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I Hate or Love You So, Please, Pain, Go Away

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“... Wow. Is. Is this love...?” 

The first-time emerald eyes locked in place on the pretty, petite thing wearing an effeminate mask next to the wretched ones around it was meant to last forever until death separates them. Like the old saying told by parental figures in the far-off past it was love at first sight even when it may seem not entirely true in every single situation like this one. However, not one to cower away from a challenge or a fight like a bitch due to a life full of hurdles this wouldn’t be that badly troublesome, right. All that needed to be done was to show off the mostly positive, charismatic traits held within which hopefully will woo the delicate thing into the warm embrace that was his arms. Not a difficult job to be all honest as once smelling the lingering smell in the air to roasted smores and ash told off the bat the one catching said piercing eye was an Omega; an unmarked one to be exact. 

In the whole wide world Omegas overall were very rare close to extinct and one like this was an absolute jewel needing full on protection. Amaze was the word describing the emotion had at the very moment from seeing the image ahead where an Omega like that thing was actually catching his attention. Someone who maybe if known better neither hated his guts enough to kill him or look past him like he was nothing to them even when family. That Omega was his family; only thing he needs although not knowing to it whatsoever right now but they already grew such a bond. A bond that can easily last forever and ever times eternity but will only occur if he done the right things to achieve the one stealing his heart. 

Total shock the thing making his heart pound heavily in his chest took off that pale, white mask to reveal something breathtaking in his opinion. Heart now was up in his throat where he couldn’t breathe at all so, weakly stumbling back he hits the wall behind him. Breath, he panickily says in his clouded head to which he does and takes in deep inhales then exhales to steady himself to properly function. The thing was beautiful with unmarked tan skin, thick black hair groomed back perfectly, hell in his surprise had facial hair alongside with sideburns unlike any Omega and what took him to the next level were the eyes resembling the midnight skies. Love was in his heart from it and this being what taken him to be wrapped around it small finger had to be his alone, no one else’s even the ones closest to his lovely who surely meant no real harm. 


Only after gathering his thoughts full to the brim to having the Omega as his own was the time he finally came back into reality. A limited time was now ticking away, he had to act now or he’ll lose the thing he wants forever to possibly someone else and that couldn’t happen, not on his watch. Now he began strutting over to the source to the sudden infatuation where nothing around the lanky, stich covered figure mattered whatsoever anymore even if catching a few odd looks in the process. Some were wondering what in Zalgo’s right mind was he doing when approaching the first to capture his heart but he did it ignoring the judgment made towards him. Anyone in their own minds wouldn’t dare say a thing against him, not the one attaining his heart with its delicate hold. 

“... Hello?” A shy voice mumbles out meekly with a trembling gloved hand stretched out half way to shake his upon seeing him gawking down at the thing like he never seen something like it, “... H-how. How may I help you?” 

“No, there’s nothing to be helped with not at all... Yet anyways” He whispers the last to himself as he bent himself down to the other’s eye level, “All I want to ask of you, really is if you want to be mines, pretty thing?” Although bluntly said on his part he couldn’t help to chuckle though muffled a little from seeing the thing immediately blush from his comment, “I’ll make sure as someone such as myself should make you feel cherished for and always full to content when around me” 

Sometime past by before the thing finally responded back with a little more firmness then before broke the rather awkward silence that enveloped between the two, “... What…?” 

“Hm? Are you confused by what I said? Sorry about doing so, doll. I sometimes ramble a whole heck of a lot. More than many can even comprehend in their tiny, little heads maybe I should’ve said it slower and in easier words for you to better understand? I know an Omega like yourself shouldn't be left alone like this without someone to protect him and never been taught how higher ups should treat you, right?” 

Next thing was him getting an angry mouthful from the Omega he would never think can be so easily angered down to having a backbone towards someone such as him that was a higher up. 

“What the fuck?!” The thing still so pretty although cursing like a sailor yells with fire in their tummy, “Higher ups then me?! Needing of protection?! Do I look like every other slutty whore Omega to you?! By the way I’m not as I hold much more respect in myself then to spread my legs and play ‘house wife’ or ‘trophy wife’ and some revolting old bullshit to every damn Alpha or the other likes of you guys?!” 

Anger seething in fact yet not too long flashed in his eyes where he was wanting to show the other his place as an Omega but didn’t do such a thing when in front of everyone. That’s was no way someone like that keeping his heart pounding in his chest should act around him. “So, no. I’m not going to be yours. Never will I ever subject myself into that role” Pretty thing angrily sneers at him until eventually calming down enough to keep the anger in check. Until that was settled down, he wanted to say something but a hand was raised up above him to silence him from speaking any further. It annoyed him greatly then now more so when the source to his infatuation rudely walked away towards a hooded male leaving him alone with his desperate thoughts turning dark. 

“... You will be mines...” 

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When he allows those words to be uttered out it wasn’t so quietly said like he wanted it to be as the sweet Omega wipes their head back at him with an ugly look. A look telling him to just back up or he’ll get clocked right in his face something he didn’t want to experience from the thing. Sure, had a spiteful, mean, and vile attitude that no Omega should ever had telling a tale to him on how such a thing like it without a mate can really be seriously damaging to one’s own health. Anything and it didn’t matter what it be needed to be done to curb that feral behavior or it be too late with him being the one to do the task at hand. This will be hard work for him to do but the reward be satisfactory for him and maybe his love. 

“... Wow... That was really unpleasant to say the least, huh? You really did good on fucking up?” A voice gruffly spoke up out of nowhere startling him. 

Upon slowly turning around to see who was saying that turned out to be his brother it didn’t surprise him at all so, he tries to relax from the previous incident with the Omega storming off.  

“Yeah. Kind of did...” He quietly grumbles, anger kept making him stiffly stand there in the now empty hallway, “... But I was only trying to introduce myself” 

Soon enough after being there for the longest time he’s ushered off from appearing like a dumb rock towards a room down the hallway. “I suppose introduce yourself meant thrusting on the guy like he wanted it? He didn’t and what you’re doing ain’t the best here? Gonna get hurt or worse killed for it?” Hearing his brother scold him like a child didn’t make him ease up any bit better but the other man can care less on it when shoving him into a room. The door belonging to the bedroom he was shoved in was opened swiftly then closed behind the brotherly pair. A bean bag was what he’s made to sit on while the raven, Cheshire smiling man sits down at the edge of a bed letting out an exasperated groan. “Do you even know who that guy even is? That guy could’ve gotten you into a world full of hurt and I’m in no damn mood to pick up your shitty pieces in the end” Burned hands slowly rubs down the equally pale, charred face that really did see better days in the past with dead eyes glaring dagger directly into his skull. 

His dear brother then said in the usual bluntness had that this ‘crush’ being developed on the sweet little Omega was deathly unhealthy on both parties. It was the healthiest he felt for someone else for the longest times. Never had he felt his heart lurching forward abruptly against his ribcage making it hard to breathe again. The thing was doing this to him, he needed it to stop one way or another for good when the pretty thing decided to say yeah, sure to his advances. It come eventually in his favor with the right moves as no Omega wouldn’t last too much longer like that thing had done without going stir crazy. 

“But Jeffery, you don’t understand. I love that Omega. It needs to be mines and mines alone” 

“It? Do you hear yourself man?” An exasperated sigh leaves his brother’s chapped lips, “You’re talking about a human being here? Although he may be an Omega, rarity and they’re known to be basically a flesh bag with holes here but still... Human. He’s one, y’know” 

Shoulders were shrugged nonchalantly like he didn’t even mind it too much if he sounded what even his own flesh and blood said was crazy. Crazy in love he would say to his supposed to be a loving brother supporting him whom by expression couldn’t believe his ears to his infatuation. “I know” Growing relaxed in his physically fit body, he lays himself down on the bean bag plopped down in the corner to his brother’s room. “But it's meant to be mines. There hasn’t been one since like forever and ever like it that captured my heart so shamelessly” Acting like a school girl a soft, unbearably squeal over their ‘senpai’ leaves his lips quirking into a dopey grin. In the corner to his eyes he sees his brother roll his own in annoyance to his unbelievably creepy behavior. 

Enough time came past where he can easily fall asleep right there in the bean bag chair full uncomfortably with beads some though dripping from a rip to its side on to the floor but his brother was persistent in continuing to speak, “Do you even know the guy’s name? You can’t keep calling him it for the rest of times? If you even want him to even consider letting you court him it be nice to know his name and who he is as a PERSON? Do tell me you at least know his name” 

The rambling off from his brother’s mouth was ever so slightly annoying yet he wouldn’t let the simmering irritancy for it get the better of him. Sounds to his disgruntled other half was starting to appear again through the cracks. However, when he hears the last part to his brother’s rambles upon just ignoring the rest his face turns a darker shade as he sinks into the collar to his scarf wrapped cozily around his neck. “... I... Um well...” Embarrassing himself greatly he didn’t even know the Omega’s name and the peeved look on his brother was a clear sign he already messed up from the get go. “... It really doesn’t matter bro, right?” He says in a hushed tone unlike himself that got him a more needed lashing from the other in the tight squeezed room.  

“Shit of course, it does?! Fuck man! You don’t even know his name for shit’s sake and you’re expecting to be mated to the guy for life?! Now the guy is a total stranger to you, great?!” 

Drawn out silence came where nothing was said from either man until Jeff came around along with squirming on the bed in guilt over his random, sudden outburst. 

“... Sorry Liu for having to yell at you like that for little to no reason. It's just if you want this Omega then you got to at least express it outwardly that you respect him as that what makes them all buttered up for the taking” 

“It's fine. I understand as I only been here at this dump for only a few days so, what’s the name?” Chuckles although forced at best came about quickly afterwards to lighten up the tense mood where it somewhat worked for them. 

“Its Masky by the way that’s what we call him around here at the mansion but his real name is Tim. The Omega hates it when people not his friends or whatever call him that. Ridiculous as it sounds yet I get it due to personal reasons haunting him. Blood on his hands that he regrets whole heartily” 

“So, he’s like a broken Omega then? I get that now... All he needs is someone who understands” 

“I guess so. Just don’t say that stupid shit with him, ‘kay” The permeant smiling killer slowly nodded his head in slight hesitant agreement.   

“I won’t. Only things I’ll say is things he wants to hear and etc. so, I’m all good. Maybe do some hard labor work too along the way if he isn’t swooning over my perfectly picked, honey sweet words? That’s to achieve what’s rightfully yours” 

Look on his brother’s face knew he was spewing in bullshit that get him killed but this time around to his surprise then relief nothing was said. Silence was given to him with a facial expression speaking in volumes he’s going to screw up one way or another to his disdain. Once he knew the conversation was done and over with between himself and his brother, he slowly sat up. Lanky, long legs of his were tingly most likely fallen asleep due to having sat on them for so long. It did come back to life as he practically skips over to the door, opening it quickly with a tug then waves gleefully at the man before leaving who in response continued to give him that distinct expression on that revolting face.  

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It's been weeks now since that encounter had happened with himself and the pretty, little Omega occurred where he tried his very best to heed his brother’s words. Although over the short time period that grew longer and painfully excruciating by the second, he simply couldn’t do a single thing with his true love was tearing him apart. In the forms of his figurative tears his ulterior, darker plans within the calmed layers showing everyone he was a man with decency were growing stronger so, he ought to do anything to ease those thoughts before it's too late. Something must be done which can be quite troublesome to anyone else but not for him, he only thought it would only get him to his destined end goal. So, when he has that delicate thing in his tight, loving, and protective hold alone, no one else’s it be the thing he’ll feel the proudest in. It was the only thing he had ever felt in such a warm, tingly way then with his other endeavors, he could describe it as something strong and hopefully lasting on forever.  

‘He doesn’t seem to like any of my courting gifts? Why does he have to be such a fucking tease all the time?’  

The stitch covered man tried his best in showing the other that he was far better than what he had introduced himself the first time. What he gave to the thick headed, stubborn Omega ranged from flowers which he knew from observing the favorites was randomly sunflowers for some reason, sweet tasting candies like chocolates or if he wanted to assert himself and his dominance, he gives the sweet thing one of his scarves. Maybe he can understand a little bit better why the Omega was a touch upset about his particular choice of words. Although he knew the little thing shouldn’t have spoken to him in such a manner, he will allow it to slide this time. Next time if it were to happen for another time it will be responded back with something severe yet he will do so when it was just the two of them. Alone, he wanted desperately to be in the presence to the other without anyone else possibly getting in his way.  

“Hey. Dipshit. Mind taking this to the laundry room to get clean, will you?” He hears his brother call out to him in his usual derogatory nickname whilst lazily slouching on the dingy beanbag chair in their shared room. Nothing his brother says bothered him anymore in the slightest especially all the prodding and pent up worries for his well-being may get annoying to the point he wanted to smack some sense back into the raven-haired male. “... Toby and Ben thought it be super-duper fucking funny to dye all my white sweatshirts hot pink for some unknown reason? So, just dump it in the wash and maybe the eye bleeding color will be washed out hopefully?” Angered rambles soon were overwhelming his mind now however not paying attention to what was being said he just silently picks up all the dirty, smelly clothes scattered around the room. Leaving his lips was an exasperated sigh upon having to bend down countless times then pretty much getting on his hands and knees in order to get every single crumpled up clothing article.  

