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For you, I'd wait 'til kingdom come

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Peter didn’t mind the fact that his family was The Avengers. His Pop is Captain America, the man out of time, his dad is Iron Man, playboy, billionaire, his aunt was an ex Russian spy, and he had three uncles. One, is a scientist whose experiments went wrong, causing him to go big and green sometimes, the God of Thunder and a remarkable archer.

Yes, things got crazy sometimes, but Peter loved each and every one of them. You would think since his family is the Avengers that he would go to them if he ever had a problem. That wasn’t necessarily the case. You see, Peter Parker, the adoptive son of Steve Rodgers and Tony Stark, is the Amazing Spiderman.

No one knows his secret except for Doc Connors, who is in jail, and his friend Gwen Stacey.

He was currently walking down the halls of S.H.I.E.L.D. His family was in a meeting and afterwards they were all going out to eat. He had his expensive camera and was taking photos. The hallway he was in was hardly ever used.

Stopping to looked down at the few photos he took. Lifting the camera up and looking through the lens he was startled to see a tall man, at least four inches taller, with short dark brown hair, his arms were strong, muscled and he had the most handsome face.

Peter fumbled with his camera.

The man smirked, “Hello there.”

He stepped closer to Peter.

“What’s your name?”

Peter was never one of the cool kids at school, but he has gained some confidence since becoming Spiderman.

Grinning he held out his hand and said, “Peter Parker. And you?”

The man took Peter’s hand in his and squeezed a bit too hard and held it for a bit too long.

“Wade Wilson. You look too young to be a S.H.I.E.L.D agent.”

“That’s because I’m not. My fathers are Steve Rodgers and Tony Stark. They’re in a meeting now.”

“Aw,” Wade cooed, “How cute. The kid is waiting for his Super Family.”

Peter sent him a glare, “I’m not a kid.”

“How old are you?” Wade crossed his huge arms over his chest.

“I’ll be 18 in a little over six months.”

“You’re just a kid.”

Peter caught the look on his face. It was almost like disappointment.

“I may be a minor,” Peter stepped up to him, “But I certainly am old enough to know when I see something I like.”

Did that just come out of Peter’s mouth? What just happened? Peter just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. He wasn’t into guys. He had a crush on Gwen Stacey since he was five years old. But for the passed few weeks it slowly faded away. This doesn’t mean anything…Does it?

Wade smirked, “And people say I have a smart mouth.”

Peter was about to say more but he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Taking it out he read his dad’s message: ‘Meeting’s ovr. Where R U?’

He quickly replied.

“I have to go.”

“Back to your daddies?”

Wade was making fun of him, so why did Peter want to keep talking to him? Peter thought it was best not to say anything else. He turned and began walking down the hall.

“I’ll see you around?” Wade called after him.

Peter stopped at the end of the hall.

“Maybe.” He said.

Walking out of the huge building he saw his family waiting beside Tony’s limo.

“Hey Kiddo,” Tony, said as he slapped a hand on his shoulder, “Where were you?”

“Just walking around. Took some pictures.” He held up his camera. It wasn’t a lie. He was walking through the halls taking pictures until Wade found him.

“Let’s go my family,” The God of Thunder stated, “I hunger greatly!”

Walking to Tony’s limo Natasha asked, “Pete, if you like taking pictures so much, what are you going to do when you finish high school?”

Peter shrugged, looking through his camera again.

“Not sure. I was thinking about getting a job at the Dailey Bugle. They’re looking for photographers.”

“You aren’t going to college?” Bruce asked as everyone loaded up in the limo.

“I am. I don’t know what for yet. But I’m going.”

“Then why do you want a job?” Tony wondered.

Peter shrugged again, “I don’t know. It’s just something to do.” Peter kept thinking about his encounter with the older man. He wanted to see him again.

“Do you think I can come back to S.H.I.E.L.D. with you tomorrow?” He asked as they came to a red light.

Steve and Tony looked at one another before turning their attention back to their son.

“Sure,” Tony said.

“Why the sudden interest, Peter? You haven’t wanted to willingly go to S.H.I.E.L.D. since you eight.” Clint said.

Peter shrugged, “I just have nothing else to do.”

The following day Peter wandered up and down the halls of S.H.I.E.L.D. once again. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t keeping an eye out for a certain agent. Walking down the abandoned hallway that no one goes down he saw Wade leaning up against the wall, one foot resting on it, and his arms crossed over his chest.

“Hey kid, looking for me?”

Peter jumped, “What? No!”

He chuckled as he pushed himself up off the wall.

