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Chalk this one up as a win [Podfic]

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Reader's Notes: I wanna apologize up front for the minor changes in volume and accent, because I recorded this over the span of a few days and I for the love of god, don't know how to do accents, especially scottish accents. If you're scottish, I hope you don't feel personally insulted.
Also, this is the longest podfic I have ever done, and I was damn close to throwing myself out the window editing this because I apparently can't talk properly.
I hope you enjoy it anyway and go to drop a kudos on tamers account if you like the fic and maybe even here if you liked the podfic.
Tamer on Tumblr: here

You can download the Mp3 here

And the M4a here!

If you have any suggestions for a work that I should do or can recommend a better uploading website that allows streaming too, I'd love to hear it!
Have fun listening!