Breathless as he straightly stood up which resulted in him groaning in discomfort when his back loudly cracks, “Yeah. Yeah, I’ll do it for you since you’re too lazy to do so, yourself. Though I guess, it may take my mind off things”  

“Not my fault that Twitchy Retard and the dumbass stoner thought it be amusing to see me mad” Jeff shrugs his shoulders back as those dull blue eyes turned to face his taller brother with an uninterested look although held back the ounce of care he had for the other man.  

“Hm. I’m not shocked they done so to you. With the stick up your ass I thought it would’ve happened earlier than it did?”  

Not much of a big surprise to witness the change in emotions from the smiling killer who soured quite a bit from the remark, “Not my fault that they got to gloat about ‘being better’ once having a mate or whatever...”  

“Are you sure this is you you’re talking about, right? The one saying he can get anyone if he so pleases? If I didn’t know any better, you’re just jealous of them” An ugly snort couldn’t be suppressed as the brunette can’t be the least amazed that his egotistical brother was having mate issues.  

“... Shouldn’t be spewing shit on how I am when you’re so called head over heels over some Omega who’s isn’t the least bit interested in you at all? It's been a whole month, really since that happened. He shut you out on the first day as well, with every single courting gift you gave him”  

From there he gives the other man he calls his brother for some reason even when having going through traumatic shit caused from him. Somehow, he didn’t murder the Cheshire having man in front of him much earlier on by now was far from him as he shakily run a hand through his disheveled hair. Yet that wasn’t the point right now to be thought on upon tossing all the clothes held in his hands into the hamper so, it be easier to take with him then having the annoying possibility to it falling to the ground. One hand takes ahold to the smooth plastic handle to the hamper when taking one long, harsh look at his brother. How he wanted to stomp over there and snuff the remaining life out from the pathetic man even if it may get him in some serious trouble with a faceless being.  

“Not my fault it doesn’t know that they’re mine and mines alone...”  

Once making his way over to the door and exiting the bedroom, he makes his way down the long hall that oh, so happened to be full of the other residents towards the room at the very end that held the washer and dryer machines.  

“Don’t do anything stupid, okay”  

“... Jeeze... I won’t. I know what I’m doing...”  

Slowly nodding his head in agreement, he takes his leave from the room so, he can finally spend his time alone with his thoughts.  

‘... At least, I won’t get caught. I’ll make absolute sure of it...’  

Walking was a hurdle when having one hand harshly gripping onto the scratched-up handle while the other held and rubbed at his forehead. Heavily pounding against his skull was the constant headache persisting for way too long for his liking. Always on his mind was that Omega, not helping the matter any better as he couldn’t keep himself together imagining the sweet thing doing lewd things to be a tease. Currently now the prude of an Omega was being such an annoying nuisance when basically strutting like it owned the place, not needing no mate take care of them. It got him to huff heavily in response when continuing to trudge down the hallway crowded with many others going on with their day like it as nothing.  

A feeling to being suffocated was overwhelming as he unknowingly emits his slightly stressed out pheromones into the air around him. However, as he glances over, he can tell quite easily there were a few people here to there scrunching their noses in disgust while some appeared to be disoriented by it. So, it wouldn’t be long like a quick flash for example, he subdued the distinct scent to something bearable for the ones with an overly sensitive nose. They the ones even without those uniquely equipped noses were plain old Betas or broken Alphas and Omegas that couldn’t do what they were born to do which were pitiful in its own right. Not too long in his mind in thinking the people around him were assholes with thier snobby noses up in the air over someone like him known to not be what they say is normal he enters the laundry room with his hands full to his brother’s disgusting, smelly as hell clothes .  

Room named unoriginally by the title above the door as the laundry room was absolutely humongous when he was the only one inside by himself with the basket where the only company, he had was the noisy machines alongside his mind producing the worst migraines. The man dealt with it for such a period he’s growing irritable from it as the various different scents belonging to other coming from their clothes gotten him to be sick to his stomach. In the end though there was something that thankfully eased the growing tension in the form of a familiar alluring smell nearby. His eyes widened when swiftly dropping the laundry given to the nearest empty washer with some soap to check up on the cause to catching his full attention in such a manner. There it was left discarded in the darkest corner to the room like it was forgotten by a certain someone but it was something absolutely precious yet haughty.  

“... Looks like a lil’ Omega left something behind?” He mutters to himself picking it up in one swoop into his hands, “Smells just like him too. Almost like roasted smores and a hint of smoky ash?”  

As the man examines the fabric, he picks up from the ground in the nearest corner thankfully not taken by anyone else, he realizes what it was leaving him to perversely smirk. The devilish grin deepened more that even a sandblaster wouldn’t take it off. Fingers gently traced against the delicate lining to what he can tell were the used undergarments belonging to the Omega. It was definitely used he can tell so as he brushed up against a wet spot in the middle. Slick; it was the actual thing not commonly produced by anyone except for the rare elusive Omega, he dives right on in to heavily sniff the fabric he lets the scent fill him to the brim.  

“... O-oh, yeah That’s t-the stuff...” Although to some it may seem quite inappropriate, not for him as it was hitting the spot all too well. It was like he was clinging onto that fabric for dear life since he would never want to lose it ever in his whole life. This was bringing his true lover closer to him in some odd fashion as the other may not be there in the flesh. “... Good O-Omega…" His words were softly spoken so, nobody else can hear them until he abruptly stops from hearing two voices coming near. Soft patter to feet hitting across the creaking floorboards got him to scramble for cover in the nearest closest where he frantically closes the door, open a crack for a tiny, discreet peak at the outer room and that’s when he saw them together.  

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Light from the bulb up above in the ceiling turned on even when there was already enough natural light being made from the window blinded the one hiding in the closest yet as the bright emerald eyes slowly but surely adjusted to it. As it done so the figures introducing themselves in the room unknowingly to the secretive presence hiding where none other than his dearest Omega and another classified as their ‘best’ friend. It couldn’t be helped, no matter how the hidden wanted to leave beat the living shit to the person so close to his Omega like they were more than friends, he had to keep control for everyone’s sake. The sake of his future mate and mother to his pups where amusingly enough he wanted a whole football team in the end to their escapes. All that can be done was to begrudgingly watch on and overhear their conversation talking about surprisingly him with a few sprinkles of others things such as daily life.  

Then the desired Omega of his dreams spoke up a touch louder so, he was able to properly hear everything spoken between the clueless men, “... Should. I um ... I shouldn’t have been so mean on the guy, huh?”  

One in the orange hoodie walking behind simply shrugged at his friend’s words in to the laundry room, “You did what you had to at the time? They got to understand one way or another that not everybody like... You will like them back? Don’t have to” A thin, string, and see through bag was then dropped down to the floor near the last empty washer machine.  

“I. I know. He’s just more persistent then the others I’ve dealt with in the past. He doesn’t get the point like they do that I’m not interested in anyone” His Omega softly spoke in a tired manner where he tried to get a better look on the petite male helping his friend with the laundry. Far too amusing in all honesty as he muses in how adorable it was in seeing the thing struggle on their tippy toes to get everything in though the friend besides them done so with such comfortable ease. Then the man hiding in the closet fully hears the sigh to total defeat with some good old exhaustion in the mix leave the thing’s pretty plump lips. “... Kind of afraid, Bri . What if he tries something to me if we manage to be alone without anyone like you with me?” A forced shiver travels down the shorter male’s spine, dark eyes like the midnight skies glossing over with a wet substance. Least then expected from such a rowdy little thing he met weeks ago who rudely told him; a desirable mate for anyone to be actually tearing up over something like this about him, he didn’t do a single, damn thing.   

Never would he do anything against something he loves unless they were to provoke him so, a punishment was necessary yet still it’s out of love, “Tim” That was the Omega’s name and it sounded so good on his tongue; better than what they call them by some stupid code name or whatever. Only one time if he were to remember it correctly was when he heard it for the exact first time that was sickeningly enough been told by his ghoul of a brother. Nobody ever should be saying his future mate’s name at all in a bad light especially in a more perverse manner only him alone.  “I won’t let anything happen to you. Neither will Toby nor any other proxy here. We're family, y’know and nothing is coming in between us like some possible piece of shit that thinks you’re nothing more than property to them to use as a broodmare?” Relaxed yet over all forced chuckles leaves the Omega when plopping their feet back down on stable grounding once finishing dumping the laundry in the way too big machine. A part to the hidden man wanted to hear real laughs leaving those lips directed to him then towards another seemingly too close.  

“I know you guys won’t let anyone do anything to me... Not again, really” A painful sting stung in the nosy man’s chest from thinking that something might’ve hurt his dear Omega, “... Maybe I’m just overthinking on that with him. Maybe Liu isn’t such a bad guy, after all?”  

A growing chance of hope was now overwhelming the previous numbing pains after hearing that the other would even consider being with him.  

“It's fine to think that way though. Not saying the guy would do anything malicious to you and is a bad guy for liking you in a more then friendly manner but he ’s like the rest of us. Someone who had killed before so, I only ask for you to be a little more careful around him ? If you don’t feel any bit safe around him then tell any which one of us on it and we’ll do something” The friend appears to be concerned for the Omega’s well-being more than anyone can imagine and it was what the man hiding in the closet watching them feared the most . His number one fear being that someone like that hooded male even if the other was a boring Beta could easily swoop in to take his love as thier own . It can’t happen he won’t allow it as long as he were to live on this earth if there was another wanting his mate and something has to be done about this so-called best friend to ensure his Omega won’t get any ideas . No one will ever take his destined mate away from him for their own lusting needs that only he can be able to satisfy . “... All I got to say is that anyone is capable in doing anything especially the people here” Door to the closet creaks open by total accident as hands carefully kept it closed for the most part so, he wouldn’t be caught .  

His dreamed Omega in question curiously looks around the room then stares over at the closet in confusion, “... Yeah, I get what you’re saying. I just don’t want to go through yet another fucking issue with someone thinking I owe them something all the time” After supposedly seeing nothing to catch any curious close ups the small thing turned their attention back to their friend.  

“You don’t owe anyone anything. Remind him that if he steps out of line. Hopefully, it won’t have to come to that though”  

“Do you think he may get the wrong idea? He has been giving me these gifts which are fine but they’re personal. Like how does he know my favorite flowers are sunflowers and favorite candies are those pineapple tasting candies?”  

An eyebrow was raised from the hidden male as he was only giving the Omega those gifts because he thought it actually get him somewhere yet the receiver seemed to be quite annoyed by it. Such disrespect given to the man who would’ve given his all for that sweet little thing to be his had the gall to say those gifts weren’t enough or hell, even maybe a creepy in the Omega’s eyes. “... I don’t know myself, really? He shouldn’t know all your favorites though maybe he asked Toby or someone else on it? Wouldn’t be surprised if Toby were to blabber on when given the chance? He may have even spilled out some details about you along the way?” The Omega’s best friend offered a suggestion to why he had known everything about the clueless thing not knowing yet that they were meant for one another. Only ever reason he knew almost everything was that he had taken some lessons from other residents in stalking someone without being caught as he was able to gather enough information needed to have the Omega woo over him. Yet right now at this very moment it didn’t seem to be exactly working to his liking with the one catching his attention was a tad freaked out on the whole ordeal.  

Slumped shoulders to the Omega nonchalantly shrugged back, “Maybe Toby did? But I don’t like it that he’s such an annoying, chatterbox nuisance with me all the time”  

“Probably did it on accident here? So, don’t worry too much on it, Tim. Its Toby we’re talking about, after all” Washer machine was the turned on making the usual loud, clattering noise as the two men kept talking on then on with commonly pointless things except for the one serious issue. The issues being him as he wrinkles his nose in disgust over them and their petty, not so bad issues and how they’re dealing with it like babyish children. He was only trying to express himself to the thing on how he would be the best mate in the world. “... Let’s talk about something else, shall we?” Friend interjects again before the Omega were to even open their mouth to speak then clamping it shut. “Did you already finish your laundry? I didn’t see you bringing your clothes over here when I’m dragging mines which by the way thanks for helping?” A soft chuckle barely heard by only his ears thankfully however came over him from seeing the shorter to the two huffs then what he can see roll their dark eyes at their friend’s comment.  

“Whatever. I wanted to help you yet you being the stubborn old self thought he can do it by himself”  

Then a frown came over the friend’s face though it didn’t hold any ill will towards the Omega as it broke in to a lopsided, dopey grin, “Alright you may be right on that one by a little bit. I’m just some grumpy Beta that holds some stupid superiority complex”  

It became awkwardly silent between the proxies as the smaller, darker haired male nervously itches the back of his unmarked neck. “You’re not that, Brian. Shouldn't be taking what they say so close to home for you? Neither should I when they always say I’m some useless Omega all too reckless for not having a mate so, I feel where you’re coming from, I guess?” The hand did stop although from causing any real damage once the nails stopped upon hitting the collar commonly worn for Omegas like him without a mate. Saddening, truly that despite Alphas mostly Betas were allowed to not be shamed into being mateless yet when an Omega like the masked proxy were to do so, it was extremely shameful. Right after to what the man in the closet didn’t like is when they gotten too close as they hugged whatever issue they were having with themselves out. “... Besides that, I finished my laundry, yes. However, I’m missing just one thing that I thought I had on me in my basket?” They soon broke off the way too long, drawn out hug to the man's growing angered relief.  

“And what may that be? Another sock? You do know that’s a common thing, right? It's going to happen if you like it or not” Teasing laughter rings throughout the entire room leaving the man in the closet to irritably groan.  

