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Sure they were gonna fuck, but if David wanted a piece of Aizawa's ass, he'd have to ask for Japanese.

Even if it was just a kiss, David had to ask for Aizawa's permission. And Aizawa wouldn't move a muscle from where he was laying on the bed, still fully clothed, until the American addressed him properly.

Toshi knew Aizawa was being an ass because of his grudge against the man, but tonight was supposed to be about Dave. In the end, Toshi took pity on his horny friend who asked him for help.

Although, one could imagine how difficult it was to have Toshi whispering hotly against his ear, caressing his inner thigh from behind while Dave tried to think past his aching cock to address the man who seemed like he was about to roll over and let them have fun without him.

"Aizawa, I...may I kiss you?"

It wasn't like he was going to leave the man hanging, but Aizawa knew he was as he continued to lie there, both sets of hungry blue eyes peering down at him. He was simply going to enjoy this moment until he decided to reward him.

"About time, Shield." While it wasn't perfect, it was a start Aizawa decided.

He removed Dave's lopsided glasses- which even he hadn't bothered with now that he had been reduced to an absolute mess already -and slipped his tongue past those slightly parted lips.

Dave understood why Toshi loved this guy so much, especially when he kissed like this. Overwhelmingly hot, tongue filling his mouth...

Clearly, this wasn't Aizawa's first time as he knew exactly what to do to draw those delicious moans from the back of this man's throat.

The moment Aizawa pulled away, Dave gasped, not realizing he stopped breathing the moment Aizawa's mouth overtook his. The man shot him a smug grin as he now sat there a bit dazed in Toshi's lap before leaning over his shoulder to treat Toshi to a passionate kiss as well.

"You cheat..." Aizawa muttered against Toshi's mouth, referring to how he helped his friend.

Toshi smirked in reply, "Wasn't against the rules, kitten..."

Aizawa narrowed his eyes, withdrawing from him to turn to the man who was attempting to put his arms around him. How bold…

Dave looked sheepish as he had been caught doing something he hadn't properly asked for.

"Want to hold him, sweetheart? Gotta ask first," Toshi crooned.

He didn't want to just hold him- he wanted to be in him -but, God, how could he ask Toshi to help him with that?

Dave was struggling to find his voice with Toshi pressing his lips to the shell of his ear, making his way down his neck, Aizawa's dark, knowing gaze upon him, and his own straining cock.

He reached up to thread his fingers in the golden locks that tickled his neck. "T-Toshi?"

"Yes sweetheart?"

But Dave was thankful he was given an additional moment when Toshi pressed a kiss to his lips. He couldn't believe he was actually going to go through with this…

"I want to fuck," he breathed the moment his mouth was free.

"Very well..." Toshi purred quietly by his ear.

Aizawa was growing impatient with waiting for these old men to stop whispering. His favorite sweatpants were going to be ruined if they didn't hurry up.

Although, he was very tempted to act on his own horny accord and fuck himself on the professor's cock, but that would reinforce the idea that if Mr. Shield waited long enough, he would get what he wanted without asking. And that's not how this game was played.

"Aizawa...can I put my cock in your ass?"

Aizawa glanced up at Toshi who smirked at him over Dave's shoulder. Honestly...

Still, he couldn't say no, even if he was trying his best not to cringe. Again, it was a start. Now it was just a matter of the man getting it in there.

This time, Aizawa didn't push him away when Dave attempted to put his arms around him. He was a bit more compliant and settled onto his lap nicely.

There was a flash in those dark eyes and a moment later Dave was reeling as Aizawa grinded down against him.

Dave couldn't help the moans that escaped him when Toshi began to move in a similar fashion behind him- the bulge of his restrained cock grinding between his ass cheeks.

Aizawa swallowed his voice in another heated kiss, plunging his tongue back into Dave's mouth.

It wasn't long before eager hands were pulling at clothing, revealing new uncharted skin to mouths ready to suckle and leave their mark upon.

A cap popping open was closely followed by Dave's gasp which was muffled by Aizawa's mouth yet again.

He was bent forward, braced in Aizawa's arms while Yagi spread him open and traced his rim with a slick finger, causing Dave to shiver with anticipation.

It seemed like the moment he caught his breath, it was taken away again as Yagi pressed into him, slowly working him open.

