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“Thor…” Loki whined, hitting his brother square on the chest, waking him from a deep slumber. It was the dead of summer and the rooms they were staying in at the Avengers compound were not cold enough. Loki was unbearably sweaty and uncomfortable. Thor, on the other hand, was sleeping in winter pajamas. Fleece pants, a heavy sweatshirt, socks. Loki couldn’t understand it.

“What? What?” Thor jolted up from the bed, turning his head until he alighted upon Loki. “The baby?” he asked, groggily. “You??”

Loki rolled his eyes before taking pity on him and pointing to the thermostat in their room. “It’s like the fires of Muspelheim in here,” he grumbled, trying to kick the covers off. “Your child continues to keep me awake at all hours, and I am roasting near to death. My back aches and my chest is full to bursting and by the Norns you do nothing but sleep while I am miserable!” he complained.

Thor swallowed, a devastated look on his face as he got up to turn the thermostat down another 10 degrees. It was nearing the 40’s and Thor worried he’d need to find winter clothing if he was going to keep Loki happy and survive the chill of their bedroom. “Can I help ease your burden?” Thor asked, coming to sit beside Loki. He moved the covers off his body, staring hungrily down at his form. Bloated with his babe, round for everyone to see.

Loki was gorgeous like this. He demanded Thor’s help for everything, easily accepted his touches and little affections, and was always horny and on edge. So far, it was Thor’s favorite Loki. His brother always needed him, would actually accept his sentimental nature, and demanded sex at all hours. What better way to live? Except for maybe the pain Loki had to go through and the freezing temperatures Thor had to endure…

“Ugh. You have that sick look on your face, that look of pride that you have stuffed me so full I had no choice but to grow your offspring.” Loki struggled but eventually made it onto his side, facing away from Thor so he might not see just how much the notion pleased him. There would be no fighting it if Thor knew, after all. Just the suggestion of another one and Loki would be too weak to disagree. Even now, if Thor had asked him to, he would have found a way to grow another child inside him.

“Loki, please let me care for you,” Thor pleaded, picking up one of his feet and massaging the arch. Loki moaned, placing his hands on his stomach like he might block the noises from the baby with his hands alone. Thor’s fingers were incredibly talented, after all.

“If you must,” Loki replied, closing his eyes as Thor’s hands massaged him. Thor moved from his feet up to his ankles, paying special attention to Loki’s aching calves until he suddenly found himself on his back with Thor’s hands digging into his hips and his cock down Thor’s throat.

“Thor!” Loki’s eyes flew open, his hands wrapping around the babe inside him as Thor tongued the underside of his cock.

It was moments like these that Thor enjoyed the most. Loki writhing beneath him, desperate and wanting as Thor gave him exactly what he needed. His head was trapped between Loki’s knees, restricting his range of motion as Loki’s hips bucked up, almost using Thor for his own pleasure. It didn’t take long before Loki spilled down his throat, Thor swallowing and convulsing around his length. He sucked him clean as Loki twitched with aftershocks and as Thor popped off, audibly, he placed a kiss to Loki’s round belly before giving his brother a lazy, satisfied smile.

“Are you feeling a little better?” he asked, noting the way Loki’s face was flushed and red. His mouth hung open as he held onto his belly for support. And still, Thor’s hands kept moving, cradling his low back as he massaged deep into the muscles, working out all the kinks and knots that had formed as Loki hauled a watermelon around his belly 24/7.

“Aah-aahh!” Loki keened. Thor’s hands were everywhere on him, and the baby was suddenly quiet inside, letting Loki have some semblance of peace as Thor turned his body into jelly. “A little higher,” he requested, moaning loudly when Thor hit upon a particularly painful knot in his back. “Right there,” he bit back a sob. “There, Thor!” Loki let out a loud grunting moan when the pain finally dissipated underneath Thor’s warm, talented hands.

“Norns above,” Loki sighed, going limp underneath Thor’s touch. “I demand that you spoon me later and hold the weight of this child off my body.”

Thor chuckled at his dramatics but was excited by the prospect regardless. He would never tire of Loki’s body, bursting with Thor’s virulence, a beacon of fertility. It was incredibly arousing and many nights Loki had fallen asleep insisting Thor’s cock be nestled inside him as he slept, and who was Thor to deny his baby brother?

“Of course,” Thor smiled, placing another kiss along the stretched skin of Loki’s belly. “What else can I do for my love?” His cock was hard inside the sweats he wore, but Thor could wait, for waiting always seemed to bring with it even better rewards. An oversensitized Loki set off at the smallest motions of Thor’s hips, for example. A desperate need would arise in his brother, one Thor never failed to deliver on.