“No. No, thankfully not as I am running out of them. Yet I’m just wondering where the fuck I put it or even dropped it? It’s my underwear. The one’s that black in color and y’know finely detailed if you know what I mean...”  

A flushed look washes over the friends face in an instant manner who nodded slowly in response that he understood the oddness from the disappearing underwear.  

“I uh... Probably lost them, Tim. It's fine. You got others like them? Hey, you may even find them sooner or later”  

His Omega tried to not be bothered nor embarrassed to admit that they lost something so humiliating when leaning up on the machine for a second. “... Yeah, you’re right. I only have one of that underwear though...” As everything was done and over with the Omega’s friend’s clothes all finished for the moment, they kept with that different conversation as they left the room. “... It's probably nothing anyways...” Last words the nosy man heard from his infatuation as he pushes the doors to the closet open. What he didn’t like besides the close nature to the two proxy’s ‘friendship’ was how he was head over heels with the thing. Literally he fell face first in a matter of seconds the closet he hidden in opens on to the cold wooden floorboards with the Omega’s underwear still tightly held in his hands.  

Chapter Text

Jealousy stung him to the very core every time he saw his future mate being in the mere presence to another that wasn’t him. So, as he continued on with his research to better understand the routine to the mansion as well, his pretty thing he knew now the m an ’s name who was his Omega’s best friend. The man gone by the nickname of Hoodie to everyone, not liking his real name being called out just like it was stated previously with the Omega . It wouldn’t be too long or too much work before he figured out the real name to the hooded male . Brian that was the name to the one he’s growing quite angry over already thinking he’s on the losing path to getting what he desired being a mate for life  

Now, stalking wasn’t the right word like his brother told him on how he was downright being a creep. More literal he was merely observing the daily routine happening around him so, he can know what’s going on. His only ever reason was to make sure nothing were to happen to his sweet Omega; he would never let himself live it down if he could’ve stopped or changed the inevitable. That Omega was his and he was making absolute sure anything horrendous will never occur even if it may include spending hours observing is what he likes to call it on people threatening his lively hood. Some who think they have the right to be close or breathing the same air scented sweetly by his tiny winy, softly spoken mate. It gotten something inside himself completely unknown to what he felt before to crazily stir.  

As he continued on to learning more on every single detail to his future lover and the ones that surrounded them, he learned so many new things on so many people. Mostly the Omega he’s infatuated with that seemingly stole his heart without even knowing that it was done. Even if the said Omega didn’t like to admit that they were being courted relentlessly by him on many occasions there were other things it wouldn’t like to accept. One being that to their secondary nature being more of a quote unquote curse then a gift which in all honesty in his eyes was truly a gift hand wrapped for him. It also, amused him how the sweet thing tried whole heartily as well, to keep those feminine, Omegan urges to themselves under cover with little sucess.  

From afar when he was taking a quick opportunity to better understand the relationship had between the lone Omega and their friends were quite interesting to say the least. Surprising to see the thing trying with weakening attempts to hold them back in fretting over the other proxy's well-being. It was quite amusing to see the naturalness that seeps through those clean pores smelling so good by the way over the people who didn’t deserve that nice treatment. They were all incredibly stupid in their own way especially more so in making such an adorable thing like the Omega worry like a mother hen over them and their imbecile actions. All that natural instincts should be pouring in huge quantities to him and their possible batches of hopefully adorable pups.  

Words were clear as the day above at the moment being when he stood back a few feet away when he hears the little sweetheart who stolen his heat practically baby the other residents and proxies. They would be similar to ‘hey, can you be a little safer next time’ or what he hears to what his lovely should’ve said be ‘hey, dumbasses. If you’re aren’t safer, I’ll kick your ass to the fucking moon next time’ where he chuckles over it. Yet he wouldn’t want his dearest love working in close proximity to those mindless, knot headed people any longer, he instead would rather deal with them. He would hate to have his future mate working with other people that can easily do something against it in the worst manner instead he desires for his love to be where they belong which was at home playing the submissive house wife for him. It would be like a wonderful dream come true for him; something he really never got when he was younger where it was the fault to another in why he was here in the first place completely miserably down to being horribly lonely as well.  

Then came the r ather ugly bouts of anger came out from within his body in the form of taking out all that hateful wrath towards either the wandering nature life around or his unsuspecting victims wandering cluelessly in the forest. The victims would often beg for their lives to be spared and if he wasn’t so badly spiteful with mind clouded up with new emotions would listen to their luring words. How they say they’ll suck his dick or allow its whole knotted self to knot them where they when it pulled out in a slow, agonizingly pace leaving them to unfortunately feel that horrible emptiness that came with it. Not a single victim he snuffed out every time the feeling to wrath gotten too much to bear yet sadly, was an Omegas so; they couldn’t help release the tension swelling up in between his legs. All was noticeably obvious to anyone back at the mansion to take swift attention towards the growing anger even a certain faceless boss taking an odd liking to the shear strength  had that was in his opinion better than the other much more weak, useless proxies running about like chicken with their heads cut off  

Someone had to take control of that disgraceful mess since no one else was going to man up and do it which from what he can tell from the past endeavors wasn’t a pretty picture when there was no dignified leader. How if he was in that role to being the top dog and main man taking the control over everyone else who was nonetheless a total idiot besides his lover that tried to do their best stuff would be done. It wouldn’t be that hard of a job to do in all honesty as all he would have to do basically was give out an order, no means to be ignored by anyone that can be simple enough in a firm tone. Even Alphas known to be all riled up in being told what to do would be subjected to the same treatment as he had mimicked this ‘Alpha voice’ thing done quite well. As a proxy it wouldn’t be so bad if he were to get more time shared with that Omega he never knew until now with enough dissection and observation was actually the eldritch’s right hand despite the weaker secondary nature.  

On one fateful day a big shocker came in the form of when he was out in the forest coming back home from yet another killing spree filled with other desires, he’s met with a static rumbling filling his head. The pain leaving him to deeply growl in discomfort then topping over on to his knees, hands clenching at the sides to his throbbing head was described as nothing more than unbearable. In an instant flash his eyes that gotten all glossy with pained tears were drying up once seeing the slick, dapper, and professional black shoes stepping in front of him with absolute stillness. His emerald gaze slowly from there moved up to see the same professionalism matching the shoes in the rest of the being’s attire as he was able to keep a good, stable stance finally up on his feet. Once the sensation to his mind going all foggy and drone like was done and over with, he stood his ground like he owned the place though he kept himself back from acting like an idiot or imbecile in the other’s dignified words.  

It was out of the blue, yes to be met face to non-existent face with the other as he stares sternly up at the being with the harshest glares, he can ever give someone that normally cower away. This time despite his best efforts figuratively screaming at the mysterious being that he’s someone to fear yet the one in question receiving didn’t seem to flinch at all whatsoever by it when looming over him. Impressive for him to see when lowering his gaze, a little bit yet kept it locked in place staring hard at the being from head to toe while the eldritch done the same with him when cocking their head to the side. A vague show of interest was immediately peeked in both male’s mind as the only human in the matter lets out a forced huff from his thin, parted lips when crossing his arms over his puffed chest. There was something to be said from the one without a mouth, he was just waiting there in the middle of the woods for it with dwindling patience.  

But that thankfully wouldn’t be too long where he had to wait before he saw something he never expected to witness ever as the pale being standing like a stature bent over to his eye level. Then he tries his best in trying to hold back the shocked expression trying within that to contain himself with the disgust coming from the shifting of bone and flesh in the other’s own face. Soon it continues to shift around disgustingly where if he can tell by his squinted eyes was supposed to be some sort of a mouth with teeth merely the flesh from above dripping down to the attached from the bottom. An unknown black substance within the mouth like a bottomless void was threatening to spill as the mouth was formed where the unexpected human backs up to keep a manageable safe distance between them. When he done so the thing not at all appearing human kept gawking at him like there was something needed to be said when the mouth opens up in an attempt to speak.  

Choked gurgles in return to his grotesque curiosity spilled out breaking the tense silence they had for the longest period, ‘... What an interesting human being, you are? Such heated emotions though run high for you? Yet that can be contained rather well and can be used properly in better terms then these unfortunate victims? I need someone like yourself in my group of proxies…?' A voice so scratchy it hurt to hear what was being told but he heard it the best he can before he would’ve gotten annoyed by it. But what was being spoken gotten him to peak his head up, he didn’t mind this numbing ache in his head at all. Maybe he could take some aspirin later down the road from the mansion's medic to ease the tension. Surprisingly it didn’t have to happen as one, long bony hand was placed on the top of his head swiftly taking all the pent-up emotions to fizzle away. The hand slipped away and moved over to lay on the being’s side as he smirks a sinister grin, head quickly nodding in agreement to whatever was planned out for him in becoming what he hopes the best proxies around.  

Chapter Text

It wouldn’t be too long before the other proxies including the Omega of Liu’s dreams; ‘ Masky ’ known as Tim knew about the sudden news in adding yet another proxy in to the mix in itself was a huge shocker for everyone not including the eldritch nor the addition . At first, when the slender being told the others about the new said addition nobody actually believed it until they were met first hand to the stitched-up male staring down at them. Like he owned them and all they were was absolutely nothing but property to them especially the masked man not trusting his own eyes, he felt so weak from the newcomer’s look. The cold, harsh look sent in response an unsettling shiver down the Omega’s spine and it couldn’t be helped by natural instincts to huddle up against the hooded counterpart’s side for comfort. Shown obviously as a weak tactic to be expressed that when doing so in front of everyone like the boss it was embarrassing so, what was done ended quickly as it happens.  

Fear stricken shock however, though was able to run freely in the only Omega in that small room’s veins as he was forced to meet the man sending off the wrong vibes for him. Nobody else in the office seemed to be worried over this like he was so, maybe just maybe he shouldn’t be making odd to downright disgusted expressions. But it couldn’t be detained no matter how hard he tries to act civilized and proper for his boss as he looks around anywhere else then at the man giving him the creeps. His expression did lessen up somewhat in a degree when knowing it won’t be fair if off the very bat, he didn’t bother to give the new guy at least a chance despite his worries over it. So, all the while the proxy slumps down in his seat in between the others next to him not expressing the same feelings he had over this and was totally disinterested over the boss’s choices being considered rather mundane to them.  

‘... You all know Liu; Homicidal Liu, right? Jeff’s brother. He plans on joining us and it would be awfully nice if you’ll be open minded and help him around the ropes in being a proxy, alright...?’ Boss spoken in a monotone expressing legit no emotions whatsoever in that deep voice of his when sitting back on the other side of the large wooden desk. What was occurring couldn’t be so, as afterwards when their talk was over with the boss shutting them off for the remaining day the three men continue to gawk with Masky of course, was the first to let out how he felt over the situation. His panicky, rather by a slight stressed out scent was starting  horrendously in small doses without his control stinking up the small office everyone which was just the five of them at the moment stuck up in. ‘... I know this may all be very new for you three. Masky mostly but this will help us a whole lot. Just having the three of you isn’t enough anymore in this line of duty. Crime is rising which surely, you already know to that but along with that is the law enforcement upping their game in order to level...’ A exasperate sigh leaves Masky’s lips as he crossed his hands over his chest when looking at another direction then anyone currently staring down at him like he’s nothing. So, he forces himself to silently continue on in begrudging acceptance that there was going to be another proxy yet this man was different then the last; Toby who was a mere unpresented runt never possibly doing or wanting him in one way then another in a malicious manner.  

“... Isn’t t-that c-c- coool though, M-Mask?” A twitching voice comments as the owner to it bounces up and down on the couch’s squishy seat, “Another o-one of us o j-join in on t-the fun of b-being a proxy, oooh ?”  

His best friend came to his ‘rescue’ when moving a hand to nudge the stuttering nuisance to ease up or else the boss will be the one to do something, “... Toby, shut it for a second, please. The boss nor us have the time for this, right now and I’m in no mood to be screwed over here because of you...”  

“Yeah, b-but Masky will b-be getting the brunt o-of it mostly? Being the r-right hand man and i-in. In, h-heh, more ways t-then one...”  

Sarcastically made with light, annoying, and lastly, just awfully lewd teasing by the youngest proxy causing Masky to run a hand through his hair then with both down his face underneath his mask where he really now than anything else wanted this to end. The world around him seems to be shitting on him like always as this talk had to be lasting on for eternity and a day where the only thing, he done during it was blankly stare out the window behind his boss. A small smile crept on his face once seeing something that took his breath away, he knew it wouldn’t be so for the others, he saw a blue jay poached on a branch tweeting a neatly soft melody. Such a beautiful song to his ears bringing in the once misery and the shear humiliation to melt away in an instant from how he’s treated in society to a more tranquil setting, he enjoyed in. Everything around him was only a constant hazy blur when slumping his head in the palms of his hands whilst continuing to listen in a half assed attempt to what was being told by their boss.  

The mindless state of mind was cut short in a flash when Masky sees the boss staring lifelessly at him and booming voice leaving a ring in his ear, ‘... Everything is settled, yes? He will start his training immediately when the upcoming week starts. I want all of you to be on your best behavior during it so, be nice and treat him with respect....’ As everyone sits up from their seats a hand brushes up against his back then trails down to the point it was awfully near his backside before pulling away. Masky knew the other proxies especially his boss wouldn’t dare touch him in such a manner if they knew what was best for them and when he was going to turn off his mind just goes blank. His eyes got impossibly wide right there on what he got right was that no one who knew him would never touch him in such a manner since this was the upcoming new proxy joining them smirking at him on what was done. In fact, it was done where there wouldn’t be anyone noticed how the tension growing from both, Masky despised that his distressed scent was cut off by the blockers he worn yet it was for the better to an extent in the end. The hand stayed put on the bottom of his back before he yanks himself free from it with the shock, he previously had keeping him in place subdued under the other’s will mentally screaming to have it stop.  