Dave wasn't going to be the only one having all the fun tonight. Though seeing him already reduced to such a quivering mess just by having his ass played with was definitely a treat for the other two.

"Toshi!" Another slender finger, curled in just the right way, sent Dave arching back with a cry.

"You haven't been taking care of yourself, have you sweetheart?" The other asked.


Toshi shook his head, clicking his tongue. "What are we going to do with you?"

The brunet keened at the departure of those long fingers as Toshi feigned contemplation beside him.

Aizawa joined in, having already fixed him with that same questioning stare from before.

"It's simple," he spoke while lazily stroking Toshi's length. "We wreck him."

"You read my mind, kitten," Toshi purred against his mouth, sharing a smirk each before a brief peck.

Aizawa almost felt sorry for Dave. Almost. The man didn't know what was coming for him and already seemed so worn out as Toshi moved behind him.

What greeted Dave this time was not a pair of slender fingers but rather the tip of Toshi's cock, pressing against his entrance.

Aizawa smirked once more at the gasp that escaped his lips as Toshi easily filled him with a heat he had never forgotten. It was pure ecstasy.

"Fuck, you feel so good sweetheart..." Toshi's low, husky voice spoke by his ear.

The moans elicited from Dave as Toshi moved deeper inside him were muffled by the same slender fingers now pressing on his tongue.

He proceeded to suckle on the digits in his mouth, catching Aizawa's purposeful gaze. His dark eyes were smug yet lust-filled; his legs spread wide, on full display for their pleasure- and his -as he fingered himself open, his own needy whimpers escaping his parted lips.


Dave hadn't realized Toshi had come to a stop now that his cock was completely inside him. Admittedly, they were a bit distracted by the dark beauty currently arching back and crying out because of his own fingers.

Oh, how Dave wanted to be the one to make him cry like that…

"You can ask him, sweetheart," Toshi reminded him while tracing the length of his aching, neglected cock. "He looks so lonely over there..."

Dave swallowed thickly, though his throat felt dry as he tried finding his voice once more. "H-Help?"

Aizawa was once again irritated by the old men whispering. What more did he have to do to get some decent dick around here? He was practically advertising just how ready he was.

"Can I fuck you?" Dave finally asked.

Still imperfect, but a good enough attempt to reward him for.

"Took you long enough, Shield, fuck..." Aizawa muttered, sitting up to allow eager hands to guide his hips into place.

His smugness was replaced by a strangled cry as Dave didn't give him a warning before thrusting into him.

"Don't get greedy..." He growled. But he loved it.

"Don't pretend you don't like a little greed in a man now, kitten..." Toshi purred, snapping his hips forward which in turn caused Aizawa to reel as Dave plunged further into his heat.

"Fuck you."

"My pleasure."

As if to spite Toshi, Aizawa thrust down on Dave's cock, causing the man between them to gasp with a shudder as Toshi's length found his sweet spot.

Striking blue eyes flashed accompanied by a smirk. "Two can play at that game, kitten..."

With firm hands upon his hips and a pair of strong arms wrapped around his neck, Dave was helpless. But, god, he fucking loved it.

"Please!" He cried out as Toshi's strong thrusts from behind where echoed by Aizawa as he rode his cock. "Oh fuck!"

He couldn't last much longer when these two started to move faster, matching each other's pace. Toshi's hungry mouth seized his in a sloppy kiss, muffling the moan that Aizawa brought forth by sinking his teeth into the exposed flesh of his throat.

The room was filled by a collective of moans, groans and cries. He reached out, desperate to hold onto anything to keep himself marginally rooted in reality as both Toshi and Aizawa fucked him senseless.


"Come for us sweetheart!"

Toshi reached out with one hand for Aizawa. "Shou...are you close?"

A growl. Yes.

Dave's desperate grasp on reality slipped and his mind was immediately blinded by white, hot pleasure, arching back against strong arms, filling the room with his orgasmic cry.


Although he was spent, the other two continued to use his overstimulated body, whimpering as Aizawa milked him for everything he had.

One last powerful thrust from Toshi was enough to nearly knock Aizawa off Dave's lap, sending them both over the edge, climaxing together.

David leaned back against Toshi, Aizawa slumped in his arms as the three of them trying to catch their breath while basking in the afterglow.

