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For you, I'd wait 'til kingdom come

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The next evening Peter still kept his acceptance into Oxford a secret. He dressed in his black tux, all ready for prom. He wasn’t going to worry about it tonight. He wore a black bowtie and slicked his hair back with gel.

“Oh Peter,” Tony said once he walked out of his room. “You look handsome.”

Peter was buttoning his jacket up.

“Thanks dad.”

“Okay, pictures.” Steve grabbed up a camera and began snapping pictures left and right.

The doors opened and in walked Wade dressed exactly the same, except his hair was stood up like it always did.

He whistled, “Damn. Is that my date?”

Peter blushed.

“Wade, stand next to Peter. I need pictures of you together.” Steve instructed.

Wade walked over and stood next to his boyfriend. He wrapped an arm around Peter’s waist and pulled him close.

After a while Tony said, “That’s enough Steve. Damn.”

“Sorry guys.” Steve said with a grin.

“Let’s go.” Wade took Peter’s hand in his.

Outside they hailed down a cab.

“Excited?” Wade asked.

“Yeah. Harry and Gwen are meeting us there and Flash is taking Felicia, Harry’s secretary.”

“Is it bad that I’m late? I’m a chaperone, so, I should have been there at least an hour ago.”

Peter just rolled his eyes. His boyfriend was ridiculous.

Before they knew it they were walking hand in hand into the building.

Mrs. Harold, an elderly woman who taught Biology looked up at them when they walked in – well looked at Wade – and how much older than Peter he looked.

“Excuse me, Mr. Parker…”

Before she could finish Wade said, “It’s okay! I’m a chaperone. The name’s Wade Wilson.”

She looked down at a piece of paper. “Ah, yes, well, um…why don’t you stand over by the refreshments.”

“I’m on it.” He tugged Peter inside the ballroom.

The school raised enough money through bake sales, car washes and fundraisers to rent a ballroom. A glass chandelier hung from the ceiling and the lights were dimmed. Class of 2014 decorations hung all around the room.

“Peter! Wade!” The two men turned their heads to see Gwen dragging Harry along behind her.

Gwen wore a strapless red dress that went to her feet with matching red lipstick and red high heels. Around her neck was a silver chain with a small diamond and matching dangling earrings. Her hair was put up in a beautiful bun.

Harry wore a navy blue tux, and a red blue tie. He had black shiny shoes on.

Harry and Peter smiled at one another and they hugged each other, but it was ‘manly’ hug while Gwen hugged Wade. Wade kissed the young girl’s cheek.

“You guys look great.” Peter said.

“You do too.” Gwen said.

“Let’s dance.” Harry said suddenly.

“My thoughts exactly!” Peter said and grabbed his best friend’s hand and pulled him to the dance floor.

Gwen giggled and Wade shook his head with a smile.

Harry laughed loudly as Peter put a hand on his hip. Harry rested a hand on the other boy’s shoulder and they began circling the dance floor.

“Shall we?” Wade asked and held his arm out for Gwen to take, which she did. Wade spun her around and dipped her.

Soon they were all laughing so hard they had to stop.

“Save a dance for me.” Wade told Peter when he saw Mrs. Harold glaring at him. He ran over and stood by the refreshments.

“Have you talked to Wade about…you know.” Gwen asked.

“Not yet. I only got my letter yesterday. I’m trying to think of a way to break it to him. He’s never had anyone except me. When I tell him I’m leaving, I don’t know how he’ll react.”

“It won’t be forever.” Harry said, arm around Gwen’s waist.

“I know, but 4 years is a long time.”

“Yeah, but you can come home during Christmas, Spring Break, and the summer.”

“Yeah. I’ll throw that into my speech.”


Later that night Wade finally managed to slip away from the refreshments and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s waist from behind.

“Hey, having fun?” He asked as he rested his chin on Peter’s shoulder.

“Yeah. I danced with Harry, Gwen, and Felicia, but not with my boyfriend though.”

“Well, let’s change that. There’s a slow dance with our name on it.” He pulled the younger man to middle of the dance floor.

Wade rested a hand on Peter’s hip while Peter laid a hand on Wade’s shoulder. They brought their free hand up to clasp one another.

“Just like our date.” Wade stated.

Peter smiled, “Sure is. Plus a few dozen classmates of mine and a different song, but yeah, close enough.” Peter teased.

Wade leaned down to kiss the boy. It was a sweet and simple kiss with no tongue. They both smiled into the kiss.

Prom ended by midnight. The two couples walked out together.

Harry had his arm around Gwen, she rested her head on his shoulder while he carried her high heels.

“My feet are killing me.” She stated.