“Its okay if you were.”

“Do you want to…I don’t know. Talk or something?” He asked shyly.

What happened to all of his confidence he had yesterday?

“Yeah kid,” Wade chuckled. “Let’s talk.”

They sat down in the middle of the hallway. Peter sat on one side and Wade on the other.

“So, kid…”

“Stop calling me that.” Peter half-snapped.

Wade put his hands up in defeat, “Sorry. So, Peter, what did you want to talk about?”

Peter shrugged as he brought one of his legs up.

“What do you do here?”

“I’m a mercenary. I don’t want to brag, but I’m a badass swordsman.”

“So, you aren’t an Agent? Why are you here, at S.H.I.E.L.D?”

“Fury, you know him?” He waited for Peter to nod. “He calls me in once and a while. I do the dirty work no one else wants to do.”

“So,” Peter rested his chin over his folded arms, that were laying over his bent knees, “You kill people?”

“Yeah. Do I scare you now?” He said in a teasing tone.

“No.” Peter said, “You don’t scare me at all.”

Wade’s smirk faltered and he cleared his throat, “You’re turn.”

Peter winced. He couldn’t brag about how he was Spiderman. So, instead he said, “I’m a senior in high school, I like science, love photography and that’s about it.”

Wade let out a soft chuckle.

“Aren’t you special? Why is your last name Parker when Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers are your fathers?”

“My dad worked with Tony for a few years when I little. When my parents died Tony and Steve adopted me. They thought it would be best to keep my biological father’s name so when I went to school I wouldn’t be bombarded with people asking me stuff.”

“Makes sense. I think Peter Parker sounds way better than Peter Rodgers-Stark or Peter Stark anyway.”

Peter blushed.

For the next two hours Wade talked about several of his missions, going into vivid detail, using hand gestures. Peter was mesmerized by every word that came out of his mouth.

“And then the guy just tripped, right in front of me! Can you believe that? I literally just said, ‘boo’ and he crawled over to the door! It was great!”

“Sounds like it.” Peter grinned as he glanced down at his converse.

“Do you want to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent?” Wade asked him.

Peter looked up at him, “Uh, no, actually.”

“What about a superhero like your parents?”

Peter tensed before saying, “I’m happy with just being Peter, the science geek, the photographer.” It was his first lie to Wade. He loved being Spiderman. He was making a difference, helping people, saving people.

“Can I see your camera?” Wade pointed to the device laying at Peter’s thigh.

Peter picked it up and handed it over to him.

Wade got and shuffled on his knees so that he sat right next to Peter. He turned the camera on and turned it around, the lense facing them.

“On three I want you to smile. 1…2…3!”


“And now a goofy one. 1…2…3!”


Wade turned the camera back around and he Peter glanced at the one of them smiling first.

Peter thought Wade looked like some Greek God while he looked like a total dork.

Wade grinned at him, “You look great.”

Peter didn’t even try hiding his blush. What is wrong with him? Giving this man compliments?

Flicking to the silly picture of them Wade let out a soft chuckle.

In the picture he was cross-eyed and his lips stuck out while Peter blew up his cheeks and was also cross-eyed.

“You’re just Peter parker and I’m just Wade Wilson.” He said looking to the younger man.

“In this hallway we don’t have to worry about what goes on in the outside world.”

Peter knew in that moment, that he was falling for the mercenary.

A few hours later Wade’s phone buzzed.

Taking it out he sighed heavily, “It’s Barton. I forgot to fill out some paperwork for my last mission. I hate paperwork. I’m a freaking Mercanary. You would think I wouldn’t have to fill out paperwork, but Fury makes me, and Barton makes sure I do it.”

“You should go. I know Clint. He’ll come looking for you.”

“Oh yeah. That’s right, he’s part of the Avengers. Are you close with all of them?”

Peter nodded, “Clint, Thor and Bruce are like my weird uncles and Natasha is sort of like an aunt to me. I love them all.”

“Remind me never to piss them off.” He thought for a moment, “That will be hard. I piss everyone off.”

“You haven’t pissed me off.”

Wade chuckled as he stood. He offered Peter his hand.

“Yet.” He said as he helped Peter to his feet.

“I’ll see you around, Petey.”

“Bye Wade.”

Later that night Peter sat in one of the bar stools in the kitchen. He was looking-admiring- the pictures he and Wade took earlier that day.

“Greetings Young Peter!” A boisterous voice said from behind him.

It startled Peter and he almost dropped his camera.

“Geez, Thor! You scared that crap out of me!”

