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If you had to describe the hell, it would surely be something like this.

The hard-built houses with wood fall burning in fire as if they were absolutely nothing. While the big fire spitting beasts do not stop coming from the dark sky; making it more difficult to see them.

They are quite intelligent. Some are responsible for attacking the town while others go for the cattle. There are so many attacks at the same time that it confuses the mind quickly.

It is overwhelming.

But beyond the beasts, the Viking people are not far behind. The adults are responsible for fighting them, dressed in thick leather and metal armor soaked with water, making it more difficult to burn before the relentless fire around them.
The youngest are naturally sidelined, not wanting to get into a fight of such magnitude.

However the Viking blood cut through their veins, they want to jump into action as soon as possible.
Some refuse to stay behind and in an attempt to help, are responsible for providing weapons to the warriors.
It's not much, but it helps.

Youngjae is terrified.

Of course, it's not the first or the last time he's seen something of this style, but his mind refuses to naturalize that kind of bloody acts. As a great animal lover, he cannot accept this.
Which is ridiculous since he's a Viking and cannot escape from that.

While his destiny arrives, he will continue to protect himself behind his older brother Jinyoung, as he does right now.

- Youngjae, move!

He blinks surprised and returns from his thoughts all at once, looks around with concern, meeting the hard look of his brother, who is unable to walk due to the strong grip that the younger one has on him.

He directs his gaze to the front, encountering a dragon in front of them, in the distance. It approaches slowly but it is still overwhelming.

His senses got paralyzed for a moment, and that is the perfect time for Jinyoung to take advantage and start running for his life, and, obviously, without forgetting to take his brother's hand.

I could see out of the corner of my eyes how the huge animals were butchered in a bloodthirsty way.
It was completely inhuman for Youngjae, witnessing those acts made him feel sick.
Although he already knew that his destiny was the same.

It was hot. They were completely surrounded by fire (it did not help that practically the whole village was built of wood).

- Run Hyung!

He shouted at his brother, who gave him an angry look in his direction.

- I'm doing all the work, shut up.

He gave her a small apologetic smile as he put more effort into running beside him.

In a way, he felt bad about not having the physical condition of his people. Although he was consoled by the fact that he was barely 17 years old (just turned), it was obvious that he could not have muscles at that age.

- Jinyoung Hyung! Youngjae Hyung!

There was a cry in the distance, they recognized the voice as Yugyeom’s.

The boy was shouting at them in the distance, on the edge of town. Just where the stables began. It seemed free of dragons, so they did not hesitate to run in that direction.

- Quick!

The youngest boy shouted at them as he opened the door of the great barn.
The brothers rushed in, whispering a small "thank you" to the other boy.

Youngjae dropped to the ground, panting from running, while Jinyoung leaned on his knees, catching his breath.

- Thanks Gyeom.

Youngjae thanked, giving him a tired smile.

- Seriously, it seemed like you were trying to fight out there, it took you a long time to get here.

- What happens, is that we forgot that we had to come here from the beginning.

Youngjae replied to Yugyeom.

- Mainly because Jae was frozen.

Jinyoung said smiling at the younger boy.

- And the others?

A new voice was heard in the barn, it was BamBam. From his appearance it looked like he had been sleeping during the entire attack.

- At some point they'll kill you if you're still so clueless.

Jinyoung scolding the boy, who simply shrugged as he smiled at everyone, approached Yugyeom and dropped by his side.

- Jackson-Hyung and Jaebum-Hyung must still be outside, it's impossible to get them away from the dragons. Mark-Hyung must be hiding somewhere, he was the only one I did not see when the dragons arrived.

Yugyeom said with a frown.

- It's the Viking blood calling them!

BamBam shouted with emotion, while doing some strange pose that he probably learned from Jackson.
Immediately Jinyoung ordered him to be silent, they should not make noise if they wanted to be safe until the the attack ends.
From what could be seen from the small scratchs is the barn, the cattle that were mainly kept outside in small pens were almost completely devastated.

The wooden supports easily gave way to the enormous weight of the dragons on it.

Making the sheep and cows run out of the place at the slightest opportunity, however they were quickly captured by the huge animals.

- It will take us a long time to reconstruct this ...

Youngjae murmured with disappointment, letting out a little sigh at the end of the sentence.

The small Nordic village was always magnificent, surrounded by the sea, mountains and its own boats. The cold weather helped to give it a magical and special touch.

Although due to the increasingly frequent attacks of the dragons, what used to be green and fresh grass, was now replaced by the ashes of it.

It was really hard to see.

They heard the war cries of their people from where they were (which was quite surprising because of the distant place where they were sheltering) as well as the roars of the dragons (and very slightly the houses burning and falling down).
Suddenly a noise was heard from the roof of the barn.

