightly upon the door once he reached it, he didn’t want to scare Jimin if he was awake currently by just going in, but he also knocked lightly enough, so that if he was asleep, it would hopefully not wake the alpha up. 


Gently opening the door, praising that for once the damn thing didn’t squeak, he poked his head in. Surprisingly, Jimin’s scent wasn’t as angst-ridden as it had been when they returned back to their apartment to witness it. It was slightly calmer, and upon his inching closer to the sleeping male, he heard a light crooning. 


He figured Jimin must have been listening to some kind of music to help him sleep, but the voice sounded eerily familiar. Once he got closer to the bed, he saw the profile of Jungkook’s face. He went to turn off the younger’s phone before he realized that it wasn’t a video, but a FaceTime call. 


“Jungkookie?” Hoseok whispered, shocked by the sight of the other omega, especially connected through Jimin’s phone. He didn’t know they had communicated at all since they both left the club. “What’s up? What is going on?” He knew it wasn’t really any of his business, but he really wanted to know if they had made up, truly hoping that they had.


Jungkook’s face immediately disappeared from the screen, a clunk coming across the phone and while not loud, seemed echoing in the silence of the night. The other’s face reappeared, looking a little embarrassed. “Sorry hyung, I wasn’t expecting anyone to say anything. You kind of scared me…” He trails off, very obviously embarrassed from how he reacted. 


Hoseok chuckled, always so endeared by the maknae. He was a little sad with the other for what had happened, but he also knew that while Jungkook was a very strong and smart person, it wasn’t hard to be overrun by instincts. Not even his omegan instincts, but just human instincts that warned everyone that fights were bad, that they didn’t want their loved ones to get hurt over something that didn’t really seem important. 


He knows Jungkook didn’t mean anything by it, he also knows that Jungkook is not all that experienced in the field of relationships. He didn’t know some of the effects that could come from publicly siding with a former alpha of his, when his current alpha was in the state that Jimin was in. 


“So...Jungkookie, this may be an obvious question. But.. what are you doing?” He chuckles, still wondering why Jungkook was singing on the phone while JImin was sleeping. 


Jungkook took a deep breath, holding it for a few seconds before lightly exhaling, noticeably quietening his exhale so as to not wake the sleeping man in front of them. 


“I messed up, hyung. I didn’t mean to hurt him. Please believe me. I love him so much, it tears me up inside to know that he was so upset... that he cried because of something that I did. I should have known what would have happened once I did that. I shouldn’t have stayed with Yugyeom as long as I did. I should have contacted Jiminie hyung sooner than I did. I know how insecure he is, and just-, it didn’t occur to me until an hour and a half after everything went down. I didn’t even realize it had been that long either. I fucked up. He was so good with me when I had a freakout over the mere thought of him with someone he hadn’t even had a real relationship with...just a potential one. And then my ex-boyfriend comes waltzing through the door and I ditch Jiminie...I-”


Hoseok shushes him, watching as the younger omega works himself into a panic, also glad that he had left the room in the beginning of Jungkook’s rant. He knew that would have undoubtedly woken up the distressed alpha in the other room. 


“Kook-ah, we all knew you did nothing with the intention of hurting Minie; we know that, okay? I know that you are upset, I know it must be so hard on you, and I wish I could be there to help you, but I also know you don’t like it when people are there when you are feeling like this. But you say the word, and I am coming over.” Hoseok could just imagine how sour the younger’s scent would be right now, his nose scrunching up at the mere thought, then immediately feeling guilty because that is not even remotely important right now. “I know this is easy to say, but just try to calm down some, okay? Everyone’s emotions today were very amplified and alcohol is never a good companion in moments like these. Have you slept at all since you got home?” 


Jungkook shook his head, his eyes still glistening and eyelashes wet. Hoseok sighed, wanting to bang his head on the wall. The maknaes of their friend group were going to drive him to an early grave. “Jungkook, you need to sleep. Being sleep deprived during any conversation that has any kind of importance, is really not the best idea; you know how easy it is to tune out or for your eyes to drift shut. You want to give Jiminie your full attention, right?” 


The taller nodded his head very furtively in affirmation. “Then Kook-ah, you need sleep.”


“I just...I can’t sleep easily without him anymore, hyung. I want him here with me. It’s even worse because I can smell him from last night, but he isn’t here. His warmth isn’t here. It’s cold and empty and sad. I know I would be a little sad if he just couldn’t come over for the night, but this is debilitating knowing he doesn’t want to come over. I just can’t sleep with the knowledge of having hurt him at all. He is such a pure soul, hyung… He is so much better than my relationship with Yugyeom. But he was also the person I go to for everything, even when I was dating Yugyeom and needed advice. So he knows everything about that relationship. And I chose a former boyfriend over my current one. I didn’t mean to, hyung. I didn’t end things fairly with Yugyeomie. I owed it to him.”


“I know Jungkook-ah. I guess that time-old saying, ‘there is a place and a time’ could have some meaning here. I agree that you should have given Yugyeom-ssi an explanation, he deserved to have one. But you shouldn’t have done it while somewhat inebriated, nor should you have done it in the presence of your current boyfriend. I know if my partner’s ex showed up, and I was in the middle of a metaphorical pissing contest with them, I would feel a little betrayed to be relegated to the back-burner. 


“I know you didn’t mean anything by it Jungkookie, and I know you feel bad. But it is in the past, and now just focus on your future conversation with Jimin. He is not stupid. His mind was clouded with his own instincts, instincts that only amplified any emotions he felt in the moment. I cannot imagine him ending things over this, he loves you too much, and it really isn’t that big of a deal in the long run. I can understand why he is upset, hell, I already said I would be too, but he knows you love him. He knows you have loved him for years and while Chim can be very insecure...well, is very insecure, if there is anything he knows now is that you love him.”


Jungkook stares through the camera with sad eyes. Knowing Hoseok is right, but just wanting everything to be okay. He absolutely hates discord...especially if he has any part in it. And the fact that he hurt the purest person he has ever met, that he hurt his mate is a burning and sharp pain. 


Eventually, Jungkook nods, mostly to let the older know that he heard and registered what he had had to say. 


“He called me” Jungkook states bluntly. “I had called and called, left message after message. I didn’t expect a response yet, hyung. I really didn’t think I would get one within the next 30 hours, let alone mere hours after everything happened. But he called me hyung, he reached out. He even told me he hadn’t intentionally ignored my calls or anything, he had just been asleep. He is so good and I just want to be with him. I want to hold him and help him feel better. But he did tell me he wasn’t ready to be with me yet. I understood, I mean I understand, but I still want him. I still need his presence Hoseok hyung. I miss him, and it has only been hours! His scent is right next to me, but it smells stale, even though he was here a few hours ago, he was here laying with me in my bed. And now he’s not, he is upset in Yoongi hyung’s bed.” 


Hoseok didn’t know if the other noticed, but the somewhat volatile way he said Yoongi’s name worried Hoseok a little. He knew that the younger was somewhat finicky about the relationship that Jimin and Yoongi shared, somewhat jealous that they had been friends and close for as long as they had been, that Yoongi knew Jimin before Jungkook did. Jimin himself had admitted to having a minor crush on Yoongi at one point, but that was also over a decade ago, and it was more admiration than anything, but it was also something that Jungkook never forgot. Everyone else had found it endearing, Jungkook however, was not as endeared by the sentiment, especially whenever Yoongi or the others would have teased the young alpha goodnaturedly. 


