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I Hate or Love You So, Please, Pain, Go Away

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Jealousy stung him to the very core every time he saw his future mate being in the mere presence to another that wasn’t him. So, as he continued on with his research to better understand the routine to the mansion as well, his pretty thing he knew now the m an ’s name who was his Omega’s best friend. The man gone by the nickname of Hoodie to everyone, not liking his real name being called out just like it was stated previously with the Omega . It wouldn’t be too long or too much work before he figured out the real name to the hooded male . Brian that was the name to the one he’s growing quite angry over already thinking he’s on the losing path to getting what he desired being a mate for life  

Now, stalking wasn’t the right word like his brother told him on how he was downright being a creep. More literal he was merely observing the daily routine happening around him so, he can know what’s going on. His only ever reason was to make sure nothing were to happen to his sweet Omega; he would never let himself live it down if he could’ve stopped or changed the inevitable. That Omega was his and he was making absolute sure anything horrendous will never occur even if it may include spending hours observing is what he likes to call it on people threatening his lively hood. Some who think they have the right to be close or breathing the same air scented sweetly by his tiny winy, softly spoken mate. It gotten something inside himself completely unknown to what he felt before to crazily stir.  

As he continued on to learning more on every single detail to his future lover and the ones that surrounded them, he learned so many new things on so many people. Mostly the Omega he’s infatuated with that seemingly stole his heart without even knowing that it was done. Even if the said Omega didn’t like to admit that they were being courted relentlessly by him on many occasions there were other things it wouldn’t like to accept. One being that to their secondary nature being more of a quote unquote curse then a gift which in all honesty in his eyes was truly a gift hand wrapped for him. It also, amused him how the sweet thing tried whole heartily as well, to keep those feminine, Omegan urges to themselves under cover with little sucess.  

From afar when he was taking a quick opportunity to better understand the relationship had between the lone Omega and their friends were quite interesting to say the least. Surprising to see the thing trying with weakening attempts to hold them back in fretting over the other proxy's well-being. It was quite amusing to see the naturalness that seeps through those clean pores smelling so good by the way over the people who didn’t deserve that nice treatment. They were all incredibly stupid in their own way especially more so in making such an adorable thing like the Omega worry like a mother hen over them and their imbecile actions. All that natural instincts should be pouring in huge quantities to him and their possible batches of hopefully adorable pups.  

Words were clear as the day above at the moment being when he stood back a few feet away when he hears the little sweetheart who stolen his heat practically baby the other residents and proxies. They would be similar to ‘hey, can you be a little safer next time’ or what he hears to what his lovely should’ve said be ‘hey, dumbasses. If you’re aren’t safer, I’ll kick your ass to the fucking moon next time’ where he chuckles over it. Yet he wouldn’t want his dearest love working in close proximity to those mindless, knot headed people any longer, he instead would rather deal with them. He would hate to have his future mate working with other people that can easily do something against it in the worst manner instead he desires for his love to be where they belong which was at home playing the submissive house wife for him. It would be like a wonderful dream come true for him; something he really never got when he was younger where it was the fault to another in why he was here in the first place completely miserably down to being horribly lonely as well.  

Then came the r ather ugly bouts of anger came out from within his body in the form of taking out all that hateful wrath towards either the wandering nature life around or his unsuspecting victims wandering cluelessly in the forest. The victims would often beg for their lives to be spared and if he wasn’t so badly spiteful with mind clouded up with new emotions would listen to their luring words. How they say they’ll suck his dick or allow its whole knotted self to knot them where they when it pulled out in a slow, agonizingly pace leaving them to unfortunately feel that horrible emptiness that came with it. Not a single victim he snuffed out every time the feeling to wrath gotten too much to bear yet sadly, was an Omegas so; they couldn’t help release the tension swelling up in between his legs. All was noticeably obvious to anyone back at the mansion to take swift attention towards the growing anger even a certain faceless boss taking an odd liking to the shear strength  had that was in his opinion better than the other much more weak, useless proxies running about like chicken with their heads cut off  

