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Negans Only Wife

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You have been with Ricks group from the beginning. The only people you spoke with were Rick and Daryl. After what you did at the CDC, then the farm and the prison everyone has been looking up to you. Rick has also made you some what of a second leader to the group.

You find out that Maggie is pregnant and on your way back from a trip to Hilltop you are stopped by Negan's men. After a while of your things being gone through and taken the whole group is lined up on the ground in front of the RV. Rick to your left and Abraham to your right.

"(Y/n)... keep an eye on Daryl, don't let him do anything dumb..." Rick whispers in a low growl.

You give a small nod while looking for Daryl in the crowd. Before you can find him you make eye contact with Abraham. You two have been getting closer and you have been going on runs with him and Sasha, it was as if he was becoming your brother.

"Hey (y/n) how are you holding..." Abraham was cut off by the sound of the RV slamming open.

Simon walks out with a smirk that makes your blood boil. You could tell something bad was going to happen.

"You guys are very lucky!" Simon says while pointing a gun at all of you. "Negan is in a very forgiving mood!"

Nothing but sadness filled your heart at the name, thinking about your husband and daughter you lost. As you are looking to the ground there are sounds of heavy footsteps coming out of the RV.

"Well what do we have here?" You hear a familiar voice. As your eyes jump up you make eye contact with the man. "Holy..." Negan pauses for a moment looking into your eyes. Negan tries to play it off but can't take his eyes off of you.

"Holy crap now this is the saddest bunch I have seen yet!" He says with a small smirk and his famous lean that he did when coaching a game. It reminds you of the day before the out break, you sitting on the porch drinking ice cold water watching him play with the neighborhood kids, as he leans back into a warm bellowing laugh.

You are brought snap back into reality when Negan crouches in front of Rick. You could hear the shakiness in Ricks breath but you can't tell if it's fear or anger anymore. "You killed my men Rick...we can't have that..." Negan states while glancing at you ever so often.

"Go to hell!"

Your eyes jump around trying to see who said it and what you see next you could never forget. Negan gets up and walks over to Abraham with that bat that you can't take your eyes off of for some reason.

"What did you just say to me?" Negan said with a growl.

"I said. Go. To. Hell." Abraham said once more.

"Now! I think I have for my example for you all!" Negan shouted as he leans back slighting holding his bat over his head and he brings it down with one hard swing.

You stare at the ground as you hear the cracking of bones, you glance up to see blood going down the side of Abraham's face.

"Takin it like a champ!" Negan shouts as he gives a bellowing laugh. You feel tears coming to your eyes when you notice him holding out two fingers just like he's does when you part ways after a run.

"Suck my nuts!" You look at him in shock at his statement. "You hear that!?! He said-" Negan let's out another laugh- "he said suck my nuts!" Negan shouted before picking up his bat once more and bringing it down with a smash.

"It's left to you guys now," Sasha, Abraham, and you all hear over the walkie talkie.

"Copy that" you reply to Rick before placing it down.

"Hey (y/n!) Wanna ride with Daryl now?" Sasha says with a chuckle.

"So he can flirt with me again no thank you!"

Abraham laughs at your statement, then utters words that shocked you slightly but put a smile on your face. "No one in Alexandria or our group is worthy of her. She's like a sister to me!" He says with a smile. "Plus she's kinda ugly!" he finishes as you all start laughing and you playfully punch his arm.

You are brought back to reality by Sasha screaming.

"This is how we deal with what your group did!" Negan says in a demanding voice while looking at you with sorrow in his eyes. You start to cry as you see Abrahams lifeless body next to you.

"I'm sorry... I really am... but it had to be done..." You could tell Negan was talking to you but he made it seem as if he was talking to the whole group. You both make eye contact and he could see the fear in your eyes as you try to figure out what happened to the man your had married.

"You son of a-" Your eyes jolt over to Daryl, who had just punched Negan in the face and was now being pinned down by four different men.

"Oh, see this kind of stuff just won't cut it anymore!" Negan states while point his bat at everyone. He walks back and forth the line a few times.

"Now I need another example. Because, you see, I don't think you understood the first one!" He walks a few more steps and stops in front of Glenn.

"Your it." Negan states as he brings his bat over his head. The only thing you can hear is Maggie screaming as you get up and rush over between Negan and Glenn, pushing Negan as he brings his bat down.