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Your mind was hazy, spots dancing across your vision as you tried to calm your breathing. The coldness of the leather couch that you were sprawled on in the dark room was almost comforting. It told you that you were still alive.

You turned your head to the side, ignoring the burning pain and the blood running down your neck that was starting to drip onto the couch as you gazed at the crumpled form on the floor against the far wall. Your thoughts were conflicted, as you stared at the girl with glazed eyes, unsure whether it was a tragedy or a mercy that she’d been taken from this hell that you resided in.

You tore your eyes away from her broken body, pushing yourself up despite the way that your arms shook as you tried to support yourself. There was nothing that you could do for her and you had to think of yourself and your own state. This occurrence was nothing new, nothing special. People died here every day.

You stumbled toward the heavy wooden door, wondering if this was worth it, to survive. Could this even be called living? Was this the price that you had to pay just to exist in this world? Then again, you’d never known anything different. You’d been born into this hell on earth. You didn’t really consider yourself lucky that you’d survived this long.

Muffled music and the reverberations of a heavy bass beat could be heard as soon as you pulled open the door, stepping out into the hallway that was decorated in deep reds and blacks. The only light came from the sconces on the wall, casting a muted glow. You placed a hand on the wall to steady yourself as you walked, heading away from the noise instead of toward it.

Your mind drifted to different stories that you’d heard, things that you usually didn’t allow yourself to think of. You wondered how different things could have been if you lived in a world that wasn’t ruled by Vampires. There were many conflicting accounts amongst the humans of what life had been like before the war between humans and vampires. A war which the vampires had won.

It had occurred so long ago that there were no humans that actually remembered it and now only lived with the result of it. Some humans still ruled alongside the Vampires, the ones that were willing to sacrifice their humanity to survive and to live a good life. Then there were people such as yourself, born into slavery. Nothing but a disposable commodity, here simply to bring them entertainment and to enjoy in any way they saw fit.

You came to a stop at the end of the hallway when a slender figure appeared in front of you. You hadn’t sensed or heard her, her steps far too quiet despite the heels that she was wearing. She looked you over indifferently, taking note of your torn clothes, the blood that covered them and the bruises that decorated your skin. You looked back at her blankly as her eyes raked over you, noting how perfectly put together she was. Her tight pencil skirt and white blouse accentuated every curve of her body, her long brown hair falling in waves down her back. Her skin was pale, her lips a red contrast.

“Come.” She ordered, spinning on her heel and walking away from you. You followed behind obediently. You didn’t exactly have a choice, considering that she was the one that owned you and every other human in the building.

You knew that you weren’t done for the night, you were expected to clean yourself up and return to the main floor. Luna, your owner, ran the most popular underground club in the city. A place where Vampires could come to feed, fuck and sate their blood lust in any way that they wished. Some humans also frequented the place, the ones that still retained some power in the world. Your mother had also belonged to Luna and once she’d given birth to you, courtesy of one of the humans, you had belonged to Luna by default.

She came to a stop in front of a room, pushing the door open and stepping inside as you followed in behind her. It was a bathroom, a place that you spent way too much of your time in, cleaning the blood and other substances off of your body.

“Clean yourself, change and head back out there. You’re one of the most popular girls after all, luckily for you,” She told you before she turned and left the room silently.

Lucky? Were you really? You didn’t think so. That ‘popularity’ was the main reason that you’d survived for so long. You were a favored toy in the club, one that they didn’t want to lose just yet. You really didn’t think that lucky was the appropriate term. You once again found yourself wondering if you would survive the night… and if you even wanted to.