“What did he say on the phone Jungkook-ah?”


“It doesn’t matter, hyung. He wasn’t mean in the slightest, he was sad though. But what hurt the most was how pitifully exhausted he looked...his eyes looked almost empty from how glazed over they were. He wasn’t just tired, but he was resigned, which again, I would have preferred angry to any of the above a hundred times over. I can’t stand seeing him like this, it makes me flashback to when he had all of those other problems. When he was so sickly. I don’t want that again, hyung. I could barely handle it then. I know I couldn’t now.”


“Jungkook-ssi, that is not going to happen again. I know why you would worry and become remnicient about those times, but this is a one time thing, you know? He was upset, went to sleep crying and woke up in the middle of a night where he had probably gotten little to no sleep to talk, to the one that had caused him to be upset in the first place. I wasn’t even a bystander in this emotional shitshow and I am tired” Hoseok let out a few weak chuckles, as if he were amplifying his words with how exhausted he looked and sounded. “Give him some more credit Jungkook-ah, he isn’t going to spiral from this, he has come such a long way from where he used to be. He may be upset for a little bit, he may give you the cold shoulder (which even that, I don’t really see happening), but just have faith in him.”


Jungkook looks properly scolded, if you can call what the other omega had said as scolding. Was he doing it again? Was he placing Jimin in a glass box like he had done back then? It was just so natural of him to do. Jimin brought out this protective persona in every single person that he met, he just somehow made it to where people’s instincts screamed to protect the alpha. His alpha status had done little to change his loved ones’ perspectives on wanting to protect him, as he still had that innocent, almost angelic, kindness to him. He tried to see the good in everyone, even in those who had wronged him. 


Upon that thought, Jungkook’s thoughts spiraled all over again. He didn’t want to take advantage of his precious hyung. Jimin would excuse any actions the other had made, regardless of how bad or good they could be, Jimin would find it in himself to come up with an excuse. 


Jungkook needed to make sure he wouldn’t let Jimin make up excuses for him, that they accepted what had happened, talked it out, and moved on. Jimin was one of the most mature people he knew, and Jungkook...well Jungkook has his moments of maturity, but he knew when to be serious and when he could joke around and utilize his maknae status to his advantage. 


He wouldn’t call Jimin a pushover. If Jungkook was being honest, he may have called Jimin that years ago when he had first met him, and would let other people walk all over him while he would then just grin and bear it. Make excuses for others, make it his fault, or something like that. Also after all those stories that he had heard about instances like that from Taehyung, Yoongi and Namjoon, those who had known Jimin the longest. 


It was like something had snapped inside of Jimin though when he stood up to his parents. He still wasn’t a confrontational person, but he also didn’t just let people boss him around and expect nothing different. He finally knew his worth and wouldn’t let others hurt him and get away completely unscathed.


He knows he needs to give the alpha more credit, it is just such a dominant urge to take care of his Jiminie, he just wants to protect him from everything. 


“I know hyung. I know. I just wish this hadn’t happened. I hate it when he is upset, not only does my mood plummet, but so does everyone else’s!” Jungkook begins to whine, only a slight amount of relief edged into it. Hoseok knows he is trying to brighten the mood, even if just for a moment. 


“Well, have you ever wondered by Seokjin and Namjoon call him their sunshine? Yoongi hyung gave him that nickname, but only uses it when they are alone, and even then, fairly rarely from my understanding.” Hoseok notices a furrow in Jungkook’s brow at the mention of the intimate name given by Yoongi and Hoseok internally rolls his eyes, wanting to slap Jungkook atop the back of his head. “He brightens up the room when he is happy. But man, is he the opposite of sunshine when he is upset.” He continues to joke. He is like a thunderstorm with a tornado warning when he is upset. Everything feels off and tense.” He chuckles


He focuses more on the screen only to see a soft look on the youngest’s face, his mood swings apparently obvious to Hoseok, who just refrained from shaking his head exasperation. “Yeah, he is like the sun, hyung. He is so hot !” Jungkook laughs when Hoseok is taken aback with shock, definitely not having seen the change in conversation so abruptly. 


Hoseok’s chuckles die down some when he hears movement on Yoongi’s bed though, and freezes as if he was caught doing something bad. He pokes his head around the door to see if the alpha had woken up, ignoring Jungkook’s faint calls and questions for the moment. He sees the other rustling around, twisting and turning. It is obvious he isn’t fully asleep at the moment, trying to get comfortable. He hears the younger mumbling something that he strives to understand, but only hears a few random strings of words, ‘hey, that’s my apple’ and ‘my pinkie isn’t that small.’ 


Hoseok almost cooes when he hears those innocent little grumblings, especially at the fact that even a sleeping Jimin is indignant while dreaming of being teased about his little hands and fingers. He almost forgets about Jungkook before he hears the lightest sigh, which not only brings him back to the present and that he is on the phone with Jungkook, but also that he had crept closer to Jimin.


He glances down at the phone to see a soft smile on Jungkook’s face, the other omega likely hearing Jimin’s sleepy phrases. He wonders how often Jimin does this, because while Hoseok wants to laugh and pinch the younger’s cheeks, the other omega looks like he just misses hearing this, misses being with the alpha currently in front of Hoseok. 


Jungkook misses him. Oh, how he misses him. He misses Jimin’s exhausted mumblings and his warmth. He misses how often Jimin would nuzzle into his neck, scenting him even while asleep, how loved and warm that made Jungkook feel; to know that Jimin wanted to scent the taller even while he was asleep. Maybe it could have been considered creepy, but Jungkook knew everything about the awake Jimin, as well as the sleeping Jimin; he knew that when Jimin was about to wake up, his nose would twitch a few times before his brows would furrow. He knew when Jimin was dreaming because not only did he talk some, but his facial expressions were so open, he would automatically snuggle closer to Jungkook. Half of the time Jungkook couldn’t even understand what Jimin was saying, but with the complete and utter adoration that was laced into the elder’s voice, he knew it was sweet. But could Jimin ever really be anything but sweet?


Jungkook feels his eyes misting up again a little, he just wants to be there for his boyfriend. They are still boyfriend’s right?


Jungkook mentally slaps himself, he almost does physically as well but just barely refrains, all course they are still together. No one broke up with the other and couples have fights all of the time, so he doesn’t need to be jumping to outlandish conclusions, nothing has been specified and he really doesn’t think what he did was break-up worthy. He also can’t really think of many things that Jimin could do to make it ‘worthy’ of him breaking up with Jimin either though.


Watching the expressions play across the younger omega’s face, Hoseok thinks he understands why he heard Jungkook crooning when he came in to check on Jimin. Jimin had once said that he loved Jungkook’s voice and that he loved it when he could just lay there and listen to him, talking..singing..laughing.. And Jungkook obviously enjoyed watching Jimin sleep, so it seemed like they had a pretty good thing going; Jungkook singing Jimin to sleep, and getting to watch him as he falls asleep.