As the hand getting the drift, he didn’t like it when it wasn’t even being shy upon breezing along his backside mere moments ago pulls away to be slung by the man’s side, “Oops. My bad... Sorry” What a lame apology like it meant anything for the shaken Omega whom watches on in still silence to being left alone after such an incident.  

In everyone’s departure from the office only leaving their boss alone the masked Omega had his shoulders slumped in defeat, he didn’t even want to continue on with the day ahead, “... I. I can’t believe it that the boss wants HIM working with us? Why would he want that anyways? The guy gives me the creeps and none of you see that. I thought that we were enough for him and we didn’t need another one for the time being? I get it if one of us was severely hurt of worse... Killed or something but still we were doing fine, I believe? ” He replied softly in an almost intelligible ramble, hands of his were badly shaking like he’s been spooked yet nothing serious had happened besides knowing there was going to be yet another added proxy. Yet there was something to fear even if slightly and the others may think he’s just overreacting about the matter deemed not too serious. Something for him was seriously wrong with the Theta male planning on joining them where he wouldn’t want to become the sickened desires to one who may have the hots for him. Why would anyone have such feelings over him to begin with as he, himself wasn’t something that anyone be desiring him as a possible worthy mate which could never be him at all. The panic was peeking through the cracks he made sure were plastered securely by his usual calm composure that in itself wasn’t holding back like it should be on other days.  

A response returned back to what he was fretting over wouldn’t be too much longer when two other men walked up behind them with the youngest in the bunch merely shrugging his shoulders back with a soft pop, “M-maybe the boss thinks t-this be good for him a-and us? There isn’t a lot of. o-of proxies besides u-us, y’know and you being a-an Omega makes it a little bit m-more difficult f-for us if you understand t-that?” Then the masked man’s best friend walked past the twitching male.  

“Yeah... And with you suffering from heats you’ll be often out of duty during those times when we desperately need you?”  

The masked man can’t help it to roll his eyes at them where he knew they saw his reaction to what they say, “... Guys. You’re acting like I’m not doing my job up to par like you just because of my secondary gender? My heats are subdued and you guys know it with my suppressants and blockers. I use them properly by the way meaning my heats don’t come in monthly anymore so, I’m just as good or even better than you two and him too”  

“That’s what bothers me the most with you, Tim?” His friend comments and he can only huff from it, “You tend to douse yourself with all that stuff. It's not healthy whatsoever? The boss knows and he may cut you off from using them for any period of time if you overdoing it then we’re done another one of us when you go back to having a normal natural heat cycle again?”  

“Please, I’ll be fine... You just don’t understand where I’m coming from. Him, Liu is giving me the wrong vibes here and you’re not seeing it...”  

From then on to the rest of the day Hoodie has been telling him that everything was going to be fine where nothing was going to happen. The masked male didn’t really believe it at all as he remained silent through it all as he tried to be content. As well, he knew the other was doing this nagging in his ear for a good reason, they were best friends after all. Friends for like if he can remember for years and the hooded man was what he can say with little shame his very first which made it the connection they had the more special. Nothing can sever the tie connecting them basically to the hip even if there was a looming threat over the horizon not liking the closeness.  

Chapter Text

Days following up to the meeting went on like normal for the most part besides the mask wearing Omega having the creeped out feeling or just the urge to be as far as possible from the new proxy coming out of the blue where he somehow got the random peaked curiosity to the faceless being. Something was terribly off about the man who came here so suddenly a few weeks prior, he knew of it yet the remaining proxies by his side didn’t seem to see it. Like the only reason the man was even here to begin with was to just be close to him most likely yet he couldn’t know for sure which was the most absurd things ever as why would anyone go through all that trouble for someone like him while making it obvious over the pinning to him for his secondary gender. His hooded best friend though almost sadly like everyone else should be the very first to see the oddness and creepiness that was pouring out in huge quantities from the Theta. Especially after he told the man previously about the courting gifts given to him that many should not be known by the stranger, odd looking male seeking out for his love.   

‘It's nothing’ They would say so nonchalantly like this was none of their business, ‘Nothing at all to really worry with your pretty ‘ lil head about’ Often they’ll turn their nosy gazes to another direction upon seeing this ‘courting ritual’ he sees as nothing more than plain unbearably old stereotypical for his tastes. It was demeaning like how they say he should be honored in having another wanting to be with him but all he felt was pressure placed on his shoulders when not having much of a choice in the matter. Simply, he couldn’t say no even if he really wants to at the countless gifts or the attempts to go out with the absurdly taller man were given to him almost every single day where he lost count. All he ever done upon receiving them was to discreetly at night throw them away in a furthest trashcan imaginable without anyone watching him from afar giving him insulted looks over his actions. This may seem highly insulting for the man who appears in their eyes to really want to be with him despite his very noticeable lackluster qualities which be observed as unmateable.  

So, he was so confused in why would the other man be so determined in scouting out for his love and affection was out from his train of thought. Yet he would rather just not have anyone questing for him like he’s some prized jewel while in all actuality he is merely a simple old man trying to make his way through the world’s difficult hardships. In full honest truth here he despite being a supposed desired rarity, he wasn’t at all interested at all in anyone especially more so in a more intimate manner. Some part to him felt really ill to his stomach even thinking of having intercourse with another then having to possibly spend the rest to whatever life he has with said person if he decides to jump into a relationship with which won’t happen any time soon. Even if people say it wasn’t healthy for an Omega like him to ruin his already ‘damaged’ life like that where he’s taking forsaken medicine to suppress his all natural, god given heats meant to bear the miracle children into this life.  

Now he can faintly remember the times random people off the streets would say awfully inappropriate things to him, ‘Why must you be so uncouth? This isn’t the way Omegas like yourself should act?’  

‘How would anyone want to be your mate if you’re so defiant? Anyone who surprisingly takes a possible interest in you when you’re so... Well, not so, subservient?’ They often comment on how he would be snapping at another trying to make a move on him that for himself was unwarranted to not needed as he wasn’t interested in them.  

Sometimes they would say things that keep him up at night wondering if he was alright, not someone worth pitying over or the odd look more a person worth loving, ‘No offense given here but are you sure you would rather spend all your time alone without anyone there to help you through the hard times? You wouldn’t want to die alone in complete loneliness or excruciating pain, would you where no one even bother reminiscing your presence?’  

It was stupid, really it was as he’s rather content in his life as it is for the most part where society’s uptight standards knowing no bounds in making him feel like he’s a shitty person overall.  

So once again to what everyone else thinks are the millionth time in a row, he goes ahead in continuing his worried conversation on the Theta to anyone who will listen to his rambles, “... That touch he done to my backside wasn’t ‘accidental’, at all. You know that...” Masky whines almost pathetically to his friend currently getting changed in his bedroom to get ready in training for the new addition that had to be today. After that he grumpily followed behind the other a few feet behind with his hands enlaced with one another and his eyes were currently staring down at the ground but he continued to angrily murmur under his breath. As they were now outside the others like Toby and the newcomer were already training so, his hooded counterpart was just leaning against the mansion’s outer wall staring tiredly out ahead to the forest emits a given up sigh. The masked proxy knew he may possibly be annoying the other by doing this but still there was a clear and obvious reason behind it the new guy in their circle of proxies was a total creep mostly with him. “... C’mon. Don’t give me that? You can see he’s making me uncomfortable? You also, know too that I’m not interested in anyone in that... Fashion? Never was or ever will be?” Trying to explain for the other man was really, really annoying for the Omega although he kept on going hen going until he knew it would be taken seriously by his friend.   

Bright red eyes to his friend’s mask bore down at him which may accidentally leave him feeling small, “... Uh huh, Tim. I know a lot from you. I’m your friend, after all. Yet not saying this to be mean with you but maybe he actually likes you and you’re taking this the wrong way or something?”  

Anger was surging through his veins that even if he wanted to act upon it this was first, his best friend where it would lead him no doubt to a horrible demise with his boss, “Brian. You aren’t being supportive. This isn’t how friends no; best friends are meant to treat one another” Pouting Masky all the while kicks up dirt from the ground left unable to grow any green grass onto the other man’s boot.  

“While you’re doing that this isn’t helping the case whatsoever? Only making yourself look like a cute pouty child?” Hoodie bends down to his eye level where he sneers back at the taller man with all his might being held back to not punch the lights from the Beta, “Makes you look cuter in the guy’s eyes anyways if you keep on going like that. With the faces I mean, not the way you’re acting. That can be very annoying to some” Comment given gotten him to growl lowly and embarrassingly enough feels his cheeks puffing up then turning into a nicely adorned pinkish red hue. Not a time at all for teasing in the masked proxy’s opinion as this was a serious topic to be discussed between them like civil adults. Eventually all the color to his face down to his collarbone drained out when he was balling up his fists enough to where it was a pasty white color as he hits the other in the side. “... Ow!? O-okay. Okay, that was called for. Sorry about that...” Rubbing the knuckles, he sees in the corner to his eyes his friend heaving out a breathless yet pained gasp, “... Didn’t mean to push your buttons that far. I guess I was taking the joking too far, huh? Point taken though as I’m just saying maybe this time it’s meant to be or if not, he’s one of the few who won’t treat you like shit like the others?” Daring to explain his friend helps him calm down to where he’s able to not feel the anger spiking his scent leaving him to uncontrollably shudder. Maybe his friend was right and that he was simply being what maybe call a pain in the ass due to the entitled stick rammed in there although he was still attached to the thought that any relationship turning physical was no good for him.  

It was his time this go around to sigh in a given up manner, “... I guess. But like I try to explain to you like anyone else. I don’t feel anything for anyone? More so any sexual attraction which is very little to begin with. Liu... He may be a nice guy like you say in all with some awkwardness in him but I don’t think he understands that no means no?”  Shoulders slumped lazily as he itches at his neck showing faint marks by past itch events when he’s either in a down mood or in any other leaving him feeling quite miserable. Which was a thing he often felt so it wasn’t a feeling he was unused to whatsoever when inwardly scolding himself for his behavior. Nothing like a mark can he sees his bare flesh near his scent glands having it by another human being. “I know it's not common for Omegas or anyone else to not feel anything like that but here I am not feeling any particular thing for him like everyone expects of me? They depict me living a white picket fence with an Alpha or anyone ‘higher up’ then me to settle down with and bear their pups like I don’t mind? I do very much so... It's not what I see in myself now” Self-conscious beyond belief there was no possibly way he will end up like that nor if he did wouldn’t by any good being someone’s housewife. It ends up like a total mess where he’ll end up simply on the streets then nothing else with only distaste and ridicule meeting up with him for whatever upcoming failure.  

After that part to the conversation ended and it was abruptly by the sounds of a hatchet chopping through a tree branch following soon by a loud fearful yelp.  

“... H-hey, man?! Watch w-where your throwing t-t-that thing?! A-almost chopped m-my fucking head o-off here…?!”  

Toby was the one who was the one that screamed out surprising the two elder proxies by quite a bit. The masked man was more so than everyone when seeing the newcomer with goodly toned muscles flexing in front of him.  

“Sorry. But you should’ve dodged it faster the next time or I’ll may chop your head off right there with your own weapons”  

From what Masky seen with stern eyes twitching slightly with nerves once of steel but it was crumbling down by small pieces as he stills once more upon watching the man seeking out for his devoted love wink at him. If that was a wink, he didn’t know when it happened so fast though the thing off the bat says his stalker was a cocky, arrogant yet amazingly fit shit thinking he’s enjoying the show. The man shouldn’t be acting in this fashion, Masky knew that since he was once that way himself and that didn’t particularly end well when presenting as a lowly dynamic.  

“... Toby. Let me see if you’re hurt. Liu is right though in some degree? He does need to be careful in his actions as so, do you who need to pay attention when training or just on tasks in general or you’ll get hurt like now. Which you are by the way so, Mask. Finish this training up for Rogers, will you? Taking clumsy, mindless dipshit with me to the medic room downstairs to get stiches”  

In his own rambles growing a touch worried the hooded man nor an annoyed Mr. ‘Clumsy, mindless Dipshit’ Rogers paid close attention to how Masky reacted to it. They didn’t see how the change to expression on the Omega was drastically altered from knowing he will be allowed with a person he isn’t comfortable with being alone. No, they were sincerely worried on the twitching male’s injuries being a decently sized gash to the of his shoulder needing to what Hoodie says a good few stiches like twenty of them to be exact. So, they easily left their comrade to his devices with the new guy sauntering his way towards the frightened thing not moving an inch since their departure.  

“... Nice to know we finally have some time alone together? Want to discuss over some things with you if you don’t mind, that is? Of course, you don’t as you’ll listen to me. Your future mate...?”  

