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Nako x Reader

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You find yourself at a middle school one day. The class itself? Is called Class 1-1. In Class 1-1, you will find many peculiar students. Sitting at the back of the classroom close to the window, you have Hitori Bocchi , a socially inept young girl who made a promise with her childhood friend that she’d befriend everyone in her class so that she could reunite with her. In the seat next to her, there’s Nako Sunao , a tall girl with blonde hair and a face that unfortunately makes her out to be a delinquent. So much so, her homeroom teacher greatly fears her. While you stare at her, this causes you to unwittingly catch her attention.

“What do you want, creep?”

Wordlessly, you get into your seat, but you can’t help but think that you still feel her burning gaze on you. The bell rings and the teacher walks in. Her sudden appearance drives the blonde-haired girl’s stare away, making you sigh in relief. Soon, class began as normally. While the teacher was speaking, she realizes that she had some tests that she needed to hand back. Normally you wouldn’t mind being called to distribute the papers, but here, there seems to be a slightly more tense atmosphere. But you force that idea out of your mind, and you walk towards the teacher’s desk. The passing of the tests starts off relatively well, until you walk towards Nako’s and Bocchi’s desks. Nako was glancing at her phone during the time, so she wasn’t being too mindful. As you neared her desk, there is a misstep. The misstep causes the remaining tests to fly out of your hands. To catch your balance, you grab onto Nako’s desk, but one of the papers landed underneath your foot. Slipping, you fall forward, accidentally knocking Nako’s phone out of her hands. Your fall is broken. You had landed on your ass. With a few gasps from some of your classmates, you realize that Nako’s phone had broken your fall.

“What did you do?!” Nako yells.

Without any further word, she pushes you aside to retrieve her phone. Her eyes narrowed and she built down to your level to shove her phone in your face. It had a cracked screen.

“Well, what do you have to say for yourself?”

You try to bargain with the girl who looked scary initially, now it seemed as though she was about to beat you within an inch of your life. Her face morphed into one of being in deep thought. She looked at you again, this time with a smile. But it wasn’t anything reassuring in the smile in the slightest. It was one that vainly tried to shield the fury that she was bottling up.

“Well, I hadn’t had any breakfast earlier today, so maybe you can hold me over?”

Horrified, you shake your head.

Nako fumed. “What you don’t want me to eat you?”

Nako grabs the collar of your shirt and grins again.

“Well too bad!”

Nako shoves you headfirst into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged the further she sent your head and neck into her mouth. For a girl who was known for not moving around much or being active, Nako was surprisingly quick in her actions. Nako’s belly bulged out to accommodate your entry into her stomach. The other students watched in shock and horror at what was going on. The teacher had already passed out the moment Nako turned full snake on you.

Nako stood up from her current spot using the leverage to slip your torso effortlessly down her esophagus. Her belly wobbled and bounced from its newest guest being shown its new room. She looked up at your legs and removed your shoes, subconsciously noting that they would clot up her system due to the indigestible material. With one swift gulp, she scarfed down your kicking, pulsating legs, and they quickly descended. She even allowed her fingers to feel the bulge slide down to its final resting place.


Nako moved towards her test, her lively belly making her walk more complicated. Most of the students looked at her wobbling, engorged tummy. They immediately turned their attention back to their desks when she passes them a deathly scowl. Even Bocchi was taken aback by what her friend did, but she decided to refrain from asking more about it. Nako sat back down at her chair and burped again. She caressed her belly a few times.

“Mess with me, prepare to turn into my crap.”

The teacher regained consciousness and saw that the deed was done. It made resuming the lesson more difficult, but she pushed forward lest she ended up being sent into her student’s stomach next. Nako’s stomach proved to be hot and bothersome. You try to plead again with your captor, your desperation for mercy seemingly falling on deaf ears. You try banging against her stomach walls to get her attention, but the inner lining of her stomach was tough.

It only elicited a slight giggle from the blonde-haired girl, and she responds to it by hitting her belly. You were losing consciousness by each passing hour. Stomach acid was already beginning to trickle down into the chasm. Your skin is singed upon first contacting the vicious acid. You were in immeasurable pain. Your body was becoming softer, almost as you were being transformed into jelly. Your orifices dissolved into the acid. Nerves melted off. You were barely lingering on to your diminishing consciousness. In two hours, you completely departed from the physical realm the remainder of your mind washed away in the mess of digested contents.

Nako sensed that you were ready to leave your “prison cell.” Towards the end of school, Nako waved goodbye to her friends, explaining to them that she was going to head to the restroom. She was more than excited to pass you out. Her once large belly had beaten and compressed you until you were nothing more than a tight piece of her shit gently tucked away in her colon. She entered the girls’ restroom and chose a stall. Standing over the toilet bowl, she bent down and pulled her skirt down and shook her exposed cheeks in the air. She then sat down, and the first of what remained of you slid out of her pucker. Another long and somewhat bumpy turd inched its way out to accompany the first log, and after a few painless grunts, the rest followed suit and piled upon each other .

“Hm? What’s this?” she asked. She looked down and saw that there was hardly any trace of bone or hair fragments visible. She smirked.

“Wow, not even a single bone? You were pathetic!”

She reached for some toilet paper and made a wad of it to wipe herself. She then tossed it on the top of the shit pile and reached for the handle. She watched your remains swirl around and disappear down the drain.

“Ha! And you didn’t even clog the toilet either.”

Pleased with herself, she walked towards the sinks.

“Smell ya later!”