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Crushing (Drabble)

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Jimin was a needy omega, not in the sense of always wanting something inside him but more in the need of physical affection. He always purred to get affection, always wearing the prettiest things, and being cute but he never got the Namjoon’s head to turn towards him.


Jimin huffed and his lips into pouts, “Why won’t he look at me?” He complained to Taehyung, who just rolled his eyes at Jimin.


“Jimin, half the school looks at you,” Taehyung said as he got closer to Jungkook who was on his phone trying to type an assignment that’s due next class.


“Well, who says I want them?” Jimin said turning around from his seat to face the class but then turns back, “Like I always try my best, Is it my scent?” Jimin sniffed at his wrist’s scent gland.


“It can’t be my scent,” He quickly said before Taehyung commented, “I mean, I smell like peaches, who doesn’t like peaches?”


“Namjoon,” Taehyung snickered and Jungkook from beside him giggled.


Jimin dramatically gasped, “I’m hurt,” He placed his hand on his chest, “My own soulmate,” He softly said.


“It be like that sometimes,” Jungkook offhandedly said as he continued to write on his phone, his tongue slightly sticking out due to his focus.


“Like my alpha said, It be like that sometimes,” Taehyung said, “Jimin, it’s not your scent,” He added, not wanting Jimin to take the comment to heart. Jimin besides from trying to seduce a tall dimpled alpha, he was a softie who was innocent, not entirely innocent though thanks to Taehyung.


“I know, I just want him to at least spare me a glance,” Jimin slumped in his seat and slowly turned around to pay attention.


Jimin really wanted his attention, wants Namjoon’s eyes on him but the alpha doesn’t even spare him a glance. He looks at the other pretty omega, Jin, Jimin can’t call Jin anything but pretty because Jin is pretty.


He sighs, ‘Maybe they’re the ones who will end up together,’ He spaces out in class, thinking of ways to get Namjoon’s attention. Jimin got a crush on Namjoon when he first saw him passing by and then his lingering scent on their mutual friend, Hoseok, a beta who hangs around Namjoon a lot.


“Jimin, Let’s go the bell rung,” Taehyung shakes Jimin shoulder a bit, Jimin looks around the classroom and sees that most of the student are gone. He shoves things in his bag and follows Jungkook and Taehyung out the classroom.


“So, while spacing out, what were you thinking?” Taehyung asks Jimin who is looking around the hallway to even catch a glance of Namjoon’s head. “Jimin,” He elbows him.


“Ow- I was thinking nothing, just the usual.” Jimin huffs as he rubs his chest where Taehyung elbowed him, “The usual, how do I get Namjoon to like me,”  Jimin shrugs while Taehyung nods because it is the usual ever since Jimin’s crush on the tall alpha.


“The usual?” Jungkook looks at Taehyung, “Really?” Taehyung nods at his alpha, “Jimin, just go ask him out, it’s not like he is going to say ‘no’,” Jungkook says as he rolls his eyes and goes back to typing his essay muttering, “I should’ve done this a week ago,”


“Ask him out?” Jimin repeats back to Jungkook and the scoffs, “Sure, I’ll ask out the love of my life like a normal person,” He rolls his eyes, “It’s not like I’ll lock up in place once I catch a hint of Namjoon’s scent and whine in place plus I’m pretty sure Jin and him have a thing going on but sure, I’ll just ask out the alpha of my dreams, Namjoon-”


“Uh, Jimin-” Taehyung tries to interrupt Jimin.


“Namjoon will never ask me out guys, like I’ve been subtly trying, I mean I tried so many ways,” Jimin brushes his hair back and stops in his tracks which makes Taehyung stop and grab Jungkook’s arm to make him stop as well.




“Taehyung, it’s rude to interrupt an omega when their talking about their crush-” Jimin pauses as he catches a scent that’s way too close, a comfortable scent that he loves dearly. Jimin turns around his see’s Namjoon flushed but his dimples on display.


“So, that crush,” Namjoon said, his voice making Jimin weak, “I kind of have one of you too,” Namjoon confesses, “Jin and I are just friends by the way, he’s dating Hoseok and Yoongi now,”


“Me?” Jimin manages to get out, his scent spiking due to his embarrassment of unintentionally confessing his love to the alpha, “You like me?” Jimin squeaks, fidgeting in place.


“Well, yeah, isn’t that what I just said?” Namjoon chuckles at the flustered omega, “Well, I’d like to take you on a date, is that alright?”


Jimin doesn’t know what to say at that point just saying, “Um, uh, I-” Jimin gets more shy, he never expected for the alpha to like him or even know him. He always thought he was invisible to Namjoon and was confident that he would be the one asking but now here he is, flustered and shy, not sure what to say to the alpha who is asking him out on a date.


Jungkook just laughs and Taehyung answers for Jimin, “He would love too,” He says as he slightly pushes Jimin closer to the alpha, “Spend time with him now even, just bring him back home around 8PM or I’ll hunt you down,” Taehyung warns.


“Come on, let’s go baby and put your phone down, I’m lonely,” Taehyung says as he leaves but a pout visible on his face. Jungkook defeated knowing he’s not going to anything done if Taehyung cuddles him because he as well will get distracted.




“Yes,” Jimin finally answers, getting slightly confident, “Why me, like, um-”


“Because you’re so beautiful and I kind of saw you dance, thanks to Hobi,” Namjoon flushes a bit at what he was revealed, “And um, he also told me you’re a really big softie, like cute things like yourself and um,” Namjoon knows a lot about Jimin thanks to Hoseok but doesn’t know what else to say.


“I kind had a crush on you for 3 months,” Namjoon confesses.


“O-oh,” Jimin stutters, “Well, um, I had a crush on YOU for 8 months, so I win,” Jimin boasts, “And I wanna take YOU on date,” Huffs the pink haired omega who crosses his arms with his chest puffed up.


Namjoon just gives a breathy laugh, “Okay, here’s my number,” Namjoon puts his hand out with a piece of paper with numbers written on it. Jimin eyes looking like he just struck gold and takes the small piece of paper and looks at it with a grin and his sweet peachy scent making Namjoon happy and his heart pumping.


“I’ll see you after classes then,” Said Jimin as he slips the piece of paper into his pockets and smiles at the dimpled alpha, “Don’t be late, I get whiney,”


“Wouldn’t be late ever,” Namjoon smiles, “You deserve the best, so, I would never be late to a date with a cute omega who puffs his chest trying to look intimidating,” He couldn’t help it but to chuckle.


A five minute warning bell rung, “Well, Jimin, text me,” Namjoon says as he leaves, “I don’t want you to be late, see you later,” With that he leaves for his own class leaving a happy and over the moon omega in the hallway.


“Oh my god,” Jimin says in realization, “I got a date with Namjoon,” He puts his hand on chest to feel his beating heart, beating fast due to nervousness and the sudden realization.


“Oh my god,” He says again with an even bigger grin.