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Codex: A Pink Planet

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The Warp Pad system has long been the backbone of the Diamond Authority - spread across the entirety of the Empire, every Warp Pad on a planet is capable of connecting to every other Warp Pad on it, save for a handful of “locked” Warp Pads, typically only used by Beryls, Agates, and other high-caste gems.

The Galaxy Warp Pads are a larger version of the Warp Pad, but do not operate the same. There is typically only one Galaxy Warp Pad on the average colony, with Homeworld itself possessing twelve total. Earth, the next most populous planet in the Gem Empire, has only four. The Galaxy Warp Pads, along with the mighty fleets of Homeworld, form the intergalactic backbone of the Empire, allowing for swift interplanetary movement, and a steady rate of expansion on all fronts of the galaxies with colonies under the Empire’s domain.

After humanity was inducted by the Pink Court, however, Warp Pads and the traditional spaceships quickly proved to be ineffective, given the population density of humanity. Also, there was a much greater distance between human settlements and many of the factories, laboratories, and starship bays, than said facilities had to gem settlements. And given that many of the important facilities were located on the moon of Earth where humans cannot live, accomodations had to be made in order to increase efficiency.

Due to the ship system commonly used on other colonies to connect different locations onward or to connect to worlds where there wasn't a Galaxy Warp, a suggestion was made to incorporate both the Warp Pads and common methods of transport, eventually culminating in the Warp Tunnels, scaled-up versions of the Galaxy Warps and Warp Pads.

After placing the transportees within a common carriage for their usage, the carriages can be targeted to go through a Warp Tunnel with a predetermined activation time and target location, allowing for hundreds to be transported at a time without excess usage of energy, or to warp spaceships from Homeworld to the outskirts of the Empire where no ship construction yards exist, allowing the shipyards on Homeworld to easily connect to the outreaches.

As the Warp Tunnel network grows, the Empire grows more and more interconnected by the day, with large “hub stations” being built in outer space to meet the demands presented by the simplified transportation method.