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A Very Metal Anniversary

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“Oi, Tetsu, I’m home!”

Kirishima closed the apartment door behind him as he removed his boots and slowly took off his hero costume. He wiped his sweaty brow as he removed his mask. Tonight’s patrol had been rather intense, having to deal with a bank robber with a relatively annoying shockwave quirk that made closing the distance difficult, even with his hardening, but eventually he was finally able to get close enough and neutralize the villain with a Red Gauntlet. No one was badly injured thankfully, and Kiri only got away with a couple cuts and bruises that were healed instantly with the help of a nurse’s quirk.

However, as he was getting checked on, he got a text message from his live-in boyfriend, Tetsutetsu, who said that he had a special surprise for their anniversary when he got home. Tetsu was normally not one for surprises. Usually on their anniversaries, they just settled on a romantic dinner or rough, passionate sex.

If Tetsutetsu texted something to him, it must mean that his surprise has to be really special, and soon he found himself giddy, and he practically sprinted home.

“Oh shit, Ei!” He could hear the metal hero’s deep voice coming from their bedroom, before his head peeked out of the door. Obviously he wasn’t expecting the other man to return so soon. “Fuck, I’m not ready yet! Gimme a minute!” and he shut the door quickly, leaving Kirishima very confused. What exactly was he planning?

Figuring that he’ll just find out later, the sturdy hero opted to take a quick shower to wash the sweat and dust off of him, and relieve his tired muscles.

He sighed happily as he let the water sprinkle down on him, inhaling some steam as he scrubbed his body down with some soap. He felt the grime and dirt from today’s patrol go down the drain as he gives a relaxed, happy sigh. Showers were always the best after a long patrol day.

Feeling refreshed, Kiri exits the shower and dries his hair with a towel before wrapping it around his waist. He walked back towards the bedroom, he could still hear some shuffling around going on inside. What was he doing?

“Hey, can’t I come in yet?” Kirishima shouted from behind the door. What could be taking him?

“No!” Tetsu shouted back. “I’m almost done.”

As he waited, Kirishima thinking back to their days in U.A..


Tetsutetsu has always one of Kirishima’s closest friends during his time there. With their similar quirks, ideologies, interests, and supported each other in just about anything, they became very close. It didn’t take long for Tetsu’s feeling to become more than platonic, but the metal hero knew that his friend had his eyes on his 1-A classmate Bakugou. Of course, Tetsu still tried to be as supportive of his friend as possible and was very happy for him, despite being a little heartbroken, and even encouraged Kirishima to ask him out. Once the redhead finally did, the metal hero was ecstatic, even if a bit saddened.

Kirishima and Bakugou dated for a few months before agreeing that they both felt much more comfortable as friends, and broke up on good terms. Even now, all these years later as pro-heroes, the two of them remain very close friends and regularly keep in contact.

Tetsu was there for his friend immediately, helping him through his breakup as a friend, not a suitor, and the steel hero found himself perfectly happy just having Kirishima as a friend, even if he didn’t love him back.

So it came as a surprise when Kirishima asked Tetsu out towards the end of their final year.

Kirishima explained that the reason he broke up with Bakugou was because while the blonde was someone he admired and was very close with, he realized while they were dating that the feelings he had towards the blonde weren’t romantic. Instead, the romantic feelings he had were for Tetsutetsu, and the reason he didn’t say anything until now was because he was scared that Tetsu wouldn’t return his feelings after chasing Bakugou for so long in front of him, but Bakugou convinced him to admit his feelings before they graduated and went their separate ways.

Tetsu was stunned by all of this, and tearfully crushed the redhead in a hug, finally confessing his feelings and silently thanking Bakugou for giving him the chance to do so.

They started dating shortly after graduation and have been together ever since.


It was another ten minutes before Tetsu finally shouted, “Alright, Ei. You can c’mon in now!”

With a deep breath, Kirishima slowly turned the knob on the door and opened it.

What he was greeted with almost made him faint on the spot.

The room was dimly lit, the only source of light being the dimly lit lamp, which gave a soft, intimate glow, and the floor and bedsheets were covered with red rose petals. It was all really beautiful.

