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The War of Runes and Warlocks

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One year prior


Magnus was lost in thought as he leaned against the crumbled wall of his father's castle. His mind warred over what Alec had said to him, he never wanted that to become a reality. He leaned further into the wall as he thought about the implications of Alec's words. He'd give up his entire life just to stay with him. He'd never see his friends or family again, it broke Magnus’ heart. He couldn't let that happen.

Suddenly, Magnus heard footsteps approaching, and he adopted a warm smile as Clary sheepishly walked up to him.

“Something on your mind?” He asked, gently setting a hand on her shoulder as she approached him slowly.

“I- It's just-” Clary stuttered as she avoided Magnus’ eyes, grabbing onto one of her wrists. 

“What is it, my sweet biscuit?” Magnus pried, starting to worry slightly as Clary continued to stutter.

“I- I think I may have a way to close the rift,” Clary finally stuttered out, locking her eyes onto Magnus’ surprised ones.

“What do you mean?” Magnus questioned perplexed and slightly out of breath. If there was a way to close the rift he wouldn't have to worry about squandering Alec's future, and they could live a normal life.

“It- It's not definite,” Clary started, “But I just have this feeling, deep inside, that something good will come from it.”

“What's your plan, biscuit?” Magnus asked, hope creeping into his voice.

“You know how I was able to create runes to connect the Shadowhunters to the Downworlders?” Clary asked, seeming impatient in forwarding her information.

“Yes, of course, quite a feat,” Magnus responded proudly, smiling at Clary who gave a small smile in return.

“Since I've been here, around you, when I look at you I can see a rune etched clearly into my head,” Clary spouted, words getting faster as she came closer to her conclusion, “I think I can give you a rune that will make you powerful enough to seal the rift.”

It was crazy, Magnus knew that, but he was getting desperate. He sighed and closed his eyes before opening them again with resolve.

“Do it,” he demanded, gripping Clary's shoulder lightly before giving her a resolute look in the eyes. Clary sighed, taking Magnus’ hand off her shoulder and clasping his hand in her own. 

“You know we have no way of knowing if this will actually work,” she whispered to him.

“I know,” Magnus replied, “But sometimes we just have to take our chances.” Magnus then held his arm out for Clary, who took it into her slightly trembling hand.

“It's okay,” Magnus shushed as he stopped the trembling with his free hand, “You would never hurt me, biscuit.” With that Clary made up her mind and quickly drew the rune that had been trying to burn through her head. For a minute all was silent when Magnus suddenly screamed in agony.

Magnus felt like his whole body was being engulfed in fire, he screamed as it spread throughout his entire body and then seemed to implode in his center. For a minute all he knew was pain and he didn't even feel the strong arms that suddenly embraced him. Everything suddenly came back into focus and Magnus leaned on Alec as he grabbed at where Clary had made the mark.

He looked down suddenly and with an awful realization noticed the mark was no longer there. “It didn't work,” Magnus practically cried as Alec held him closer.

“Don't go doing reckless things when I'm not around, Magnus,” Alec sighed as he refused to let his warlock go, “Simon told me he heard you guys planning something. What if it would've killed you?”

“Alexander, I-” Magnus started but Alec only shushed him.

“We'll get through this,” Alec stated determinedly, “We always do.”


Present Day 


Magnus hummed as he gracefully pulled several cake pans out of the oven. Since it was for his and Alec's first year wedding anniversary he wanted to make him something special. So he was making him a slightly bitter chocolate cake with sriracha since Alec preferred things that weren't too sweet. Doing it all by hand was just the finishing touch to show Alec how much he loved and appreciated him.

Although he enjoyed every once in awhile doing things the mundane way, he was starting to get frustrated with the cake he was making. He had flour everywhere, the cakes looked good but had some slight flaws, and it would take at least an hour for the cakes to cool for the frosting.

He was tempted to just finish it up with magic but stopped himself. That'd be throwing away all his hours of work prior. He pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance, before deciding he could at least clean up the kitchen with magic. Magnus smirked as he drew his magic out to clean up the mess, when suddenly he felt a jolt run through his body that was like being doused in ice cold water.

Before he knew it he was on the floor in agony, an especially sharp pain radiating from around his right wrist. He sucked in a breath and looked down at his wrist, before losing his breath as he saw the mark Clary gave him a year ago resurface. Before he could even react the mark disappeared again, and Magnus had to wonder if it had all been a hallucination.

Gathering himself, Magnus dusted off his pants as he stood up in a huff. While the cakes were cooling he had somewhere he wanted to visit.


Magnus gripped at his wrist as he exited his portal, standing before an art gallery in downtown New York. He had caught Jace sneaking off to it a few times, and if he knew Jace, it wasn't for the art. Magnus peeked in through the gallery door and not surprisingly found Jace inside.

To his surprise though, instead of just moping around, Jace was excitedly talking to someone else in the gallery. Without even needing to see he knew who it was, Magnus quickly ran up to Jace and angrily spun him around.

“Jace Lightwood what the HELL do you think you're doing?!” Magnus whispered fiercely, pulling Jace away from Clary and trying to drag him away. As Jace gave him the clueless puppy-dog eyes Magnus suddenly realized he was being watched, despite having a glamour.

“Magnus?” he heard someone whisper, before looking down and locking eyes with Clary. Magnus couldn't tear his gaze away as he sadly looked at all he had left from his dear friend Jocelyn.

“Biscuit,” Magnus said forlornly, before accusingly stabbing a finger into Jace's chest, “What have you done, Jace?! You've put us all in danger!”

“You don't understand, Magnus!” Jace replied heatedly, “She regained her memories on her own!”

“What- that's,” Magnus started before trailing off. How could that be possible?

“I know this is a lot,” Jace said, raising his hands defensively, “But I swear I didn't do this to her. We think...we think one of the angels might have decided to side with her.”

“That sounds quite unbelievable, even for you,” Magnus replied, smirking in good fun when Jace huffed with annoyance.

“We're serious Magnus,” Jace stated, looking at Clary before staring directly into Magnus’ eyes, “Two weeks ago when I was glamoured Clary was suddenly able to see me again as if she'd never be exiled.”

Magnus went to process the new information, but there was something about it that was bothering him. He thought about it before feeling a cold chill as he realized that it was probably exactly two weeks ago his magic had started to act up. However that morning was the only time the mark Clary gave him had shown up.

Panicking, Magnus stepped back and swiftly left the gallery. He heard Jace and Clary call after him, but his world was spinning. He thought he'd just been imagining things, but this couldn't be a simple coincidence. The rune Clary had created for him was still intact and was adversely affecting him.

Before he could think it through Magnus opened a portal to his loft, stepping forward when all of a sudden everything blurred and he staggered. Magnus briefly heard someone calling to him as his vision darkened, but he didn't have time to figure out who it was as he collapsed on the pavement.