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I Hate or Love You So, Please, Pain, Go Away

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All that Masky can feel at the moment was full blown anger as he brushes a hand through his awfully messy hair while the other moved ahead to push the door to the mansion open. In a quick swing, the door slams roughly at the walls most likely leaving a dent in its wake, he couldn't give a rat’s ass over it. Whole body of his although petite and soft shown to anyone roaming inside the horridness, he was appearing so openly that if they accidentally or sometimes in false ‘worry’ they’ll get a mouthful to his balled-up fist. Residents came from the range to being curious, worried or just downright sneering that an Omega like himself wasn’t presenting in a more appropriate manner. They like the man in the corner to his eye remaining to standing there in the front yard like an arrogant asshole thought he should stay subservient where he’ll mindlessly follow everyone’s order supposedly higher up then him.   

Even if many were to dare question on what was wrong with their only Omega at the moment being appearing to grow more aggravated by the second, he will keep it a secret only for him to know simply out of pure embarrassment.   

‘... Who does he fucking think he is?! Think he has the dang rights over me of all people!? Like hell he does as I own my rights as a human being, not to be some dumb, subdued Omegan broodmare…!?!’ Through his heated rants up in his head thankfully so, no one else at the mansion currently staring down at him like he was nothing more than a crazed person, ‘... I how him. I’ll show everyone that I’m not some fucking piece of meat. I am something much more then that...'   

A groan leaves his lips when feeling nothing more than shame running through his body alongside with the warm slick oh so graciously in his disgruntled self-having to stain his once so clean jeans out from the dryer like he had a happy little accident. The grossly sticky slick was ruining everything from the jeans he wore down to his boxer once loose fitted to his slightly heated body; only from anger that is now stuck to him like glue to paper. Humiliation came about when he saw the other Alphas in the old decorated residence staring him down like they knew what personally happened to him outside and saying he deserved it for being such a prude, cock tease if that can ever be a thing. Now he begrudgingly knows his sweet, marshmallow scent was obviously lingering thickly upon feeling the hungry stares gawking down at him. In actuality, he didn’t deserve anything like this; the humiliation either verbally or worse physically one single bit or so he thought but he knew in the world around him.   

Nothing can possibly ruin his mood for the worse yet it was slowly starting to take an effect over his mind, ‘... What a fucking whore just asking for it, isn’t he? Look at how he’s parading himself to us like he is baiting us to make him into a whimpering knot craving slut...?’  

‘... What I’ll do to him if I gotten my hands on him. Touching him all over and marking him like a painting with my marks. Make sure he'll never speak back against me unless I’m ramming his pretty mouth and ass into submission...’ Ghostly hands grips onto his hips as he feels more of his natural lubricant gushing down his thighs, not now, he thought when a certain member of his hardens.  

Discreetly or as it intends to make him appear crazy, he ushers the grabby ‘hands’ away whilst looking away from the prying eyes boring unnaturally at him and keeping his mouth screwed shut like his legs, ‘... What a pretty lil ’ bitch he will be if he opens up his mind ‘n stopping being some radical, open minded and some brash Omega rights activist all the time. Each one like him should already been mated off by now if they like it or not...’ God his mind was starting to become foggy with shockingly enough forced lust on his part.  

It wouldn’t be too much longer thankfully before the masked proxy found a safe haven in his room, no one else like that piece of shit nowhere near him who had the nerve to be claiming such a statement like he was his rightfully chosen mate who can’t even be in a stable mind. Like he as an mateless then supposedly brainless too Omega had no choice in the rather important matter. Instead his own body with his mind being somewhere else then here isn’t his anymore as he was storming his way in a speedily rush back to the mansion. The conversation had from the other man and him who he never wanted to start to begin with was over now that with anyone else would be given similar treatment to him snapping at them. How it angered him greatly to where his scent stayed such an overbearing revolting smell nobody would want him near them if possible.  

‘... Omegas... They were from the time of creation meant to be on their backs of maybe hands or knees; whatever their Alpha prefers with legs alike with ass spread...’ Awful; plainly put in a disgusting fashion to have gotten Masky to always cringe at the mere image of doing so for another person, ‘... Ready for what is to be taken from them where they like you are meant to be should feel grateful in bearing what nature bestowed on you...’  

They wouldn’t have to bother him anyways as he was wanting to be alone in his bedroom for all time, he can try to weakly muster with no one else there to make snide comments about his secondary nature down to what was supposedly better for him. How even when alone in his room cuddled up in his hastily made nest can sense the desperate hands touching him from head to toe in the most disgusting sensual manners. Some hands he can tell were l off the bat would move to his more private parts leaving him o always quiver mostly at the thought to it ever happening to him. It wouldn’t occur as he will always make sure to keep anyone who isn’t close to him like his best friend Hoodie; a simple old Beta with no knot or the chance to mark him against his will. A moment he can really sigh in relief despite the current issues plaguing him being a horrible hard on between his legs not settling down all the while his body began to quiver like a leaf.  