Someone had to take control of that disgraceful mess since no one else was going to man up and do it which from what he can tell from the past endeavors wasn’t a pretty picture when there was no dignified leader. How if he was in that role to being the top dog and main man taking the control over everyone else who was nonetheless a total idiot besides his lover that tried to do their best stuff would be done. It wouldn’t be that hard of a job to do in all honesty as all he would have to do basically was give out an order, no means to be ignored by anyone that can be simple enough in a firm tone. Even Alphas known to be all riled up in being told what to do would be subjected to the same treatment as he had mimicked this ‘Alpha voice’ thing done quite well. As a proxy it wouldn’t be so bad if he were to get more time shared with that Omega he never knew until now with enough dissection and observation was actually the eldritch’s right hand despite the weaker secondary nature.  

On one fateful day a big shocker came in the form of when he was out in the forest coming back home from yet another killing spree filled with other desires, he’s met with a static rumbling filling his head. The pain leaving him to deeply growl in discomfort then topping over on to his knees, hands clenching at the sides to his throbbing head was described as nothing more than unbearable. In an instant flash his eyes that gotten all glossy with pained tears were drying up once seeing the slick, dapper, and professional black shoes stepping in front of him with absolute stillness. His emerald gaze slowly from there moved up to see the same professionalism matching the shoes in the rest of the being’s attire as he was able to keep a good, stable stance finally up on his feet. Once the sensation to his mind going all foggy and drone like was done and over with, he stood his ground like he owned the place though he kept himself back from acting like an idiot or imbecile in the other’s dignified words.  

It was out of the blue, yes to be met face to non-existent face with the other as he stares sternly up at the being with the harshest glares, he can ever give someone that normally cower away. This time despite his best efforts figuratively screaming at the mysterious being that he’s someone to fear yet the one in question receiving didn’t seem to flinch at all whatsoever by it when looming over him. Impressive for him to see when lowering his gaze, a little bit yet kept it locked in place staring hard at the being from head to toe while the eldritch done the same with him when cocking their head to the side. A vague show of interest was immediately peeked in both male’s mind as the only human in the matter lets out a forced huff from his thin, parted lips when crossing his arms over his puffed chest. There was something to be said from the one without a mouth, he was just waiting there in the middle of the woods for it with dwindling patience.  

But that thankfully wouldn’t be too long where he had to wait before he saw something he never expected to witness ever as the pale being standing like a stature bent over to his eye level. Then he tries his best in trying to hold back the shocked expression trying within that to contain himself with the disgust coming from the shifting of bone and flesh in the other’s own face. Soon it continues to shift around disgustingly where if he can tell by his squinted eyes was supposed to be some sort of a mouth with teeth merely the flesh from above dripping down to the attached from the bottom. An unknown black substance within the mouth like a bottomless void was threatening to spill as the mouth was formed where the unexpected human backs up to keep a manageable safe distance between them. When he done so the thing not at all appearing human kept gawking at him like there was something needed to be said when the mouth opens up in an attempt to speak.  

Choked gurgles in return to his grotesque curiosity spilled out breaking the tense silence they had for the longest period, ‘... What an interesting human being, you are? Such heated emotions though run high for you? Yet that can be contained rather well and can be used properly in better terms then these unfortunate victims? I need someone like yourself in my group of proxies…?' A voice so scratchy it hurt to hear what was being told but he heard it the best he can before he would’ve gotten annoyed by it. But what was being spoken gotten him to peak his head up, he didn’t mind this numbing ache in his head at all. Maybe he could take some aspirin later down the road from the mansion's medic to ease the tension. Surprisingly it didn’t have to happen as one, long bony hand was placed on the top of his head swiftly taking all the pent-up emotions to fizzle away. The hand slipped away and moved over to lay on the being’s side as he smirks a sinister grin, head quickly nodding in agreement to whatever was planned out for him in becoming what he hopes the best proxies around.