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i build my own foundation (i choose my own bricks)

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"I know I fucked up the last time we worked together, and I know you're having quite a hard time learning how to trust me again, but you can't keep lashing out at everyone and everything around you."
Walter hates that he's right, hates that he's back kneeling at Cabe's feet on some cheap motel floor again, that's why he can't quite bring himself to grit out the yes, sir he knows is expected of him.
"Remember I'm here the entire time," Paige says, "and you can always safeword out."
"Speaking of which, do you remember your safeword, Scorpion?"
Walter lets out a breath he didn't know he was holding. His chosen name, the name that wasn't the one on his birth certificate, was what he needed to hear right now. It helped him relax and settle into the right headspace.
"Androctonus," he whispered.
"Good boy," Cabe murmured and stroked his hair once.