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I Hate or Love You So, Please, Pain, Go Away

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Behind the tall man taking the Omega sleeping soundly in his arms off, he can feel an uncertain gaze set upon him, not anything too serious as he slowly whips around to face the mansion, he had left moments ago. From there all the way the man cranes his head up to where eventually he saw in one of the windows above his own dear lovely brother was gawking at him like he’s got a second head or something. The murderous man coldly stares down at him with arms crossed over his bare pale chest within their shared room which honestly was a total nightmare, he couldn’t truly understand why the eldritch allowed them in the same space like that without thinking they’ll murder each other. Yet here they are now both alive and breathing though with the exception he was barely so when he first came here to the mansion so, he was nothing but surprised the other man didn’t do anything to what he was planning with his sleepy mate. So, it was annoying to say the very least for himself to be stupidly caught up into this annoyed staring contest had and he was wanting to at least win in something over the killer looking equally as pissed off.  

Then his brightly colored eyes slanted in annoyance then began to water by the discomfort from how long it's been making them roll in annoyance as he knew the look although meant to appear threatening was nothing more than disapproving to what he’s possibly going to do with the man in his arms. Such a controlled, unstoppable gaze between the two brothers so tensely awkward it was really freaking unbelievable he continued on with it as long as he did once cut it off by looking anywhere else. It was like his own brother; someone who murdered his whole family then himself body and mind wise was actually having the nerve in judging his actions like he was the one in the wrong. His actions although concerning to some that can’t even dare possibly be any bit worse than what his dear brother done to him and their family so, he tried to rebuild his own in any means despite the moral issues that may come with it. Eventually with a free hand whilst the other remained holding his lovely sleepy Omega draped over his shoulder now, he moves it upwards towards his throat and slowly slides his pointer finger like a sharp knife across the skin similar to what was done in the long past when they were young teens then points it at the other man.  

It gave the Theta the proper, quite amusing reaction from the other man whom was such a hard ass, egotistical prick all the time had literally looked like he’s seen a ghost or something equally terrifying and he relished in the imagery. A deep chuckle leaves his scarred lips when quirking them into a smug grin over the fact he had an edge over the man known by the startled expression given. Hell, his brother was paler than normal and that was just sometimes physically impossible with the other man’s already light grayish white complexion so, he kept laughing over it. What a great feeling, sinister enjoyment over other people’s suffering was having his chest puff out from being so proud once previously being still with little to no emotion other than pent up uncontrolled anger. Over all, he wasn’t even surprised only ever a tiny bit further by what he’s used to as the killer was staring at him from the inside, not doing anything to stop him from his devilish plans.  

A fool proof plan never thought up before to achieve what he desires to take as his personal property that nobody else at the mansion despite being just as equally unfeeling, conniving, and twistedly morbid criminals think on doing to another soul. Possible indeed they do this sort of activity to some random naively oblivious civilian wandering like a chicken with its dim-witted head cut off in the city neighboring the forest. In this terribly case it was one to their own sickly minded residents he fallen head over heels for not being able to fight back against his unwarranted advances getting stronger and needier by the second. Certain usually stubborn masked someone somehow the faceless being’s right hand despite being an Omega; a thing needed to be completely subservient on their back with legs spread apart taking in every inch to their mate’s hard cock and its filling seed to bear strong young was actually huddled up to him like it was nothing. Right now, he couldn’t help to coo at the sight alone yet he didn’t do that nor anything else at the moment where he’s staring unblinkingly long and hard at his brother without fail.  

Once that small yet truthful action was done the taller, smarter, and simply put more attractive brother drops his hand back down to his side though moves it to the Omega’s rear afterwards the other man took notice appearing from the window to back off. As well, the raven-haired killer continuing to watch though was having from what he can tell a mental to moral confliction at the moment being. It made himself chuckle softly from the man’s mere response from this alone as he kept rubbing softly at the unconscious one’s behind receiving groggy groans and he simply couldn’t get enough of either-or reactions. Next thing he knew was his future mate actually curling up against him as he fought the urge to do the same right back when taking one final glance at his brother. How his brother was no longer paying attention to him anywhere which was a good thing for the man then he squinted upon seeing another figure dressed in black and white stripes in the room with the killer.  

An odd sight when he leans a little more to get a better look then he crinkles his nose up in complete disgust over knowing the familiar knock off to a certain fast food franchise his brother was currently in a complicated relationship with making him sick. Relationship he, himself can never see really working in the long run due to contrasting personalities between the two currently spending some ‘quality’ time in the room. Then he sternly observes on to what the other male turning to not face him anymore once a pair of abnormally long arms were wrapped around his waist drawing the two in the room closer together. Eventually his brother was no longer in his sight thankfully since he wouldn’t want to be caught in that ugly stare for any longer. Over all it was such a total confusing occurrence and somewhat a slight concern it had come to him from so when learning the details to the odd pair he tried to care less then seconds prior on his brother.  