Though Toshi knew for a fact that both men in his lap were known for being pretty much useless in their post-sex haze.

As much as he wanted to continue to cuddle them, he was the first to move when he felt the tingle of numbness starting to creep up his legs. Separating Dave and Aizawa as they gradually came around, and briefly checking in on them before venturing to the adjacent bathroom.

Now that his brain wasn't sex addled, it occurred to Aizawa that it hadn't been Toshi who cried his name, but rather the man beside him, whose cum was leaking out of his ass.

Dave was stretched out, the dark hair of his chest and abdomen accented with white splotches…

Dave caught Aizawa gaze for a brief moment before the other averted his eyes with a tired groan, though he too couldn't help but to stare for a moment.

The other's body was toned, chest and belly accented by dark hair and a mess of white...

What a beautiful mess indeed.

Dave sighed as he turned to run fingers through his hair. This was his post-sex mind talking. He knew there wasn't a chance he could get away with pulling Aizawa close, even for just a moment.

Toshi returned a moment later with a water bottle for each of them and a damp cloth.

Dave watched Toshi tend to Aizawa as the man looked about ready to pass out. He wasn't going to sleep like that or until he drunk half of the water in the bottle, which didn't seem likely to happen as Aizawa had taken a few lazy sips to pacify Toshi while he cleaned him up.

A kiss between two lovers...

It shouldn't have made Dave feel that pang of jealousy. It shouldn't have made him feel...empty. Alone.

He was temporarily here, for one night- one amazing night only -he knew this.

God, what was happening?

It simply boiled down to the fact that didn't belong in the middle of this. He couldn't intrude on something never meant for him.

He could still love from afar. He was used to pining for Toshi, but now his heart longed for the dark beauty beside him.

So close and yet so far…

He knew he should probably improve his Japanese so he could actually talk to him, for starters.

But for a fleeting moment, he imagined what life would be like with these two. Bright and warm, filled with love...a life he was unworthy of partaking in.


A pair of concerned blue eyes stared down at him as a damp cloth was pressed against his skin.

"Are you alright?" Those words shot through him, weighing heavily on his heart.


"I'm fine." A lie he had convinced himself of long ago. He rubbed his eyes. "Just tired..."

Silence settled between them as Toshi continued to take care of him, gently tracing fingers over the bruises left on his hips.

"I enjoyed tonight." This was true. All the elements were present: heat, passion, falling in love...just as it was the first time, all those years ago.

Toshi's smile was soft to match the kiss upon Dave's cheek and the arms wrapped around him.

"I'm glad...though I was pretty nervous you and Shouta wouldn't get along," Toshi admitted.

"Yeah, I could understand that..." That much was yet to be determined by Aizawa come morning.

Tired silence fell again as they settled in for the night, embraced in warmth and security, a feeling Dave had long since forgotten.

Just as he had forgotten what a kiss from his former lover was like.

"I missed you Dave..." Words warm against his lips.

His heart ached.

"I...missed you too Toshi." A whisper that barely escaped his lips. But he heard them.

Dave was pulled closer, held tighter- as if letting him go meant he wouldn't be there in the morning.

Toshi was still so keen on the things left unspoken. He could read him like an open book…


The morning light from behind drawn curtains greeted Dave after a dreamless sleep...and so did the various aches from various parts of his body from last night.

Toshi was already up, evident from the light coffee aroma and soft humming from the other side of the bedroom door.

Stretching out the stiffness in his joints, Dave felt the brush of warmth from Aizawa still fast asleep with his back to him.

Hair black like ink, cascading over pale skin, strong and toned yet riddled with scars...

Cautious fingers traced along one mark...and then the next.

Aizawa had been laying there with his eyes closed, listening. Toshi's soft melody had stopped in turn for the morning news on a low volume.

And then a reverential touch...hesitant at first, afraid of waking him. And then another, confident as fingers traced along his back.

From shoulder to waist and back up again, the professor behind him seemed to have forgotten his timidity as he investigated every bit of raised skin, every dip and plane of every muscle.

The faintest brush of lips against his shoulder and the other's warmth departed...


The door opened. Happy whispers were exchanged between Toshi and Dave. By the sound of it, a mug was placed on the table beside his head.