“Forgive me, Young Peter. What was it that you were doing? Fiddling with that black box thing you call a camera?”

“Yes.” Peter turned his camera off so that his Uncle would not see his picture with the mercenary.

“You should show me how to use it sometime.”

Peter grinned, “I will.”

He slid off the stool, “I’m going to head to my room, you know, homework.”

Thor gave him a confused look, which Peter just smiled at him and walked off.

Inside his room he locked his door and climbed up the wall, the corner behind the door and hung upside down. Clicking his camera on he resumed admiring the two pictures he liked the most.


On Thursday evening his family had to run to S.H.I.E.L.D. and Peter tagged along.

It had been a whole week since he met Wade. They had only met in the hallway twice. This would, hopefully, be their third. Peter wanted to ask him for his number, but he was just too shy.

Peter let out a sigh of relief when he saw Wade sitting on the ground, against the wall.


Wade smirked, “Haven’t seen you in a while.”

“It’s been three days.”

“Three days too long.” He flirted.

Peter blushed, a habit that Wade had been causing lately.

After talking about what they had done over their three-day-separation Wade asked, “You said you’re close with Romanoff and Barton, right?”

Peter nodded, “Yeah. Why?”

“Did they ever teach you to fight?”

Peter grinned, “I know a few moves, but I mostly taught myself. Want to go a few rounds?”

“You’re on. Let’s go down to the gym. I’m sure I have something you can wear in my locker.”

Twenty minutes later Peter stood wearing black basketball shorts and a white wife beater. The wife beater was at least two sizes too big for him and he had to pull the string of the basketball shorts as tight as he could so they would stay on his hips. Wade was dressed similar, but only he wore no shirt. Peter practically drooled when saw him.

‘Peter! Get a hold of yourself! You just found out you like guys. It may just be a…a phase? Aw, who I am kidding? I like the Wade. But even though I like him, he’s almost a decade older me!’ Peter thought to himself.

“Like what you see?” Wade smirked.

Peter turned his head and blushed.

“Let’s just get to this.”

They walked over to the blue mats.

“I’ll go easy on yOU!” Wade yelled the last part, because Peter jumped high in the air and kicked Wade in the chest.

He hit the ground hard.

Looking up at the younger man with wide eyes he couldn’t believe how high the kid could jump. It was almost unnatural.

“You were saying?” It was Peter’s turn to smirk.

Wade quickly got to his feet and the two men began sparring, throwing punches and kicks. Wade got a few good hits in, but Peter was beating him. His jumps and back flips were amazing.

Wade currently had Peter pinned to the ground, he was straddling his waist, holding his wrists on either side of his head. Both men were out of breath.

“Where the hell did you learn to fight like this, Peter?” Wade asked, trying to catch his breath.

Peter noticed how Wade’s skin glistened with sweat and his throat suddenly went dry.

“I told you, Clint and Natasha taught me some things, but I mostly taught myself.” Breathed Peter.

Peter managed to twist his leg around Wade’s and flipped him over. He was on top of Wade now.

“Is this what you normally do while we’re in meetings?” Peter glanced up hearing his Dad’s voice. He saw his family just a few feet from the mat.

“Uh, hey!” Peter said, clearly got off guard. He didn’t want his family even knowing he practiced fighting. He didn’t want them to link anything to him being Spiderman.

“Get off me.” Wade literally kicked Peter off him. Peter hit the mat with a loud thump.

“Hey, go easy on the kid, Wilson.” Clint said. “He doesn’t have the training you do.”

Wade stood up and stretched. “He needs to toughen up.” Peter glared at the man’s words, so he swept his leg across the floor, causing Wade to fall once again.

Peter stood, “I win.”

“Damn you.” Wade muttered, but grinned nonetheless.

“How does it feel to get your ass handed to you by a teenager, Wade?” Natasha said.

As Wade stood he frowned.

“Go get changed Peter.” Steve said with a small smile.

Peter glanced at Wade before going off to the locker room.

Inside the locker room Peter had just finished pulling on his hoodie when he sensed someone behind him. He spun around to see it was Wade.

Wade pressed his body into Peter’s; Peter was trapped between the lockers and the older man.

“Wade! What are you..?”

Wade’s face was close to Peter’s. Peter blushed madly.

“There’s something about you. Something different.”

“Wh-what are you talking about? There’s nothing different about me.”

“Oh yes there is.” His breath ghosted over Peter’s lips, “And I’m going to find out what.”

He leaned in and brushed his lips against Peter’s cheek.

In a matter of five seconds he pulled away.

