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TF2 Insanity

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Nightshade was listening to music as she crossed the battlefield. However, she was dancing carefree as if there wasn't a battle raging on around her.


Sniper jumped in surprise when he saw one of the girls through his scope. Another look showed that the girl was Nightshade and that she was dancing across the battlefield.


"WHAT IN THE WORLD?!" he heard a voice shout from behind him in confusion.


He spun around just in time to lop off the enemy Spy's head with his kukri.


"Bloody Spah…" he muttered, completely forgetting about Night.


While dancing across the battlefield, Nightshade felt like doing some tricks as well. She got a running start and did a triple backflip before landing on her feet, easily. Then, she carried on dancing even when she entered the enemy base. She had found the intelligence room by accident but, decided to go in. Sitting in the middle of the room, was the intel.


"Ooo, a suitcase." the delusional girl said, as the intel had caught her attention.


She walked up to the podium and grabbed the suitcase.


Night looked at it, "I should show this to Shade, she would like this suitcase that I found." she said to herself.


The delusional and sick, brunette girl spun on her toes and walked out of the BLU's base. Since she and Shadehlyne weren't registered as a part of the team, no alarms went off when Night grabbed the intel. The battle continue to rage on because of that fact and Nightshade was able to make it back to RED base. She roamed the halls, bouncing her head to the tune of the music playing in the headset until she found her friend.


"Shade, look! I found a suitcase!" Night tells her friend happily, holding it out to her.


Shadehlyne looked at her friend, flabbergasted. She knew exactly what the "suitcase" was. It was the enemy intelligence.


"Um, Night…could you follow me?" she asked hesitantly, not sure how her sick friend would react or respond.


"I-uh know the perfect place to put this…"suitcase".  Just, follow me." She added.


"Ok!" Nightshade said cheerfully.


Shade began to walk toward the RED's intelligence room while hoping that enemies wouldn't be there. Night followed her friend with the "suitcase" in hand.


"Where are we going?" Night asked her friend, curiously.


"Oh! Uh…just where they keep the red and blue suitcases." Shade lied.


When they came to the RED's intel room, she opened the door.


*No enemies, good* She thought to herself after observing the room.


She stepped in and Night walked in behind her.


"Hey, why don't you go put the blue suitcase next to the red one and we can get out of here." Shadehlyne tells her friend.


Nightshade nodded her head and skipped over to the podium. She placed the blue suitcase next to the red one before turning to her friend.


"Now what?" She asks, curiously.


Suddenly, a loud female's voice blared over some speakers.


"Congratulations RED, you've obtained the enemy intelligence."


With that, the BLU's intel disappeared.


"Now? Now, we get you to Medic." Shadehlyne tells her friend, before walking out of the intel room.


Nightshade went after her, catching up to her.


"But why? I'm healthy." she tells her friend, following her.


"Three words. You. Are. Delusional." Shade tells her, before shoving her friend through the big white double doors of the med bay.


A few minutes after the girls had crossed into the medical bay, Medic walked in. His coat had blood splattered on it so, he went to go change it out for a clean one before making his way over to the girls.


"Ah Shadehlyne, can you tell me how Nightshade is doing?" he asked, his accent seeping into his words.


Shade sighs, "She's delusional." she tells him.


 Medic tilted his head just a little.


"How so?" he asked curiously.


"Well…." Shade started only to be cut off.


"WHAT THE FRAG?!" Night yelled as she looked at Medic.


"How the SCRAP did you get in here, Knockout?" she asked him.


Shadehlyne only sighs again, "See?" she said, shooting a glance towards Medic.


She grips her friend's shoulders and shakes her vigorously.


"THAT IS MEDIC! NOT KNOCKOUT!" she yelled loudly at her friend.


Nightshade winces and shoves her friend off of her.


"Seriously? Ow!" she complains before rubbing her ears.


"C'mon Shade, you know my senses are more heightened then the average humans. And I know its medic….Knockout is the medic for the 'Cons" she tells her friend.


Shade rubbed the back of  her head sheepishly, "Oh right…sorry." she muttered.


She then dropped her hand before continuing, "But that's the wrong medic! I'm talking about the one from TF2, that Medic."



 Medic decided to speak up then.


"Vho's Knockout? And vhat are 'Cons?" he asks.



