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“I’m thinking of continuing my father’s legacy.” Jonathan Morgenstern said simply. His companion looked up quizzically.

“Which is…?” he asked cautiously.

“Did you ever hear of The Pit?” Jonathan asked. “It was a big deal in the 90’s. I was eighteen when it was shut down.”

“You don’t mean that underground wrestling/child trafficking operation?” his companion asked. “I never saw any of it but I heard things. You father ran it?”

“My father was…everything about that was all Valentine Morgenstern.” Jonathan said, his voice tight. His father had died a few months ago, out of his mind. It was best really. “Now, I want to revive it.”

“I never saw it as something you’d enjoy.” His companion mused. “It seems too dirty. Too…ugly. You are elegant, perfect.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere, my love.” Jon said, turning to look at his partner. Sebastian had been with him since high school. The tall Frenchman lay on his belly on the bed, watching Jonathan as he dressed up for work.

“So where does this leave me?” Sebastian asked. “Is this going to be like the others; where you’d abandon me for days, weeks and then I’d find you under some whore?” the question ended with a hard tone delivered in a sickly sweet voice.

“Sweetheart.” Jonathan said, grinning. “I thought that was behind us.”

Sebastian shrugged and turned away. Jonathan chuckled. “Sweets, you know I love you. No one can take your place in my heart. All those ‘whores’ were just distractions.”

Sebastian was silent.

“OK.” Jonathan sighed. “How about this? You join me. You be my partner in this…arrangement. That way, you still get me and my time.”

Sebastian turned to look at him, a hopeful expression on his face. “You mean that?”

“Yes.” Jonathan said, simply. “I would do anything for you. So what do you say?”

Sebastian reached for his lover’s shirt and pulled him down. He kissed him slowly, smiling slightly as Jonathan deepened the kiss. Pulling away, he grinned. “I’d love to be your partner.”

“I thought you might.” Jonathan said, leaning in to kiss him again. Sebastian placed a hand on his chest. “Wait, don’t you have to be at work?”

“I am working.” Jonathan said, smirking. “I’m sealing the deal.”

Sebastian laughed out loud. “Is this how you seal the deal with all your other partners?”

“God, no.” Jonathan grimaced. “You’re special.”

Sebastian hummed happily as Jonathan leaned to kiss him again.