Hoseok was interrupted from his thoughts when Jungkook spoke up again, though much more quiet now that they were back in the immediate vicinity of the alpha. “The first time he said he was in love with me was when he was sleeping.” Hoseok knows that even if he were in a different house, the other’s tone would be just as soft and airy. “He was laying there, nuzzling into my neck, he was mumbling about chocolates and how he preferred me to the candy -” Jungkook chuckles, eyes with a faraway look as he recounts the story, “I found it so adorable. I just ran my finger lightly across the bridge of his nose, he just scrunched it and wriggled it slightly. I cupped his cheek and he immediately leaned into my palm, he dragged his lips across it and murmured that he was in love with me. I just wanted to grab him and keep him inside me. Just carry him with me whenever we go anywhere. I had never felt more calm, but elated at the same time. I had never felt so warm during my entire life.”


Hoseok’s breath hitches, finding it way too sweet to even know how to comment on it. He just wants to tuck Jimin into his own side, Jungkook isn’t physically here, so he would have to cuddle him another time. But the story is just so cute and invariably Jimin that Hoseok just wants to squeal, though he just manages to refrain. 


Jungkook has the most longing look on his face, obviously wishing he could be there with them, though knowing he has to wait until morning to be able to see him. He just wants everything to be better now. 


But Jungkook decides to let Hoseok go to sleep, or do whatever he was going to do when he entered Jimin’s room. At this thought, Jungkook’s possessiveness comes out again, wondering why his hyung was sneaking into his alpha’s room while he was sleeping. He quickly shakes it off though, knowing that Hoseok was just checking on Jimin, and he couldn’t fault anyone for that; in fact, he praises Hoseok for that and greatly appreciates the sentiment. 

It is slightly harder to shake off since Hoseok is also an omega though, which makes him spiral once again at that thought. Hoseok is one of their closest friends, who never had nor has feelings for Jimin. And Jungkook is getting all territorial. Then Jimin faces off against another alpha who Jungkook did have feelings for, regardless of how small, and he managed to hold himself back. He feels his head drop to his chest, berating himself again. 


“Jungkookie, you need to go to sleep. If you need to, go to Seokjin and Namjoon’s if you think it may help, because you know what? I am not going to let you anywhere near Jiminie until you get some kind of sleep. You need to rest and be healthy. Now you have motivation to get sleep Jungkookie!” Hoseok ends cheerfully, knowing fully well that he just pissed the other off by restricting his access to his alpha. 


“Hyung-” Hoseok hangs up the phone before Jungkook can finish. Feeling proud for some inexplicable reason, though there really isn’t any reason for him too. He just loves when he is able to mess with the younger, just to try every now and then to get just a little pay back on the bratty little maknae. While the vindication he feels is small, it is enough for the time being. Though he knows that once Jungkook is in a better mood, he will take his revenge, and it will be much more than simply hanging up on him. However, Hoseok will take whatever the win is and however small it is, whenever he can.


He doesn’t notice the younger alpha is awake when he gently places the phone on the nightstand beside the bed and drags a hand through his silky hair and whispering a sweet ‘goodnight’ to him. He also doesn’t notice the loving, small smile that the smaller directs at him as he leaves the room either.

Jungkook throws his phone on a pile of clothes in the corner of his room, frustrated. He should have known that Hoseok would do something like that once he noticed the younger omega was beginning to feel better. He scoffed at himself, he should have known better..


He wanted to remain on the line, just be somewhat in the presence of his best friend. He didn’t know if it was creepy or not, but it calmed him down immensely just being able to hear his boyfriend breathe, just knowing that things would be okay. Their phone call helped a lot, he never really thought this would be irreparable to begin with, but the confirmation still alleviated mounts of stress that had been weighing him down. 


He wanted to be laying with his boyfriend, but he understood why the other needed the night to himself, emotions and tensions were still high, and his carnal side was still raging. Jungkook’s was too, but his was raging to be closer to his potential mate, not to stay away from him.


Jimin’s alpha wanted to be near his omega too, of course, but Jimin still didn’t trust his alpha, he still didn’t know how to completely deal with that side of him, it being so incredibly new still. Jungkook forgets about that sometimes. Jimin has always been so good at everything, taking it all in stride and not letting it deter him; it is easy to forget that he has his own demons he faces. Presenting as an alpha really threw him through a loop, he had not been prepared for that, and these instincts… god, they were overpowering. Overwhelming. 


He remembered what it had been like when he first presented. It had been so bizarre, all of these hormones and instincts that he had never had before, never faced. His body had reacted before his mind could and it felt like he was unable to control his body, and that lack of control made him infuriated with himself. So he had no doubt that this was hitting Jimin just as hard, especially since he had presented so late in the game, so he didn’t have the benefit of teachers helping him and giving him cues on how to act and how to control that side.


He had Namjoon, but Namjoon didn’t know everything. Namjoon couldn’t explain these things to him that would make sense to Jimin; sure Namjoon could explain physics or calculus or why the world is as it is, but all of this is subjective. 


Namjoon presented at the same age as most people do, so he experienced something completely different than Jimin is going through. His alpha has years of catching up to do, he is in the prime of his life, mating wise, so with his alpha so new and his instincts driving him to mate… it really is a wonder that he had not snapped somehow before this. If you could even call what he did snapping, since he broke out of that trance almost as soon as he had gone into it.


He felt horrible that there really wasn’t anyone that Jimin could turn to. His parents were a dead end. Jungkook couldn’t focus on that because he knew his rage would consume him if he thought too much or too long about them. Maybe Jungkook could try searching for someone that may have been through something similar, or knew of someone who had. 


He just wanted his Jiminie to feel better about himself. He knew that Jimin was never the overly dominant type. He definitely had his moments of it, that was for sure. A pissed off Jimin was one that everyone should stay away from because he knew how to utilize that rage and make people scared to cross him. 


Resolved, Jungkook decided to try to get some sleep for now, for he knew how deadly serious that Hoseok had been with that threat. While Hoseok was also one of the nicest ones in their group, he could be just as scary as Jimin when he was pissed off. He just assumed their wrath was so intimidating because it was so rarely seen and you would know that when it was seen, it was because of something really bad. 


So for now, sleep. But he was going to try to search for someone that his alpha could talk to and maybe help him feel better about his alpha side. He knew better than most that any discord with your wolf would only cause pain and confusion later on, it would eat the older up in no time if he refused to accept the other half of himself. 

Jimin walked in to see Hoseok and Yoongi at the counter, talking quietly to each other as they leaned over some breakfast. 


“Hey guys” Jimin addresses them, “thank you so much for letting me spend the night last night. I..I really appreciate it” he finishes softly. 


Yoongi appraises him lightly before speaking, “of course Jiminie, you needed us. And you are welcome here at any time, any day, you got that? I would have been upset if you had just gone home sad and feeling bad. I want you here if you are not feeling well. Speaking of.. Are you feeling any better than you were last night?”