“Your Super Family is waiting for you.” Was all he said. He reached passed Peter and opened his locker.

Peter didn’t know what to do or say, so he just walked out of the locker room in a daze.

Just like Wade had said; his family was waiting for him.

Thor smiled widely, “Ah, Young Peter! I wish to congratulate you on your victory!”

“Yeah, Pete. You’re getting good. Maybe Nat and I can show you some more moves. And one day you’ll be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.”

“I don’t think so.” Tony said.

“Perhaps you and I could spar, Young Peter.” Thor said.

“Um, no.” Steve said as he put a hand on his son’s shoulder, “The God of Thunder against a 17-year-old?”

“Gee,” Tony’s voice was laced with sarcasm, “I wonder who would win.”

‘Spiderman.’ Peter thought.

With his Pop’s arm around his shoulder they all walked out of the gym. Peter glanced back at the door leading to the locker room hoping to see Wade one last time. An icy cold feeling gripped his chest when he didn’t.

At the restaurant Clint looked to Peter, “Pete, me and Nat were talking and how well do you know Wade?”

Peter tensed, but soon recovered. He lied, “Hardly at all. Why?”

“He’s just not a good guy. We think it’s best if you avoid him. Okay?” Natasha said.


“He’s mercenary. He kills people.” Tony stated as he messed with his phone.

“But, you all have killed people.” Peter pointed out.

“He kills for money. He’ll do anything if he gets paid for it.” Steve said.

“Just stay away from him from now on, okay?” Clint said and slapped him on the shoulder and got back to eating.

“He calls himself Deadpool. What an idiot.” Natasha said.

‘And Hawkeye or Black Widow is any better?’ Thought Peter.

Peter bit his lip as he glanced down at his food. He really wasn’t hungry anymore.

At home Peter was taking his clothes, getting ready for bed. He shed his shirt and went on to his jeans. As he stepped out of his jeans he let them fall to the floor. Just in his red boxers he stretched his arms up to the ceiling, popping his back.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw something white sticking out of the back pocket of his jeans.


Call me – W

Peter’s heart has never beat so fast before, okay that’s a lie. When he fought Dr. Connors as the lizard creatures in the sewers was pretty heart racing. But this, this was an entirely different kind of heart-racing.

He quickly grabbed his phone off the bed and added the number to it.

It was 9:30. Is it too late to call Wade? Would he answer? Is this a joke?

Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves he hit CALL.

“I was wondering when you would call.” Wade said.

“I just found your number.”

“Took you long enough. Now tell me, are you naked?” Peter could almost hear Wade smirk.

Peter choked, “What?”

Wade chuckled, “I’m kidding…but if you are, you can tell me.”

“I’m in my boxers.” Peter laid down on his bed.

“And what color are they? Or do they have little cartoon characters on them?”

“They’re just red. I can’t believe I’m talking about this with you.”

“Talking about with what with who?” A voice that wasn’t Wade’s asked.

Peter sat up quickly, “Dad! Can you knock?”

“I did, but you didn’t answer.” Tony said as he walked into the room.

“So, whom are you talking to?”

“Gwen.” Peter lied.

Tony nodded, “Tell her I said Hi. I’m going to bed early, kiddo. Your Pops has been bugging the hell out of me, saying since I haven’t slept in three days I need a good night’s rest. I swear, he hates it when I go into my lab. Night.” He kissed the top of Peter’s head.

“Night dad.”

“See ya in the morning.” Tony walked out of his room.

“Kiddo,” Wade said in a mocking baby voice.

“Shut up.” Peter laid back down.

They were quiet for a long time.

“Let me take you out tomorrow night.”

Peter was so shocked he couldn’t speak. He doesn’t know why he’s so shocked, oh wait, yes he does. Peter was a anti-social, geek, who loves to take pictures. Why would this sexy man want to go out with him?

“Petey?” Wade sing-songed

“Uh, yeah! Sure. What time?”

“I would come pick you up, but I think your entire family would kill me. Or have me arrested. You’re only 17. I’m 25. Last time I check that is illegal.”

“I’ll meet you somewhere.”

“Do you like Chinese? I’ll text you the address to this little place I know.”

“That sounds perfect. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“It’s a date. I’ll let you get to bed. It’s probably way passed your bedtime.”

Peter rolled his eyes and groaned.

“Night Wade.” He said softly, afraid one of his family members were lurking around.

“Goodnight Pete.”

After hanging up Peter laid in bed for almost an hour just thinking that he had a date with Wade Wilson. It was both exciting and frightening at the same time.