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Multifandom Xreader/Fanfic

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Tony was being annoying, he wouldn’t stop pestering you. Thor was laughing as he watched you run away from the man in the iron suit.

Loki had been on better behavior lately and you wanted to see him but Tony seemed to find you each time you tried to run off to see the god of mischief.

You had felt a connection since you first saw him. He to you as well but tried not to say anything about it.

You finally snapped punching Tony in the nose which got you a high five from Pepper and a loud laugh from Bruce, and Thor.

“Damn what in the world was that for?”

“I said leave me alone.” You snapped. Tony took the hint and walked off, you went to find Loki, but you soon ran into a solid figure.

“Oh Loki, sorry I was looking for you.” You said with a blush. He chuckled and took your hand.

“You punched him real good, you know that right?”

You ran your hand over your neck. “ saw that?”

“Yes I did.” He replied with a chuckle. “How is your hand? It looked like you hit him hard.” He caressed your hand with soft movements. You nodded.

“It is alright, for the most part, might bruise later.”

“Will you come and have tea with me maybe? I can wrap your fist if you’d like.”

You nodded. “I would love that.”

He smiled and you took his arm, he smirked and walked you to the balcony and the two of you sat together eating drinking and talking. You were more then happy. He seemed to be happy as well.

“May I ask you something.” You asked softly.


“Why is it that you began to become nicer?”

“For you.”

You almost spit out your tea. You swallowed it with wide eyes. “F..for me?”

“Yes, for you. If I was kind I thought you would want to go on a date with me maybe.”

“Loki I would have before.”


“Yes Loki.” You said taking his hand. He squeezed yours.

“You are the reason I keep going love, the reason I want to help these silly mortals, even you have captured my heart. I never thought a mortal could hold my heart in their hands.” He smiled leaning close to you.

You felt a red blush cover your cheeks.

“I love you (y/n).” Loki said kissing you carefully. “I always will.”

You kissed him back. He smiled and took your head in his hand with a careful pull. “I love you darling.”

“I love you too Loki.”

He smiled. He would keep you safe, no matter how dark he had to turn.