Jimin shrugs, a light blush on his cheeks from the intense emotions he had experienced in the past 10 hours. “I guess, I think sleeping helped, hyung. I was just so tense and upset and… I don’t know, I have never been so out of control of my faculties before? It scared me hyung. I know Jungkookie wants to be with me, but even now, my alpha is still frustrated, pride hurt. It is so weird hyung...I wish I hadn’t presented. Everything is so much stranger, I don’t really feel like me right now. It’s like my conscious mind and my subconscious mind are at war with each other right now, and it is taking a toll on me.”


Hoseok wishes he could help the smaller, oh how he wishes he could help him, but he really has no idea what he could possibly say that could help the situation. Not only did he present around the average age that most do, but he presented as an omega, the complete opposite side of the chain. Yoongi would be a different option to ask for advice, but even he wouldn’t be as helpful, because while a beta may be able to understand an alpha slightly better because they are not battling omegan instincts, he still wouldn’t feel the same intensity of emotions that alphas and omegas do. 


“Do you want me to call Namjoon?” Hoseok inquires. He doesn’t want the younger to think that he is passing him off to someone else, but he things out of all of them, that Namjoon would likely be the most helpful. 


“I don’t know hyung. I just need some clarity I think. I just want to go back to be unpresented. It was easier that way. Or maybe if I could have been an omega or beta…”


“Jimin, listen to me. Being an omega, regardless of how prepared you were for it, would have still been incredibly overwhelming at this age to present. Years have passed where, regardless of what you may have presented as, you would have needed to learn how to coincide with your wolf. A beta would have likely been easiest at your age of presentation, but alpha or omega, that would have been difficult. There are years of pent up hormones that are now coursing through you, so it makes sense that you are having a harder time than you should be. I am so sorry for that Jiminie, but it is what it is. Maybe you should go to a doctor or something, if this is really bothering you, and figure out what they may recommend. They may have some natural remedies to help you.” Yoongi states. He feels horrible for his dongsaeng, but there really isn’t anything that he can offer him, which only makes him feel that much worse. 


“Yeah, hyung. You’re right. I agree.” Jimin trails off. Obviously signifying that he did not want to continue the conversation they were having. While Yoongi picked up on it, Hoseok did not quite notice the dismissal of Jimin’s tone. 


“Don’t worry Jiminie, we wil- Oww. ” 


Hoseok is glaring at where Yoongi was leaning with his hands behind his head, not looking remotely sorry for having smacked him in the face. “My bad.”


Hoseok scoffs, and while he hated the tactic that Yoongi had used on him to get him to shut up, he understood the nonverbal, and very physical , alert that the older had given. 


Jimin watched the exchange with slight amusement in his eyes. “Well I should probably go hyungs. Again, thank you so much for letting me stay the night, it really meant the world to me. I didn’t want to be alone and staying here helped me.” Jimin had also always loved Yoongi’s scent, just like the salty ocean and sands near Busan where he had been born and spent his formative years. 


Jimin gave them both a warm hug, before grabbing his bag and putting on his shoes by the door before he turned around and gave a slight wave of goodbye. The other returned it before staring at each other again, hoping that their two dongsaengs would work everything out today and not drag it out. 

“Hey Taehyungie” Jimin smiles warmly at his best friend. “How are you this morning? Hungover at all?”


Taehyung stares at him for a few seconds, attempting to analyze Jimin’s current mood. “I really want to know how you are Jiminie. I was really worried last night. I wanted to come over, but Yoongi hyung was insisting that you were okay.” Taehyung worries his bottom lip, teeth almost tearing through his bottom lip. “Have you talked to Jungkook yet?” Taehyung’s eyes continuously flitting over Jimin’s face. 


“Yes, I did. I haven’t seen him yet though since last night. I wanted to wait for a little bit before he and I met up. I just want some time to go through my feelings. I talked to Yoongi hyung and Hoseok hyung about it and they helped me a lot. Last night I was just all mixed up I guess. The setting, the situation of seeing Yugyeom there, Jungkook-ah’s reactions.. It just made it more confusing I guess.”


Taehyung nods, “I know Chim, I know. None of it is your fault. You didn’t do anything wrong. You have adapted to this so extremely well, that it is just so easy to forget that you presented so recently. I know you are still accepting the idea that you are an alpha, but I think you fighting that side of yourself is going to make this transition much harder. Accept that side; embrace it Chimie.”


“I know Tae, it has just been a… a lot has happened in the past few weeks. It’s hard to keep up with everything. I am not used to losing such control over my faculties Taehyungie, I hate that feeling.’s like it’s someone else inside of me that is so overpowering that I don’t know how to control my rational side. It is not necessarily that I am trying to reject the alpha aspect of myself, not at all, but I am trying to learn how to live with this new aspect of me.”


The beta pulls Jimin into his arms for a hug, “I have the utmost faith in you, Minnie.” He leans down to nuzzle at the smaller’s scent glands. “I know it is difficult, and while I can’t really relate to presenting as an omega or alpha, I can say that you are the strongest person that I know, and I know that you are going to rock at being an alpha.” 


Taehyung pats Jimin on the back before pulling away. “Thank you TaeTae. I think I am going to go find Jungkookie, I need to talk to him and I don’t want to wait much longer. I hate fighting with people. If you can even classify what this is as fighting, since we didn’t really have an altercation directly. But anyways, you know I don’t like ending the day with poor relations between myself and anyone. Do you happen to know where he is?”


Taehyung is quick to shake his head. “No, I’m sorry Chim. I haven’t talked to him since last night. You know how I get when you are upset, it’s like I get tunnel vision and can only focus on you crying, and attempting to destroy what made you upset in the first place. And since I actually care for Jungkook-ah, I didn’t exactly want to destroy him.”


The fond look is battling with the exasperation in the older’s eyes. “Taehyung-ah, you are too sweet. While also a little excessive. He is your friend, don’t be so harsh on him.” Taehyung makes to interject, Jimin holds a hand up to stop him from interrupting him though. “Hold on Tae, I am not finished yet. He made a mistake, okay? Tensions were obviously high last night, and you know as well as anyone that alcohol only exacerbates those mistakes.”


“Okay, you make sense. I shouldn’t be so harsh on him, but why aren’t you a little more upset about this? I would be so upset with him if I had been in your position. I think you are too kind Jiminie.”


Jimin rolls his eyes, “You were upset with him without even being in my position. But I guess I just don’t think it enough to be truly upset with him. It was not the best decision, we have already agreed on that, but it’s not like he went with Yugyeom and had sex or kissed him or anything. He merely talked to him. Sure, the events preluding their discussion was not the best, but he apologized. He knows that it hurt me and he hates that he hurt me. He sounded truly repentant. I love him. I want to end up with him. In conjunction with that, we are going to have our disagreements and squabbles, so I know there are going to be rough times.”


Silence. A few blinks. “When did you talk to him?” 


“Last night, er...this morning, I guess?”


“Why didn’t you start with that?” Taehyung inquires loudly, waving a hand in the air spastically. 


“Well, while I would love to enlighten you on the conversation we had, I want to go talk to him now. So I will see you around Tae. I really need to talk to him.”


Taehyung opens his mouth to disagree, that he needs to tell Taehyung what happened during the phone call right now . But he notices the serious set of Jimin’s features, the slight tension decorating his muscles, rigid and tight. He eventually nods, understanding that Jimin wants to leave and talk with Jungkook now, he doesn’t want to wait any longer.