 Shadehlyne turned to Medic, "That's for me to know and you to not worry about!" she yelled at him.



 Medic muttered and mumbled what could only be German curse words at the girl's behavior.



 Nightshade sighed before beginning to push her friend towards the doors of the med bay.


"C'mon, time to blow off steam." she says.


Begrudgingly, Shadehlyne allowed her friend to push her out of the medical bay. She even allowed her to drag her all the way into the training room. She was surprised to see that it was empty. She had at least expected Soldier to be in here. Maybe even Heavy. Shade moved out of her friend's grasp and made her way to the pull-up bars. The short haired brunette girl jumped up and grabbed onto the bar but, instead of doing pull-ups, she began to swing back and forth. Her movements caused her to move higher and soon she was able to flip over the bar and sat on the top. She hadn't practiced her aerobatic skills in awhile and thought now would be a good time.


Nightshade explored the room a bit before making her way over to a punching dummy that was set up. With a flick of her wrists, two daggers appeared in her hands and she began to slash at the material of  the dummy. From the top of the pull-up bar, Shadehlyne looked at her friend.


"Hey Night! Were you just kidding around when you said you saw Knockout instead of Medic?" she asked her friend.


The long haired brunette's focus didn't waver as she responded to her friend.


"I'm not entirely sure. It's a bit strange." she answered, still slashing at the dummy.


She then stopped and turned to face her friend.


"I saw Medic and then, his image turned into Knockout. I suppose coming here messed with my mind and that's what's creating the delusions. So, instead of seeing this team…I'm seeing either 'Bot or 'Con that resembles the RED team." Night explains.


"Hmm…that's weird. Well…just don't call the team members by any 'Bot or 'Con names." Shade tells her friend, falling back to hang upside down off the bar by her legs.


"I'll try but, no promises. Remember, not only am I delusional but, I'm also sick so…that's going to cloud my thoughts as well." Night says before returning to her training.


 In that moment, Sniper walked into the training room.


"Oi, sheilas!" he greeted with a wave.


Nightshade turned around upon hearing the Australian man. She was then greeted by two different images flashing before her eyes. One of Sniper and the other of Lockdown. The flickering images began to give Nightshade a headache and she bolted out of the training room, down the hall and darted into Sniper's room that she now shared with her friend.


Frustrated and upset, Night threw a Wrecker tantrum and destroyed the room. She punched a hole into the dry wall before falling to the ground and cried. It was in that moment, that she heard her guardian's voice, WheelJack's voice. She looked down at the hoodie she was wearing to see a small hologram of her guardian. She removed the hidden camera and watched the recorded message, feeling slightly better.


"What in the world?" Sniper said in confusion after watching one of the girls dart out of the training room.


Shadehylne got down from the pull-up bar and ran out of the training room to follow after friend. Unfortunately, she reacted a little too late and lost sight of Nightshade. Taking a moment to think, she decides to check the room the two of them shared. She makes her way down the hall to the room and opened the door. Shade was met with the sight of a destroyed room and in the corner was a sobbing Night.


“Night?!” The short haired brunette girl said in slight alarm as she has never seen Nightshade cry before.


She runs over to her friend and wraps her arms around her friend, in a comforting way.


“What did you see?” She asked in a whisper.


“I-it was a fl-flickering image of Sniper a-and….L-Lockdown.” Nightshade stuttered out honestly.


She went back to watching the hologram in her hands. She held it out to her friend a little, so she could watch too.


“Do you remember this?” She asks.


Shade watched the recorded hologram for a bit before nodding her head, “I remember.”


Her…mind…couldn’t forget anything.


“Where did you get this?” She asked quietly.


Spy had come across the open door of Sniper’s room where the girls were staying and decided to peek in to see how they were. He watched them closely from the doorway, invisible and with a cigar in his mouth.


“What in the world…” he muttered quietly.


It was quiet enough that no human could hear him but, it was not quiet enough to go past a wolf-blood undetected.


A peculiar scent waved under Nightshade’s nose. She lifted her head a little, enough that she could sniff the air. Now she knew what the scent was…it was of expensive cologne and smoke from a cigar! Her eyes widened a bit at the realization before she turned to her friend and quietly told her that Spy was in the room.


“FRAG!” Shade cursed before clamping her mouth shut.