Nobody’s mate even if it was being whispered in his ear, he indeed was one to the taller man slumping an arm around his tense shoulders. Alone, Masky was all by himself with no one else to help him out in the sticky situation beside sickeningly enough to his displeasure, the other who went ahead to slowly slinking an arm around his waist to draw him in. That’s what he thought the other was doing similar to last time so, he takes a nice, safe step back from the man. From there he can witness first-hand the man understanding completely without any help what he’s feeling and shockingly gave the proxy the welcomed space. Hands flung up to his head in self-defense, the Theta thought he was in the right here, not in this case for the one scared shitless.  

Chapter Text

“... ‘ Ey . ‘ Ey , no need to jump down my back like that. Don’t want to deal with such a moody ‘ lil bitch Omega not knowing their place here at the moment...”  

Well now as the pair were alone for the Theta male to be able to breath properly once again without having to keep everything back. A rare occasion to be with the masked male without a which one of the proxies that was a few had to always be by his pretty thing’s side at all times. Like they were protecting the precious item of its only kind for many miles or however long it takes until finding another from anything dangerous so happened to be him who was working with them underneath a kind yet odd facade. It was understandable but annoying at the same time to have little access to his dream mate before being rudely ushered off when the other proxies thought he was too close to their likings. Understandable to an extent with Omegas like the proxy being one in like million though that may be an exaggeration only by a little sadly as they were uncommon.  

In his deep thoughts to what he may say to the other he was keeping away from the Omega currently letting out a low nervous hiss towards him where he’s staying a nice, manageable distance from to ease the tension. No need to have this being tense at the moment unless it was necessary to terrify the poor thing out of its very soft, delectable skin into his grasp. Already he can tell the masked proxy was starting to get highly annoyed by him so, there was a weaning patience set out for him. It was only the two of them without anyone else in sight and he was so immensely pleased by that when not having to see that hooded man. Especially near his future mate he had sworn many times to himself in his mind where he wouldn’t allow anyone to touch or glance at the other in the wrong manner unless permission is granted which would be rare.  

“Don’t know my place?” Spoken by the Omega gritting his teeth painfully so, it would almost grit his pretty white teeth, “Who in the living fuck do you even think you are? Do you even know who I am by the way?” Even if he knew better to not do this in front of the angry spiteful bitching him out currently, he rolled his eyes over it. Not going unnoticed by his crush turning into something quite unhealthy and more of a controlling obsession opens their mouth. Whatever was spilling from the shorter male’s pouty lips weren’t anything keeping him interested too much besides a few things, “I’m the boss’s right-hand proxy here. I do not need to be taking this damn bullshit from the likes of your dumb ass” Cursing out at him once again the urge to backhand the thing back to submission was about to happen right then and there even if it would get him into serious trouble. Although, he felt it was well deserving there had to be some self-control on his part to be able to teach the male before him on the matter to being absolutely perfect. Such a long process of operation there, yes which in the end to it will hopefully so warmly given to him like a blessing it will be in his possession be worth it.  

“... It's so sweet that the boss is so nice to allow you to believe that shit? Or is it just pitifully cruelly sad he lets you be this way to make you feel better than what you actually are? An unmated Omega in desperate need for someone like me to mate him, hm?” Commented by himself truly in expressing what he says is the full-on truth, nothing held back nor sugar coated in saying that the slender being couldn’t have an Omega on the team of proxies without it just being a total joke, “However, I may not be playing very nice to you, huh? Though I feel like you kind of deserving of it in my opinion as I know what you did... with my courting gifts?” It was a full-on legality issue with someone to the proxy’s weaker dynamic should be treated with care at home like they should rather than being in the brute world fighting along with much stronger comrades who can easily take any job easier on their own?  

“Huh. W-what? The boss just didn’t take me in because of my secondary gender and him pitying me?” Dumbstruck the masked man stares back with face most likely underneath the emotionless mask all pasty white at him like seeing a ghost for the first time, “... And what the fuck do you even mean. I uh, your courting gifts is... Is somewhere I-in my room? Y-yeah, yeah it is…?”  

So, this wasn’t going exactly to plan he inches closer to the Omega while bending down to be at the thing’s eyes level where it can perfectly see his disappointed frown, “... Save the bullshit for a later time, okay? Maybe take it down with you on your knees... But back to the topic at hand I know what you did and you carelessly threw them away in the farthest trash can you thought imaginable can you thought wouldn’t be seen? It wasn’t too far for me to not notice as I saw them with my very own dang eyes you throwing all the shit to the dumps, I gave you in order to like me and deem me a perfect mate for you? There was no need... Absolutely no need for the shit you’re currently give me”  

The Omega was now going back to continuing in hissing animalistically at him and it was slowly but surely starting to get on his very nerves almost where he wanted to physically show the other exactly what he meant by destined places in society. Like an animal all caged up turning slowly feral which Liu did not desire to be dealt with since that would push everyone’s curious eyes onto him wondering what even happened between them. A feral Omega especially someone like the masked proxy here was possibly worse as or more so than an Alpha stuck in one wouldn’t make his demise be the prettiest picture. In the end if he were to overstep his boundaries and the limits already set out for him be him in a heaping, bloody, and tangled on the floor with bones broken that he can barely survive from such an injury. Being in a body bag like his brother pointed out to him a multitude of times before isn’t what he wanted to do for the sake in possibly finding his soulmate which he found in the much shorter male acting still like an untamed beast.  

“... Just leave me the fuck alone for once without saying this shit, gawking at me like I’m some piece of fucking meat, or trying to grope me like the last time here? I’m not a broodmare to anyone here or out there to be used then discarded and I should be respected as a human being. You know what I did may have been classified as disrespectful for having thrown your dumb ‘courting’ gifts away in to the trash. It was very rude, I get that but I don’t like you in that manner so, you should’ve known it when I’ve done it? It's just that I don’t feel any romantic feelings for anyone and you, I have shit none for...?”  

Something he can soon tame to be his very own special prize if the other would just understand and use their mind that this was meant to be like they were soulmates be so much easier on both their parts.  

“I’m you’re mate, dipshit? Why dontcha get that, already? Or do I have to simply make things a little touch easier for you to understand with your simple headed brain of yours?” Suddenly everything changed in such quick velocity the Omega couldn’t react at all to it when being pressed up against a nearby tree by complete force, “... You’re going to be mines if you may not like it at first. It is a little wittle tough to swallow that big of a pill sometimes. When I first saw you, it was the same with me. I didn’t want to deal with it at first that hell, I just walked up to you to ask you to be my mate off the bat... Silly me, huh? But we’ll get through this whole confusing endeavor together if you be a bit more understanding”  

As predicated from the out of nowhere bear hug he had entangled the Omega in the smaller, softer frame was stiffening up yet he wasn’t only paying attention to the proxy’s reaction but how he was able to wrap his arm completely around to where he can touch his hips. Either the other man was that freaking small and skinny in size or simply put is that most likely he was just like a god damn tall, gangly tree in comparison to his scared petite mate. Which he found was absolutely adorable that there was an almost humongous size difference they had as a couple; he had legit no words to even explain at the moment being so, he remained quiet. Also, what was fine by him too was he can easily overpower the tinier force talking to fighting back his love currently occurring again in a split second when the dark-haired male figures the situation out. His face was shifting into a nasty sneer from the erratic reaction given when he only ever wanted this to be a nice thing for them although it may appear more on the eerily tense side in the proxy’s false opinion.  

Burying his nose into the surprised Omega’s bare unmarked neck only wearing the stupid collar meant to prevent unwanted marks but his won’t be upon getting the chance soon, “You. You smell fucking amazing, y’know that... Like baked s’mores and ash. It reminds me of my childhood before shit gone down. So, fucking nice...” He remarks at the smell lingering strongly in the air around him hopeful it would stay pleasantly appealing though their time together though not by shock too much it didn’t stay when it soured to a scent resembling something quite awful in his taste. Soon a fearful whimper came to dampen the mood from his mate and his protective nature wanted to make sure everything was fine; he couldn’t do so anyways this go around as what he done was needed to show the other whose boss. Then somewhat later on the whole time he was with his Omega was tense and moving slowly it was starting to work in his favor, he felt his mate begin to quiver uncontrollably then in a submissive move possibly without much thought baring their neck to him. A small smirk washes over with his hands moving all the while downwards then he gave a low chuckle once cupping the bubbly ass cheeks from there on his shit eating grin deepen upon feeling the warm splotch. “... How needy, you are. Want me to mark here right here and now? I can’t do that, baby boy... Not yet at least. Only when the time is right” Out of nowhere he feels a leathery feeling to what he can tell were gloved hands roughly with no care in the world shoving him off unexpectedly into another tree behind him.   

“...You. You... A-argh. You fucking no g-good creep...?!” Omega was breathlessly panting now, arms wrapped around their middle with their legs tightly screwed shut even then the darker splotch in the proxy’s pants told his instincts kicked on was noticeable not just by Liu’s eyes squinting to look but nose as well tells off the bat on sensing the arousal, “... When I s-say fucking stay away me, I mean it?! Don’t look at me, say anything or even ever fucking touch me like that again…!?!”   

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All that Masky can feel at the moment was full blown anger as he brushes a hand through his awfully messy hair while the other moved ahead to push the door to the mansion open. In a quick swing, the door slams roughly at the walls most likely leaving a dent in its wake, he couldn't give a rat’s ass over it. Whole body of his although petite and soft shown to anyone roaming inside the horridness, he was appearing so openly that if they accidentally or sometimes in false ‘worry’ they’ll get a mouthful to his balled-up fist. Residents came from the range to being curious, worried or just downright sneering that an Omega like himself wasn’t presenting in a more appropriate manner. They like the man in the corner to his eye remaining to standing there in the front yard like an arrogant asshole thought he should stay subservient where he’ll mindlessly follow everyone’s order supposedly higher up then him.   

Even if many were to dare question on what was wrong with their only Omega at the moment being appearing to grow more aggravated by the second, he will keep it a secret only for him to know simply out of pure embarrassment.   

‘... Who does he fucking think he is?! Think he has the dang rights over me of all people!? Like hell he does as I own my rights as a human being, not to be some dumb, subdued Omegan broodmare…!?!’ Through his heated rants up in his head thankfully so, no one else at the mansion currently staring down at him like he was nothing more than a crazed person, ‘... I how him. I’ll show everyone that I’m not some fucking piece of meat. I am something much more then that...'   

A groan leaves his lips when feeling nothing more than shame running through his body alongside with the warm slick oh so graciously in his disgruntled self-having to stain his once so clean jeans out from the dryer like he had a happy little accident. The grossly sticky slick was ruining everything from the jeans he wore down to his boxer once loose fitted to his slightly heated body; only from anger that is now stuck to him like glue to paper. Humiliation came about when he saw the other Alphas in the old decorated residence staring him down like they knew what personally happened to him outside and saying he deserved it for being such a prude, cock tease if that can ever be a thing. Now he begrudgingly knows his sweet, marshmallow scent was obviously lingering thickly upon feeling the hungry stares gawking down at him. In actuality, he didn’t deserve anything like this; the humiliation either verbally or worse physically one single bit or so he thought but he knew in the world around him.   

Nothing can possibly ruin his mood for the worse yet it was slowly starting to take an effect over his mind, ‘... What a fucking whore just asking for it, isn’t he? Look at how he’s parading himself to us like he is baiting us to make him into a whimpering knot craving slut...?’  

‘... What I’ll do to him if I gotten my hands on him. Touching him all over and marking him like a painting with my marks. Make sure he'll never speak back against me unless I’m ramming his pretty mouth and ass into submission...’ Ghostly hands grips onto his hips as he feels more of his natural lubricant gushing down his thighs, not now, he thought when a certain member of his hardens.  

Discreetly or as it intends to make him appear crazy, he ushers the grabby ‘hands’ away whilst looking away from the prying eyes boring unnaturally at him and keeping his mouth screwed shut like his legs, ‘... What a pretty lil ’ bitch he will be if he opens up his mind ‘n stopping being some radical, open minded and some brash Omega rights activist all the time. Each one like him should already been mated off by now if they like it or not...’ God his mind was starting to become foggy with shockingly enough forced lust on his part.  

It wouldn’t be too much longer thankfully before the masked proxy found a safe haven in his room, no one else like that piece of shit nowhere near him who had the nerve to be claiming such a statement like he was his rightfully chosen mate who can’t even be in a stable mind. Like he as an mateless then supposedly brainless too Omega had no choice in the rather important matter. Instead his own body with his mind being somewhere else then here isn’t his anymore as he was storming his way in a speedily rush back to the mansion. The conversation had from the other man and him who he never wanted to start to begin with was over now that with anyone else would be given similar treatment to him snapping at them. How it angered him greatly to where his scent stayed such an overbearing revolting smell nobody would want him near them if possible.  

‘... Omegas... They were from the time of creation meant to be on their backs of maybe hands or knees; whatever their Alpha prefers with legs alike with ass spread...’ Awful; plainly put in a disgusting fashion to have gotten Masky to always cringe at the mere image of doing so for another person, ‘... Ready for what is to be taken from them where they like you are meant to be should feel grateful in bearing what nature bestowed on you...’  

They wouldn’t have to bother him anyways as he was wanting to be alone in his bedroom for all time, he can try to weakly muster with no one else there to make snide comments about his secondary nature down to what was supposedly better for him. How even when alone in his room cuddled up in his hastily made nest can sense the desperate hands touching him from head to toe in the most disgusting sensual manners. Some hands he can tell were l off the bat would move to his more private parts leaving him o always quiver mostly at the thought to it ever happening to him. It wouldn’t occur as he will always make sure to keep anyone who isn’t close to him like his best friend Hoodie; a simple old Beta with no knot or the chance to mark him against his will. A moment he can really sigh in relief despite the current issues plaguing him being a horrible hard on between his legs not settling down all the while his body began to quiver like a leaf.  