“Well, let me know how it goes, okay? And if I need to come over and beat Jungkook-ah up, also let me know.” He tacks on the last part offhandedly. 


Jimin chuckles in slight incredulity. “Like you could beat him up. He would break you in half in a second. He spends more time at the gym than all of us combined.” Jimin rolls his eyes at the affronted look on his best friend’s face. The jab is taken lightly though, and Taehyung quickly laughs in agreement, knowing he wouldn’t really stand much of a chance against the youngest. 


“Well, I am going to head over there now. Love you, Taehyungie, thank you for always having my back.”


Taehyung hugs the smaller one last time before seeing him off. He sends a smile towards the alpha before backing away and closing the door, really and truly hoping that his two friends can work out their issues that same day.

Jungkook’s day had not been the best so far. Started poorly obviously with the situation at the club, then the difficult call with Jimin, then Hoseok hanging up on him (which he was still irritated about), and then now with it only being 11:00, his anxiety has tripled. He just wanted to see his alpha. It hadn’t even been a whole day, not even half a day, and he missed him. He ached with the desire to see Jimin, to just go to Yoongi and Hoseok’s place to talk to him. He even contemplated with the idea of going to Jimin’s apartment, and while he knew it was very unlikely for him to be there, Jungkook just wanted to immerse himself in his lover’s scent.


Jungkook was so frustrated. Namjoon and Seokjin had come over earlier this morning, inquiring as to what had even happened the night before. They were completely ignorant as to what had occurred, no one wanting to talk about that upon returning to the table or just leaving. 


They had offered lots of advice to him. He thinks it really helped put more things in perspective, and their calm soothing presence was also incredibly helpful. It made him relax some, he always enjoyed their two scents mixed together, and Namjoon’s voice had a quality to it that brought peace to the omega. It had such a soothing lilt to it that Jungkook enjoyed to just listen to. 


Jungkook wished they were here now, he wanted to talk to them some more on how to proceed with the situation. 


He was also just slightly lonely right now. Yoongi and Hoseok were off the table because that is where Jimin was currently. Again, Jungkook is still annoyed at having been hung up on as well. Taehyung, obviously not an option and then Jimin, not exactly an option either. 


He picked up his phone to call Seokjin and see if they wanted to come back over just as he heard a knock at the door. Assuming it was them, since the others were not exactly an option he would have considered, he bounded to the door. Upon opening it, he almost closed it in shock. His senses were swarmed with the forest and his omega calmed immediately, put to rest by the soothing scent of his alpha.


He aches to bring the older into his arms, wrap him up so tight and never let go. However, Jimin’s posture is inverted slightly, leaning in on himself and not exactly looking like he wants to get swept up in Jungkook’s embrace. He just barely manages to calm himself down, regardless of how much he desires to just pick the other up and love him. 


“Jiminie” It comes out as more of an exhalation of breath than anything else. 


“Hey Jungkookie.” He is still in a defensive posture, looking out of place and awkward and Jungkook hates it. He knows this stance and he hates that Jimin is using it around him. He knows it is not a conscious act on the smaller’s part, but that makes it even worse since it is a sub conscious thing. “Can I come in?” Jimin’s angelic voice brings him out of his pity party. He is playing with his bottom lip, as if Jungkook could ever say no, as if he would ever deny his alpha anything.


Jungkook merely opens the door wider, taking a few steps to the side. Jimin analyzes him for a moment, trying to take in what his current mood may be. However, the younger is still attempting to grasp the fact that Jimin is here , in his home. 


“Is this a bad time?” The elder seems unsure, awkward, with Jungkook just looking at him like he was a whole new species. “I can come back another time..” Jimin makes to turn around. Panic flares up in the omega’s chest and he grabs Jimin’s wrist to turn him back around before he can leave. But, he yanked Jimin’s wrist a little too hard, because it has him stumbling back into Jungkook’s arms; he can’t exactly find it in himself to regret the action either.


“Don’t go” Jungkook says, Jimin’s hairs ticking his nose and cheek. He feels so at ease now, the smaller resting his head in the crook of his neck, loving the feeling of the light breaths fanning across his clavicle. 


Jimin doesn’t pull away immediately, but he does eventually, still not exactly sure on where they stand. Jungkook loathes to let Jimin slip from his arms, but he lets go reluctantly. 


“What are you doing here?” He eventually asks. The euphoria he felt at first seeing Jimin transitions to slight apprehension. What if Jimin changed his mind? What if he decided to go back on what they had said over the phone? What if Jungkook lost him? He can’t lose him. He won’t.


But before Jungkook could work himself up into a nice and healthy panic, Jimin assuaged his worries with a soft flick to his forehead, attempting to regain his concentration. Jungkook frowned playfully at him and rubbed the spot, as if the flick had actually hurt him. This made Jimin smile his very unique smile, the one that made the taller’s heart just sore when he saw it. 


“I just wanted to talk to you. Is that okay Jungkook-ah? Or would you rather do another time. I should have called you to let you know I was thinking of coming over to check if you were busy, or if you even wanted to talk to me right now.” Jimin trails off bashfully, appearing to be berating himself on not informing the other of his intentions to hash things out. 


“No, it’s okay hyung. I am glad you came over. I wanted to come over to Hoseok and Yoongi’s so badly last night, but I didn’t. I didn’t think you would want me there.”


“You’re right,” Jimin admits softly. While Jungkook was the one that said it, while he knew what he had said to be true, it still hurt to hear. He flinched just the slightest bit, but Jimin being as observant as he is, noticed it immediately. “I wanted you to come over, but the larger part of me needed some time alone, Kook-ah. I didn’t say that to hurt you, but merely because it was the truth last night for me. I love you. I love you so much. But last night was really confusing for me. It hurt and I didn’t understand my body’s reactions. I didn’t understand what was happening. And I was jealous from seeing him there. I was jealous that you had gone with him and not me. I was upset that you didn’t come after me when you saw how upset that I was. My alpha was infuriated and hurt and confused… I was confused. Jungkook-ah, my body is reacting in ways that I have never experienced or known about, I have never in my life reacted to a partner’s ex the way I did last night. It felt like I had no control over my feelings or my body last night and it scared me. It still scares me. What you did last night hurt me, so I had to figure out my body’s responses and differentiate between my emotions and my alpha’s hurt pride.” Jungkook is silent. Just taking it all in. “I don’t like not being in control, it makes me uncomfortable. Everything about last night was just...rough.” Jimin ends lamely. Not really knowing what else to say. 


Jungkook is still processing the word vomit that just came pouring out, trying to figure out the best response to give his lover.


