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The Goddess Type

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"Senpai! You're here!" A girl with bright eyes in the shade of magenta spoke. She barged in the music room without considering to greet anyone else. The Hiitachin twins instantly noticed her presence and smirked. A new cute girl for them to play around with. The prince of the host club, Suoh Tamaki was busy entertaining his usual guests, same goes to the other members.

In reality, the new girl was searching for her beloved senpai, who's also Hani and Mori's classmate, Athena. She had short brown hair and golden orbs to make of her eyes. The senpai was sitting with Hani, enjoying the service she was given in a classic tea time arrangement. Mori was standing behind Hani to watch over him as usual.

"Ah Aphe, sorry I didn't tell you, I've been visiting the host club as of late." Athena confessed, smiling apologetically.

The younger girl pouted for a while before sighing. "Fine. But I had to go through the trouble of asking your classmates about your whereabouts. I just want to pass you the book I borrowed before."

"Isn't that the greek girl from 2-A? What is she doing in the host club?" One of the Hiitachin's customers spoke. Hikaru look at Kaoru and smirked.

"Hello there princess, it seems that you are interested to be enamored by us." They instantly appeared behind Aphe, smirking while touching her shoulders. Aphe looked at them and removed their hands.

"I'm just here because of my senpai."

"Aphe! Omg! We've been trying to convince you to come to the host club and finally you gave in!" Tamaki's loyal customers, Chise and Arisa spoke. They are students from class 2-B who are best friends with Aphe.

"I KNEW you guys would be here after class. But no actually I was searching for Athena."

The twins pondered for a while before asking. "Nevermind that, what's your name, princess?"

"Me? I'm Aphrodite. Call me Aphe."

"Omg Aphe! You visited my host club! What an honour to have you here!" Tamaki cheered from afar. He walked to them and talked to the twins. "Aphe is mine and Kyouya's classmate by the way."

"Ah, a senpai." Hikaru and Kaoru muttered.

"It's fine just drop the honorifics. Call me Aphe." She told the twins. "Also hey there Tamaki, I'm here because I need to see my senpai who is a customer of Hani."

"That's right uwu I love Athena-chan, she's so nice and lovely! She loves playing with bunbun too!" Hani commented while eating a cake. Athena chuckled.

Kyouya stood still in silence, scribbling in his notebook while stealing a glance here and there. He was particularly staring at the newcomer, definitely a classmate of his whom he rarely spoke to. She doesn't seem to be interested in talking to boys even in her own class. Boys and girls in the school talked about her beauty, revered the fact that she comes from a privileged family and also the fact that she dates girls. She had two ex girlfriends, one is in class 2-C and another is a junior. Other than that, she belongs to the dance club in school.

"Say Aphe-san, would you like to play a game with us? Since you're not interested in getting pampered." The twins challenged.

Aphe cocked an eyebrow. "A game? Sounds interesting."

"Yes. At this table we've prepared 7 roses, each of them represents each of the hosts, but as you can see it's hidden in a box. Pick one and that shall be your designated host if ever you're interested." They suggested in mischief.

"Well, since I'm here guess I'll choose one."

Aphe looked at the boxes, they were opaque and there were no distinguishing signs on top of them, everything seems vague. She took a minute to decide and finally picked the one on the top left.

"Open it." The twins urged.

The newcomer opened the box and it revealed a beautiful lavender rose. Aphe held it in her hands and inspected the hue.

"Magnificent colour, very majestic. I don't think I've ever seen a lavender rose before." She spoke nonchalantly. Beside her Tamaki was laughing his ass off.

"Ah, you chose Kyouya-senpai." The twins grinned.

Aphe looked at them and gasped. "Kyouya? Ootori Kyouya? Isn't that a student from my class?"

"Correct, your highness." Tamaki regained his composure and held her hand. "Let me escort you to your host."

She retracted her hand and crossed her arms. "I was playing a game with the twins, Tamaki. I don't think I want to be pampered."

