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I Hate or Love You So, Please, Pain, Go Away

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“... ‘ Ey . ‘ Ey , no need to jump down my back like that. Don’t want to deal with such a moody ‘ lil bitch Omega not knowing their place here at the moment...”  

Well now as the pair were alone for the Theta male to be able to breath properly once again without having to keep everything back. A rare occasion to be with the masked male without a which one of the proxies that was a few had to always be by his pretty thing’s side at all times. Like they were protecting the precious item of its only kind for many miles or however long it takes until finding another from anything dangerous so happened to be him who was working with them underneath a kind yet odd facade. It was understandable but annoying at the same time to have little access to his dream mate before being rudely ushered off when the other proxies thought he was too close to their likings. Understandable to an extent with Omegas like the proxy being one in like million though that may be an exaggeration only by a little sadly as they were uncommon.  

In his deep thoughts to what he may say to the other he was keeping away from the Omega currently letting out a low nervous hiss towards him where he’s staying a nice, manageable distance from to ease the tension. No need to have this being tense at the moment unless it was necessary to terrify the poor thing out of its very soft, delectable skin into his grasp. Already he can tell the masked proxy was starting to get highly annoyed by him so, there was a weaning patience set out for him. It was only the two of them without anyone else in sight and he was so immensely pleased by that when not having to see that hooded man. Especially near his future mate he had sworn many times to himself in his mind where he wouldn’t allow anyone to touch or glance at the other in the wrong manner unless permission is granted which would be rare.  

“Don’t know my place?” Spoken by the Omega gritting his teeth painfully so, it would almost grit his pretty white teeth, “Who in the living fuck do you even think you are? Do you even know who I am by the way?” Even if he knew better to not do this in front of the angry spiteful bitching him out currently, he rolled his eyes over it. Not going unnoticed by his crush turning into something quite unhealthy and more of a controlling obsession opens their mouth. Whatever was spilling from the shorter male’s pouty lips weren’t anything keeping him interested too much besides a few things, “I’m the boss’s right-hand proxy here. I do not need to be taking this damn bullshit from the likes of your dumb ass” Cursing out at him once again the urge to backhand the thing back to submission was about to happen right then and there even if it would get him into serious trouble. Although, he felt it was well deserving there had to be some self-control on his part to be able to teach the male before him on the matter to being absolutely perfect. Such a long process of operation there, yes which in the end to it will hopefully so warmly given to him like a blessing it will be in his possession be worth it.  

“... It's so sweet that the boss is so nice to allow you to believe that shit? Or is it just pitifully cruelly sad he lets you be this way to make you feel better than what you actually are? An unmated Omega in desperate need for someone like me to mate him, hm?” Commented by himself truly in expressing what he says is the full-on truth, nothing held back nor sugar coated in saying that the slender being couldn’t have an Omega on the team of proxies without it just being a total joke, “However, I may not be playing very nice to you, huh? Though I feel like you kind of deserving of it in my opinion as I know what you did... with my courting gifts?” It was a full-on legality issue with someone to the proxy’s weaker dynamic should be treated with care at home like they should rather than being in the brute world fighting along with much stronger comrades who can easily take any job easier on their own?  

“Huh. W-what? The boss just didn’t take me in because of my secondary gender and him pitying me?” Dumbstruck the masked man stares back with face most likely underneath the emotionless mask all pasty white at him like seeing a ghost for the first time, “... And what the fuck do you even mean. I uh, your courting gifts is... Is somewhere I-in my room? Y-yeah, yeah it is…?”  

So, this wasn’t going exactly to plan he inches closer to the Omega while bending down to be at the thing’s eyes level where it can perfectly see his disappointed frown, “... Save the bullshit for a later time, okay? Maybe take it down with you on your knees... But back to the topic at hand I know what you did and you carelessly threw them away in the farthest trash can you thought imaginable can you thought wouldn’t be seen? It wasn’t too far for me to not notice as I saw them with my very own dang eyes you throwing all the shit to the dumps, I gave you in order to like me and deem me a perfect mate for you? There was no need... Absolutely no need for the shit you’re currently give me”  

The Omega was now going back to continuing in hissing animalistically at him and it was slowly but surely starting to get on his very nerves almost where he wanted to physically show the other exactly what he meant by destined places in society. Like an animal all caged up turning slowly feral which Liu did not desire to be dealt with since that would push everyone’s curious eyes onto him wondering what even happened between them. A feral Omega especially someone like the masked proxy here was possibly worse as or more so than an Alpha stuck in one wouldn’t make his demise be the prettiest picture. In the end if he were to overstep his boundaries and the limits already set out for him be him in a heaping, bloody, and tangled on the floor with bones broken that he can barely survive from such an injury. Being in a body bag like his brother pointed out to him a multitude of times before isn’t what he wanted to do for the sake in possibly finding his soulmate which he found in the much shorter male acting still like an untamed beast.  