Tetsutetsu himself was laying on the bed, legs spread and silver eyes giving a seductive glow in the light. He was wearing nothing but a tight pair of gray spandex bikini briefs which showed off his package very nicely. Sitting on the nightstand next to the bed were several things, including a a blindfold, a riding crop, a vibrator wand, leather ropes, nipple clamps connected with a chain, lube, as well as some condoms and paper towels.

Tetsu was prepared.

“B-babe…” Kirishima could barely find it in himself to speak. He was on the verge of tears. “Did you really prepare all of this...for me?” This all must’ve been like super expensive. Why would he go so far?

Tetsu got up and approached his lover. “Well, uh…” he glanced away, scratching his cheek in embarrassment. “You’ve always been talkin’ about how ya always wanted to try some different things, so I did some research, and uh… I didn’t know what ya wanted to do without givin’ away the surprise, so I just got a buncha stuff I thought you’d like…” gesturing to all the toys on the nightstand.

Kiri was still in shock at everything he’s seen, “Y-you know I would’ve been just fine with just regular sex…” he stammered, “You didn’t have to do all this, bro…”

Tetsu shook his head, “You’re right, I didn’t have to...but I wanted too. For such a long time now.” He caressed Kirishima’s cheek, eyes soft. “I love ya so much Ei, and I just wanted you to know how much I trust you.” He frowned, suddenly looking disappointedly at the nightstand. “But if you don’t wanna…”

“N-No, it’s not that!” Kirishima interrupted. “It’s not that I don’t want to do all of this for you, ‘cause I really do… it’s just....” he looked away, suddenly feeling embarrassed, “Are you really sure that you’re okay with all this?”

Tetsu chuckled lightly, ruffling his lover’s hair, “If I wasn’t ready, then I wouldn’t have done all this.” he said as he pulls Kirishima close, kissing his forehead softly. “Like I said, I trust you, Eijirou. That hasn’t changed in all these years, and it’s not gonna change anytime soon. I just want ya to be happy and enjoy yourself.” He looked Kirishima in his beautiful, ruby eyes, “Do you trust me?”

“Awww, Tetsu…” he had to hold back the manly tears that threatened to spill. Even all these years later, he still got emotional over stuff like this. He just couldn’t help it. “Yeah, of course I trust you…” he finally answered before leaning in and taking his silver-haired boyfriend’s lips in his. The kiss was slow, passionate, and full of love. Kirishima moaned as their tongues danced with one another, bare chests flushed together as they fall down onto the bed with a soft thud.

It didn’t take long for the kisses to become hungrier and more lustful. Without breaking the kiss, Kiri quickly unwrapped his towel and carelessly tossed it to the side. Now completely naked, the redhead slowly ground his body against his lover’s, wanting the feel the hot, sweaty skin pressed up against his own. He felt his cock rub against Tetsu’s still clothed member as they made out, and it made both of them crave even more skin-on-skin contact.

“Fuck...Ei….” Tetsu could barely get a word in as his boyfriend just continued to assault him with sloppy kisses while groping his bulge. Eventually he feels the redhead’s kisses go lower, leaving a hot, wet trail down Tetsu’s thick neck and shoulder, licking up the slowly accumulating sweat that was forming there. Tetsu shivered at the feeling.

“Tetsu…” Kiri started, “Everything about you is so manly...” He gently grazed his sharp teeth against the metal man’s collarbone, making him moan. “You’re like a literal Adonis…” He grabbed the underside of his pec and began licking a nipple slowly, savoring the taste of his boyfriend’s skin. “So strong…so sexy...” Kirishima continued complimenting Tetsu as he continued licking and kissing the silver-haired man’s chest, worshipping every inch of his firm, meaty pecs and abdominal muscles with his tongue, while his free hand continued wandering across the rest of his lover’s hot, well-trained torso and playing with his other nipple.

“H-hah...” Tetsutetsu was way too lost in the feelings of Kiri’s hot tongue and calloused hands roaming his body to properly speak. He let out a shaky breath as the redhead began squeezing and groping his other pec, and he felt his underwear grow tighter at the twisting and pulling of his nipples. “S-shit…”

After sufficiently praising his boyfriend’s torso, Kirishima decided to move even lower. He spread Tetsu’s legs wide and began running his hands up the silver-haired man’s strong thighs, smirking when he felt the muscles flex underneath his fingertips and heard another raspy groan come out of the man below him.