“You may find some way to relieve the aching in my chest is what you may do,” Loki grumbled, wincing as he massaged himself. “I am full up.”

In truth, this was new for them, yet Loki found he was a tad obsessed with the feeling. When his milk had come in, Thor had jokingly suckled from him one night. Or perhaps he had been trying to play it off as a joke. By now it really was unclear, but it didn’t matter. The effect on them both was instantaneous. The intimacy, the aching relief Thor provided, the deep pleasurable waves he felt all the way down in his belly, Loki loved the feeling of Thor playing with his breasts.

“Hold on,” he warned, as Thor made to massage them himself. Loki found if he were very, very careful, and shifted nothing but his top half, he could easily take his lady form and do no damage to the baby. In this case, it immediately helped relieve the pressure Loki had been feeling. Her lady form was...larger, and her milk production more easily held and distributed.

Loki took a wet, shaky breath of relief, throwing an arm over her eyes. “I feel it is better to stay in this form, perhaps, until the baby is born” she replied, moaning loudly as Thor’s hands went to work. “I—Thor!”

Thor began placing wet, open mouthed kisses to the side of her breasts, massaging with his hands until Loki was sobbing with the need for relief. “Please, brother, I’m so full, please, please…” she whined.

Loki didn’t have to wait long as Thor circled her nipples with his tongue, wetting them to be exposed to the cold air, cooling down her flesh and hardening her skin even further. “I’ll always take care of you, Loki,” Thor promised, placing two small kisses to each leaking nipple before finally, finally taking one between his lips and giving a giving an experimental little suck.

Loki’s whole body shivered as the sensation traveled down her body. She could feel every little stream that passed through into Thor’s mouth, and it was the most intoxicating feeling. Relieving, rhythmic, constant. Each time Thor sucked, her skin would pull to meet his demands and when he paused, it would retreat, like a tiny little heartbeat flowing in and out between Thor’s waiting lips.

Loki panted in time with each little suck Thor made, feeling herself grow wet with every stream of milk that passed between them.

“Are you feeling better?” Thor asked, pulling off from Loki’s breast with a knowing smile. They were slowing entering the stage of blissful trance that Thor loved to see Loki fall into.

“What?” she murmured, squirming a little beneath Thor as her body protested the loss of his mouth. She blinked hazily at him until Thor’s smile was wrapped around her nipple once more, giving her constant little sucks that put Loki on edge for hours as Thor fed from her body.

Loki barely stirred by the time Thor released her again, moving to suck a mark into her flesh on the underside of her breast. It was moments like these that brought Thor the most pleasure. Loki seemed to almost rest in this trance-like state, only the tiny panting breaths, the small rise and fall of her chest to indicate all was still well.

“I love you, Loki,” Thor told her, pressing a few more kisses to her ever-expanding belly. Their first child was actually quite small, but Loki still complained and walked around as if she were actually carrying an eight-legged horse inside her. He found it cute, even if it annoyed most of his friends.

“I’m not sure I’ll be able to give this up, when the babe is born,” he groaned, letting his hand stray to the inside of his underthings, gripping his cock as he thought about Loki always full with babes, constantly carrying life inside her.

“Yes,” Loki let out her small little breaths as Thor returned, moving on to her other achingly full teat. “I need to be filled, brother,” she chanted, cradling the small bump in her hands as Thor sucked his fill.

He let himself go, knowing his own pleasure came second to Loki’s. It always would, for this was the greatest gift Loki could bestow him and he planned to spend the rest of his life gifting her in return. He ghosted his fingers over her soaked folds, drenching his hand in her fluids before gently pushing inside her. She moaned beneath him as Thor delivered a longer, harder pull to her breast, milk leaving her in a great rush as Thor’s mouth demanded it be filled with the honeyed liquid.

“Aahhh…” Loki moaned, feeling her hips rocking against Thor’s hand as he curled two fingers expertly inside of her, timing his thrusts to match the smaller little sucks of his mouth. As Thor pushed in, the soft flesh of her chest was pulled between his lips, and as his fingers dragged back inside her, he would let go of her nipple, swallowing the little bits of milk he would pull from her body each time.

Thor continued like this for what seemed an endless amount of time until Loki could stand it no more. Her body was practically vibrating on the bed, eyes rolling towards the back of her head as Thor coaxed a second release from her that night. Soft and constant, overwhelming in its intensity as it threw her mind out of the trance like state it had been in.

“Oh...oh…” Her hips twitched against his hand, hard jerks as she found her completion and when it was over, it wasn’t a sleepy satisfaction she found, but a buzzy craze inside her, an ache that needed to be soothed.

