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Sweet Pea Imagines

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“Ron, you do realize that Jughead has attended this school before.” you said, as you watched Veronica set up the table, Archie helping her.

“That’s what I said.” Archie said.

You let out a small chuckle when Veronica shot him a glare. You sighed and gave the papers for the drill team tryouts to Kevin. “Here, take these. I’m heading to the student’s lounge, I’m getting myself water, and some chips.”

“Y/N, you legit turn into a monster when you catch your girls eating junk food, yet here you are getting some.” Josie teased.

You turned back and giggled. “Yeah, well I get a free pass, once a month.” you teased back. Josie laughed and you quickly rushed to student lounge to buy your things. You rushed up to the vending machines, and mentally went over the tryout routines you had planned out.

“You do realize you look crazy doing that, right?” a voice asked, you let out a squeal and turned to glare at Moose who was laughing.

“What the hell, Moose.” you whined. Moose just smiled and kissed your forehead.

“So are you excited to meet the new kids?” Moose asked.

“I’m excited to have Jughead back, so yes.” you said. Moose smile fell and shifted on his feet, you noticed. “Moose, what’s wrong?”

“Be on the look out for Reggie, I heard him and Cheryl planning ways to get rid of them.” Moose said. You snapped your head at him.

“You’re kidding right?” you snapped. Moose shrugged, and grabbed the water bottle and bag of chips for you.

“Wow, that’s a low, even for them.” you sneered. You just let out an angry huff and began to march out, he let out sigh and followed you out, trying to stop you from getting into a huge fight.

You quickly walked over to where the table was, your heels clacking loudly for the other’s to hear, which the student body noticed, and got out of your way, not wanting to mess with an angry Y/N. As soon as your arrived at the scene you saw Reggie ready to fight, a tall, hot Serpent.

“ENOUGH!” you yelled.

Everyone turned to where you stood, your arms crossed, glaring at the red headed Vixens Captain, and the raven hair Bulldog Captain. Veronica let out a small curse, while Jughead walked up to you.

“Y/N, hey.” Jughead said, smiling wearily, wanting to avoid a showdown by captains. The Serpents looked confused to why almost the whole school froze when they saw, you, the Northsider angry.

“Not now, Jughead.” You sneered. Jughead just whispered a soft damn, and stood back besides the Serpents. Sweet Pea, Toni, and Fangs all gave him a look of confusion.

“Jughead, if this turns out, bad you’re taking her, I’ll deal with Cheryl and Archie will deal with Reggie.” Veronica whispered to him.

“Literally why are we whispering.” Toni asked. Veronica was about to reply when she saw Y/N making her way over, and stood in front of the Serpents, and glared at Cheryl.

Sweet Pea stood there a bit stunned, as he watched you stand in front of them all, glaring back at the others, and not joining them into bad mouthing, him and the rest.

“I see you went out your way to create pettiness drama, simply because we got new students, Cheryl.” you said, giving her a nasty smile.

Veronica leaned in closer to them. “We like to call it Battle of the Captains, Y/N, Cheryl, and Reggie are almost always getting into huge arguments. Reason why, they hate each other.” she explained.

“Moi? Y/N, it’s them. Do you honestly believe that they can keep up with us?” Cheryl mocked.

You rolled your eyes. “Alright listen, and listen closely Cheryl Bombshell and Mantle the Magnificent, they don’t need your little pettiness drama simply because you have this stupid illusion on how Riverdale and Southside High should be. They’re going to attend here, and you’re gonna have to get used to that, or I swear, everyone will know the secrets I have hidden about you two.” you sneered.

Cheryl just shifted in her spot, she let out scoff and walked away, not wanting to mess with you. “I’m serious Cheryl! If they want to try out for the Vixens, you’re allowing them!” you yelled.

“Fine!” Cheryl yelled back, angrily.

You turned back and gave Reggie the same nasty smile at him. “Same goes for you Reginald, if they want to go for football, or any other sport, you aren’t to give them a hard time simply because your ego and pride, will get hurt, when they turn out to be better than you.” you snapped.

“I’ll back off.” Reggie snapped. You gave him a bright smile.

“And any plans you have to sabotage them, is cancelled.” you warned him.

“Never believed you would betray us, Y/N.” Reggie snapped, stepping towards you as he glared. Quickly Jughead and Archie both pushed him back.

“Whatever you say minute man.” You snapped back.

The others hollered and laughed, while Reggie face turned red, and stormed away. You let out a smile and turned to everyone.

“Hi, I’m Y/N L/N, don’t listen to them, they’re all bark and no bite.” You said.

“Toni Topaz.” the pink dyed hair, girl said.

“Fangs Fogarty.” The short, muscular introduced.

“Sweet Pea.” the tall, hot lastly said. You looked up at him, and you felt your breathe get taken away. The bell rang and it snapped you out of your daze.

“Oh, well I got to get going, I got free period, and I have lots of captain duties for the school’s drill team.” Y/N said grabbing your things from Kevin’s grasp.

You turned back to the group again. “If any of you are interested in joining the River Golden Elites, the papers on the table, and the schedule on how things are going to go is listed there, and if you’re worried about not being treated fairly, trust me that’s been taken care of.”

“Wait, are you serious?” a random Serpent girl asked.

“That’s gotta be a lie.” Sweet Pea said, stunned.

You smiled at them both. “Of course, my team is to be treated equally, anyways if you guys are amazing dancers please come out and join. See you guys later.” you said, rushing off.

Sweet Pea just stood there stunned as he watched you go. Jughead noticed and he laughed, Archie smirked and he patted his shoulder.

“Yeah, she kinda has that effect.” Archie teased. “I gotta go, I’ll see you later Ronnie?” Veronica nodded, and he turned to Jughead. “Good to have you back bro.”

“I mean did she just threaten people, for us?” Sweet Pea asked, still stunned.

“Yeah, she’s not like the rest.” Jughead replied smirking at him.

“Also, anything to piss off Blossom and Mantle.” Veronica added, smiling in amusement. “Get used to it, this is your new school after all, and trust me, battle of the captains, happens a lot.”

Kevin smiled at Fangs. “Once again, welcome to Riverdale High.”