It wouldn’t have gone done if Toby didn’t get hurt by his own forsaken hatchet or that his hooded counterpart had to tag along in making sure the youngest proxy was safe even if the twitching male could’ve handled it.  

“... A-ah, oh ssshit...” Finally, a needy gasp leaves his lips when letting his hands trail downwards to his pants then tug them along with his undergarments off, “... Fuck. G-god dammit…"  

Masky knew what he was doing with his body and his life when now totally bear of his clothing from the waist down where he roughly shoves small fingers into his coated, puckering hole.  

“... Just g-get this done a-and over with, Ah, T-Tim...”  

Hatred coursed through his veins on having to do this to get the lewd feeling tingling in his body; it made him feel sick to his gut since he was never ever comfortable with doing well, anything sexual. Even if he continued to shiver uncontrollably over the matter of his forced pleasure taking ahold as another weaker, subdued whimper leaves his pouty lips when forcing his face in to the nearest pillow. Muffled gasps described as either moans, grunts and other lewd mewls came around every few seconds he was to jerk his hand up then down in one sudden motion once he had wrapped his hand around the sensitive flesh. His cock continued to spasm while the fingers lodged in his ass was feverishly pumping before they were pulled out covered from the tip to the knuckle in slick. A revolted gag came from it before he simply shook his head it was no matter when continuing on in rubbing his cock until it eventually gone limp in his hand.  

“... F-Fuck... T-That was too quick...?” He breathlessly says when eventually right afterwards getting up then changed into something not so thickly coated in his aroused smell. Such a delicious smell that contrasted with the past one that would make anyone gag in revolted disgust. “... Whatever. Quicker the better...” Really, it was as he hated this feeling of growing vulnerable like he was mere moments ago caused purposely by the sadistic man. A man he can tell so easily wouldn’t mind tormenting him to his wit’s end as he likes to put it when casting his eyes meekly out the window next to him. No one was there, not the man who assaulted him so out the blue though to some it may just come off as innocent teasing or alluring courtship to the Omega needing to a mate. A mate that wouldn’t be him and the other man needed to know that before something like a knee to the groin reminds the douchebag.  


“... Dang?! H-he... I Sure d-didn’t expect that?! He a-almost killed m-me back there... And d-did you see Masky’s face b-back there? He looked completely spooked back there even when he first came out to the backyard with you, man?”  

All the while a gentle, soft hand caresses the young, newly presented Alpha proxy’s face that travels down the better than past sharp jawline.  

“Yeah, Hoodie. He could’ve been seriously hurt?” Clockwork, Nats, my babe or anything too romantically gushy in what the twitching proxy calls her replies like she was scolding the hooded man on his ‘careless’ actions.  

Even if she was a Beta like him, she had a fiery, almost overbearing temper like an Alpha yet able with her mate to be as subservient like an Omega. She as an overall person seemed like a nice gal in his opinion maybe at the best of times, she does seem overbearing due to personal issues that wasn’t anything of his business. “... I know. I know but we’re still training him so, he may be a little new in being well, more observant, calculated, and etc. Stuff like that?” Hoodie explains with an exaggerated sigh when looking off to another part to the clinic he had to drag the lazy but of Toby to when the other who was the actual careless on in the situation. “And with Masky , he’s just on edge with the new guy. I kind of get it due to him having well, trust issues with people who aren’t me or something of a stronger dynamic then he” Yet another more annoyed groan came about when he didn’t want to discuss something like this with another person on the matter to his Omega best friend. The lovey dovey pair ahead nods their head in slight understanding at why the masked proxy was on edge recently up to date when the Theta came to the mansion.  

“So, if he’s not interested in the man why can’t he say he isn’t?” Asked by the female Beta with a raised brow in confusion, “Like if it was me here then I would’ve said something on the matter much earlier on then leading the man on thinking I liked him?”  

Toby eventually after a moment spoke up when his mate remarks on how the Omega should be a little more undecisive in his choices then run away from them all the time, “Y-Yeah, why doesn’t he? I. I know him a little m-more personally though n-not. Not I-in that w-way. You’re his friend after all a-and... Y- y'know I’m taken but really, he wouldn’t stand for that, r-right?”  

“It's not as easy as that... I see that now. Somehow, I was blind to how uncomfortable he is with the new guy. He is an Omega, after all... An unmated one to be exact and I see why he’s a touch scared by new faces showing him attention he’s not entirely used to? I know him like the back of the hand just like he knows me the other way around... He isn’t used to it yet or likely never will”  

Once he was done with his piece in the conversation, he didn’t even want to have in the first place then made sure the youngest proxy was alright a swift exit was taken. Maybe when he calls it a night before then he can see if his best friend was alright when he’s been so oblivious to how things around him were going down with the masked proxy. Then it hits him like a bone shattering punch to the face leaving him in reaction when walking up the stairs to the second floor nearing his friend’s room to stumble back. It was sweet but too much so like it was clogging up the mansion’s empty hallway to where that when someone comes walking by preferably an Alpha would go stir crazy. Next thing, he knows is him hurrying over to the closed door to the Omega hoping the other didn’t come into an unexpected heat when knocking softly on the wooden surface.  

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It couldn’t be too bad, can it be anyways, Hoodie had thought quietly in his concerned head as his best friend in the whole wide world can easily take care of himself in heat like he’s done on a couple occasions before. Rare it was to see in the past since he can know that his friend can easily handle through it like anything else with little difficulty when it came unannounced with no way to tell when it come. Sometimes though like a big worry wart or amusingly enough for others to describe him as a mother hen heats coming from out the blue in an erratic manner would trouble him to his wit’s end. The masked man during those times lasting to a full week like the devil wanted the said male to suffer spent them all alone locked up in a specially made room to block out scents from either entering from outside or leaving from the inside. A time which must’ve been torturous for his friend that even for him to see or bear although never going through the tedious process to having heats, he can tell it wasn’t all glorified as the things on tv told them.  

‘He can’t possibly be in heat so soon. Not now, really as Slender told him it wouldn’t be wise’ Hoodie says with a conversation with only him to hear it in all its nervousness when pacing back and further then the same again so, he can gain some resemblance of confidence in checking up his friend who may or may not be in heat this very moment, ‘With everything going on currently it won’t be all that great in having a proxy like him down for a week... What if the cops track us down and? And swarm the entire mansion? They see that there’s one Omega and that he’s in obvious heat... They’ll use him for their own sick needs and then... Then sell him to the black market. I. I never see him again. Fuck, I can’t let anything like that happen to him. He’s everything to me...’    

Everything that stubborn, sarcastic and liberated male Omega was to him as he wanted simply more for the man then to be stuck here with people who can use the other’s ‘weak’ dynamic against him. Omegas were only seen as mere playthings to be used then discarded, Hoodie hated possibly seeing his friend being used to thought up as such when shaking away the bad thoughts from his mind. It wouldn’t occur, not on his watch anyways since he’s everything the masked man got and the other way around too when stopping his panicked pacing in the empty hallway where he heads towards his friend’s room at the very end. A soft gulp was swallowed down rather hard through the Beta’s tensed up throat as he now stood in front to the closed door where he can smell the sickly-sweet smell seeping from the tiny crevices to the room. Response to the scent made someone like him with a boring secondary gender almost twitch with desire yet like so, he hadn’t done so due to actually caring about his fellow proxy’s feelings like a human being.  

Enough courage was gathered to where he can move his balled-up fist up above then to firs softly knock on the door, not making any noise yet to his disgruntled self, ‘... Here goes nothing. Hopefully he’s fine, not in heat. Please be alright, man...' Next time around he somehow manages to not knock but more so than anything else to pound a little too heavy for his tastes but it does fine for now.  

The knocking although began soft a gentle turned louder as the hooded man didn’t get a response from the other man on the opposite side to the closed door. Worry was surging throughout him as he knocks some more, half a mind he’ll just open the door without permission. Yet he had to hold back since this was his friend after all and he wouldn’t want to break the trust between them if he done so as well, he felt like someone was staring daggers full with anger at the back of his head. Swiftly the hoodie clad man turned around to see whoever was staring down at him with malice intentions to bring harm to him however, he was met with no one. A nice relief for the Beta male to know no Alpha was hot on the trial to an Omega like his friend possible close or already set up deep in heat when choking down a fearsome whimper.  

At this very moment, he needed to be strong for anything if his fears were deemed true when pounding his fist on the door once again, “H-hey... Hey, Tim? Are you alright in there? I. I can um, smell you all the way down the hallway...?” Replied for another time Hoodie uses his masked counterpart’s real name this time to make sure he was meaning business. Even then his voice although was normally collected and unnaturally deep for a Beta, he feels himself cracking in tone only because he was fearing someone else then he may catch a whiff. The door to his friend’s room slowly opens but only was so for him to peek through a crack as he stares over worryingly at his friend. Said friend who once done that backs up a bit to ensure some space between them runs a hand down his clearly exhausted, flushed face. “... Not that it that incredibly strong but since you’re well, our only Omega its distinguishable that something is up?” He states with careful ease as to not further humiliate the other man when waiting for the man to invite him in the room if that was possible unless he wasn’t allowed which he can guess was fine.  

However, it wasn’t going to ever be fine with him unless his friend was secured safely in his room, not anywhere near in heat since it would be out of nowhere and not even on schedule normal for his friend. Heats for Omega usually last for a few days to sometimes a full on weak at the worst per each and every month but for his masked friend it never came on a normal, at all healthy pattern. Often, he, Slender or some residents tried to tell the proxy that taking so much suppressants or whatever else to suppress his heats wasn’t healthy yet like always his friend ignored it with stubbornness. Clearly at the best of times it got incredibly annoying for him since he only wanted to ensure his friend was both happy and healthy in life without any possible debilitating conditions out to do serious harm down the road. “... Oh hey, Bri. I’m fine, really. Just needed to blow off some steam if you can’t already from earlier which by the way thanks for leaving me with... Him...” Another hefty huff came from the proxy stuck up in his room, not budging an inch whatsoever to let him in, “... I have to say it was a complete waste of my time spent with him as it only angered me to my limit which isn’t much when it comes with that no-good man...” Hazel eyes to Hoodie’s rolled discreetly underneath his black cloth of a mask thankfully able to hide such actions from the other man clearly annoyed to bothered by the new proxy’ mere presence.  

Hints of anger, mistrust and shame was obvious in the way the shorter, dark haired proxy was speaking then to how he presented himself in a rather stiff manner like he was possibly protecting himself from something. A feeling like lust even if I was small in comparison to the others was underlying in the anger like it was being forced to hide from public view or likely maybe was forced out by something unwillingly coming its way. Which in itself gotten the Beta male to simply head inside the bedroom without a say from his friend but didn’t do so when standing there next to the barely open door. In the view through the crack to the door he simply lets out a tired sigh a he itches the back to his neck with embarrassment and guilt that came with his friend coldly glaring at him. Nothing like sympathy was going to be given as he thought up of anything that would make his fellow proxy calm down as he was trying to not choke on the scent coating thickly the air around the pair.  

“I’m sorry for that, okay but we didn’t expect Toby to get hacked up with his own hatchet back there? If dipshit paid more attention in everything like training Liu for example, you wouldn’t have to be left with the man you don’t like for some reason?”  

A small finger jabs like a dull knife into his chest from the Omegan male who looks like he was about to have enough of him but was able to contain himself for the most part. What would come from that wouldn’t be anything ideal for either parties mostly for the masked man in question meant to appear dainty, soft spoken and gracious so nothing like he is at the moment. “... How in the fucking world can you say that to me. You know more than anyone else from what I’ve told you before that I just don’t like him in any manner especially romantically. I feel something is seriously up with him and that from there’s well, I can’t explain it in full detail at all right now?” Breathing was going to be heavy and out of breath, the Omega’s scent was souring immediately as Hoodie backs up more to the hallway far from the room. “If I were to be alone with that man nothing good would come from it. I know you hate it when I say this but... Brian, I am an Omega, no good only bad things from what I can tell comes from it either in here or out there in the world can be so equally cruel to people like me. He’s Jeff’s brother and a Theta for god sakes; both meaning him and others similar they’re aren’t up to nothing substantially well with their tainted selves and scents?” Black gloved fingers to the smaller man shakily runs through the thick dark locks like they were close to tugging the hair strands out from the skull in stress alone. Not a great sight for Hoodie to see for his best friend as he regains some composure to make a few steps closer to the smaller man where he moves his own hands to hold gently pry apart the at other’s from tearing any more hair out.  

“... Tim, I swear... I. Please you know I didn’t mean it to come off like that. You know me. I’m your best friend but you really need to loosen up only a bit. Not everyone is out to harm you just cause you’re an Omega? He may just come off as awkward and only wanting to know you more as a person then a thing”  

Soon the Omega tugs free from his fellow proxy when tearing his hurt gaze away back to his bedroom to a window displaying the tranquil beauty outside luring him to relax for a bit.  

