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A Ranger Farewell

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His team...

A woman in blue swimsuit is seen teaching some kids surfing when she got an alert that someone was calling her.

"Oh hey Tommy," she said. "No I haven't heard from him in a while. He's visiting family in New Zealand. "

She listened for a while, "Wait.. what? No, no I was just talking to him last night about having a reunion... How did this happen? did they mentioned anything?" She said with tears in her eyes.

After composing herself.

"No no I'll tell them, I'll tell them after I finish from here. Thank you for telling me. " she said into the phone.


After finishing her class, she called the first name that came to mind.


A man in yellow tracksuit is at a shop cleaning a dirt bike when he heard his phone ringing

"Hey Tori what's up?" Said Dustin.

"Dustin have you heard the news?" said Tori.

"What news?" Replied Dustin, gesturing to Hunter and Blake who were working in the shop.

Then he heard crying through the phone, "Tori? Tori! What's wrong why are you crying."

Blake and Hunter looked worried.

"It's.... its... its" Tori said through sobs.

"Tori? Its Blake you're on speaker can you breathe for me so that you can calm down and explain to us?"

After a while they got an affirmative that she calmed down, did they gently enquired about what had happened.

"Its Shane, Tommy just told me the news this morning. He was in a car accident," said Tori. (A.N: honestly has a better look than finding him dead with the cause yet to be confirmed)

"Wha-what..." said the boys in shock

"Yeah, I was just teaching my class when I got the call," Replied Tori.

"Oh no..." said Dustin.

"Have you told the others yet?" Said Blake.

"No not yet..." answered Tori

"Tori I need you to contact Tommy Oliver he will be able to contact the others. The rest of us will contact the others. " said Hunter.

"Ok I'll send you the numbers," said Tori in relief.


So they called the others and Tommy Oliver offered to call in other red rangers including the current team for a power rangers send off to farewell one of their own