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Isak has honestly no idea what made him stop in front of just that message board on his way to his classes. He stands there and plays with the straps of his backpack unconsciously while staring at a poster. There's nothing super intriguing about it either, it’s just a turquoise paper with black print on it.

It's the title he takes in for quite a time. It says ‘You are not alone’ and it's moving something, a bundle of some sort of unrecognisable feelings inside of him. Isak furrows his brows and reads further. It's apparently kinda for making friends or making it easy to talk with someone by exchanging phone numbers with other students. There's an email address beneath the description for that purpose.

Before he fully realises what he's doing he digs up his phone and takes a picture of that poster. He glances the time and curses. Shit, he's gonna be late for his class if he doesn't hurry up now. He prefers being there early, just when the previous class has ended and people are still leaving.


During his class, Isak can't help thinking about the poster. It's not that he is alone, no. Isak has friends, good friends, but they are studying elsewhere and especially Jonas, his best friend, living in a different city now is something that takes some time to get used to.

He's been rebuilding slowly but surely his relationship with his mother. He visits her once in a while and sometimes they just grab coffee together while catching up. And his dad, well, he tries. And nowadays there are days when he almost appreciates him trying.

The semester has just started a few weeks ago and he has been caught up in his classes and everything new, including the moving in to his own flat after sharing one with Jonas and Mags and Mahdi. Making new friends is still kinda in a progress, Isak has been chatting with some people in his course but just about common things, schedules and so. And to be honest, he doesn't find it that easy to bond with new people immediately.

It might be easier with texting, he thinks, then there's no awkward silence or him getting tongue tied when it comes to things that are more than just the surface. And if he happens to fuck it up as in being too lame or so, they can give the other one a new number.

On the break between classes, Isak sends his number to the email address without further thinking. It doesn't even mean he has to text to someone if he's not up to it yet then there's a chance if he wants to.

After his classes Isak hurries over to his later shift in a grocery shop nearby. Even though his dad has promised to help with a rent, Isak prefers not relying on him too much as a learnt habit. Besides he kinda likes it, filling up the shelves, putting things into right order. That's where he's good at, with stuff, things.

He's phone pings for a notification and he opens up his email and there it is, the number of someone new, someone unknown, a possibility. Isak smiles when he puts his phone away and starts working again.


Isak sighs when he closes his notebook and stands up after sitting for quite a while. He ate while reading so he gathers the dishes and sets them on the sink, he'll deal with them tomorrow.

When he's finally in bed he tries to find a comfortable position in order to fall asleep. After a while he opens his eyes and stares at the ceiling. Everything is quite okay, why the fuck the sleep seems unattainable. He rubs his eyes frustrated and reaches to grab his phone from the nightstand.

He turns over the phone in his hands a few times before he stops to stare at the number he got today. His fingers hover over the 'send' a moment before he just takes a deep breath and sends a message:


Then he glances the time and curses, it's almost fucking midnight. Way to go Isak, oh fuck, not creepy at all, no. He groans and presses the phone against his forehead. He is startled by his phone beeping and he's mentally prepared for a not so polite 'fuck off', and he sighs in relief when he looks at the answer:

'Hi there'

Isak answers rapidly:

'I'm sorry if I woke you up, didn't realise the time'

'It's ok, wasn't sleeping yet'

'Ok, good'

Isak bites his lower lip and realises it might sound silly saying it's good when someone's not sleeping at midnight and types:

'I mean not good if you can't sleep, obviously'

He has just time to think how that sounded silly too when he sees the answer:

'Ahh, no worries, just watching a movie'


Then he gets a message he's not sure how to answer to, just because he doesn't know the answer by himself. He stares at it for a good while.

'What's your reason not to sleep then?'

Isak tries to form an answer but before he does, there's an another message:

'Oh sorry, you don't have to tell, obviously, I've been told I might be too forward sometimes, sorry'

Isak smiles at that, the person on the other side of the conversation being a little awkward too. He answers honestly:

'I don't actually know the answer for that. Too many thoughts in my head at the same time I guess, not allowing me to concentrate on one at a time so that I could make some sense of them'

Isak is being startled by his own answer. He just now realises how true it is, how thoughts and especially bigger feelings feel like a giant knot inside of him and it's hard to see or feel them clear sometimes, maybe more often that not. He is being pulled out of his thoughts when he sees the answer:


Isak can't help thinking how comfortable it already is to chat with this person but he still asks:

'Do you think this is a silly idea? I mean, to talk with a stranger?'

'Well, if it is, that makes us equally silly then'

Isak huffs and answers:

'Haha, it does'

Then it takes a little while before there's an another message:

'But honestly I think it's cool'


'To be able to talk with someone who doesn't view you based on any previous assumptions or so. To be just as you are, right now'

Isak is stunned by the answer and types:

'Wow, that was deep'

Then he continues:

'And I think you are right'

Then there's a longer pause without any new messages. Maybe that person got overwhelmed by the direction of the conversation so Isak decides to try with a lighter subject:

'So, what's the plot?'


'You were watching a movie, what's it about?'

'Ahh. Love'


'Isn't it always?'

'I don't know'

'How come? The great stories, in the end it's love that it's all about, it always comes back to love'

Isak huffs and can't help answering:

'Pretentious one, aren't you?'

'Haha maybe so but don't you agree?'

Isak types without thinking:

'I wouldn't know. I've never been in love'

And oh God, what the fuck Isak!? Who the fuck tells things like that in the first conversation ever with some stranger? He drops his phone onto his chest and bites his knuckles.

When he hears there's an answer he unconsciously holds his breath before checking it. Isak exhales audibly when he reads:

'That's chill'

He smiles at the answer, it reminds him of Jonas. That's exactly what he said when Isak just one day blurted out loud he doesn't think he likes girls that way.

His phone beeps again:

'So, what's your passion then, what makes you intrigued?'

Isak huffs and answers:

'Science I guess'

'If I'm the pretentious one, then I think I'm sensing some strong nerd vibes from there. Am I right?'

Isak can't help a chuckle escaping when he types:

'You are and I'm proud of it'

'And you should be. And I should let your nerd brain get some sleep now'

'Haha, ok. Luckily my classes won't start before ten though'

'Ouch, mine start at eight already'

'Shit I'm the one who should let you sleep then'

'Haha maybe we both should go to sleep. Btw, I'm Even'

Isak mouths his name, Even, and answers just simple:


'Good night Isak'

Isak huffs and lets his lips curve into a smile. And it feels good.

'Good night Even'