“Yeah, well take a look at these stilts you call shoes.” Harry chuckled.

Wade had his arm draped loosely over Peter’s shoulders.

“I’ll call ya later man.” Peter told Harry.

“Yeah, see you later.”

Gwen pulled away from her boyfriend and hugged Peter tightly.

“Everything will be alright.” She whispered in his ear.

When she pulled away they smiled at one another before her and Harry walked off to his car.

“Everything okay?” Wade asked.

“Yeah. Gwen’s just…really excited. She got accepted to Oxford.”

Peter thought it would be a nice start by telling him Gwen got accepted.

Wade whistled, “Damn. That’s awesome. I’m proud of her. She deserves it.”

“Harry’s going to NYU.”

Wade pulled Peter close to him; they were the only two people on the front steps of the ballroom.

“And you’re going to get a job at the Bugle and move in with me. I can’t wait.”

He smiled so big, Peter couldn’t tell him. So, he leaned up and pecked the older man’s lips before resting his head on his chest.

They were silent in the cab. Peter, not knowing what to say, and Wade just happy to have Peter in is arms.

“I think I’ll come up and say hi to Pops and dad.” Wade said as he followed Peter inside.

Steve and Tony were sitting on the couch, Steve reading a book and Tony messing with his latest gadget.

“So, this is what you do when the kid’s out?” Wade asked.

The adults looked over at them.

“Hey,” Steve smiled, “How’d it go?”

“It was a lot of fun.” His son said.

“Yeah, way better than my prom was.”

“Well, when you went to prom dinosaurs roamed the Earth.” Peter joked.

Wade’s mouth dropped open, “Excuse me?”

Peter chuckled, “I’m kidding, Wade.”

Wade stepped forward and grabbed Peter up.

“Wade!” Peter yelped in surprise as Wade held him bridal style.

“What did you say?” Wade asked, their faces a mere inch (or less) apart.

“I said you’re old.”

Wade acted as though he was going to throw Peter down, but didn’t.

“Wade! Stop!” He laughed.

“I’m gonna ask again, what did you say?”

“You’re as old as Moses.” Peter challenged.

Steve and Tony smiled at the young couple. It was refreshing to see their son so happy.

“I love you.” Peter told Wade a while later as he walked him to the door.

“Love you too.”

“Thanks for going with me.”

“I wanted to. And I’ll do anything to get you to smile that Parker smile of yours.”

Peter smiled, his teeth showing the corner by his eyes crinkling. He turned his head away, blushing.

“That’s the one.” He said with a small smile on his face as he reached up and stroked Peter’s cheek with the back of his hand softly.

Tony and Steve watched from their bedroom, their door cracked enough to allow their heads through it.

Steve slowly closed the door.

“Our son is really in love, Steve.” Tony said as he went over and sat down on the edge of the bed.

“I know.” Steve leaned on the back of the door. “I feel like yesterday we were dropping him off at kindergarten.”

“Yeah.” Tony said quietly.

“Wade is good to him.”

“He is as much as I hate to admit it.”

Steve sat down beside his husband.

Tony leaned over and kissed him. As the kiss deepened Tony laid his husband down and crawled on top of him, totally taking control of the situation. ~Well that escalated quickly!~

The next morning they found Peter and Wade asleep on the pullout couch. Wade had decided it hurt way too much to leave Peter, even for one night.


“I can’t believe you haven’t even told your family!” Gwen shouted at Peter.

It’s been two weeks, almost three since Peter got his letter from Oxford. He was afraid if he told his family then it would get out to Wade before Peter was ready to tell him. He’d gone to hell and back trying to keep it a secret.

“I know,” Peter said sat down on the couch with his face in his hands. “I’m scared, Gwen.”

Gwen’s posture softened and she sat down beside her friend, rubbing his back.

“You need to talk to them soon. School ends in just a month. I’m heading out to look for an apartment at the beginning of June. And I would like it if you would come with me.”

“I – I need to. I’ll talk to my family tonight.”


“I promise. Maybe they have some advice for me on how to tell Wade.”

Later that evening the Avengers sat around the living room with Peter standing in front of them.

“What did you want to tell us Peter?” Steve asked.

“Oh my God,” Tony said. “Are you pregnant?”

“What? No! Dad, seriously?”

Tony put his hands up in defense, “What?”

Peter rolled his eyes, “I um, got a letter a few weeks ago – from Oxford.”

This really caught everyone’s attentions – minus Thor’s.

“And I got accepted.” He said with a sad smile.

“Oh Peter, that’s great!” Steve said as he got up to hug his son.

Tony got up and hugged him as well.

When he pulled away Peter was about in tears.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy?”