“... C’mon. I’m your best friend so, you can tell me if something is wro-”  

“Just stop right there...” By interrupting the man before him, Masky rosses his arms around himself not meant to be a protective shield only to cover his embarrassment and fear as he looks away, “... It's nothing like tha ... Whatever. Never mind. You wouldn’t understand anyways what I’m going through. You’re a Beta so sorry to have bothered you once again with my silly worries, Brian. J-just may you leave me alone for a while. I need some time to myself...” He rambles then slams the door a touch too loud and sudden for his liking in his friend’s face but he was upset after all so, he couldn’t care less when landing face first in his feather pillow onto his bed.  

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Once the bedroom door was not closed but more so slammed behind him, Tim knew what he done too said to the other man who's a close friend ever since before becoming a proxy wasn’t the right thing. How most likely his friend on the other side to the door closed in front of him would’ve felt when only ever trying to be supportive to his best an only friend in the entire place consisting to mostly egotistical, know it all assholes. The type of assholes who think they have the nerve down to the right to overexert themselves over him and attempt to bend him into a more submissive role. What they want to see him was on their bed on his back, legs spread far apart with enough warm slick to fill a kiddie pool, and to be alright with being knotted then filled with their mate’s seed on repeat, no break in near sight. His dear friend who was his hooded counterpart, Brian going by real names here was only making sure he was safe in all even in ways it made the Omega annoyed but, in all actuality, he really does needs it right now.  

Yet he had some reasons in doing his sudden action towards the other man meaning his best despite the words said in their conversation he never in the beginning wanted to discuss with anyone. Hell, he never ever honestly desired to be in this situation to begin with where he’s so terribly conflicted over his own emotions, body and as well, mind that his natural instincts were calling out for it without his consent. It easily had made him feel so humiliated over the fact that the Beta male; his closest friend thought he was being over dramatic by a matter classified by many others not really important. Others including his best friend and fellow proxies saw this scenario ending up with the newcomer sweeping him off his feet although he didn’t want it to which he’s identified as a someone playing ‘hard to get’ for the other man. No way will he allow it to happen despite everyone wanting it to end that way for an Omega like him who shouldn’t have ended up alone and independent for so long without a mate to help him through the difficult feats of life.  

From the thoughts he had it was about a moment in and from so left him well, plainly put bothered immensely that the newcomer had the mere, intrusive thought he can so easily get into his pants without even having to bother in attempting to break a sweat. Along so not even willing to listen to his say on the issue at hand so suddenly new to his usual awkward, quite embarrassingly to an extent hermit crab self not knowing how to precisely handle the matter. Life hadn’t been so easy on the likes of him with how his parents mostly his mother treated him as a young child, not parenting him whatsoever then letting the gloved medical hands do so when they’ll deemed him mentally unstable. An Omega like he ought to have a mate to help make him the perfect sample on how their weak dynamic can be subdued into the tight fists to their mate. Mates known to be controlling, abusive and full of nothing more than a pent-up aggression, lust and everything else, he felt truly disgusted by where nothing will change the fact.  

The masked proxy never from the very start to puberty once things were known such as him being a rare, prized male Omega never liked anyone in any fashion which from anyone for example, his parent’s viewpoint thought something was seriously wrong with him. Like he needed to at least liked someone else in those terms so, he was well off without having to worry about being left on the unforgiving streets or in some poorly treated looney bins. Which from that thought alone sent shivers down his spine as he never wanted to be thrown like discarded trash again to a hospital never caring truly on his well-being. His parents often told him, he doesn’t need to fall in love over someone just find a person likely an Alpha to settle down with and have so many children so it keeping him busy then to do meaningless tasks. End result had him cut off from his family for so many years now where he was closed off to anyone else daring to break through his thick walls for example, the defiant, supposed know it all Theta thinking he’s doing what was best for him.  

Broken from his depressing state of mind, Masky hears the knocking to the other side to his closed wooden door shown to be careful in not being too loud yet not quite quiet enough for him to ignore. An exasperated, more then so irritated groan escapes the proxy when attempting to turn a blind eye to it hoping that whoever it was would get the hint but it wasn’t the case. The knocking persisted on getting on both is and the other’s nerves as this time was making the pounding louder like anger was helping it continue on as long as it had from what the proxy can tell. Slowly he felt the hairs like everywhere not only on the back of his neck immediately stand up in growing yet not founded fearful worry as he hesitates in opening his door even a crack, “... I thought he would’ve gotten the drift that I’m not in the mood to continue talking, right now...?” As the masked man made an effort in standing up from once previously on the floor a hand grips onto the metal handle and turns it where from appearance alone anyone would’ve thought he seen something terrible, they’ll be right after all in what he saw ahead. “... N-n... N-no. No, get back. You shouldn’t be here... Stay away from m-?!?” His midnight colored eyes widened with his initial shock wanting to step back making him almost stumble onto his face but was met with a strong arm holding him into place held firmly on a taller, dominating figure covering up his mouth, nose and probably most of his face by how much he squirms with feeling a damp rag against his skin.  

An icy cold hand then brushes through his thick, dark locks of hair when the fingers were tangled within, he received a harsh tug that made him look up to the emerald green eyes staring down at him. In response, very weakly though he tried to fight back in any attempt possible he presses his hands up on the man’s chest yet another rough pull a pained groan escapes him when slumping over. Look given to him by the Theta could easily kill him in cold blood then afterwards have the sheer power to bury him six feet under in the disgusting dirt ground where to just top it off put cremate on top so, he won’t ever be able to dig himself out of this no matter what. Terror alone with other emotions he didn’t have the time to even explain kept persisting in his mind frantically searching for any ideas in how he can escape this situation yet his strength and his consciousness was slipping to pitch darkness. His mind was thinking on the worst just horribly traumatizing endeavors he can wind himself up in with.   

“Keep quiet, Omega or you’ll show everyone just how much of a whore you really are? Maybe if you took my advances a little more seriously then I wouldn’t have taken your retaliation against your natural duties into my own hands?” Hands currently trailing downwards to his backside then it started to impatiently kneed the soft flesh he had along to the rest of his body stiffened until now where he’s nothing more than putty for the other to mold into his sick whims, “Then they’ll want a piece of your ass and I simply won’t allow it. At least, not anymore since I can tell off the bat how much you would’ve liked it... To get yourself rutted against and left knotted on so many cocks you would’ve lost count by then. It's so fucking sickening seeing, no simply even imagining you during so and your glossy eyed, dazed, and satisfied expression from any which of them mostly that hooded bastard... It won’t happen ever again as I won’t allow it as your mines and mines alone, got it, Omega? You’re mines as you’re an Omega meant to please me alone; no one else, right as you’re my mate from now on?”  

It made him desperately cry out for anyone, he means whoever as he could care less now though he prefers his hooded counterpart whom was his best friend for the longest time to come storming in to rescue him from this monster even if he rudely kicked the man out from his room. However, no one including his best friend was going to save him since he practically allowed this to happen in the first place as it's what people constantly told him due to his brash actions and unruly behavior. They would’ve told him this was very much deserving on his part maybe not entirely with the way the Alpha was going with things but still, he should’ve allowed the other to court him like a proper gentleman. “... N-No... Fffuck please, s-stop...” His breathing was slowing down and simply out of tune to the point, he was worried he’ll just stop and drop dead because of the other man, “... Please j-just leave me a-alone... I. I ugh, d-don’t even like you. W-why... Why can’t you get that through y-your thick skull…?” All that he gotten in response from the other man was a simple, nonchalant shrug as what was even going on right now was nothing and he was being a hypochondriac for supposedly acting like it was the end of the world. In honesty, it was as he was slowly blacking out while the toxic smell to the man before him was leaving a sickly bitter taste in his mouth, nose crinkling in disgust, and his body becoming weaker by the passing second.  

“Just do this for me one time and go for a nice, long and hopefully peaceful slumber so you can be all eased up to fresh faced for me later, alright?” The other man says in a way too calming tone making this feel like a walk in the pace and nothing around them was even serious to bat an eyelash towards when he was slowly dipping into unconsciousness. When he was slowly fading out the last thing he heard from the other in a soft, husky tone sending shivers through his body, “... Good boy. See you later, my love...” then he unfortunately takes the plunge in another world far from the real as he was utterly alone like the man was with his body still smelling like unexplained feelings out cold. Very unsettling for the Omega to acknowledge the creep he despised with every reasonable reason in his eyes only was out there doing whatever with him when shivering by it then from the unexpected coldness surrounding him. His worried thoughts about the other man’s intentions were derailed eventually when finding himself standing lifelessly in another world not his own. An unfeeling dark and pretty much void to anything except him sort of world expressing him in bluntness that he was unable to escape unless he was to wake up probably many hours later.  

The masked proxy can merely stare around with absolute uncertainty about the scenario that he may wake up to in the other’s crazed hands, “... Shit. I’m so fucking screwed...” Cursing softly in his head, he couldn’t do much of anything until in a short mean time he was to wake up once again.  

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Now no longer outside in the cold temperatures in the forest and with the stinging sensation to a broken heart the way, Liu felt right now was simply annoyance at the time being since he clearly didn’t expect this to happen. Dirt he was treated by his misbehaving mate; love of his life or so he thought who had the half the mind to insult him in such a manner he had the other side to knock some sense back in. However, the short, soft dark-haired beauty wasn’t his just yet so, really, he couldn’t rightfully punish the other do their misdoings until the Omega was his alone. The pretty Omega was nothing more than a prized, rare treasure in his emerald colored eyes squinting at the Beta ‘friend’ up ahead talking to his soon to be mate like he even had the right to do so as he eavesdrops on the pair. Nothing was too important the more he dares to creep closer to listen yet stayed far away behind the corner before it eventually catches his gaze onto them.  

What caught him in a peak of interest ran along the lines of I just don’t like him in any manner’ and he hears not in what he likes to hear which was romantically to more uninterested mistrust and it broke his heart to a million pieces. Then what really grinded up the pieces into just powdered dust was pretty much the final straw for the strawberry blond-haired male when knitting his brows together, ‘I feel something is seriously up with him Other things soon came pouring out from his dream mate’s mouth which gotten his fists to clench up in bubbling over in undeniable anger. What settled the wrath more so in him was the sickening mention to his brother who had no part to be had in the conversation then to his secondary gender, he had no control over just like his mate couldn’t itself and its natural biological needs needed to be served to him. Although the supposed best friend to his love attempts to reassure the small thing it wasn’t entirely the case, he, himself peering from afar heard enough to think up on the spot in what he should do about it. A crazed plan that might or may not get him in serious trouble in the end but hopefully most likely it would be a nice satisfied deal breaker no one deserved that Omega besides him alone.   

In the next few minutes he cut his eavesdropping to the two proxies shorter than he would’ve liked if it was on anything else though this was different and he could care less when heading back to his bedroom shared with his brother, “... You’re back rather soon? Wouldn’t you be on your walk through the forest or maybe stalking your dear ‘lo-” Said murdering raven haired brother says upon witnessing first hand to his slowly becoming uncontrolled anger stomping in to the cramped room. “Is something wrong, bro. Don’t tell me you’re having another temper tantrum on me, hm?” Not saying anything made the killer commonly slouching on the beanbag sharpening his knife to sit up in slight worry over the other man’s sudden change in personality from relaxed to feral beast. The killer carefully walks over to where the taller stood by the old dark oak desk rummaging through the drawers for something in particular which he saw was a few disturbing items caused for concern. Items worryingly consisting of icy cold handcuffs, a red colored squeezable ball gag to sink your teeth into then the ones knitting his brows in curiosity most was the rag and chloroform. “Uh... Whatcha planning there in your big head? Going to have some special night with some cheap dollar whore off the streets or something?” Shrugging his shoulders back with a soft pop the Theta pushes his way past the killer continuing to look over at the objects in hand.  

“... Something like that you are right but it hits a little closer to home. I’m not going to have ‘fun’ with some bitch on a faux heat off on the streets. Planning on taking what was meant to be mines from the start...” Sneering quite ugly the Theta heads towards the door however his brother cuts him off from exiting the room so soon, “... Jeffery. I am in no mood right now so, just let me go or else I’ll physically move you out of my freaking way...”  

A hand was moved on top of the taller man’s hand in a manner meant to appear caring or whatever as the murderer with his icy blue eyes stares at him with an emotion so unused it was rusty with the lacking use, “... I know what you’re doing, Liu and you can’t just fucking do that or not only you but the both of us get our asses severely handed by the boss or the other proxies learning to what you did to their own?”  

“I have to do this or someone else will. When I show him, I’m the only one for him everything will perfectly fall into place, I know of it so, keep your nosy ass out of it? Like no one even him, you, the proxies, anyone or the likes to that faceless shit will change what I got in store. Once I mark him as mines forever then for the rest of fucking time until one of us dies. It be the best in reeling him in to be the perfect Omega, he’ll love it though not at first, I get that but it be for the better to everyone involved with his rebellious, whorish ill will and then he will see it and cherish me for it? What I’m going ahead in doing here won’t be stopped by you or anyone else... I will make sure of it”  

His brother stood still not daring to move for the longest time imaginable so, Liu sighing tiredly from it moved the other away from his way it was then the plan he started only moments ago started up. Corner to his eyes turned emotionless such as with his facial expression showing he’s not going to be deterred nor even stopped saw his brother actually looking startled by his actions. Yet the killer didn’t make a move to make him rethink his decisions that would change everyone’s lives adding him also, to the mix for the better or the worse and to people with a consciousness they will be ending this by hesitation. No hesitation was within him once standing in the empty hallway where he stood in front to the Omega’s bedroom with the items, he was thankful that the other on the opposite side was opening the door for him oblivious to his true intentions. A smug grin similar to the devil if the creature not even human were to come into the real world to wreak hell on earth as the Omega stumbles away from him which he caught easily and swiftly done the job to knocking out the poor thing in to pitch darkness slumped into his arms.  

