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TF2 Insanity

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New Day and Sick Illusions

The next morning, Shadehlyne blinked the sleep from her eyes as sunlight managed to slip through the blinds in front of the window. She sat up and spotted Night asleep in her wolf form at the foot of the bed. She smiled and held back the urge to curl up in her friend’s soft fur. Shade hopped off the bed and stretched, that’s when it occurred to her that she had no clean clothes.


“Frag….” she mutters.


She tiptoed across the wood floor and silently opened the door. She locked the doorknob before closing the heavy wood door behind her so no one would walk in on Night while she was in her wolf form.


Shade yawned and headed to the kitchen where Spy was cooking. He made beignets for breakfast. Shade smiled and took her seat beside Engie.


“Thanks Spy” she thanked, turning to the masked man.


She filled her plate with the French donuts and dug in.


Nightshade, who was still in the bedroom, was still asleep until the scent of beignets wafted into the room and hit her nose. She sat up and changed back to human before making her way to the door, out into the hallway and into the kitchen.


“Mornin' everyone” she greets, standing in the doorway, rubbing her eyes.


Shadehlyne looked up from her plate when her friend spoke.


“Hi Night!” She greeted before stuffing more food into her mouth.


Engie nodded his head in greeting and Scout subtlety flex.


Shade was pretty sure he had a crush on Night.


Pyro was not at the table due to the fact that he never took his mask off in front of anyone. Scout patted the empty seat between him and Shade, inviting Night to sit by him.



Nightshade walked over and sat in the empty seat before turning to her friend who was easier to talk to.


“Jackie was going to take me to see Crosshairs, Hound and Drift today.” She tells her friend.


Shade looked at Night, “That’s cool. I bet I could have gotten him to take me along too” she says.


She sighs, “This morning, Soundwave and I were supposed to go for a flight at sunrise”


Scout listened to the girls’ conversation. All those names were weird! He stuffed a beignet into his mouth. Man, these were good! Who knew the Frenchmen would be such a good cook. He looked up at the clock that hung over the halls’ entryway. Their next match started in an hour. He started to stand up when Shadehlyne stopped him, asking a weird question.


Shadehylne grabbed Scout’s wrist, effectively stopping him in his tracks.


“Can we borrow some of your clothes? We could use some and nobody else’s would fit us” she asks him.


Scout blinked a few times.


“Umm, sure I guess” he answered.


At that, he walked off. He put his dishes in the sink and went to take a shower. The girls would probably shower while they were in battle. He didn’t think they would want to be in a public shower room with a bunch of naked men.


“Yeah, Hound was going to show me all his weapons that he carries. I mean, how can one ‘bot carry that many weapons and ammo? Jackie only has two katanas, two cannons and carries one grenade at a time and he can beat the Decepticon scums” Nightshade said to Shadehylne after she finished talking to Scout.


She then turns to the rest of the mercenaries, “So, anything special you wanted for lunch?” She asks them.


The mercs all began to speak at once but, only one could be understood.


“Heavy want sanvich!”


Shade laughed, “How about grilled cheese sandwiches?” She suggested.


And when the mercs agreed, she turned to Night.


“You okay with that?” She asks.


“Hm? Oh yeah, sure” Nightshade agrees.


Shade shrugged and walked off to find Scout to ask him about the clothes. As she walked, she ran into Pyro.


“Oh, Um sorry” she apologized.


Pyro gave her a thumbs up and held out a large basket towards her.




Shade accepted the basket and looked inside, there were clothes. They looked slightly too big but, they seemed that they would fit better than Scout’s.


“Thanks Pyro!” She beamed.


Underneath his mask, Pyro blushed.




Shade dug through the basket more. She pulled out what looked like a bra.


"Where did you get this?" she asked.


“Hme hmore” Pyro told her.


Shade was quick to decipher his muffled words.


“The store? So there’s a store near here?” She asked.


When he nodded, she was going to ask him more questions when the Administrator’s voice echoed throughout the base.




Shade covered her ears at the loudness.


“I guess you need to go now. See you around!” She tells him, waving goodbye before picking the basket back up and parted ways with Pyro.


New feelings filled both of their hearts. Shadehylne opened the wooden door to her room, she put down the basket by the closet before before going back to lock the door. She pulled off her dirty clothes and dug through the basket for clean clothes. She pulled out a red t-shirt and tan shorts, there were socks too so she grabbed a pair and put her clean clothes on.


“This will do” she muttered as she slipped on her shoes.


Nightshade was still in the dining area when her friend and the other mercenaries left. She looked down at her plate of food.


“I’ll eat later” She said to herself.


She stood up and headed to her shared room. Halfway down the hall, she began to feel a bit dizzy. She shook her head and continued on her way. Night made it to the door but just as she reached out to the doorknob, she collapsed, falling unconscious and hit the floor with a thud!