Kirishima leaned in, trailing kisses and licks up his paramour’s thigh until he stopped at the skintight fabric of Tetsu’s speedo. He could very easily see Tetsutetsu getting excited underneath, and that made Kiri practically salivate in anticipation.

“Shit, look so gorgeous in this…” Kirishima sighed, teasingly pulling at the waistband of Tetsu’s briefs and snapping it back against his skin, making the larger man moan.

“So fucking beautiful...” Kiri nuzzled his face up against the warm imprint of the metal hero’s thick shaft through the underwear, feeling the wetness of precum on his nose and even catching a quick whiff of the strong, heady scent permeating through the material.

“Fuck, you smell so good…” Kiri said, rubbing his nose up and down Tetsu’s hot bulge and inner thighs with a sharp inhale. The clean, yet masculine combination of his boyfriend’s soap, sweat, and natural musk was intoxicating. He could never get enough of it.

“Mmmm…so warm...” the redhead moaned as he spread Tetsu's legs further, burying his face further into the musky crotch, licking and kissing the clothed, throbbing erection.

It felt amazing, but for Kiri, it wasn’t enough. He wanted more.

He wanted to experience the feel and taste of Tetsu’s wonderful cock on his lips, and he couldn’t get that with the briefs in the way.

“Your scent is so manly...” he said, breath ghosting over Tetsu’s sensitive lower body, making the larger man twitch. “...but I bet your taste is even manlier! I wanna suck your cock so fucking badly…”

Then, using a hardened finger, he snapped the waistband of Tetsu’s underwear apart with a grunt, finally exposing the uncut, semi-hard cock to the cooler air.

The silver-haired man smirked, “Seems like someone’s getting impatient...” he teased.

“It’s not my fault you’re so...perfect!” Kirishima whined, rubbing his nose against Tetsu’s genitals, breathing in more of the mouthwatering aroma. Tetsu moaned in pleasure as Kiri’s hot breath and touch taunted his sensitive loins.

“Ei...that feels so good...fuck…” The metal hero threw his head back and gripped the sheets underneath him as Kirishima moved to start lightly nibbling on the foreskin, then pulling it down to wrap his tongue around the throbbing pink head. Precum was flowing freely from the tip and the redhead made sure to swallow every last drop.

Kirishima smirked, “Ya like it when I chew up your dick babe?” the redhead teased, nipping at the foreskin and pulling on it like a piece of meat. “I bet I could make you cum just from this!”

“A-ahhh...” Tetsu couldn’t even form coherent words, lost in all of the oversensitivity. Kiri just chuckled and continued to nip at the pulsing length, chewing on veins and even going down to the scrotum. Of course, with teeth as sharp as theirs, they both had to be careful not to break the skin, but years of practice and now they were both able to do it confidently.

Eventually Kirishima stopped nibbling and focused more on sucking and licking, carefully taking one of the testicles into his mouth and wrapping his tongue around it, licking the sweaty flesh clean. As he sucked on Tetsu’s balls, he also began to slowly pump the steel hero’s throbbing manhood, which was now glistening with precum.

“F-fuck, Ei I’m getting so close…” Tetsutetsu warned with a shaky breath. He couldn’t take much more. His breathing went ragged as Kirishima’s teeth gently grazed the sensitive skin of his cock and scrotum. The redhead always knew the spots that left Tetsu weak and begging under him. They both loved it.

“That’s right, baby…” Kirishima urged, jerking off Tetsu even harder while nibbling at his ballsack, “Let it out for me, Tetsu. Lemme lick up every last ounce of cum off of you.”

He licked one final stripe up Tetsu’s shaft before the silver-haired man arched his back with a scream and came violently, semen painting his muscular torso in lines of white. Some of it got on Kirishima’s face, but he just lapped that up, and he enthusiastically licked off the remaining sweat and cum from Tetsu’s heaving chest and abs like it was a delicacy. They both shared another passionate kiss with each other before falling back onto the bed.

After spending about half an hour snuggled up against each other in the afterglow, Kirishima turned to his side to face his boyfriend. “You ready for round two, baby?” he asked, hand roaming Tetsu's chest.

Tetsutetsu smirked back at Kirishima with a determined glint in his eyes, “Hell yeah.”