It wouldn’t have gone done if Toby didn’t get hurt by his own forsaken hatchet or that his hooded counterpart had to tag along in making sure the youngest proxy was safe even if the twitching male could’ve handled it.  

“... A-ah, oh ssshit...” Finally, a needy gasp leaves his lips when letting his hands trail downwards to his pants then tug them along with his undergarments off, “... Fuck. G-god dammit…"  

Masky knew what he was doing with his body and his life when now totally bear of his clothing from the waist down where he roughly shoves small fingers into his coated, puckering hole.  

“... Just g-get this done a-and over with, Ah, T-Tim...”  

Hatred coursed through his veins on having to do this to get the lewd feeling tingling in his body; it made him feel sick to his gut since he was never ever comfortable with doing well, anything sexual. Even if he continued to shiver uncontrollably over the matter of his forced pleasure taking ahold as another weaker, subdued whimper leaves his pouty lips when forcing his face in to the nearest pillow. Muffled gasps described as either moans, grunts and other lewd mewls came around every few seconds he was to jerk his hand up then down in one sudden motion once he had wrapped his hand around the sensitive flesh. His cock continued to spasm while the fingers lodged in his ass was feverishly pumping before they were pulled out covered from the tip to the knuckle in slick. A revolted gag came from it before he simply shook his head it was no matter when continuing on in rubbing his cock until it eventually gone limp in his hand.  

“... F-Fuck... T-That was too quick...?” He breathlessly says when eventually right afterwards getting up then changed into something not so thickly coated in his aroused smell. Such a delicious smell that contrasted with the past one that would make anyone gag in revolted disgust. “... Whatever. Quicker the better...” Really, it was as he hated this feeling of growing vulnerable like he was mere moments ago caused purposely by the sadistic man. A man he can tell so easily wouldn’t mind tormenting him to his wit’s end as he likes to put it when casting his eyes meekly out the window next to him. No one was there, not the man who assaulted him so out the blue though to some it may just come off as innocent teasing or alluring courtship to the Omega needing to a mate. A mate that wouldn’t be him and the other man needed to know that before something like a knee to the groin reminds the douchebag.  


“... Dang?! H-he... I Sure d-didn’t expect that?! He a-almost killed m-me back there... And d-did you see Masky’s face b-back there? He looked completely spooked back there even when he first came out to the backyard with you, man?”  

All the while a gentle, soft hand caresses the young, newly presented Alpha proxy’s face that travels down the better than past sharp jawline.  

“Yeah, Hoodie. He could’ve been seriously hurt?” Clockwork, Nats, my babe or anything too romantically gushy in what the twitching proxy calls her replies like she was scolding the hooded man on his ‘careless’ actions.  

Even if she was a Beta like him, she had a fiery, almost overbearing temper like an Alpha yet able with her mate to be as subservient like an Omega. She as an overall person seemed like a nice gal in his opinion maybe at the best of times, she does seem overbearing due to personal issues that wasn’t anything of his business. “... I know. I know but we’re still training him so, he may be a little new in being well, more observant, calculated, and etc. Stuff like that?” Hoodie explains with an exaggerated sigh when looking off to another part to the clinic he had to drag the lazy but of Toby to when the other who was the actual careless on in the situation. “And with Masky , he’s just on edge with the new guy. I kind of get it due to him having well, trust issues with people who aren’t me or something of a stronger dynamic then he” Yet another more annoyed groan came about when he didn’t want to discuss something like this with another person on the matter to his Omega best friend. The lovey dovey pair ahead nods their head in slight understanding at why the masked proxy was on edge recently up to date when the Theta came to the mansion.  

“So, if he’s not interested in the man why can’t he say he isn’t?” Asked by the female Beta with a raised brow in confusion, “Like if it was me here then I would’ve said something on the matter much earlier on then leading the man on thinking I liked him?”  

Toby eventually after a moment spoke up when his mate remarks on how the Omega should be a little more undecisive in his choices then run away from them all the time, “Y-Yeah, why doesn’t he? I. I know him a little m-more personally though n-not. Not I-in that w-way. You’re his friend after all a-and... Y- y'know I’m taken but really, he wouldn’t stand for that, r-right?”  

“It's not as easy as that... I see that now. Somehow, I was blind to how uncomfortable he is with the new guy. He is an Omega, after all... An unmated one to be exact and I see why he’s a touch scared by new faces showing him attention he’s not entirely used to? I know him like the back of the hand just like he knows me the other way around... He isn’t used to it yet or likely never will”  

Once he was done with his piece in the conversation, he didn’t even want to have in the first place then made sure the youngest proxy was alright a swift exit was taken. Maybe when he calls it a night before then he can see if his best friend was alright when he’s been so oblivious to how things around him were going down with the masked proxy. Then it hits him like a bone shattering punch to the face leaving him in reaction when walking up the stairs to the second floor nearing his friend’s room to stumble back. It was sweet but too much so like it was clogging up the mansion’s empty hallway to where that when someone comes walking by preferably an Alpha would go stir crazy. Next thing, he knows is him hurrying over to the closed door to the Omega hoping the other didn’t come into an unexpected heat when knocking softly on the wooden surface.