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Dog Days of Summer

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Chapter 1

The last bell of Hawkins High rang through the small red bricked building. The cheers and chatter among the students pouring out of their classes signaled the start of summer break. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon as the birds sung through the air. Will Byers was the first out the class and walked away from the crowd that poured out the classroom. Deeply inhaling fresh air then let it out with a small smile on his boyish face.

There was suddenly weight on him as a long lanky arm wrapped around his small shoulders.
“You ran off without me,” Mike accused in a cute pout. Will stumbled a little as they started to leave the school grounds.

“No, of course not. I just wanted to get out of class before I got trampled on.” Will’s nose brushed up against Mike’s black shirt. Somehow, it smelled of fresh morning pine mixed with something uniquely Mike.

“Earth to Will. I repeat. Earth to Will.” He gently poked Will’s temple.

Will shook his head and looked up at Mike, “What?”

“Asked if ya wanted to hike in the forest,” Mike said.

Will cleared his throat,“Oh, sure. I don’t see why not?”

“You ok? Your face is red,” Mike thin brows frowned. He brought his hand up to Will’s forehead, “You’re burning up. Are you getting sick?”

“No, but uhhh...It’s so hot today, ya know?” Will stuttered.

He pulled his hand from Will’s forehead,“I guess so,” brows furrowed in confusion on Mike’s pale face.

“Are the other’s coming too?”

“Well...I think Dustin’s visiting his relatives out of town. Lucas is spending time with Max. Jane is going on some fishing trip with her dad. I hope you don’t mind. It feels like ages since just you and me hung out.”


Wind blew softly through the forest as leaves crunched underneath their feet. The birds were chirping and unseen critters scurried as they passed by. Soft brown hair cascaded over Will’s face from a breeze, so he tucked some behind his ear. Will always loved this forest because he could just be away from it all, often drawing the landscape or some animal that didn’t realize they were the subject of his art.

Shoulders bumping into each other as they walked to their favorite spot. The old rusty railroad tracks that was overtaken with foliage. Mike plopped down beside it and pulled off his black faded backpack. Will sat down beside him, knees bumping into his and set his baby blue backpack on his lap.

“You hungry, Will?” Mike asked.

“A little I guess.”

Mike grabbed his bag, rummaged through it and pulled out a bag of cool ranch Doritos. He handed it to Will with a smile. Mike moved to lay down and tried using his hands behind his head as pillows, but he looked uncomfortable. He sat up abruptly, looked to Will and grabbed his backpack from his lap. Will made a sound a protest until Mike gently placed his blue backpack just to the side of Will.

“What are you-” Will was cutoff by his best friend scooting over and laying his shaggy head on his lap.
Will felt so much heat from blood rushing to his cheeks that he was a little woozy.

“You make such a great pillow,” Mike grinned up at him from behind those soft black curls.

Will couldn’t help but smile back at him. He opened the bag of cool ranch Doritos and started munching on them. His stomach growled at him for skipping school lunch that day, Mike chuckled at that. Will glanced down at Mike who was staring at the chip bag.

“No, they’re mine,” Will teased with a chip close to his mouth.

“Please, Will?” Mike’s soft lips pouted and wined like a wounded puppy. He even pulled his hands up like a dog waiting for a belly rub.

“Who’s a good boy?” Will cooed playing along.

“Ruff! Ruff!” Mike stuck his tongue out and panted.

Will took the chip he was about to eat and held it in front of Mike’s mouth. Mike softly grabbed it with his teeth, but his lips grazed Will’s petite fingers. Some of the blood from Will’s face went elsewhere. Grabbing another chip, he ate it and licked off the cool ranch flavoring that had covered where Mike’s soft lips had touched. The thought made Will twitch in his pants, he was pretty sure Mike could feel it. If he did, he didn’t give any obvious reaction to it.

Will just kept alternating between feeding himself and Mike. He felt himself get harder every time Mike’s lips grazed his fingers. At this point, Mike had folded his knees up with his feet planted firmly on the ground. They had finished the bag, though there was still some crumbs left. Mike tilted his head back and shook whatever little bit into his waiting mouth. Most of the crumbs fell into his mouth, but some completely missed, landing on Will’s lap.

“Oh shit, sorry!” Mike apologized as he pushed himself up on his arms and tried brushing the crumbs off Will’s pants.

Will had involuntarily moaned when Mike’s elegant fingers grazed his bulge. Mike looked up at him. Will was frozen with his lips trembling and staring with tears welling up. He shot up from the ground and bolted into the darkening forest.

“Wait! Will! Come back!” Mike shouted and tried to chase after him, but the strap on Will’s backpack caught his foot. He fell with a big thud as the wind was knocked out of him.

“Will….” was the last thing he said before he passed out.