Though it wasn’t an easy feat from observing the smaller figure of his twisted, desperate desires rather cutely yet annoyingly try to fight back dwindling to be limp in his arms it was done as quickly as it came forth. As the one of his dreams laid there uselessly in his arms the man lets out a tired sigh when thankful he had made it this far into it where he wasn’t caught in the process by anyone stepping in his way. Then it be an issue he was to have yet deal with when already tired beyond belief in just having to take care of a troubling Omega not knowing their place in the world which was underneath him. In his immense satisfaction it was only him and his love draped over his shoulder like the other man didn’t even weight anything at all but soon enough he knew he had to move the Omega onto the bed. A bed from what he can see was aged by a good few years that the springs within it would creak when he places his soon to be mate on it which when he done so it wasn’t in a careful manner.  

When the much smaller man flopped on the bed almost lifelessly and more similarly to a blow-up doll in his dirty vision it would’ve had anyone else immensely worried but not for the one who done this to the other as he closes then locks the door behind him. Then when he had laid the unconscious back on the bed he went to the door where he with as much strength he can muster pushes a decently sized cabinet to black the exit half way. Enough for him to leave if needs be like getting himself either a quick drink, snack or bathroom break yet no one else like his dear Omega down to the other residents can break through to disturb them. A moment he assured was only going to be them for however long until he was to be able successfully enough to break his mate into being perfect. Perfect enough to mend quite easily to his very whims so, he simply couldn’t wait for it to happen and finally he’ll be happy after such a long time to being alone for the longest time.  

In a quick rush due to mostly being impatient, full of emotions mostly anger, and horniness becoming too much he turns around to face the Omega to his wistful dreams slumped on his side, ‘Should I keep him here in his bedroom or instead move him away from here to show him who’s his Alpha? Like at another place, not the mansion just in case someone was to eventually check up on him?’ Scratching nervously through his light slicked back hair while looking forward out the near window showing outside in the backyard to the mansion out near to the many miles of the forest. The man began to think up again all the while ensuring the one below was being taken care of in his eyes which from others be harsh by handcuffing the Omega’s hand then shoving the ball gag and locking it in place so, in to means any noise can escape. In a moment later like a flash, he goes over to the said window and opens it all the way up where he’s met instantly with the Autumn breeze to blowing past and sending a nicely refreshing chills to the uncovered parts to his stitched-up skin. ‘Yeah... I should just move him to another place where no one will know even he so, there’s no chance of him even finding the way back ‘home’ to the mansion’ Despite feeling kind of sounding crazy talking to himself like this as if someone else was in the room with him made him feel sane even that it was just him and the Omega passed out on the bed. Once the window was opened fully and the cold breeze was no longer bothering him, he turns back to face his complete attention over to the man laid uselessly  on the bed, no longer annoying him to wit’s end.  

Eventually when the tension to his mind then with his body with mostly his upper self and his shoulders lessen, he easily picks the Omega up from the bed back in his hold. The Omega was still as ever drained from any energy so moving the other from one place to another would be a total breeze in the park. Halfway out the window and it was a decently sized one at best so, he didn’t have to put in much effort in squeezing his way through with the other on his shoulder. ‘If I remember correctly my brother had a second place/ ‘safe haven’ besides this? Ugh, jeeze , I can’t precisely remember... He had the place now for a few years now for killing sprees or just some time for himself for some quality time with my mate? He wouldn’t dare mind if I borrow it?’ During his mental ramblings he had somehow one way another without fail gotten the two of them out the window and onto stable ground below. Now he began yet another tiring process to get what he wants being the pretty thing in his arms held bridal style and it be worth it when walking down the gravel leading him to the small, old and dingy cabin in order to break then mold his sweet Omega into something perfect.  

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Behind the tall man taking the Omega sleeping soundly in his arms off, he can feel an uncertain gaze set upon him, not anything too serious as he slowly whips around to face the mansion, he had left moments ago. From there all the way the man cranes his head up to where eventually he saw in one of the windows above his own dear lovely brother was gawking at him like he’s got a second head or something. The murderous man coldly stares down at him with arms crossed over his bare pale chest within their shared room which honestly was a total nightmare, he couldn’t truly understand why the eldritch allowed them in the same space like that without thinking they’ll murder each other. Yet here they are now both alive and breathing though with the exception he was barely so when he first came here to the mansion so, he was nothing but surprised the other man didn’t do anything to what he was planning with his sleepy mate. So, it was annoying to say the very least for himself to be stupidly caught up into this annoyed staring contest had and he was wanting to at least win in something over the killer looking equally as pissed off.  

Then his brightly colored eyes slanted in annoyance then began to water by the discomfort from how long it's been making them roll in annoyance as he knew the look although meant to appear threatening was nothing more than disapproving to what he’s possibly going to do with the man in his arms. Such a controlled, unstoppable gaze between the two brothers so tensely awkward it was really freaking unbelievable he continued on with it as long as he did once cut it off by looking anywhere else. It was like his own brother; someone who murdered his whole family then himself body and mind wise was actually having the nerve in judging his actions like he was the one in the wrong. His actions although concerning to some that can’t even dare possibly be any bit worse than what his dear brother done to him and their family so, he tried to rebuild his own in any means despite the moral issues that may come with it. Eventually with a free hand whilst the other remained holding his lovely sleepy Omega draped over his shoulder now, he moves it upwards towards his throat and slowly slides his pointer finger like a sharp knife across the skin similar to what was done in the long past when they were young teens then points it at the other man.  

It gave the Theta the proper, quite amusing reaction from the other man whom was such a hard ass, egotistical prick all the time had literally looked like he’s seen a ghost or something equally terrifying and he relished in the imagery. A deep chuckle leaves his scarred lips when quirking them into a smug grin over the fact he had an edge over the man known by the startled expression given. Hell, his brother was paler than normal and that was just sometimes physically impossible with the other man’s already light grayish white complexion so, he kept laughing over it. What a great feeling, sinister enjoyment over other people’s suffering was having his chest puff out from being so proud once previously being still with little to no emotion other than pent up uncontrolled anger. Over all, he wasn’t even surprised only ever a tiny bit further by what he’s used to as the killer was staring at him from the inside, not doing anything to stop him from his devilish plans.  

A fool proof plan never thought up before to achieve what he desires to take as his personal property that nobody else at the mansion despite being just as equally unfeeling, conniving, and twistedly morbid criminals think on doing to another soul. Possible indeed they do this sort of activity to some random naively oblivious civilian wandering like a chicken with its dim-witted head cut off in the city neighboring the forest. In this terribly case it was one to their own sickly minded residents he fallen head over heels for not being able to fight back against his unwarranted advances getting stronger and needier by the second. Certain usually stubborn masked someone somehow the faceless being’s right hand despite being an Omega; a thing needed to be completely subservient on their back with legs spread apart taking in every inch to their mate’s hard cock and its filling seed to bear strong young was actually huddled up to him like it was nothing. Right now, he couldn’t help to coo at the sight alone yet he didn’t do that nor anything else at the moment where he’s staring unblinkingly long and hard at his brother without fail.  

Once that small yet truthful action was done the taller, smarter, and simply put more attractive brother drops his hand back down to his side though moves it to the Omega’s rear afterwards the other man took notice appearing from the window to back off. As well, the raven-haired killer continuing to watch though was having from what he can tell a mental to moral confliction at the moment being. It made himself chuckle softly from the man’s mere response from this alone as he kept rubbing softly at the unconscious one’s behind receiving groggy groans and he simply couldn’t get enough of either-or reactions. Next thing he knew was his future mate actually curling up against him as he fought the urge to do the same right back when taking one final glance at his brother. How his brother was no longer paying attention to him anywhere which was a good thing for the man then he squinted upon seeing another figure dressed in black and white stripes in the room with the killer.  

An odd sight when he leans a little more to get a better look then he crinkles his nose up in complete disgust over knowing the familiar knock off to a certain fast food franchise his brother was currently in a complicated relationship with making him sick. Relationship he, himself can never see really working in the long run due to contrasting personalities between the two currently spending some ‘quality’ time in the room. Then he sternly observes on to what the other male turning to not face him anymore once a pair of abnormally long arms were wrapped around his waist drawing the two in the room closer together. Eventually his brother was no longer in his sight thankfully since he wouldn’t want to be caught in that ugly stare for any longer. Over all it was such a total confusing occurrence and somewhat a slight concern it had come to him from so when learning the details to the odd pair he tried to care less then seconds prior on his brother.  

In the past his brother was the closest thing he got going for him was presently nothing from that for so long in his eyes was long dead to where he knew better then to keep caring about more so respecting as a proper equal because the killer clearly wasn’t going to get such a thing from him. So, when he spent already too much practically standing there in the backyard where anyone can see him puffing out his chest out to the man up in the room in defiance and dominance, he decides to get going to the small cabin. Then he turns around as he carefully shifts the sleeping man in his hold some more when making his way down the path that lead him away from the mansion to somewhere, he’ll be utterly alone with his true love. A special, soul connected true love type of deal he wouldn’t want to swindle away to anyone else when rushing his way to the nearest path. Passionate thoughts were filling his head to the point it was making his vision blur and he sadly, couldn’t do anything which the patience being sought out for this life changing activity between just the two of them was dwindling along with the need to stay calm.  

Not a lot of things were brought with him besides the things he put on the Omega, the keys to the mansion and the cabin but nothing really else then that so, he may have to return back once in a while for food or whatever else. A great disadvantage on his forgetful part since he was too cooped up with anger then alongside that with the lust in taking what was supposed to be rightfully his from the start. The Omega who was so disrespectful to him; its own mate even before they even had the chance to know one another in a more personal manner with the obvious misbehavior on the other’s part just awful something needed to be done on the matter. So, he didn’t have anything like a flashlight to help lead him the way through the usually disorienting forest when it gotten too dark to use the sun above as a way to help him on his walk. Half an hour soon came past that with all the walking he was making then having to carry added weight seemed to make it last on forever though much longer then he originally desires.   

The quiet, peaceful walk all alone for the most part down the gravel path was a lot longer than the Theta would’ve originally thought so, when he found himself just lost in the middle of the thickly settled woods. Bright light coming from the sun in the sky shining down on him to lead him towards the right path was dwindling down where he can only squint his eyes in the distance in hopes he’s heading the correct way. It left him to carry his mate tighter as he forces through and trudges in the steep, stick mud covering almost all the up to his knees so, getting past in one piece was growing difficult. Once he yawns a rather wide mouthed one as the other man was beginning to stir from his forced slumber, he knew it wouldn’t be too much longer before he’ll be in a great brawl to the death or the rare chance for his Omega to run scot free. A chance to have what was rightfully his when he first set eyes on the man in his deserving hold shouldn’t be squandered away so carelessly as he would never get another moment like this unless he wanted to end up seriously maimed to left in a shallow grave by the other proxies.  

Not a pretty picture and the Theta male knew that firsthand the other proxies training for so much longer then he combined where each one was practically close enough to be deemed a pack. It was absolutely gut wrenching to think his lovely mate he wanted so close to his heart was more intimate with a group then spending some time with the person he was who spend the rest of his life for the male Omega. His grip tightened instinctively over the matter angering him in an over the top fashion left the man in the said bone crushing hold to quietly whimper in discomfort. Upon hearing such a pitifully weak sound come from his sleepy mate nuzzling into the crook to his neck the hold on him begrudgingly loosens up while he kept attempting to find his way to the cabin before it became too late in the night. The sun was descending to the ground as the full moon was doing the opposite rising up to the sky behind him so, he tiredly lets out a gruff huff.  

Another turn then a few sharp changes in the path no longer gravel to show him the way but instead simply dirt, he was resting up on a thick oak tree for support to catch his breath from the walking he done for what felt like hours on end without stop. Clearly shown to be out of breath and a little hunched over still holding onto the unmasked proxy somehow amazingly out cold to his amazement. Moon was taking the sun’s replacement and it was horrible to know he had spent most to the day walking through the forest to the cabin to mark his Omega as his when continuing to lean on the tree. Uneven bark from the tree was itching at the right parts to his back aching so badly from the exhaustion and strain from having been on his feet all day during some stupid training to become some mindless proxy to the eldritch being. A mere pawn most likely in that old thing’s nonexistent eyes to him, he was only doing this to get closer to the one needed to be his rightful possession.  

Long enough too long in his opinion was he spending leaning there on the tree in the middle of nowhere within the forest catching his breath until he found himself gaining a bit more energy in to last to the cabin. The path did appear to have gotten shorter as he felt the immense relief in his bones when pushing himself off then trudges to where he hopes it come soon end and come into his line of sight. Exhaustion was evident in his entire self from inside then out when letting out a long hissing yawn as he cracks the sore joints in his neck when feeling the cramping sensation developing in his muscles. Not helping him was the added weight taking the very strength out by the Omega shifting about like a wiggly parasitic bug however, this whole thing be worth the trials. Sight of his brother’s cabin came up suddenly from thin air ahead on top a steep hill giving him the reason to exasperatedly chuckle then tossing the smaller man onto his shoulder with his free hand holding a spare key thinking truly how much fun he will be getting from his mate during their stay.