“... Just leave me the fuck alone for once without saying this shit, gawking at me like I’m some piece of fucking meat, or trying to grope me like the last time here? I’m not a broodmare to anyone here or out there to be used then discarded and I should be respected as a human being. You know what I did may have been classified as disrespectful for having thrown your dumb ‘courting’ gifts away in to the trash. It was very rude, I get that but I don’t like you in that manner so, you should’ve known it when I’ve done it? It's just that I don’t feel any romantic feelings for anyone and you, I have shit none for...?”  

Something he can soon tame to be his very own special prize if the other would just understand and use their mind that this was meant to be like they were soulmates be so much easier on both their parts.  

“I’m you’re mate, dipshit? Why dontcha get that, already? Or do I have to simply make things a little touch easier for you to understand with your simple headed brain of yours?” Suddenly everything changed in such quick velocity the Omega couldn’t react at all to it when being pressed up against a nearby tree by complete force, “... You’re going to be mines if you may not like it at first. It is a little wittle tough to swallow that big of a pill sometimes. When I first saw you, it was the same with me. I didn’t want to deal with it at first that hell, I just walked up to you to ask you to be my mate off the bat... Silly me, huh? But we’ll get through this whole confusing endeavor together if you be a bit more understanding”  

As predicated from the out of nowhere bear hug he had entangled the Omega in the smaller, softer frame was stiffening up yet he wasn’t only paying attention to the proxy’s reaction but how he was able to wrap his arm completely around to where he can touch his hips. Either the other man was that freaking small and skinny in size or simply put is that most likely he was just like a god damn tall, gangly tree in comparison to his scared petite mate. Which he found was absolutely adorable that there was an almost humongous size difference they had as a couple; he had legit no words to even explain at the moment being so, he remained quiet. Also, what was fine by him too was he can easily overpower the tinier force talking to fighting back his love currently occurring again in a split second when the dark-haired male figures the situation out. His face was shifting into a nasty sneer from the erratic reaction given when he only ever wanted this to be a nice thing for them although it may appear more on the eerily tense side in the proxy’s false opinion.  

Burying his nose into the surprised Omega’s bare unmarked neck only wearing the stupid collar meant to prevent unwanted marks but his won’t be upon getting the chance soon, “You. You smell fucking amazing, y’know that... Like baked s’mores and ash. It reminds me of my childhood before shit gone down. So, fucking nice...” He remarks at the smell lingering strongly in the air around him hopeful it would stay pleasantly appealing though their time together though not by shock too much it didn’t stay when it soured to a scent resembling something quite awful in his taste. Soon a fearful whimper came to dampen the mood from his mate and his protective nature wanted to make sure everything was fine; he couldn’t do so anyways this go around as what he done was needed to show the other whose boss. Then somewhat later on the whole time he was with his Omega was tense and moving slowly it was starting to work in his favor, he felt his mate begin to quiver uncontrollably then in a submissive move possibly without much thought baring their neck to him. A small smirk washes over with his hands moving all the while downwards then he gave a low chuckle once cupping the bubbly ass cheeks from there on his shit eating grin deepen upon feeling the warm splotch. “... How needy, you are. Want me to mark here right here and now? I can’t do that, baby boy... Not yet at least. Only when the time is right” Out of nowhere he feels a leathery feeling to what he can tell were gloved hands roughly with no care in the world shoving him off unexpectedly into another tree behind him.   

“...You. You... A-argh. You fucking no g-good creep...?!” Omega was breathlessly panting now, arms wrapped around their middle with their legs tightly screwed shut even then the darker splotch in the proxy’s pants told his instincts kicked on was noticeable not just by Liu’s eyes squinting to look but nose as well tells off the bat on sensing the arousal, “... When I s-say fucking stay away me, I mean it?! Don’t look at me, say anything or even ever fucking touch me like that again…!?!”