In the past his brother was the closest thing he got going for him was presently nothing from that for so long in his eyes was long dead to where he knew better then to keep caring about more so respecting as a proper equal because the killer clearly wasn’t going to get such a thing from him. So, when he spent already too much practically standing there in the backyard where anyone can see him puffing out his chest out to the man up in the room in defiance and dominance, he decides to get going to the small cabin. Then he turns around as he carefully shifts the sleeping man in his hold some more when making his way down the path that lead him away from the mansion to somewhere, he’ll be utterly alone with his true love. A special, soul connected true love type of deal he wouldn’t want to swindle away to anyone else when rushing his way to the nearest path. Passionate thoughts were filling his head to the point it was making his vision blur and he sadly, couldn’t do anything which the patience being sought out for this life changing activity between just the two of them was dwindling along with the need to stay calm.  

Not a lot of things were brought with him besides the things he put on the Omega, the keys to the mansion and the cabin but nothing really else then that so, he may have to return back once in a while for food or whatever else. A great disadvantage on his forgetful part since he was too cooped up with anger then alongside that with the lust in taking what was supposed to be rightfully his from the start. The Omega who was so disrespectful to him; its own mate even before they even had the chance to know one another in a more personal manner with the obvious misbehavior on the other’s part just awful something needed to be done on the matter. So, he didn’t have anything like a flashlight to help lead him the way through the usually disorienting forest when it gotten too dark to use the sun above as a way to help him on his walk. Half an hour soon came past that with all the walking he was making then having to carry added weight seemed to make it last on forever though much longer then he originally desires.   

The quiet, peaceful walk all alone for the most part down the gravel path was a lot longer than the Theta would’ve originally thought so, when he found himself just lost in the middle of the thickly settled woods. Bright light coming from the sun in the sky shining down on him to lead him towards the right path was dwindling down where he can only squint his eyes in the distance in hopes he’s heading the correct way. It left him to carry his mate tighter as he forces through and trudges in the steep, stick mud covering almost all the up to his knees so, getting past in one piece was growing difficult. Once he yawns a rather wide mouthed one as the other man was beginning to stir from his forced slumber, he knew it wouldn’t be too much longer before he’ll be in a great brawl to the death or the rare chance for his Omega to run scot free. A chance to have what was rightfully his when he first set eyes on the man in his deserving hold shouldn’t be squandered away so carelessly as he would never get another moment like this unless he wanted to end up seriously maimed to left in a shallow grave by the other proxies.  

Not a pretty picture and the Theta male knew that firsthand the other proxies training for so much longer then he combined where each one was practically close enough to be deemed a pack. It was absolutely gut wrenching to think his lovely mate he wanted so close to his heart was more intimate with a group then spending some time with the person he was who spend the rest of his life for the male Omega. His grip tightened instinctively over the matter angering him in an over the top fashion left the man in the said bone crushing hold to quietly whimper in discomfort. Upon hearing such a pitifully weak sound come from his sleepy mate nuzzling into the crook to his neck the hold on him begrudgingly loosens up while he kept attempting to find his way to the cabin before it became too late in the night. The sun was descending to the ground as the full moon was doing the opposite rising up to the sky behind him so, he tiredly lets out a gruff huff.  

Another turn then a few sharp changes in the path no longer gravel to show him the way but instead simply dirt, he was resting up on a thick oak tree for support to catch his breath from the walking he done for what felt like hours on end without stop. Clearly shown to be out of breath and a little hunched over still holding onto the unmasked proxy somehow amazingly out cold to his amazement. Moon was taking the sun’s replacement and it was horrible to know he had spent most to the day walking through the forest to the cabin to mark his Omega as his when continuing to lean on the tree. Uneven bark from the tree was itching at the right parts to his back aching so badly from the exhaustion and strain from having been on his feet all day during some stupid training to become some mindless proxy to the eldritch being. A mere pawn most likely in that old thing’s nonexistent eyes to him, he was only doing this to get closer to the one needed to be his rightful possession.  

Long enough too long in his opinion was he spending leaning there on the tree in the middle of nowhere within the forest catching his breath until he found himself gaining a bit more energy in to last to the cabin. The path did appear to have gotten shorter as he felt the immense relief in his bones when pushing himself off then trudges to where he hopes it come soon end and come into his line of sight. Exhaustion was evident in his entire self from inside then out when letting out a long hissing yawn as he cracks the sore joints in his neck when feeling the cramping sensation developing in his muscles. Not helping him was the added weight taking the very strength out by the Omega shifting about like a wiggly parasitic bug however, this whole thing be worth the trials. Sight of his brother’s cabin came up suddenly from thin air ahead on top a steep hill giving him the reason to exasperatedly chuckle then tossing the smaller man onto his shoulder with his free hand holding a spare key thinking truly how much fun he will be getting from his mate during their stay.