It was then she felt a tug on her shoulders. "Doesn't hurt to try, isn't it?" Athena urged with a sly smile. Aphe looked at her questioningly before continued, "Are you sure about this, senpai?"

"I know. I just want to see that's all." The brown haired senior urged. Aphe contemplated for a while.

Kyouya who was listening intently the whole time, finally spoke. "Sounds like I've been summoned. Hello there, classmate. A bit of a surprise to see you here."

The magenta eyed girl shrugged. "I don't have any business here, was playing a game and...." She noticed she was still holding the lavender rose. "I picked this, is this yours?"

"That's me." He put down his notebook and showed her to her designated seat. "Have a seat, Aphrodite."

Aphe looked at Athena and grimaced. "You are an accomplice." The brown haired girl giggled.

The raven haired boy sat across the newcomer and crossed his legs. "I suppose I don't need to introduce myself. Your family has dealt with mine a couple of times as a matter of fact."

Aphe stared blankly and studied the host in front of her. The Ootori boy had extremely pale skin, a stark contrast to his jet black hair and a pair of sublime, almost breathtaking grey eyes. His facial features were sharp yet a tad bit feminine aside from his build and 5'11 height. She overheard Tamaki saying that Kyouya is the Shadow King of the club, whatever that means. She felt nothing, Ootori Kyouya is her own classmate after all. Naturally she isn't interested in family businesses.

"Really? I can't remember. Also, do you mind enlightening me about your appeal?" She questioned, while sipping the tea that was served. "Women here go crazy after you and Tamaki. It's either that and the third is me, in another department that is."

"Good question. I'm the cool type, as you can see. Aside from that," Kyouya smiled provocatively and leaned closer to her, whispering in his deep raspy voice.

"You're very alluring, fitting for your name."

He looked at her eye to eye.

"Kyaa!!! Kyouya-sama is doing his host duties!!" There were screams from fangirls who noticed the two. Aphe sat still and froze in her seat, holding the teacup in her hands, trying to process the foreign situation at hand.

It was definitely something very unusual for someone who's been to a girls school all her life.

"So is this the reason why girls come here? To be enamored by sweet nothings?" She coldly whispered at the boy who was gradually closing the distance between her. "And you're saying this because this is your job isn't it, Ootori-kun? You are paid for this."

He smirked. "Partially right. I'll let you in on a little secret."

The black haired girl blinked before he whispered in her ear, "I know everything about you, down to the smallest details. I watched all your dance videos, I have all your photos and family history archived. I think you have a lot of potential."

Aphe's eyes widened, even though she kept her composure. "It has never struck to me you'd say that, Ootori. You always seem disinterested in women. I assumed you don't belong in that department, which is fine."

"You can say that I swing both ways." He placed one finger below her chin. "Well, right now I only have eyes for one girl and she's right in front of me."

Tamaki's jaw dropped, even though he can barely hear their conversation. It's been a while since Kyouya had performed his host duties. He was almost unable to comprehend if his best friend is acting or not. Haruhi had a light blush on her face. The twins were sneering in excitement. Athena carefully studied the situation and took mental notes of the shadow king.

The greek goddess of love backed away and stood up. "I guess that's enough for today's hosting service. I must say you did put up a good act there, Ootori Kyouya. Have fun entertaining the ladies. See you in class." She smiled and left the club immediately with Athena.

Kyouya smirked for one second and got up from the couch. His blonde best friend commented, "It seems you still retain your host abilities, Kyouya."

"What can I say, I'm part of the host club. But the only difference is I pick my customers, which I haven't done for a long time." The bespectacled boy replied, writing in his Death Note. Tamaki agreed.

"This is because of the benefits, I reckon? Typical mommy."

"You will see, daddy."

Aphrodite Ash, the girl who unknowingly picked a lavender rose, is about to go through an experience of a lifetime.