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Elizabeth turned around to look at their captain in terror. “What?! Why me?! Why not have Ban do it?!”


Meliodas leaned on the door frame, a large smile plastered on his face as he watched his princess change out of her uniform. She had yet to even realize that he was staring at her. “We all decided we’d try to take turns cooking dinner. Ban is the main one, that’s for sure, and we’ve all had our turns cooking already. I had my turn yesterday, and now your up.”


Elizabeth shivered as she recalled the other nights dinner. She hadn’t made it through half the plate before her stomach started to refuse her. Just then, Hawk walked in and scowled. “Meliodas, you pervert! Turn around right now!”


The captain raised his hands in defence as he obliged. “Chill, ham-slice, I was just tellin’ Elizabeth it was her turn to cook dinner is all.”


Hawk stiffened as he shook lightly in fear. “W-wait! Elizabeth's cookin’ dinner?!”


When meliodas nodded, the pig sighed and walked off. “I’ll stick to yesterday's leftovers, thank you very much…” Meliodas was confused when he overheard elizabeth mumble ‘good call’ under her breath.


Dinner looked nothing short of amazing. The sins all stared at the feast in awe, as they swore that they could see sparkling from it. Elizabeth wore a nervous smile, “E-enjoy!”


As they loaded their plates, King took notice of Hawk eating a bowl of scraps from the previous day. “Hey Hawk, aren’t you gonna try some of Elizabeth's cooking?”


Hawk humphed, “Taste it first, and then try to convince me…” They all shrugged, as Ban ate away casually, not commenting on the taste. Hawk watched as the others all happily ate, and frowned in confusion. “The heck?”


He walked over and sniffed the food as Diane handed him a plate of assorted foods. “Come on, Hawky! It tastes amazing!” Hawk frowned and glanced to Elizabeth. The princess kept her head down as she smiled in relief at the taste of the food. Hawk took the bowl and cautiously took a bite. He froze for a moment before jumping on top of the table and pointing a hoof towards the princess. The sins all looked to him bewildered as Elizabeth gulped in fear.


“Cheater!” Hawk said with a huff. “I can recognize Ban’s scraps anywhere! You didn’t cook a thing!”


The other sins looked to Elizabeth and ban in surprise, only for the sin of greed to shrug happily. “Guilty as charged~” Elizabeth bowed her head in guilt, “I’m sorry! It would just honestly be best if I didn’t cook the food…”


Meliodas sighed, “Elizabeth, you need to take your turn. Here, you can make the dessert, alright?”


Elizabeth gulped and nodded sadly, “Fine…”


Hawk hummed as he ate away at his scrap bowl. “Can’t go foolin’ me. Even Gowther would be able to taste the difference between Ban and Elizabeth's cookin’.”

They Sins all watched as Elizabeth baked. They had requested a simple strawberry Pie, and Ban even gave her a few pointers for when she seemed to get lost in her baking. So far, everything seemed to turn out fine.


When she presented it to them at the table, Hawk had immediately jumped behind the counter to wait for their reactions. His reply to their questioning looks, was that he would rather eat meliodas’ cooking for eternity then try to eat Elizabeth's food.


The princess cut them all a slice and gave it to them. Right as they were about to take a bite however, she rushed to hide beside Hawk. She held up a hand from behind the bar, “All good! You can try it now.”


They all blinked in surprise before shrugging and taking a bite in unison.










Yeah, no.


Their reactions were all simultaneous in timing.


Diane turned frozen to stone, unable to move or react. Escanor just passed out right away, slowly falling backwards until his body slumped onto the ground. King rushed to the closest window and threw up for several seconds, trying his best to empty the food he had just consumed. Ban guzzled down a barrel of Ale, trying his hardest to rid of the foal taste in his mouth.


Elizabeth slowly came out and smiled nervously and hopefully to Merlin. “Umm, Lady merlin?” The mage didn’t respond as she glanced to the princess with a look of remorse. Gowther glanced to Merlin before pointing to her. “She says, ‘Sorry, I can’t speak. I numbed my tongue, my throat, and my entire digestive system to rid of the taste.’”


He then looked to Elizabeth with a small shake of his head. “The captain of scraps disposal was correct. I could taste a distinct difference between you and Ban’s cooking. Look at it this way: It was so horrible, that even a doll with no taste buds could sense how horrible it was.” He gave her a thumbs up, “Good job.”


Elizabeth bowed down to the ground, “I’m sorry, but I tried to warn you all!”


Hawk shook his head, “You should have seen it. When it was just Elizabeth runnin’ the place, people could only order the alcohol. If they ordered food, Baltra was sent a hospital bill by the next day.”


King shakily walked over and sat beside Diane, before looking to Meliodas, who hadn’t even removed the fork from his mouth. “Captain?”


Elizabeth looked nervously to Meliodas, who’s face had a shadow casted by his bangs. “It tastes fine.”


They all looked to him in surprise while Elizabeth gasped happily, “Really?! You don’t hate it?!” Meliodas just shook his head and Elizabeth cheered happily, as she went into the back room to grab them some drinks. The moment she left, the others watched as Meliodas slowly looked up to them.


His face looked pained as he his eyes were squinted. “Help…” He shook lightly for a moment before immediately falling backwards onto Hawk. the pig sighed, “What I tell ya’? This is why I was so wary. Not even meliodas can take it. He just put on a brave face cause he loves her too much.”


Meliodas groaned as he slowly pointed towards the stairs. “Bed, now… please…”


Hawk sighed and took him upstairs. Elizabeth returned and looked around, “Where’s Sir Meliodas and hawk-Chan?”


Diane smiled nervously as she fanned Escanors face to wake him up. “Ehh? Th-the captain? He uhh, was really tired and decided to head off to bed early.”


Elizabeth nodded and gave them their drinks, “I'll go join him then. Good night everyone!”


When she was gone, Ban sighed and guzzled down his mug. “Those 2 are banned from every entering the kitchen, agreed?” They all hummed in agreement.


King sighed, “While it tasted horrible, I’d say the captain’s is way worse.”


Diane scoffed, “Please! It was bad, but not that bad!”


Merlin raised a slip of paper that read: “I’d like to debate that, thank you very much…”