The bed dipped beside him. He could smell Toshi's fresh clothes and a note of mint as the man embraced him, meaning to wake him like this.

Just a moment longer, Aizawa decided as Toshi moved him onto his back to gently rub his belly, crooning his name.

It wasn't until he received his morning kiss a moment later that he finally stirred, seizing the neck of the startled professor while Toshi chuckled.


Dave pulled away with a gasp when Aizawa let him go, opening his eyes with a lazy smirk. Damn him. He clutched his chest as if that would slow his pounding heart.

"Be nice..." But Toshi's words were casually ignored as Aizawa reached out to pull him in for a kiss as well.

Dave sipped his coffee, hoping to steady his nerves while Aizawa yawned into his own mug, scrolling through his phone after Toshi had left to run a bath.

Did this mean Aizawa didn't dislike him? Or perhaps he simply wasn't awake enough to decide yet…

It was awhile later that he found himself alone in the tub, sore muscles and mind eased by the hot water and added spearmint-eucalyptus scented oil.

He sighed into the remnants of his coffee cup as the weight in his chest was the one thing that a simple bath couldn't ease.

Why was it so complicated?

Just when the somber thoughts returned, Aizawa showed up carrying a mug in each hand.

Obviously he didn't care to wait, trading Dave for a full mug of hot coffee before kicking off his boxers to join him in the bath, settling at the other end.

Needless to say, it was now a little cramped with two sets of long legs to account for. But Aizawa didn't mind at all as his dark eyes peered over his mug while Dave shifted his own legs a little.

Bold. Attractive...

"How did you sleep Aizawa?"

It was frustrating how their conversation was going to be short, shorter than Dave would've liked. He wanted to ask him so much more than just how he slept...



"Call me Shouta." He wanted to hear Dave say his name again- once he got over his surprise.

Dave struggled with trying to find his voice to test out the privilege bestowed upon him.

"Shouta..." It was sweet on his tongue.

"Shield." Aizawa smirked over his mug, prodding him with his toes.

Dave chuckled, seizing the foot and earning a low groan from the other.

He would show this smug little hero how he was weak compared to the true power of his quirk in the form of a deep-tissue foot massage...

In return, he was rewarded by how Aizawa squirmed under his fingers, his delicious groans filling the room as David worked his arch.

He seemed to be enjoying this as Aizawa hadn't bothered to erase his quirk in retaliation- or he was simply too far gone.

"Are you two playing nice?" Toshi asked while he gave the other foot the same treatment.

"I found the underground hero's weakness..." Dave smirked.

Toshi chuckled. "Here I was thinking it was cats."

Dave shrugged as he ceased torturing the other with such immense pleasure. But he knew a "fuck you" look when he saw it from the man, slumped just above the surface of the water.

"He's pretty cat-like himself."

"That he is."

Dave accepted the outstretched hand, stepping out to be wrapped in a warm, plush towel.

It was mere seconds before he could feel himself slipping back into that dark place in his mind while pulling clothes out of his bag.

Was this okay? Was it okay that he was here?

Did he deserve this ache? This ache that made the rest of him physically hurt. This ache he was too afraid to confront, even in the company of the men he loved.

They wouldn't understand...because he doesn't understand it himself. It was frustrating. He hated it…

A hand reached out to him through the despair, pausing the moment he saw Toshi's smiling face.

"Breakfast is getting cold."

He smiled the best he could, turning to the buttons of his shirt. "I'll be there."

A squeeze of his shoulder and Toshi left. He sighed in his absence.

Sooner or later, that man was going to sit him down and ask questions...questions he didn't know the answer to.

Another touch. Aizawa stood beside him, clothed in pink sweats and a cat hoodie, offering him the mug of coffee he almost forgot about.


Aizawa lingered, having pulled out his phone while Dave helped himself to his coffee. He nudged Dave a moment later, showing him the screen of his phone.

"Next time you touch my back, you should massage it."

Dave looked up at Aizawa who smirked before sauntering away.

Dave froze, clothing as disheveled as he felt, watching Aizawa disappear.

Oh god.

Aizawa had been awake the whole time! And the bath was just him being a tease too!

Bold. Attractive. Frustrating.

Dave knew there were some hard times coming and he was unprepared...