“Yeah, I’m ecstatic. It’s just,” He closed his eyes and tears fell down his cheeks, “It’s Wade.”

“What’s wrong with Wade?” Steve asked.

“I haven’t told him yet. It’s so far away and he thinks I’m moving in with him as soon as I graduate. I don’t know how to tell him.”

“Be honest Young Peter! His love for you is strong and he will understand.” Thor said.

And that was enough for Peter. You just had to listen to Thor.

So, the next evening when everyone left the tower Peter invited Wade over.

When he arrived Wade immediately kissed his boyfriend. “Inviting me over when the parents are out? Very naughty Peter. I guess I am a bad influence on you.”

“Wade, come sit down. I have to tell you something.”

Wade went over and flopped down on the couch.

“So, what’s up?”

Peter inhaled and exhaled before going over to sit beside him. He took Wade’s hand in his own.

“What’s wrong, Petey? You’re starting to freak me out?”

“I’m just going to get straight to the point. Um, I can’t move in with you when I graduate. Not right away, anyway.”

“Well, yeah. You have to get situated and everything. I’ll come over and help you pack and…”

“No, Wade. Listen to me. Gwen wasn’t the only one who got accepted into Oxford.”

Wade’s eyes widened a fraction, “You got accepted too. Wow,” He sighed.

“I really want to go Wade. I’ve been going insane for the passed few weeks trying to think of ways to tell…”

“Wait. How long have you known?” Wade asked, his voice raising.

“I got the letter the day before Prom.” Peter said quietly.

Wade stood up and quickly turned to look down at Peter.

“You’ve known almost a whole fucking month and didn’t tell me until now? A month before you leave?”

“Wade, I’m sorry….”

“No! You made me keep believing you were going to move in with me after you graduated.”

Peter stood up and tried to smile, “I am, just after I graduate from college.”

“That’s four fucking years I have to live without you!”

Wade was proud of his boyfriend. He was so smart, smarter than Wade could ever be. But Peter going away scared him. He wouldn’t be able to protect him.

“I’ll come home during Christmas and Spring Break and summer. We can talk on the phone and face-time….”

“That’s not the same, Peter! I won’t be able to hold you, kiss you, make love to you. For months on end I won’t be able to be with you!”

Peter cupped Wade’s face and connected their foreheads.

“I know,” He whispered, “I know. But we can get through this. We can make it, because I love you and you love me.” Tears were streaming down Peter’s face. He had caused his boyfriend heartache.

All his life Wade never had anything he loved until he met Peter. Sure, he loved being a mercenary, but nothing compared to having Peter in his life. And Wade felt like he was losing Peter.

Just because Peter was moving away for four years doesn’t mean their love will die. But Peter’s going to college, in another fucking country! What if he meets someone? Wade wouldn’t be able to handle it. Peter was Wade’s rock. Before Peter came into his life Wade was reckless. He didn’t care what happened to him on his missions, because he had nothing to go back home to. But now he has Peter waiting for him when he gets back, Peter who worries about him, Peter loves him.

Wade let out a sob.

“I’m sorry.” Peter whispered over and over. Wade sunk to his knees, as did Peter, their foreheads still together, Peter still holding Wade’s face.

“We’ll get through this, I promise. We’re meant to be together forever. Nothing will ever stop me from loving you.”

And Wade believed him, but there was a little voice in the back of his head saying, ‘Promises are broken all the time.’

And that’s where the Avengers found them moments later.

Steve looked to Tony in worry, who in return took hold of his husband’s hand, Natasha rested a hand over her heart at the sight, Clint’s face went grim and he shook his head, Bruce looked down at the floor, and Thor looked on at the sight. Even though it was a sad sight, he thought it was beautiful at the same time. He knew Wade and Peter’s love could get through anything.

Wade finally tore his forehead away from Peter’s and kissed him roughly.

The kiss was hard and bruising. It tasted of salt from their tears.

Later that evening Peter went home with Wade. Wade didn’t want to be alone and Peter didn’t want to leave him alone. Steve made coffee for everyone. After handing them each a mug, and Thor the coffee pot, he sat down next to is husband.

“You can’t say Wade doesn’t care for Peter after what we saw today.” Natasha told Clint.

“Yeah, Yeah,” Clint said sipping his hot drink, “As much as I hate to admit, Wilson actually cares for Peter.”

Thor thrust the coffee pot in the air, “Now, we can all be one happy family!”

“But Peter is still leaving for college, buddy.” Bruce reminded him.

Thor slowly lowered his drink and swallowed hard. “I…” His voice was thick, “I know this, my green friend. But Young Peter said he would come visit every chance he got!”

Everyone knew Thor was about to cry, but no one said a word. They were all in the same boat.