“I understand hyung, I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I would have responded exponentially worse had the situation been reversed. The last thing I ever want to do, and this has been true as long as I have known you, is to hurt you. I love you so much Jiminie, and it kills me that I hurt you last night. That was the absolute last thing that I want. I should have known that with you adhering to your instincts and your feral side coming out, that the move I made would not be taken well. I should have known. I do know. The alcohol affected my ability to make good decisions, obviously ,” Jungkook scoffs at himself, a little delighted to see the smallest smile directed towards him. “I just didn’t want anyone to get hurt. And I owed it to him to explain why I ended things. I know I shouldn’t have done it last night and that I should have chosen a better time, and I know I shouldn’t have done it when you were in that state of mind. But again, alcohol and smart decisions definitely do not go hand in hand. I am so sorry about what happened last night hyung, I know your body feels like it’s not your own right now, I remember what that felt like. So I understand where your confusion is coming from and why you reacted the way you did. Again, I would have blown up if the situation had been reversed. I am just so glad to see you hyung. To have you here with me. I missed you.”


Jimin inhales deeply, gathering himself for a moment, before he dives into Jungkook’s arms. Nuzzling his chest and rubbing his nose and lips into his neck, efficiently scenting him. Jimin had missed Jungkook too. He hated fighting with people, but he had always hated fighting with Jungkook especially; he had always had such a soft spot for the youngest, even before he had fallen in love with him. 


“I’m sorry Jiminie.” Jungkook whispers the words into his hair, just nosing through the hairs tickling his nose, loving the scent of just pure Jimin . The wonderful woodsy smell making any tense muscles immediately relax, all the tension be had experienced for the past 10 hours almost like a distant memory. “I messed up, I am so sorry” his voice hitches. Jimin just cuddles closer, no inch of space between the two of them. There is a gentle buzzing between their bond, just a nice hum that inspires content. 


Jimin whispers a ‘me too’ before trying to eliminate any and all space between them, even though there is already so little space. 


The alpha leans up to place a kiss on the younger’s mouth, just a gentle kiss at first, a reaffirming kiss. Jungkook happily returns the kiss, having missed the elder’s lips for the not even half a day separated. He gently runs his hands along Jimin’s sides, just feeling him. 


The kiss doesn’t take too long to heat up, turning passionate before either of them can even make the conscious decision to do so. Jimin runs his tongue across Jungkook’s lower lip before he nips at it, eliciting a deep groan out of the omega’s throat, making him grab JImin’s sides with a strong grip. 


Jimin runs his hands through Jungkook’s hair, pulling lightly at it as he moans from the tightening grip on his waist, invoking another moan from the taller as the slight sting. Jungkook quickly picks Jimin up, the latter wrapping his legs around the other’s waist as he gets lifted, grasping the back of his neck as their tongues dance together. Neither really fights for dominance of the kiss quite yet, just enjoying being back in each other’s arms, happily basking in each other. 


Jungkook moves his hands to below Jimin’s waist, holding his bottom, massaging the cheeks between his hands. Jimin groans from deep within his chest, now fighting for dominance of the kiss as he begins to get hard. They start to grind against each other as the kiss gets more and more heated, lust beginning to cloud their minds. 


The omega can feel himself getting hard as well, knowing that any minute he will start to produce slick as well. He can feel his entrance clenching and unclenching already, anticipating the feel of Jimin thrusting inside of him. Excitement makes him grind against Jimin harder. 


Jungkook pins Jimin against the wall, taking some of the stress off of his arms so he can really smother the other in his love. He breaks away from the kiss to mouth as the smaller’s neck, nipping and sucking along the expanse of it. Jimin bares his throat, making the other growl in approval. He loves the slightly submissive countenance, loving that his omega can mark up the alpha as much as he wants, showing everyone that he is his , that Jimin belongs to Jungkook, that no one else can have him besides Jungkook. 


“Bed” Jimin gasps. “Bed.” Jungkook quickly lifts him again before stumbling towards his room. He is not the most graceful at the moment, almost mimicking his lover’s grace, or lack thereof, as he stumbles over a misplaced shoe and knocks into the corner of a table beside his couch. The pain barely even registers with the arousal clouding his mind, the slick already beginning to pool at his entrance, making him moan in anticipation. 


He finally gets to the bed, dropping the other on it and quickly climbing back on top of him, immediately grinding against him. He has gotten so hard that it is almost painful. He wants this so badly and he really hopes that Jimin does as well. His omega is burning with lust, wanting nothing other than to take and be taken by his beloved alpha, wanting to be completely one with him. For their scents to intermingle so much that no one else can tell them apart. 


Jimin is thinking along the same lines as his counterpart, quickly turning the tables and arranging it to where he is on top of the omega. “You smell amazing Jungkookie” to where the taller can see how dazed Jimin looks as his nose twitches, taking in his full smell. It makes him feel slightly self conscious at the fact that he is already leaking slick, making it so obvious that he is lost in lust. He can obviously smell Jimin’s lust-filled scent, but it obviously isn’t as tangible as something that is literally leaking out of him. That flicker of self-consciousness is quickly replaced though by his arousal taking control again. And the fact that Jimin is so affected by him makes him feel proud, like he is a good mate for his alpha; the exact thing that Jimin is thinking about Jungkook at the moment. He knows what a good match they are. And his personality, along with his scent, marks them for a perfect match, that he always suspected they could be. Jimin is drawn down to his groin, where the smell is strongest, basically shoving his head between the other’s legs. The alpha deeply inhales, completely enamored by the scent emanating from his lover. 


Jungkook, however, feels his bashfulness quickly resurface, and reaches down to bring Jimin back up to his lips to kiss him. His omega loves the fact that his alpha was down there though, just inhaling the mating pheromones that it is releasing. Jimin’s pheromones doing wonders on Jungkook’s self control as well, though. He didn’t think it was possible for the alpha to smell better than he already did, until this very moment. Of course he had been with him when he was aroused before, but it seemed so different now. 


He was quickly taken out of his thoughts when Jimin leaned down to kiss and bite his neck. He tilts his head to the side to give more access and his lover grunts in approval, leaving a soft kiss on his scent  gland in appreciation. The omega knows he is going to have a black and blue neck tomorrow, a situation he will very happily ensure that Jimin will have one as well. 


The smaller licks a line from his collarbone all the way up to his temple, making him shiver; his want is coursing through him, making him buck up into Jimin’s hips. The alpha growls loudly, making Jungkook still immediately, then he goes back to biting harshly at his neck. Jungkook begins to pant his desire, quietly begging for Jimin to do more. 


He has never been this wet before, and they haven’t even taken their clothes off yet, this thought brings him to signal to remove the other’s shirt. The chest that greets his eyes makes a whimper claw its way out of his throat. He leans up to take a pebbled nipple in his mouth and to suck. The moan that greets him was worth the strain in his neck. Jimin impatiently tugs at Jungkook’s shirt, trying to get it over his head.


The omega is only too quick to comply. The loudest moan of the night so far comes from Jungkook’s mouth at this moment when Jimin leans down to lather the younger’s chest in the same treatment. The taller knows he doesn’t want to be pregnant at all, not for a while at least, but this action makes his omega absolutely mewl. He writhes on the bed as Jimin nips and tongues at it, one of his hands coming up to pinch and twist his other nipple. 


Jungkook is leaking so much slick at this moment, he knows that his pants may need to actually be washed a few times to get all of it out, along with his bed sheets. Jimin reaches down to rid him of his pants and boxers, his scent becoming that much more potent when he is fully naked. 