- Hyung ...

Yugyeom was heard talking to Jinyoung. He had a scared look as he watched the wooden structure, which creaked more and more.

Youngjae stepped back until he came up against one of the wooden walls.

A few seconds later, the roof gave way completely, revealing a dragon, specifically, a timberjack.
It was just like in the Book of Dragons, huge, its wings proportionally large.

There was a gasp in unison from the four boys.

They had only seen that kind of dragon in the training dome once years ago, besides, it was just a newborn.
Which later served for the initiation ceremony of a Viking.

The creature that was in front of them was completely different. Fiercer.

Everyone looked at each other in horror. They had never been in that kind of situation, they were always escaping when the dragons attacked or they were surrounded by other Vikings as they entered the training dome for a brief class and presentation of dragons. Always safe.

Now they were completely disarmed, and without obvious experience.

Fear covered them completely.

Jinyoung, as the oldest, was the one who knew more about the subject, however he could not do anything at the moment.
The dragon gave a small snort that resounded in the place, making the teenagers shudder from head to toe.
Yugyeom, who had the good (or bad) luck of having a long metal tube by his side, did not hesitate to take it. As the dragon fixed his eyes on the younger boy.

- Yugyeom ...

Youngjae whispered fearfully when she noticed that the dragon had not reacted well to the boy's action and was now approaching slowly.

BamBam, who was standing next to Yugyeom, looked at everything in horror. His best friend was definitely crazy.
In a fit of despair he took the tube from the other boy's hands, and threw it at the huge creature.

Then, Youngjae thought it would be the last time they would be together.

The next thing happened like a blur.

The dragon growled and pounced on the two children.

The door flew open, revealing three boys with weapons in hand who did not hesitate to jump to attack the beast, quickly recognized them as Mark, Jaebum and Jackson.

Soon more mens came to the place, helping with the dragon.

Youngjae ran along with Jinyoung to BamBam and Yugyeom, helping the boys out of the place.
The four of them were shaking their legs so it was a bit slow.

They dropped by the barn even with the adrenaline rushing through their veins.

The most frightened were BamBam and Yugyeom, which was understandable, they were still practically children and were nothing to that the dragon will end them in front of their two Hyungs.

They did not know how long they were sitting there, but they could see how the dragon's corpse was taken shortly afterwards, just as some wounded men came out of the barn.

They could not help but worry about their friends, Mark, Jaebum and Jackson. They were the first to arrive to help them.
As if it were magic, the boys left the place, they were clearly affected by what happened, their faces reflected that they could barely register what they did minutes before with the dragon.

They helped put down a dragon for the first time.

- Hyungs!

They said BamBam and Yugyeom at the same time, the emotion and gratitude in their tones was well present.

The boys felt them and approached them, asking about their health.

- You literally fought a dragon.

Jinyoung spoke to everyone, though his eyes could not let go of Jaebum, who smiled at him charmingly.

- Well, it was that or let them die.

He said smiling, as if that subject was nothing to worry about.

- Mark-Hyung was about to enter with you but he saw the problem they were in and ran to call us, we did not have time to ask for much help, I was helping to distribute the weapons together with Jaebum-hyung, so we just took some and we ran here.
Jackson explained quickly to the younger ones, who were still thanking him.

- Thanks Hyungs ...

At last Youngjae spoke, looking at the three older boys, they all smiled at him affectionately and nodded.

- It was nothing Jae-ah

Jaebum replied, stirring the boy's brown hair.

Youngjae could not keep his heart from turning over as she felt the older man's touch on him. His cheeks burned in admiration for Jaebum almost instantly.

- Although I think they've got angry with us ...

Mark spoke quietly, catching the attention of the other boys.

- Why do you say that, Hyung?

Jinyoung asked curiously.

- They were talking about the way we react to the dragon.

He said a little nervous.

- They said that we were irresponsible for not asking for help when we arrived for you, and that they were idiots doing nothing at that moment in front of the dragon.

Everyone made a small grimace.

- They are going to shout at us.

Youngjae complained and Mark gave him a small smile to reassure him.

- I do not think so, after all it's not exactly our fault.

They let out a sigh of resignation and nodded in response to Jinyoung.

- Oh. - You heard Yugyeom. - It looks like everything's over.

They looked around, noting that there were only the corpses of some dragons and Vikings scattered about the place. In the distance you could still see some dragons flying with their prey in their claws.

All of them began to walk towards the center of the place, they had to turn off the fire that were still burning up their houses. They needed to help others before they could return to their homes (if they were not destroyed yet).

Tomorrow would be another day.