“Inside, Thor,” she begged, pulling his body to her own, almost crushing Thor’s weight on top of her in her desperation. “Inside me, please, please,” she sobbed. Her hands scrabbled along his flesh, pulling clothing and skin alike in her desperate attempt to draw Thor into her body.

Thor grunted, shimmying his sweats and underclothes just below his cock, moving quickly as Loki could not. He was glad to have put off his own pleasure, keeping himself hard and ready for Loki the moment she needed him, and despite how cold it was, his body was alight with static and heat, eager to drive hard inside Loki’s sopping folds.

The tip of his cock caught on Loki’s entrance and the moment he heard her entreat him with a breathy “Yes,” he pushed inside, their moans tangling together as Thor bottomed out in one swift move. “Thor!” Loki cried, laying beneath him as the shockwaves reverberated throughout her body, curling her toes as Thor shifted back on his knees with a grunt, pulling Loki’s body to rest propped up on his own. She sighed, craving the stretch that only seemed to come from Thor’s length alone. “Please,” she sniffled, “hold me.”

Thor’s heart about burst with her words as he bent over, cradling her body as he sat up, pulling Loki flush against him. “Always,” he promised, rocking inside her, gently bouncing Loki’s body as he sought his pleasure. “I won’t ever let you go,” he breathed, a low moan escaping him as Loki clenched around him.

“Fuck...fuck!” she cursed, using Thor’s body for leverage as she pulled herself up to the very tip of his cock and sank back down with a hard slam, letting Thor hit every sensitive spot inside her. She did it again, and one last time until she could hear Thor whimpering beside her, trying to hold on for Loki, should her body require it of him.

“No, brother, cum for me,” she soothed, stroking his face as she ground her hips against him, trapping his hard length inside her as he pushed up against her cervix, hard and unrelenting. She tugged on his hair, harsh, a command, and Thor obeyed, cumming with a deep groan, releasing inside her, a torrent of hot cum coating her insides and dripping out of her.

Loki slammed down on Thor one final time, letting her body release alongside his own with a deep sob, her climax torn from her body from the feeling of Thor spilling deep in her. She clung to Thor, hormones overwhelming her as she cried against him. Already she could feel Thor’s hands on her belly, stroking her stretched skin, holding the weight of the baby for her body and sending soothing waves of electricity against her back.

She was done, satisfied and exhausted as her body filled itself with Thor’s seed. She laid against him, watching the ridiculously proud smile form on Thor’s stupid face and she couldn’t take it as she cried a little harder against him. “I hate you and your stupid cock, and those dumb fingers and your imbecilic lips and if you ever stop I will raise Fenrir from the dead and personally feed you to him,” Loki threatened, rocking against Thor until she’d successfully pushed him down on the bed.

It was the perfect spot. Somehow, Loki was no longer sweltering. The babe was silent inside her, apparently comforted by Thor’s power and close proximity, and her body was numb with delight. She used her magic, turning the thermostat down another few degrees and took a deep breath.

Thor, for his part, chuckled as she laid atop him. He was freezing above the covers, glad Loki had actually been unsuccessful in removing any of his clothes, and he suspected it was going to be one of those nights where he slept snugly inside Loki’s folds, purely for her comfort alone.

Yet every time this happened, he never had a complaint, for it was these intimate moments—moments where he was woken from his sleep to feel Loki clenching around him, milking his cock from inside—that drove him wild. Her body was insatiable and it was a siren song that Thor never wanted to wake from.

“I will never tire of this,” Thor sighed, happily, trying not to shiver as it seemed Loki had finally found a comfortable place to rest.

“And what if I don’t want any more children after the one? What if we find, after everything, it’s unsafe for my body? Will you miss this?” Loki asked, knowing without a doubt that she would.

Thor grinned, placing a kiss atop her forehead as he tilted her face to look at him. “Believe me, love, we will find plenty of other ways to fill you up, and if you never have any more babes, well, I have a feeling you will find a way to keep up this,” he punctuated, massaging her chest, marveling at how Loki leaked, still, from all that was inside her.

She moaned, snuggling against Thor as he continued to drain the discomfort from her breasts. “I think I shall,” she mumbled, drifting into sleep. “Keep doing that until I am empty, then I wish to lay atop you as you hold our baby,” she yawned, laying limply against Thor.

“It will be my pleasure, my love,” Thor kissed the top of her head, smiling as Loki drifted off, finally. He spent the night murmuring to his love and his child, trying hard not to shiver uncontrollably. In the morning, he would ask Tony for some kind of insulation. For now, he wasn’t going anywhere.