Jimin freezes for a moment, struck by the overbearing scent of aroused omega, his aroused omega. It makes his penis jerk in his pants, urging him to yank off his own pants.


Jimin crawls back down to his groin again, leaning even closer than before and inhaling; however, this time Jungkook can feel the warm breath ghosting across his entrance and his eyes roll back into his head. He still lifts his arm to cover his face though, feeling embarrassment that he knows isn’t really necessary with how intense Jimin’s reactions are to him, but he still feels it. He jumps when he feels a sharp nip on the inside of his thigh, shock and arousal coursing through his body. He quickly glances down to see Jimin glaring at him and he quickly gets the silent command to not cover his face. Once his arm drops back down to his side, Jimin resumes mouthing along his inner thighs, getting closer to the area that he wants Jimin to just annihilate. 


Whimpers erupt from him when he feels a warm sensation at his entrance, quickly realizing it was Jimin’s tongue. Jimin’s resulting growl at the taste makes more slick pool from him, the alpha quickly attempting to get every last drop, effectively sucking and licking inside of him. Jungkook has never felt anything like this before, the euphoria overwhelming him as Jimin sucks at his rim. He doesn’t think he will ever stop producing slick at this point, the pleasure too intense to focus on anything that doesn’t involve Jimin. 


Jimin is overcome with the taste of his omega, disbelieving that it is somehow possible that he tastes even better than he smelled, not even conceiving that as a possibility until he decided to go down on his lover. He is so very glad that he did, though, never wanting to eat or drink anything else after having had a taste of Jungkook. 


Jungkook wasn’t expecting a finger along with the warm muscle, but the feeling was amazing, his body was vibrating with his desire, he couldn’t fathom it getting any better than this. He was proven wrong when the finger started to move inside of him. Jungkook yelped in response, not expecting the strong surge of pleasure so quickly. Of course he had toys to help him through his heats, but none of those seemed to compare to the feeling of having an actual person provide these sensations. Jimin, no less. 


“Jungkookie, you are so beautiful.” Jimin murmured. He sounded like he wasn’t even talking to Jungkook. Like he was thinking to himself. “You are so amazing” this sounded stronger, likely meant for him to hear this time. “Are you sure about this, Kookie? I don’t want to do anything you don’t want to do or make you feel like you have to.” Jimin worries. Jungkook is overcome with a strong surge of love, knowing how deep Jimin was in his own arousal, but still placing his lover’s feelings and securities over his own. 


“Y-yes, Jiminie, I love you.” The look of gentle happiness and affection that lights the other’s face up makes Jungkook adore Jimin even more. Something he really didn’t think was possible.


“I love you, too” His eyes are shining to where Jungkook can see is vague profile shimmering in them. Jimin gently rests his forehead on Jungkook’s, just breathing him in before he places a soft kiss near his hairline, running his fingers lightly through his fringe. Jungkook leans into the loving caresses, feeling so unbelievably happy.


“Are you ready for another finger?” The alpha inquires, not wanting Jungkook to experience any pain or discomfort. A nod of affirmation is his cue to add another. The looks on the omega’s face are what guides Jimin on how to proceed. At the pleasured look on his face, and the gasp that greets him upon the second finger, he knows he can proceed.


Jungkook already loves the feeling of two fingers, feeling more full than he did before, anticipating the feel of what Jimin will feel like inside of him. Jungkook is about the same length as Jimin, maybe just a little longer, but Jimin is thicker. He whines when Jimin starts scissoring his fingers inside of him. Any pain quickly being eclipsed by immense pleasure. And when Jimin starts crooking his fingers to find his prostate, the moment that he finds it, Jungkook lets out a light sob, a blinding pleasure taking over. 


He begs for Jimin to enter him, but Jimin resists so he can add another finger, knowing that Jungkook is not nearly stretched enough to not feel pain. After thrusting with three fingers for a while, whispering declarations of love and assurances, he takes his fingers out of his lover. 


Jungkook whines, begging Jimin to come back, before realizing that Jimin was getting ready to enter him. His whines of discontent quickly changed to excitement. He was wriggling around and trying to grab Jimin’s cock to line it up with his entrance. Slick was oozing out of his entrance. 


Jimin was resisting and he was beginning to get more and more frustrated. “Are you still on the pill, Jungkookie?” Jungkook’s frustration quickly turns to affection, realizing why Jimin had been waiting.


“Yes, yes, now get in Jimin-ssi” This makes Jimin chuckle slightly at the term of endearment that had become their subtle way of saying I love you, without actually saying it. 


“Of course, Jungkook-ssi” Jimin gives a soft smile. He is fighting with his alpha side that wants to take and take and spare him no mercy. He doesn’t want their first time to be blind lust. “You know,” he begins, gathering slick to rub along his shaft, making him shiver in lust, finally feeling some relief from the deep pain of arousal, “I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to top one day, you can if you want to.” 


Jungkook gasps at the words, but he is too overcome with the need to have Jimin inside him, that he cannot focus on them. “ Please Jiminie, please.”


Jimin lines himself up to slowly push in; however, Jungkook’s patience had run thin and he had wrapped his large hands around Jimin’s upper thighs and utilized all of his strength to harshly push Jimin into him. His eyes were closed and his mouth was open at the white hot pleasure that accompanied the slight burn, he really only found the burn to make it better though. 


Jimin was struggling to not pound into his lover, going from being outside to the rippling, warm walls, coated in slick. It took every ounce of his self control to not let  go of everything, but he managed to inquire if his omega was okay. “Jungkook-ah, are you okay?” The amount of stress and tension in his voice was a real statement to his struggle. 


The taller was still adjusting to the intrusion, not because of pain, but because he was overwhelmed by the feeling, loving it so much and not having known, but probably should have expected, it to get better and better with every single addition. 


His mouth is open in a silent moan, eyes still slightly scrunched up. “Jungkook-ah, talk to me. Do you need me to pull out?”


The omega immediately places his hands back to where they had been resting on Jimin, a slight panic at the thought of being empty after being so full. “No, no. I am fine. It doesn’t hurt Jiminie.” Jimin looks like he doubts him for a moment, but he trusts that the younger would tell him to pull out if he needed to.


Jungkook thrusts his hips up, a signal for the alpha to move. And once he does, both let out loud groans, the feelings incomparable to anything else they have ever experienced. They both know that neither of them will likely last very long, but they plan to enjoy every second that they are linked together.


Sweat drips down from Jimin’s head to Jungkook’s cheek as he thrusts, both of their cheeks flushed and moist. 


“Faster, please faster.” Jimin quickly adheres to Jungkook’s, well...command more than request. Jimin begins to pump his hips against the younger’s, the slapping of skin against skin echoing through the room. Jungkook was already so close from all of the fingering before that the hot coil in his stomach that he felt then, has only gotten tighter and tighter. 


“Jungkook-ah. I think I am going to knot, is that okay? Or do you want me to pull out?” Jimin questions, an undertone of panic in his voice. 


The omega, once again, moves his hands back to the alpha’s thighs to keep them connected. “You pull out now and I will castrate you.” Jungkook growls. Jimin’s eyes widen slightly before an accommodating smile forms across his face. 


