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The Boy with the Red Coat

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Glancing around, the Doctor turned to backtrack towards the display room where the painting that saved them were being displayed. It didn't take him long to reach the room and locate the beautiful elegant painting, he took a step forward and looked at it with a serious expression. Something very strange about this painting, something familiar. Never in his life a panting that made his brain and his senses buzzing with questions. He thought about what the figure had said, she had mentioned her real name, but what was the right name? Groaning the Doctor shook his head before taking one last look on the painting, but looking at it remind him of her. Her blonde golden hair, smile, and brown caramel eyes. Her eyes. Her hair. Her smile.

Until he realizes, it was her. She looked a bit different with the dress, but it was her.

It was truly her, and he had missed it. But why and how? He looked down on the description of the painting, searching for a time, a place, and even a name. That was until two words caught his eyes, two words that was connected to the name. His eyes wide with realization, as his whole body trembled in fear.

Bad Wolf.

In a seconds his whole world broke apart. That two words, kept following them, everywhere. Those two words he now despises, because it took her away from him.

I want you save, my Doctor.

No. He wants her save, but instead he brought her to her doom. He broke every promise he made for her, instead of bringing her safe to her home, he brought her dead body in front of her mother. Clenching his fist, the anger of the oncoming storm flood through the room as memories of her scream in pained filled his head, as he tried to control every single being in his body to not scream and tore the painting away.

Pausing, the Doctor turned to look down the corridor where he could hear Sam's voice. Sam's has been interacting with the painting even when it hasn't come to life, there's something about the boy which attracted the painting, attracting the Bad Wolf, leaving whatever it was particularly fond of him. When the realization hits him, he felt the whole time and space stopped. No, please not him. Anyone but him. For the loves of Rassilon, please' not him. He had lost someone he loves over those attraction, and he swore not to lose anyone over it, certainly not him.

A part of him nagging him to drag the boy inside the TARDIS right now, and tucking him safely away inside, but a part of him told that it was an awful idea. Another part of him wanted to run away, run away from the boy and never came back; thinking avoiding the boy might not lock his fate. Gritting his teeth, he cursed the universe and toying with him, toying with someone he cared about, as if everything that he had done was not enough of a redemption for what he done.

After an awful hard of attempt to control himself, he took out his TARDIS key and headed for the stairs, taking one last glance to Sam and get inside his TARDIS, his last thought of guilt and fear drain away inside his blue box.

Sam was hugging Melissa and Kenny tightly while Mr. Harding tried in vain to gain Ms. Trupp forgiveness when he heard the familiar wheezing and groaning sound of the TARDIS. This time, he just smiled and repeated his parting words to the Doctor in his head. He doubts that now he would see him again, but there's a little part of him that hoped he would. It was just going to be a question of when, how, and why.


"You're going to ask him travel with you," Rose said. Her voice soft and comforting.

The Doctor stopped from whatever he was doing with the console, stood up in silence as he glanced towards her. He smiled at her, trying to be strong and not frantic, acting as if she was really here with him. "I can't love. Not if I want to bring him to his doom."

"But you're not." Rose countered. She walked towards where the Doctor stood. "Can't you see, bringing him would make him safe, abandon him would make it only worse."

His eyes lingered at her. She was right at some point, if the universe were trying to play the fate of this young boy life, then it was not the best option to left him behind on Earth. There's thousands and millions of way the universe could toy him around, one of them was what happened in the museum. How many possibilities there is to have a person visiting a museum and end up in the other way round of almost being killed by the painting of Mona Lisa and the Abomination? Possibly none. But Sam, famous jeopardy friendly Sam, has managed to be in the middle of it. Leaving him on earth without his protection would endangered him more.

Yet thinking of traveling with him would double the danger and would not change any difference. Stubbornly he looked away.

"No Rose," the Doctor told her. "I have made up my mind that the safest way for Sam to not be toyed around by this somehow Bad Wolf again, is to left him where he was before, home."

"This is his home, whether you wanted it or not." Rose said as she put her hand on the console. "Besides, how do you know the Bad Wolf's bad anyway?"

