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Peering Through The Stained Glasses

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RESET Chapter 1: Regret…


Gaster View


Gaster bubbled himself quickly as Frisk hit the Reset Button. The world around them engulfed to white soundless explosion. As he sigh at the sight of the world rewinding like a video tape. Miss Y/n being relife and walking back to the room they once were only to fall asleep. And been taken back into his sons car as they drove reversed back to where they found her. His other version of selves gather in the dining room waiting for the reset to stop.


They discuss that they need to prevent this from happening again. Gaster didn’t even acknowledge for their conversation once with them as he was spacing out in thought of his own. He was thinking of how to prevent you from being killed the same way or newer death scene.


The reset has finally stopped. This was the week of before you came to their lives. Boss spoke ill will of your existence and that you should be exile away from their lives forever. Gaster objected because it wasn’t your fault. Boss scowled Gaster as he told him that he was too infatuated with you and that soul of yours. And that you tainted his mind and judgement.


A few of them thought Boss over did that idea. As for the three that agreed they were still outnumbered in vote. But they all agreed that it isn’t safe for you to be close with their family. Not until they figure out a way for your soul to be safe away form Flowey.


They would have to put time and effort of the cause of the Reset Button to be frozen as well as prevent another disaster like that in the near future. While to still tinker with the dimensional portal on top of that. Everyone is exhausted as more was piling on their plate.


They didn’t discuss to their sons about the human. As they didn’t want to be suspicious of their own children. As they never told them that they reset more than once. Which some of their Sans would be quite outraged of how long that has been happening behind their back. As they re-lived the same daily routines for the past 2 years. That was long as they were resurfaced.


Gaster went back to his room. As he finally made amend with the few concerning about your will being and others. Now it’s more like if she even asked to come over, they have to refused as they are not allowing any humans other than Frisk. They just hope if any of their sons brought back any human. Until further notice.


For now Gaster has to work twice as hard to create something to protect your soul to never ever fused with others. Kinda like a condom or a birth control for your soul. It won’t stunt the soul but to prevent other monster to steal it out of you or soul bond. Which it’s fine for him. Less Reset for his part and headaches down the line. As he flopped on the bed as he slowly groans of a long night rest he miss. For tomorrow he had to start finding a new magical serum of anti soul bonding/swapping.


Once he closed his eye to sleeps that would plague his dreams into pure nightmare fuel. Hearing your screams from the dead of night.


As the light from his window grew brighter. He got up slowly as a loud thump fell on the floor. He looked down and notice the communicator as he reached down and grabbed it. As he did he forgotten that this was your phone. The same phone he confiscated off of you when you were bedridden. His mind screamed out ‘Fuck’.


He made an excuse to go out of house. It was a fib nonetheless. He wished he told his son the truth. But he didn’t want to be dunked on by his own son. As he put on his long black trench coat. And his hat as he walked out into his slick black Roll Royce.


To return your phone before you noticed missing from your pockets. How he does not know. He will find away. Even though his soul was hhmmm with excitement. He knew how your soul sounded. But with hundred of human this would take him awhile to search where you would of be when the Reset stopped at. He would be the first for you to see. He could use this time to get to know you better without the chaos happening.


It took him hours as he goes down to streets, back roads, alleyways and even window shopping to save gas for the ride home. Searching even though it felt more like stalking. The souls of other human surrounding him were these tiny insects that were common as the mosquito. Very high pitched and annoying to him. Yours was a sound of a harp in his mind. To other might very like a smell or a taste.


He turned the corner to visit Muffet for some coffee as his search was still shorthanded. As he got closer he heard the soul getting closer as he enter into the shop. Gaster looked over to the table as you were suddenly sleeping on top of some newspapers of just the job section. He quickly took the phone out of his pocket and gently place next to her head. As he softly patted her head.


He missed the feeling of your soft hair that tangle between his phalanges. This mind flashed back as he remembered that you were out of a job. He took out a stash of cash and placed it within her bag. He heard your moaning as your coming out of your nap. He rushed out of Muffets shop without getting his coffee. Which he was fine with that. Scrambling back to his car which was a few blocks away. As he entered his car and shut the door his breathing was quite harsh as he isn’t young as he used to be. Error blip in the passenger seat next to him. His soul almost jumped out of his chest. Yelling out.


Gaster: “Error! What the ever loving Asgore are you doing here. To scared the living soul out of me?”


As he then looked at him with such frustration as he hate being spooked. It only ignite his anger of how much it made him look like a ‘wuss’ as what Red called it. Error put only looked at him as he waited for Gaster to cool his temper.


Error: “ Sorry to spook you there. But Dings wanted to tell you but you left your phone behind and I wasn’t doing anything at the moment. To go to Muffet’s shop to grab a few dozens of spider donuts, muffins and three coffees. If you don’t mind.”


Gaster looked at him dead straight and said ‘No’ which Error shrugged. Gaster was surprised the Error didn’t followed him into the shop or saw that he was visiting you. Only be interrupted by him saying with a smug look on his face.


Error: “You visited your human girlfriend did you?”


It caught Gaster off by surprise as his face turned a radiant purple while looking away from him. Only to be mocked by him the ride back home. But Error did promise not to tell anyone. Gaster went to work and instead told Dings to get the stuff he request himself.