Slick is just leaking around Jimin’s cock and he didn’t know that an omega could even get this wet. The obscenity of the sound and the look of it gushing from around his penis makes Jimin that much closer to his release. Jungkook’s moans are increasing in decibel as well as frequency as Jimin’s thrusts begin to get more erratic.


With his prostate getting abused over and over again, he gets so close to orgasm that his eyes start to tear up some. He doesn’t understand why he isn’t coming yet, he feels like he should have reached it with how tight and warm he feels. 


He was about to reach down and jerk his penis in time with the thrusts before, he quickly understood why, even without any stimulation to his cock, that he wasn’t orgasming. The knot that was beginning to form made him feel like he was just on the ridge, and before he could even fist himself, he orgasmed untouched. His orgasm felt like it was never going to end and he had never come so much.


Upon the tightness and vibrating walls that greeted Jimin, he felt his knot get to its biggest size as he came into his omega. He had never knotted inside someone before and had never felt such pleasure. His body was shaking from the force of his orgasm.


Once the knot had reached its entirety, Jungkook actually orgasmed again, or just a resurgence of the previous one, because when he had felt like it was ending, the feeling of the knot and being filled up made him reach a peak again. 


They were both shuddering as they very slowly came down from their highs. Jimin flinching in oversensitivity when Jungkook would clench around his knot, a devious smile on his face. “Stop it, Jungkook-ah” Jimin pleaded, more come drizzling out of his swollen cock. 


“Fine, Jimin-ssi” He smiled back, the playful atmosphere that had surrounded Jungkook quickly replaced by a soft one. He leaned up to peck the other on the side of his lips, loving the soft shudder that it elicited and the fact it was not due to the physical stimulation, but emotional. 


“I love you, Jungkook-ssi.” Jimin mumbles to him, nuzzling his neck and mouthing at his scent gland, thoroughly mixing their scents even more. Jungkook curled up against him for a moment, both basking in their lovemaking. 


“I love you too, Jimin-ssi”


The smiles that they share are so heartfelt that it makes the other one feel irrevocably warm and taken care of. They arrange themselves to where Jimin is holding Jungkook, the knot placed carefully to not jostle either of them. The arrangement is a little strange since Jungkook is normally the one holding Jimin, but he thinks he could definitely get used to this. They cuddle each other until the soft atmosphere makes them drift off for a bit, both having forgotten about the incident the night before, not caring about any issues or small fights as long as they would be together and have each other. 

“Jimin hyung?? Is… is that you?” There are soft breaths on the other side of the phone, and Jungkook so dearly hopes that it is his alpha and not one of their friends. “Jiminie? If it is you, could you..could you please answer?” He is dreading the answer, hoping to any deity out there that it is him.


“It’s me Jungkookie,” comes the quiet reply. Jungkook exhalation of relief is so loud that it probably blasted Jimin’s ears through the speakers. The sad lilt to his voice makes something inside of his chest ache , and he wants to be there with him. To hold his alpha and comfort him. 


Jungkook doesn’t really know what to say, he is relieved it is Jimin, but what does he say? How does he begin? He is saved from attempting to by Jimin though.


“I..I don’t really know why I called if I am being honest Jungkook-ah” the lack of Jungkookie makes his chest hurt a little, but he quickly drives the thought away. “But...I just wanted to let you know that I didn’t mean to overreact. And I don’t like to go to bed angry or upset with people. Especially loved ones...especially you. I know you’re sorry. I am sorry if Taehyungie was rough on you, he is just too protective sometimes. You don’t deserve it, but he is set on precedent with my relationships. I am sorry about that. But I love you Jungkookie, fights don’t affect that.”


Jungkook’s heart swells about ten sizes. His selfless hyung. He loves him so much. Jungkook knows the situation was blown out of proportion, and he knows that Jimin knows that. But he also knows that, regardless, Jimin was still hurt by this, however much, it was still at least some. Jungkook knows that he himself can definitely be petty, his maknae status amplified by that quality sometimes. That is a quality that Jimin has never had though. And the omega thinks that is a great quality to not have. 


“I didn’t want you to think anything bad about this. I love you. And I want to stay with you as long as you want to stay with me. I know Taehyungie can be overprotective, and I will talk to him about it. But that just may be something we may have to deal with off and on until I can get it through his thick skull that we can deal with whatever comes our way, an-”


“Jiminie, of course I want to be with you. You didn’t get that from my message?” Jungkook teasingly asks, able to feel a weight lift off of his chest with the reassurance from his alpha. “I can deal with Taehyung-ah. It doesn’t bother me as much. It actually makes me feel a little bit better to know that if I’m not there, then at least I can count on Taehyung to help.” Jungkook assures the other. “I love you and I know that includes Taehyung’s presence to some degree in that aspect,” the omega jokes again, trying to lighten the mood some.


The sigh across the line seems more burdened than Jungkook would prefer. “Thank you, Jungkook-ah, I know it can be a lot to ask. Tonight was just...unexpected I guess. I am still dealing with these new hormones, then the normal jealousy I would have felt even if I hadn’t presented were only amplified by the fact that I was harder than I thought it would have been, I guess. So-”


The younger interrupts him again, “Alpha, I understand. I know how I would have felt in reverse...because there may have been bloodshed.” Jimin lets out a light chuckle this time at the joking, which makes Jungkook feel even lighter than before. “You need to sleep Jiminie,” and already sensing his input, he modifies it to, “ We need to sleep. So how about this, how about I sing your favorite songs for you?”


Jimin remembers how Jungkook used to do that whenever Jimin was crying and upset, whenever he felt hopeless or frustrated, whenever he felt abandoned or distraught. He remembers how Jungkook would sing for him when he was having any kind of hard time. His cheeks flush with how kind Jungkook is, and he murmurs his gratitude in response. “Thank you Jungkookie, I love you, and make sure you get some sleep as well.” 


“Of course, Jimin-ssi.” This brings another smile to his face before he begins to hear the soft notes and soothing lyrics of Paper Hearts, one of his favorite songs.


“Goodbye love, you flew right by, love

Remember the way you made me feel

Such young love but

Something in me knew that it wa-”


Sleep cuts Jimin off from hearing the rest, Jungkook’s voice smooth and lovely as he lulls the other to sleep. Jimin had avoided looking at his face for most of the call, but when he fell asleep, Jungkook had the good luck of it falling to where it was directed at his lover’s face, lips parted in sleep. It made Jungkook ache to see his puffy eyes, obvious from being upset, but the serene expression on his face helped make up for it. 


Jungkook knew that sleep would come to him through the mere breathing and look of Jimin’s soft breaths hitting the receiver. He continued to sing lightly, just enjoying the serenity of the moment; the fact that he knew they would be okay, the fact that this was a minor setback, if that. 


Jungkook was beginning to feel sleepy, the tranquility of the moment helping to guide him to sleep, but he is abruptly brought back to the present by Hoseok inquiring to his presence, startling him enough to drop his phone, embarrassment flooding his being. “ Sorry hyung, I wasn’t expecting anyone to say anything. You kind of scared me…” His heart was pounding only a hundred kilometers per hour, part due to fright and part due to his discomfort at having been caught singing while Jimin was sleeping.