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Haikyuu!! - Hogwarts Drabbles

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How in Merlin’s name had he wound up in this situation?


Was it life‘s way of punishing him for yelling at Asashi yesterday for terrifying the first years? Perhaps it was simply his turn to be karma’s kicking bag and next week Koushi would find himself trapped in the greenhouses with Kageyama and Hinata during one of their regular arguments over who caused the Mimbulus Mimbletonia to cover them in Stinksap. The Gryffindor-Slytherin duo were notorious for their constant squabbling but mess with one and the other would have you hexed six way to Sunday before you cast a shield charm; and he was getting off topic.


But could anyone blame him? He’d much rather contemplate the numerous uses of flobberworm fat in potions than think about his current situation; trapped in a broom cupboard on a rarely used corridor on the second floor with fellow fifth year and general pain-in-the-ass Kuroo Tetsurou.


Said pain-in-the-ass was currently grinning across from him in a particularly aggravating way, which was saying something considering that Daichi usually found anything Kuroo did irritating on a regular basis. In response he shot him an unamused glare and continued to grope around him for his wand which had somehow fallen out of his hand during the events which had led them to being trapped in said cupboard.


It only had the effect of turning the bastard’ grin into a smirk, the smirk which Kuroo seemed to have coined as his own; slow, lopsided and so full of smugness that it made Daichi want to hit him every time he saw it, which was unfortunately fairly frequently.


“Now, now Sawamura glaring is not going to get us out of this. Besides, if I hadn’t dragged us in here Peeves would have made a wreck of those nice new robes of yours. You should be thanking me.”


Daichi really wanted to punch him, but his hands were still searching for his wand. Damn it how hard was it to find what was essentially a stick in a closed cupboard, apparently very. Instead he settled for growling out a reply.


“The only reason I ran into Peeves was because you’d pissed him off and decided to run towards me with him throwing stink-bombs at you. Anyway, my ‘nice new robes’ are going to get dirty anyway or did you miss the part where he locked us in a cupboard that hasn’t been used for about ten years and is about 50% dust and spider webs.”


“If you’re really that concerned about your appearance just cast a Scourgify.”


“You were the one who implied that I was concerned not me! And even if I wanted to I’ve dropped my wand somewhere in here.” Still no luck and he didn’t want to risk reaching towards Kuroo’s side of the cupboard because he could just imagine the snarky comment that would follow. He was a prefect and it would be humiliating to get a detention for attacking and/or cursing another student. Though with Kuroo he never really wanted to use magic, he simply wanted to either hit him or hurl something at him the good old-fashioned muggle way.


The guy cocked his head to the side and somehow that smirk of his got even more condescending. “Seriously, you dropped your wand after I gave you a little shove?”


“You practically threw yourself on me to get me in here and I wasn’t expecting it. Of course I was going to be surprised.” Despite his words he could feel his ears burn with embarrassment. He was a Hufflepuff prefect and had known Kuroo since first year, he should have been less surprised by the bastard’s actions but after all these years Kuroo’s train of thought still eluded him. It was too dark for his red ears to be seen but he didn’t doubt that they’d somehow be noticed; Kuroo always seemed to notice the things that Daichi most wanted to keep hidden, stupid Slytherin.


“And you can’t find it either, in a small cupboard?”


Could the guy get any more annoying?


“I thought you Puffs were meant to be very good finders.”


Yes he could. He scowled and sat up a little straighter, as straight as he could get at least, and he spoke with the tone that usually could quiet even the most rambunctious fourth years.


“That’s a stupid stereotype. Why don’t you just unlock the bloody door and we can get to class? I don’t want to be late Kuroo.” The second the name left his mouth he regretted it because the snake, though to Daichi he’d always resembled a cat more, leaned forward a bit and everything about him seemed to get sharper somehow. The fairly relaxed aura around him was gone and there was some sort of intent in his eyes that Daichi couldn’t read. Tension seemed to have sprung up between them and he wasn’t sure where from. It had been happening more and more often lately, their frequent arguments suddenly shifting into something different.


That shiver down his spine was definitely worry, nothing else, he was obviously planning something which meant bad news for anyone but himself. It was only worry.


“Maybe I don’t want to unlock the door. Maybe I’m perfectly comfortable right where I am.” Was there a slight purr to his voice? Shaking the question from his head his face took on a perplexed scowl.


“You-re over 6 ft tall with absurdly long legs, I’m 5’9 and I can already feel muscles beginning to cramp. How the hell can you be comfortable?”


Kuroo huffed out a laugh but thankfully leaned back again.