Shadehylne opened the door and was about to step out of the room when…


"NIGHT?!" she said in surprise.


Her eyes widened with fear and she screamed for Medic.



 Pyro was not far from the hall and came running. He helped Shade carry Night to the medical bay. Medic came running in.


"Everyone, OUT!" he ordered.


Pyro and Shade stepped out into the waiting room. About ten minutes later, Medic opened the door and stepped out.


"She'll be fine. She has a fever. I suspect it might be a side effect of crossing into another dimension" The doctor explained.


He adjusted his coat, "Now, Pyro and I must get ready for battle. We have ten minutes" 


Pyro face palmed and waved goodbye as he ran out of the waiting room to finish getting ready for the battle.


 “You can go see Night if you would like to. But, don’t touch anything!” Medic tells her before walking away.


Shade stood up and walked into the med bay. She sat down in a chair beside her friend and waited for her to wake up.


“Get well soon…” she said quietly.


About twenty-five minutes later, Nightshade woke up, yelling.


“AAH!! Shut up Megatron!” She yelled.


“Oh wait…” she looked around the med bay in confusion.


“Ratchet? Doc Knock?” She called out.


Shade had fallen asleep in her chair. She now laid slumped over the bed. Nightshade looked down at the bed and saw her friend, asleep.


“Shade!” She called her name, to wake her up.


“Huh…what…?” Shade said in confusion.


Her eyes widened and she sat up when she realized that Night was awake.


“Good, you’re awake!” Shade grinned.


“How are you feeling?” She asked.


"Like scrap" Night tells her.


The girl got up off the examination table and walked out of the med bay, Shadehlyne following after her.


"Hey Shade? How come the base is smaller?" Nightshade asked.


"What do you mean? Its always been this size" Shadehlyne tells her friend.


"Hmm, could have sworn it was bigger…." the long haired brunette said thoughtfully.


Night walks to their room. She grabs some clothes and changes in the closet. Once done, she leaves the room and walks down the hall.


"Now, where’s Smokie's quarters? He usually has a spare headset that he allows me to use in there" She says to herself as she walked down the hall.


Shade went after her sick friend, catching up with the girl.


"Wait! Medic told me that I need to keep you in bed!" she tells her friend.


She grabs Nightshade's wrist and begins to promptly drag her back to the medical bay.


"You need rest. Now!" she ordered.


Nightshade quickly tore her wrist out of her friend's grasp.


"I'm fine," she argues before darting down the hall.


She walks into Scout's room but, because she was sick…to her it looked like Smokescreen's quarters from back home. She was delusional.


Scout stared as Night walked into his room. He wasn't wearing anything but, his boxers and dog tags.


"OH MY GOD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?!" He shouted at her.


If it was one of the guys who walked in, it would have been fine but, it wasn't because a girl walked in.





 Nightshade rolls her eyes at the illusion of her friend.


 "Sheesh Smokie, chill out. I'm just going to borrow one of those multiple headsets you have." she tells Scout.


She walks over to his closet and pulls one out before heading back to the door.


"Bye!" she says before leaving.


Scout watches her leave in confusion, "Smokie? Since when did she start calling me that?" he asked himself.


He shrugged it off and returned to getting dressed. He was dressed this time when his door opened again, without a knock.


Shadehlyne barged into Scout's room.


"Sorry Scout, Night's not well. Have you seen where she's gone?" she asked.


After Scout had pointed in the direction Night had gone, Shade left his room and bolted down the hall. She saw her friend in front of her.


"NIGHT, GET BACK HERE!" Shade shouted at her friend.


This time, when she caught up to her friend, she grabbed her shoulder and spun her around to face her.


"OW! What that frag Shade?!" Night asked her friend.


"What do you want?" she asks.


"YOU just freaking walked in on Scout while he was getting dressed and MEDIC TOLD ME TO KEEP YOU IN BED! THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG!" Shade says, shaking her friend as she told this to her friend.


Nightshade looked at Shadehlyne as if she had grew a second head.


"Who? I walked in on Smokescreen, don't know why he was making a big deal about me walking in though. And anyways, I told you I'm fine." she tells her friend before once again getting out of her grasp and walking down the hall.


"Wait, what? Smokescreen? You walked in on Scout not Smokie. Don't you remember? We're in another dimension." Shade said as she walked after her friend.


"No, I'm pretty sure that we're at home." Nightshade says.


The sick girl left the base and put the headset on, connecting to some radio station to listen to music as she walked out into the middle of the battlefield.


"NIGHT, WAIT! YOU'RE DILUSIONAL!" Shadehlyne shouted at her friend.


However, her yelling fell on deaf ears.


"Frag, frag, FRAG!" Shade cursed as she stomped her foot.


She ran off to find Medic, hoping he could help her reign in her friend until she was feeling better.