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I Hate or Love You So, Please, Pain, Go Away

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When he allows those words to be uttered out it wasn’t so quietly said like he wanted it to be as the sweet Omega wipes their head back at him with an ugly look. A look telling him to just back up or he’ll get clocked right in his face something he didn’t want to experience from the thing. Sure, had a spiteful, mean, and vile attitude that no Omega should ever had telling a tale to him on how such a thing like it without a mate can really be seriously damaging to one’s own health. Anything and it didn’t matter what it be needed to be done to curb that feral behavior or it be too late with him being the one to do the task at hand. This will be hard work for him to do but the reward be satisfactory for him and maybe his love. 

“... Wow... That was really unpleasant to say the least, huh? You really did good on fucking up?” A voice gruffly spoke up out of nowhere startling him. 

Upon slowly turning around to see who was saying that turned out to be his brother it didn’t surprise him at all so, he tries to relax from the previous incident with the Omega storming off.  

“Yeah. Kind of did...” He quietly grumbles, anger kept making him stiffly stand there in the now empty hallway, “... But I was only trying to introduce myself” 

Soon enough after being there for the longest time he’s ushered off from appearing like a dumb rock towards a room down the hallway. “I suppose introduce yourself meant thrusting on the guy like he wanted it? He didn’t and what you’re doing ain’t the best here? Gonna get hurt or worse killed for it?” Hearing his brother scold him like a child didn’t make him ease up any bit better but the other man can care less on it when shoving him into a room. The door belonging to the bedroom he was shoved in was opened swiftly then closed behind the brotherly pair. A bean bag was what he’s made to sit on while the raven, Cheshire smiling man sits down at the edge of a bed letting out an exasperated groan. “Do you even know who that guy even is? That guy could’ve gotten you into a world full of hurt and I’m in no damn mood to pick up your shitty pieces in the end” Burned hands slowly rubs down the equally pale, charred face that really did see better days in the past with dead eyes glaring dagger directly into his skull. 

His dear brother then said in the usual bluntness had that this ‘crush’ being developed on the sweet little Omega was deathly unhealthy on both parties. It was the healthiest he felt for someone else for the longest times. Never had he felt his heart lurching forward abruptly against his ribcage making it hard to breathe again. The thing was doing this to him, he needed it to stop one way or another for good when the pretty thing decided to say yeah, sure to his advances. It come eventually in his favor with the right moves as no Omega wouldn’t last too much longer like that thing had done without going stir crazy. 

“But Jeffery, you don’t understand. I love that Omega. It needs to be mines and mines alone” 

“It? Do you hear yourself man?” An exasperated sigh leaves his brother’s chapped lips, “You’re talking about a human being here? Although he may be an Omega, rarity and they’re known to be basically a flesh bag with holes here but still... Human. He’s one, y’know” 

Shoulders were shrugged nonchalantly like he didn’t even mind it too much if he sounded what even his own flesh and blood said was crazy. Crazy in love he would say to his supposed to be a loving brother supporting him whom by expression couldn’t believe his ears to his infatuation. “I know” Growing relaxed in his physically fit body, he lays himself down on the bean bag plopped down in the corner to his brother’s room. “But it's meant to be mines. There hasn’t been one since like forever and ever like it that captured my heart so shamelessly” Acting like a school girl a soft, unbearably squeal over their ‘senpai’ leaves his lips quirking into a dopey grin. In the corner to his eyes he sees his brother roll his own in annoyance to his unbelievably creepy behavior. 

Enough time came past where he can easily fall asleep right there in the bean bag chair full uncomfortably with beads some though dripping from a rip to its side on to the floor but his brother was persistent in continuing to speak, “Do you even know the guy’s name? You can’t keep calling him it for the rest of times? If you even want him to even consider letting you court him it be nice to know his name and who he is as a PERSON? Do tell me you at least know his name” 

The rambling off from his brother’s mouth was ever so slightly annoying yet he wouldn’t let the simmering irritancy for it get the better of him. Sounds to his disgruntled other half was starting to appear again through the cracks. However, when he hears the last part to his brother’s rambles upon just ignoring the rest his face turns a darker shade as he sinks into the collar to his scarf wrapped cozily around his neck. “... I... Um well...” Embarrassing himself greatly he didn’t even know the Omega’s name and the peeved look on his brother was a clear sign he already messed up from the get go. “... It really doesn’t matter bro, right?” He says in a hushed tone unlike himself that got him a more needed lashing from the other in the tight squeezed room.  

“Shit of course, it does?! Fuck man! You don’t even know his name for shit’s sake and you’re expecting to be mated to the guy for life?! Now the guy is a total stranger to you, great?!” 

Drawn out silence came where nothing was said from either man until Jeff came around along with squirming on the bed in guilt over his random, sudden outburst. 

“... Sorry Liu for having to yell at you like that for little to no reason. It's just if you want this Omega then you got to at least express it outwardly that you respect him as that what makes them all buttered up for the taking” 

“It's fine. I understand as I only been here at this dump for only a few days so, what’s the name?” Chuckles although forced at best came about quickly afterwards to lighten up the tense mood where it somewhat worked for them. 

“Its Masky by the way that’s what we call him around here at the mansion but his real name is Tim. The Omega hates it when people not his friends or whatever call him that. Ridiculous as it sounds yet I get it due to personal reasons haunting him. Blood on his hands that he regrets whole heartily” 

“So, he’s like a broken Omega then? I get that now... All he needs is someone who understands” 

“I guess so. Just don’t say that stupid shit with him, ‘kay” The permeant smiling killer slowly nodded his head in slight hesitant agreement.   

“I won’t. Only things I’ll say is things he wants to hear and etc. so, I’m all good. Maybe do some hard labor work too along the way if he isn’t swooning over my perfectly picked, honey sweet words? That’s to achieve what’s rightfully yours” 

Look on his brother’s face knew he was spewing in bullshit that get him killed but this time around to his surprise then relief nothing was said. Silence was given to him with a facial expression speaking in volumes he’s going to screw up one way or another to his disdain. Once he knew the conversation was done and over with between himself and his brother, he slowly sat up. Lanky, long legs of his were tingly most likely fallen asleep due to having sat on them for so long. It did come back to life as he practically skips over to the door, opening it quickly with a tug then waves gleefully at the man before leaving who in response continued to give him that distinct expression on that revolting face.