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F1 Drivers Royal Boarding School

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The Princes:


Lewis Hamilton-Windsor, Prince of England, year 3:

is an actual kind hearted guy that always tries his best to prove that he's the best, very good at politics and highly anticipated as the next king of England, has to watch over his trouble causing cousins more often than he likes, got drunk on energy drinks once


George Russel, First Son of the Duke of Cambridge, 12th in the line of succession, year 1:

needs time to warm up around people, is worried that Lando will break all his bones at once while trying to troll somebody, his mom died after giving birth to him and that's why his name is not Norris, is terrified of snakes since he got bitten once


Lando Norris, Second Son of the Duke of Cambridge, 13th in the line of succession, year 1:

loves to annoy George, likes to randomly hug people, has a cat named Pimplebottom and will smuggle it into school with him, hates responsibility, has a talent for hurting himself, has indeed broken both of his arms when he was younger


Kimi Räikkönen, First Prince of Finland, year 3:

captain of the school's football team, acts grumpy but is very caring towards the younger princes and especially his brother, named his turtle Valtteri only to annoy his younger brother, has tried dog food before and liked it


Valtteri Bottas-Räikkönen, Second Prince of Finland, year 2:

is a big softie like his brother but hardly opens up to anyone, is a language talent, would die for his dog Fanni, still rather wants to become a farmer instead of a prince, planted potatoes in the school garden to annoy Kevin


Marcus Ericsson, Prince of Sweden, year 2:

randomly appears and gives good tips on how to cheat on tests, only eats candy, has a huge crush on Kevin but doesn't know how to tell him, goes snowboarding every winter holidays and comes back with a destroyed knee cap


Kevin Magnussen, Prince of Denmark, year 3:

Head of the school garden, is very caring towards people he likes but also fights a lot, loves carrot cake, punched Romain once and nearly got suspended


Jenson Vandoorne-Button, First Prince of Belgium, year 3:

thinks that nobody knows he and Fernando are dating even if the whole school caught them at least once while making out, wants to marry Fernando, his whole life basically revolves around Fernando and maybe fast food which he is not allowed to eat anymore


Stoffel Vandoorne-Button, Second Prince of Belgium, year 2:

hates being treated like a baby, would eat waffles the whole day if he could, probably couldn't get more Belgian and that's it


Max van Verstappen, Prince of the Netherlands, year 2:

he's too shy and introvert and since he couldn't "man-up", his dad Jos gave the throne to his younger sister, was told he is an embarrassment for the whole country, is expected to marry another royal to create links between the two countries, hides in weird places if he's upset


Sebastian Vettel, First Prince of Germany, year 3:

is a mom for all younger students, makes sure everyone else is feeling well before worrying about himself, has a huge crush on Kimi but is a shy nerd, tells himself it would never work out since they are both expected to take the throne of their country, has glasses and looks cute with them


Charles Leclerc, Second Prince of Germany, year 2:

was born as a common but his mother was the head maid of the German Queen who adopted him after his real mom and brother Jules died in a car accident, is a confused bean who goes to Seb if he needs cuddles, has no clue about everything around him


Nico Rosberg, Son of the Duke of Wiesbaden, year 3:

has a crush on Lewis but rather fights him than flirt, can be an asshole sometimes, another language pro who loves to flex with his skills, is highly allergic to nuts


Nico Hülkenberg, Son of the Duke of Emmerich, year 2:

nobody can pronounce his last name but he got used to it, makes everyone laugh but is also the schools biggest fuckboy, new scandals every time he goes back to Germany, occasionally hits on Carlos but has to be careful since Fernando wants to beat him up 


Pierre Gasly, Prince of France, year 2:

fluffy hair - even his crown can't sit properly on it, had a crush on Charles since the first day but was forced into an engagement with Esteban who he actually hates, plans to run away on his wedding day and then finally ask Charles out, loves chocolate cake


Esteban Ocon, Son of the Duke de la Provence, year 1:

hates Pierre and hates everything that has to do with royalty, is one of the oldest in year 1 since he always convinced his parents to let him go to a common school, plans to run away before his wedding


Romain Grosjean, Son of the Duke of Nice, year 3:

really nice but likes to blame others, Pierre's cousin who thinks he knows everything, has burned the chemistry lap once but blamed Marcus for it


Lance Stroll, year 1:

is not a royal but his dad bought him a place in the school


Fernando Alonso-Sainz, First Prince of Spain, year 3:

another mom, wonders how his little brother Carlos will survive next year without him, secretly thinks that Jenson is stupid but still loves him, will make a good king one day


Carlos Alonso-Sainz, Second Prince of Spain, year 2:

is fed up with Fernando fussing over him but can't tell him, loves to put cheese on everything, is best friends with Max, loves to read Spanish erotic novels


Daniil Kvyat-Romanow, Prince of Russia, year 3:

there was a rumour spread about him and now everybody hates him - even if the rumour is wrong, was raised by his grandmother since both of his parents died, turned into a sad loner even if he is really nice, talks to himself to make sure he still knows how to speak


Alexander Albon, Prince of Thailand, year 1;

lived in England for some years, misses his home terribly, is a horrible baker but what he makes tastes at least good, doesn't know that his family is trying to marry him to George for connections, has been kidnapped once but everything turned out well


Sergio Perez, Prince of Mexico, year 3:

is pretty chill but fed up with the drama that sometimes goes on between the princes, straight-A-student but not a nerd, loves tacos, found out the school's wifi password and plays HayDay now


Daniel Ricciardo, Prince of Australia, year 3:

the schools sunshine, even the media loves him and had never spread a fake rumour, makes a fool of himself to make Max notice him but so far has only scared the younger away, dances randomly in class when he gets something correct