"Because that's what took you away from me."

Rose eyes widened as she reached her hand out to touch his cheek. "Doctor, if that's what takes me away from you, then don't you think he should be best with you?"

"Probably," the Doctor sighed and ruffled his hair. "Possibly."

She pulled her hand away, and gives him a knowing smile with the Doctor replying her, "Why are you always right about this?"

"Because I know you, my Doctor."

She whispered the last time and slowly disappeared, leaving the lonely Time Lord again, with his thought. He took a deep breath and set up a coordinate to the first place he arrived after he regenerated, hoping made the right decision about this. For a moment he looked up and whispered a promised to the universe.


Sam Piper was sleeping soundly in his room when he suddenly heard a familiar wheezing and groaning with a slight tingle in the back of his head. He slowly woke up and looked over through his window to find the TARDIS stood across from the house, clearly just landed there. Frowning, he wondered why would the Doctor landed there, was there something he forgot.

He looked over again to see the Doctor got out and looked up to him. The Time Lord gave him a small waved and signalled him to get down from his room. He slightly nodded and gave him an 'okay' signalled while getting out from his bedroom. Slipped on his shoes, and grabbing his red coat, he opened the door of his room and walked through the hallway slowly and quietly. Trying not to wake any member of the family, which he was particularly great at the moment. He rushed outside and looked both way first before crossing the street, feeling the cold wind through his coat.

"Did you forget something?" Sam asked as he stood in front of the Doctor.


"What is it?"

"I forgot to ask you, do you want to come with me?" the Doctor offered. He looked at the boy straight in the eye, trying to find a single moment of anger when he said that, or even fear but instead he only found hesitation.

"Again Doctor?" Sam asked as he pointed at himself. "I'm in my jims jams."

"So? I've told you the TARDIS would happily provide clothes for you," the Doctor told him. He looked back at the blue box. "She misses you, a lot. I mean a lot, because she kept on feeding me pears after you left. So what do you say?"

Sam heard the extremely tempting offer and suppressed the urge to yell 'yes' and run straight into the blue box. He would love to come back, more than anything; seeing the universe again, all of time and space just on the tip of his finger, would be amazing. He could see galaxies, planets, and even travel through time, all the variety of the universe. But everything had happened in a flash and as tempted as he was, he couldn't rush to things like that so easily.

He couldn't abandon his school, as much as he hated the place, there's his friends and of course other responsibilities that would get him into trouble, and that's not just travelling with the Doctor. Sam looked up and saw the Doctor looked at him expectantly at him, clearly waiting for an answer.

Sam smiled up at him. "Weekend."


"I have school tomorrow, and I don't want just leave it even thou I want to. So maybe I can travel with you on the weekend, is that allowed?" Sam asked, almost afraid that he was going to refused and left.

The Doctor gape wordlessly at him. Was this child for real? No, was his immediate answer. He was the Doctor, Lord of Time, Oncoming Storm, Destroyer of Worlds and he was not going to wait for some little child, skipped through every weekend. Except, he will. He thought back on what he was thinking inside his ship, he thought back on every adventure he had recently and how lonely he was, and how right the boy was; that he needs someone.

Now he met the boy again, and he was being more brilliant than ever. He faces his fear with his wit and never even back out to save his friends. At the moment, is as if the universe had handed him a second chance, a personal mystery. An absence of timeline that was very interesting.

He nodded shortly at him. "Saturday, seven in the morning. Be there or I'll leave you behind."

Turning back, he quickly went inside the box and completely missed the wide smiled Sam plastered. When he was inside, he hurriedly piloted the TARDIS away and straight to the day he promised the boy. Pulling on the last lever, he could feel the TARDIS excitement when she materialized, as he ran through the ramp, taking a deep breath, and opened the door.

In front of him, he saw Sam Piper, wearing his familiar red coat under a white t-shirt with a small blue backpack slung to his back with a smile plastered on his face. The Doctor grinned excitedly as he led him inside the TARDIS.

"Well then," the Doctor said, taking his back off from the boy back. "Welcome back, Sam Piper!"

"Rule one, don't wander off."