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how many sleepless, lonely nights? | tenrose reunion!fic

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Donna was bloody tired after their adventure in the Library. She said 'Goodnight' to the Doctor and went to her room. After a while, she found herself definitely not where she supposed to be. She was almost yelling 'Spaceman!' till she looked closer at where she was.

It was a corridor with two doors at the end. But that wasn't the shocking thing. The walls were full of pictures.

Polaroid pictures.

She couldn't help her curiosity. What were pictures made by Earth technology doing on Spaceman's spaceship? She looked at the one closest to her.

It showed two people, a young blonde and a man dressed in a leather jacket. They were standing on sort of an observation deck, a planet which she recognised as Earth behind them, with a unnaturally big Sun.

Who were these people?

She moved to the next photo.

This time, it was only the blonde woman, in a Victorian dress, looking in awe at something behind the TARDIS door.

Next photo.

The man in the leather jacket in front of a destroyed Big Ben, not looking at the camera, obviously he didn't know about the picture being taken.


The blonde drinking a smoothie in front of a foreign-looking bar, large numbers 139 on the wall behind it.


The blonde with an older, also blonde woman. The blonde laughing as the older one obviously scolded the person behind the camera.


The man in the leather jacket dancing with the blonde girl around the Tardis console.


The leather-jacket-man, a dark-skinned man and a handsome brunet, were sitting around a table in a restaurant and laughing their heads off.


The leather-jacket-man and the blonde standing under enormous frozen waves.

"Beautiful," she thought.


Another picture of the older blonde, this time saying something to the leather-jacket-man who looked a bit uncomfortable.


That's when the pictures with the Doctor started.

First, the Doctor in jim-jams and a dressing gown was hugging the dark-skinned-man and the younger blonde.

Next, the Doctor in a paper crown, the older blonde and the dark-skinned man on Christmas.

Donna frowned. The first time she met him, two years ago, he said that a year earlier he spent Christmas with a friend and her family.

"Her name was Rose."

Oh, she'd been so daft. This, the young blonde, was Rose! And the older one was her mother probably.


Remembering the Doctor saying that he lost her, she suddenly felt like in a museum, looking at a memorial.

She moved on to the next photo with hesitation.

Rose and the Doctor, sitting on his long coat on the grass, the TARDIS in the back. They were both blushing a bit.

Donna smiled sadly. She could see he loved her so much and how much losing her hurt him now. She could see the pain in his eyes sometimes, the same pain she saw when she showed him Rose's abandoned jacket those two years ago. She recognised it now.

She moved to the next photo.

Rose on the sofa in the library, grinning as widely as she could, holding up a piece of paper with the familiar now, circular writing.

She wondered what was written there.


The Doctor and Rose hugging beneath the same enormous frozen waves, starlight shining in their eyes.

Next, an obviously sneaked shot of Rose and a woman she identified as Queen Victoria. Donna's jaw dropped.

She moved to the next one.

Rose was laughing her head off, the Doctor's screwdriver in her hand, in a computer room with a older woman with brown hair who was laughing as hard as Rose was, while a metal dog-thing stood by the older woman's leg.

Next, a shot of the Doctor shouting at a horse on what looked like a spaceship.

Donna giggled and sniffed.

Next, two photos in one frame.

The Doctor on a scooter, helmet on his head and aviators on his nose, and Rose in a pink dress, denim jacket, pink heels and 60's style sunglasses, smiling brightly.

Next, a shot of Rose and the Doctor under what looked like a... black hole? Wow.


A shot of the Doctor in a orange spacesuit, hugging Rose tightly. The blonde woman was crying.


The Doctor spinning Rose around in a middle of a street, laughing.


Rose looking at flying stingrays. This photo had tear traces on it and a smudged writing saying: "Forever".

And then, the last photo.

Rose in 3D glasses, looking fascinated as she watched her hand, while her mother, the dark-skinned man and two other men looked confused.

Donna guessed that it was the last time they had an opportunity to take a picture. A tear slipped down her cheek and she wiped it angrily. This was it. She felt that she needed to talk to the Doctor about Rose. She knew it will be painful, but she also knew that he had to get it out. She wiped her eyes again and went where she came from, as the corridor was a dead end.

After a few minutes, she found the control room.

"Well, that was surprisingly easy," she muttered.

The Doctor, as usually, was under the console, tinkering. Did that man ever sleep?

She sighed.

She knew she had to start the conversation.

"Oi, Spaceman, your bloody ship's enormous! I got lost and..."

She was cut off by the Doctor sucking his breath as he hit his head hard, trying to get out.

"What happened? And since when you can get lost in the TARDIS? What's wrong?"

Donna grunted irritated that her plan on going smoothly collapsed. The Doctor frowned, sitting on the jump seat.

"What?" he said.

"I got lost. And I found a corridor."

The Doctor paled.


He suspected which 'corridor' she found. He slowly turned himself to the TARDIS rotor.

"Why did you lead her there? She couldn't have found it by herself."

Donna looked weirded out. The TARDIS led her there? Why? And how?

"Your ship can move things around?" she asked incredulously.

The Doctor nodded, distracted, obviously listen to what the TARDIS was saying. At last he sighed and put his head in his hand.

"Maybe you're right."

Donna guessed he was still talking to the ship. Then, he patted the place next to him on the seat. She sat there, waiting for what he had to say.

"I guess you saw the photos."

"Yeah. I didn't go anywhere else, though."

The Doctor chuckled sadly.

"I know. The TARDIS has some limits, she wouldn't let you anywhere further."

Donna nodded and waited for him to continue. It was a bit unlike her, but the situation was different. She knew it was hard for him.

"The blonde girl on the photos was Rose. Rose Tyler. My... well, friend doesn't cover that."

And he told her the story of his pink and yellow human, the Bad Wolf, Defender of the Earth. He told her about how met her, about every single one of their adventures and eventually, how he lost her. How she got trapped in the parallel universe, they both feeling the pain of the broken telepathic bond. It was an accident, a leftover of the Bad Wolf, when he took the Vortex out of her.

Donna sat there, shocked. She didn't know what to say.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know."

The Doctor sighed and smiled sadly.

"Yeah, you didn't. But the TARDIS wanted me to tell you. She said that it will make me feel a bit better and that you deserve to know."

The Doctor left out the fact, that the TARDIS also reminded him about Rose's meeting with Sarah Jane Smith, when Rose was hurt that she didn't know there were companions before her. She wouldn't want to be forgotten. Not that he ever would. Donna looked at him sympathetically.

"Did it? Help I mean."

The Doctor smiled sadly once again.

"A bit. But it will always hurt."

He jumped out of the seat and started tinkering with the controls, doing... something, she didn't know what.

"Go to sleep, Donna," he said, pausing his actions for a second.