“You really are clueless about some things aren’t you?” Ok this was back on familiar territory and the frown hardened back into the typical dealing-with-the-annoying-occasionally-a-decent-guy-always-weird-bastard glare.


“Unlock the door. I don’t want to be late for Transfiguration because you were being an idiot.”


“I’m not the one who dropped my wand.” Daichi felt a muscle in his forehead twitch and Kuroo waved his hand in a supposedly placating manner and glanced at the doors. “Fine, I’ll open the door. Peeves isn’t strong enough to do something that Alohomora won’t open.” He turned to Daichi with a crooked grin on his face and moved just a little bit closer. Too close in Daichi’s opinion. “Say please.”


“Hell no.”


“C’mon, it’s just one word and then we’re both free.”


“No way, I’d rather eat Hippogriff dung. Open the door.”


“I ‘ll feel too unmotivated if you don’t say it.”


“You’ll be late for class too, another one and you’ll have four weeks detention.”


“I have a free period next.” This was said with the trademark smirk in full display. Pleasure just rolling off him the bastard leisurely twirled his wand in his hand, you could see the little voice in his head cheering ‘I’ve won! I’ve won.’


Suddenly feeling tired and wanting to just get out of the stupid cupboard he rubbed his forehead.


“Fine. Will you ple-”


“Can you look at me when you say it; I want to remember this moment for a long time.” Biting back a growl he took a deep breath and raised his head meeting his tormenters amused eyes straight on and said in his most polite tone.


“Kuroo, will you please open the door before I decide to strangle you with my bare hands.” Kuroo actually snorted and an unwilling grin started to tug at Daichi’s mouth but he quickly stopped it.


“I think I’ve heard more sincere apologies from a basilisk than that but it’ll have to do.” With a quick flick of his wand the doors, finally sprung open. Daichi was not so relieved that he could suppress the flare of reluctant admiration for the bit of wordless magic, never mind that it was a first year charm it was difficult. Kuroo was skilled and studied hard despite his usually lazy demeanour, he also made sure all his friends and underclassmen worked just as hard or there would be hell to pay.


He let go a sigh as he moved his cramped legs out of the small space, they really had been starting to hurt, and hopped out of the cupboard not sorry to leave. Kuroo sort of slid out, all feline grace and elegance. It always made Daichi feel clumsy about him, especially when they were occasionally paired up in potions and those long fingers would move effortlessly from cutting, to mixing, to crushing. Kuroo always unbalanced the usually steady Hufflepuff no matter wha-


“Shouldn’t you be off to class, Mr. Prefect?” Like now. The burning of his ears was becoming a common circumstance around the fifth year lately and he didn’t appreciate the new development.


“I’m going.” He snapped and made a move to walk off, and he would have if his damnable conscience hadn’t reared its ugly head. With the look of a man about to eat Doxy venom he met Kuroo’s eyes again, eyes which never seemed to stray from his face so as to capture all the embarrassment written on it he thought.


“Thanls.” He wasn’t even completely sure why he was thanking him; Kuroo was the reason he had gotten stuck in there in the first place. Was it his imagination or had that smirk actually turned into a smile for a moment. No, impossible, Kuroo did not smile. He grinned, smirked, chuckled, sneered, occasionally frowned or glared but he did not smile.


The taller teen stepped closer, crowding into Daichi’s space and he willed himself not to move backwards; he’d already lost one battle today, he refused to lose another.


Closer. Closer. How close was he going to get!? Surely this was way past what was necessary right? Not according to the jerk. WHO WAS STILL GETTING NEARER! He stopped a scant distance away from Daichi’s face, his height giving him an unwelcome advantage and that weirdly intense look was back in his eyes. Eyes that seemed to be scanning his face for something with that rare serious look that sometimes crossed the other’s face. Eyes that just for a moment darted to his mouth and for a moment the hysterical thought occurred to Daichi that maybe Kuroo was going to-


Their eye contact was broken as Kuroo suddenly swerved to the left and whispered right in his ear.


“You’re welcome Sawamura.”


Way, way too near for anyone’s comfort. His mouth was practically brushing the tip of his burning ear and the words came out low and quiet despite them being completely alone. Warm air tickled his skin and his body felt strangely warmer than it had done in that stuffy broom cupboard. It was unsettling, unnerving, terrifying and in no way a little bit thrilling. Daichi wanted to freak the hell out but he’d apparently succeeded in turning his body to stone.


Kuroo moved away, he remained still; unsure what breaking his paralysis would mean. As he felt a body brush by him in a fast walk he felt something be placed in his hand but he refused to look at what it was. It was only when he heard the footsteps turn a corner that he looked at what Kuroo had given him.


It was a chocolate frog, his favourite sweet, and his wand.


He was going to kill him.