“Sorry…” she muttered, hoping Spy didn’t suspect the fact that they knew he was in the room.


“Seriously?!” Nightshade said, looking at her friend with a “seriously?” look.


Spy wondered what the girls were yelling about as their outbursts were  random. Did they know he was here? Was he not silent enough? No, only a trained professional could rat him out and these girls were anything but trained.


Nightshade knew that she and her friend had to get out of the room to talk about their home without Spy eavesdropping some more.


“We need to get out of here and go some place where Spy won’t follow us or at least be there so we can talk about…well, you-know-what.” She whispered to her friend.


Shadehylne nodded, “Okay.” She says.


She slowly stood up and motioned for Night to follow her out of the room. She walked out and silently hoped to bump into a Spy so she could yell at him for spying on them. Sadly, she had no such luck. Night got up and followed her friend out of the room.


After walking away from the room a few paces, Shade turned to her friend.


"C'mon, lets get you back to Medic. He can probably give you something for the hallucinations." she tells her.


With Night's consent, she led her friend down the hallway and to the med bay.


"Medic, you in there?" Shadehlyne asked, knocking on the door.

Medic had been taking inventory when he heard his name get called out and a knock from the doors into the med bay. He made his way over to the doors and opened them up to see the girls from another dimension standing before him.


"Ja? Vat is it?" he asked them.


"Hey, so Nightshade here is seeing things. Its driving her crazy. Can you give her anything for it?" Shade asked him, making a sweeping gesture with her arm towards her friend.

Medic looked at the other girl who seemed a bit twitchy.


"Ja. Come in and have her sit down. I'll see vat I can find." he tells them, gesturing for them to come in.


Shadehlyne and Nightshade walked into the med bay, following behind Medic for a few paces before Shade led Night over to a gurney and gestured for her to sit on it. With a sigh, the long haired brunette hopped up onto the gurney and sat there, swinging her legs. The pixie cut brunette watched her friend in concern as she seemed to be twitching before realizing that she was hallucinating. She put her hand on her friend's shoulder to try and keep her grounded.


Medic went through different white cabinets that lined the walls in the med bay, looking for the appropriate medicine for Nightshade.


"Ah! Here it is!" he exclaimed, gaining the attention of Shade.


He was holding a small vial and on closer inspection, it could be seen that it was filled with fine white powder and the lid doubled as a measuring spoon. He began to mix the powder with water to make it a milky colored liquid. He then pulled a syringe out of his lab coat and poured the substance into it before making his way over to Nightshade.


"I need you to hold out your arm, please. You may feel a small pinch." He tells her, readying the syringe.


Nightshade stared at the syringe in Medic's gloved hand before she began to panic and her breathing picked up. Out of Medic's sight, her veins were turning an unnatural color.


*FRAG!* Shade's mind screamed. *I should have known that he was going to use needles*


She quickly moved to place herself in between Medic and Night.


"Hang on a moment. Night has a fear of needles, is there any other way you can give her the medicine?" she asks.

"Afraid not Fraulein. This must be injected." Medic tells her.


Shadehlyne sighs, a bead of sweat rolling down her face.


"Okay, well…at least let me calm her down" she says to him.


When Medic nodded his head, she turned to her friend.


"You need to calm down. Medic won't hurt you. You're only going to feel a slight pinch. You've gotta calm down so Medic won't see your veins." she tells her, squeezing her hands.


"I can't! I'm seeing Knockout and you know what he's done to me. He'd take a lot of my blood for Shockwave to test, leaving me weak and vulnerable. Besides, my wounds heal fast." Nightshade says to her friend.


Shadehlyne sighed, "But Medic is only injected something into your bloodstream, not drawing blood. It's a small syringe anyways, compared to the ones Knockout probably used on you. You'll be fine." she says, looking at her friend, pleadingly.


Night looked away from her friend, trying to think of a way out when she spotted a familiar dove sitting on top of light.


"Hey Medic, is Archimedes okay? He's acting kind of strange." she calls out to him.


Shade and Medic both turned around to look at the bird, giving Night the opportunity to get away...which she did. Shade turned back to her friend when she heard the double doors of the med bay swing shut.


"NIGHT! GET BACK HERE!!" she yelled before chasing after her friend.