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Phoenix Halliwell-Romanov, Son Of the Black Widow (Glee Season 2-6)

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In the Halliwell Manor in the upstairs bathroom is a fifteen-year-old Prudence Halliwell, she is holding a pregnancy test, a positive pregnancy test, one of three that are all positive. She starts to cry as she holds the test, a knock on the bathroom door sounds and Prue turns to the door, she asks who it is. The person replies "it's Piper, I heard you crying" Prue unlocks the door, she pulls her sister into the bathroom and quickly locks the door, Piper asks Prue "what's going on ?" Prue just holds out the pregnancy test to Piper who widens her eyes as she sees the positive test along with the other two positive tests.

"you're pregnant?" asks Piper.

"yes, according to these tests" replies Prue before she says "Piper, I don't think I can raise a baby, I'm only fifteen"

"you're not going to get rid of it, are you ?" Piper asks Prue who shakes her head and replies "no, I'll give my child up for adoption"

"We just have to tell Grams now"

"she's going to kill you," says Piper shaking her head.

"I know, but we have to tell her or else she's going to be even angrier if she found out later on," Prue tells Piper who nods in agreement. The two exits the bathroom, they head downstairs, they then call out "Grams" Prue then says out loud "I need to tell you something" Their Grams comes out from the kitchen, she asks them "what do you want to talk to you about?"

"I need to talk to you about something" replies Prue nervously.

"what is it?" asks Gram.

"you might want to sit down," says Piper. Grams sits down on the sofa as Phoebe enters the room, she asks what is going on, they don't reply so Phoebe just sits down next to her grandmother and Prue says "well, I haven't been feeling well lately, been throwing up every morning"

"oh my god" exclaims Phoebe figuring out what was going on.

"you've been sick every morning, I'll take you to the doctor to find out what's wrong," Grams says to Prue who tells her grams that she may already know what the problem is, she then tells her grams that she's pregnant. The older woman is shocked, she starts lecturing her eldest grand-daughter about using protection, among other things. She then asks Prue "what do you plan to do ?"

"I'm going to give up my baby for adoption, he or she will be better off with a proper mother, not a teenage mother" replies Prue. Prue's Grams, Phoebe and Piper all agree with Prue even though Prue's Grams tells Prue that her baby will most likely be a girl, she then asks who the father is. Prue replies that it was only once and that she didn't get his name, Prue's Grams isn't happy that Prue doesn't know one of the guy's name as she had a threesome with Andy and some other guy but Grams calms down promising that she'll be talking to Prue at a later time.

Several months later, on the 1st of August, Prue gives birth to a baby boy, much to Prue's Grams' shock. The baby is named Phoenix Alexei Andrew Halliwell, as P names are a tradition and the name Andrew after Andy Trudeau who was one of the guys who had gotten Prue pregnant and had helped her.

Grams performs a wiccaning for the new-born baby boy before she binds his powers and takes him to meet his new adoptive parents who she had been in contact with for months, they had been faking a pregnancy to pretend that the baby is truly theirs. They name their new son Harry James Potter.

A year and a bit later... On the 1st of November just after Dumbledore had left, a red-haired woman walks down Privat Drive, she walks down the street, just as she walks past number 4 she sees something in the corner of her eye so she turns to see a bundle on the doorstep on the house, she walks towards the bundle to find a baby who she picks up and coos at, a smile gracing her face for the first time in many years.

She sees a swirl of white lights, she turns, aiming her gun at a woman with brown hair and eyes, the red-haired woman narrows her eyes, she uses her body to shield the baby, the woman steps forward, hands raised and she says "I mean you and Phoenix no harm, he is my grandson, my name is Patricia Halliwell, but you can call me Patty"

"Phoenix?" asks the red-headed woman. Patty nods towards the baby and says "that is the son of my eldest daughter, his name is Phoenix, Phoenix Halliwell"

"the Phoenix is a symbol of Russia," says the red-headed woman, she looks at him and says "he needs to be protected"

"yes, he needs better than what he would from living here," says Patty looking at the house with disgust confusing the red-headed woman who asks "why can't you take him?"

"I'm dead, have been dead since my eldest daughter was six" replies Patty, she sees that the red-headed woman has a connection with her grandson so she says "take him, and keep him safe, I know you want to take him, so take him, no matter what you've done, no matter what you have to do, keep him safe" The red-headed woman looks at Patty with shock in her eyes before she nods, she picks up the letter from Dumbledore and opens it, she finds out that Phoenix's adoptive name is Harry James Potter and that he somehow defeated a wizard named Voldemort.

The red-headed woman reads the letter, noting the veiled threats underneath the writing and she makes her choice, she looks at Patty and says "I will take him" she asks "what is Phoenix's full name?"

"Phoenix Alexei Andrew Halliwell"

"well, his new name is Phoenix Alexei Andrew James Halliwell-Romanov-Potter, the three last names are to honor each of his mothers, me, your daughter and Lily Potter" Patty nods in acceptance of this, she asks the red-headed woman before she leaves "what's your name?"

"Natalia Romanov, call me Natasha" she replies before she walks away with baby Phoenix.