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Like Fabric

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When you open your eyes and you're greeted with throbbing pain all over your upper body, you can't breathe nor can you feel your arms.

You're in too much pain to remember what happened before you woke up- you try to take a deep breath but it feels like something is trapping your chest.

Trying to remove your shirt didn't really work, your arms are too sore to do anything. So you sit in pain on the verge of tears. A yellow figure approaches you slowly, you can't see what it is, your eyes are too foggy you can barely see anything that's far away from you.

As it gets closer your body tenses on reflex, it's making some sort of noise- was that a voice? If it is you can't understand what it's saying, your ears are ringing and all you can hear is your own unregulated breath.

Something humid touches your stomach and you have the urge to run away as fast as possible- but you can't, you're stuck here because of how weak and pathetic you are while this yellow thing kills you.

As it touches you more you begin to lose your breath even more, the thing trapping your chest seems to get worse and you're beginning to lose faith that you're gonna get out of this alive.

Before you can dwell on those thoughts the yellow thing starts to take your shirt off- what? What is it doing?

It removes your shirt completely and it slaps you gently, your eyes finally focus and you see a… Salamander?

A yellow salamander who seems to be very concerned for you, that's new.

They seems to have noticed that you can finally see and hurriedly points to your chest. You follow their advice and find a black bra-like peace of cloth strapped around your upper body.

Oh, your binder.

That explains why your chest feels like it's being trapped, you’ve had your binder on for too long (you guess, you don't remember when you put it on to begin with).

The salamander makes a removing motion, they want to help you remove it so you can breathe again. You didn't know salamanders knew how binders worked but you're not going to ask.

You sit up so you're a bit more straight and the reptile scoots closer to you and helps you remove it, your arms are still sore but somewhat better than before so you're able to already move them.

After some minutes of frustration you're finally able to remove it, your body is grateful and so are you, but the uncomfortable feeling of having a chest will never leave you until you put it back on. You'll have to wait until your chest is healed and you'll put it on as soon as possible.

The salamander seems satisfied that you can breathe again, your ears don't ring anymore and the fog on your vision is almost gone. You finally have time to look around and find out where you are.

The walls that surround you are dark green, you notice that the roof is way lower then any hive you've seen, you're sure if you stood up your horns would hit the ceiling- especially considering you're a little bit taller than any troll your age.

You look back at the salamander, this give was probably made for animals his size. You're not sure why a salamander would have a hive or how they could be this smart but you don't want to be, they helped you not die after all.

They make a motion to follow them, they probably know that any noise now would hurt your ears easily.

Putting your shirt on you slowly sit up, crouching a little so your horns don't hit the ceiling and you follow them as carefully as possible.

You fear the sun, like most trolls with common sense do, so when you see the light coming from the small round windows you can't help but be suspicious of where the reptile is taking you to at hours like this.

So when they open the door, sun washes over your figure and you stumble back and try to shield your eyes. Your horns hit the ceiling in the process and you hiss in pain.

The salamander comes to your aid and shoots you a quick 'are you ok?’ in a very thick accent, you don't answer and stay put.

The sun…

It… isn't burning your skin?

You nervously open your eyes to be greeted by a… seemingly friendly looking sun.

It certainly isn't the sun you're so familiar with, this one is more yellow and less hot, way less hot actually. You're sure you'd have at least 3 sunburns if this was the so horrible sun Alternia orbits around.

So you aren't in Alternia for sure. And although yes, you want to remember how tou got here- you're more concentrated on not being annoying and to follow the small reptile out of (what you presume to be) their house.

Sitting up you step outside to be greeted by bright green grass and dark blue trees, small glowing mushrooms grow underneath them as other salamanders walk around paths that look like they were made for them. The air is fresh and not heavy at all- the seemingly familiar feeling of constant tension and fear is gone from you body and, for the first time in years, your truly feel like a wiggler again, when you played for your with your lusus or when you spent days with tetr-

The salamander that you have yet to know the name of stops at the door of a fairly big white hive, it's the size of a hive a teal blood would probably have, it a certainly bigger than yours.

You still have your arms over your chest in desconfort, in fear of who the hive might hold you quickly grab your binder from your sylladex and put it on as quick as you can- your breath staggers for a moment before it comes back at a quicker pace than before. Your chest is still hurt but you can live with it for a while right?

The yellow resident salamander gives a quick knock on the door.


“Heir?” The reptile speaks at the hive and you wait uncomfortably while trying to deal with your sore upper body.

Silence, again.

“Heir please open this is urgent!”

Although your ears are still quite damaged you can still hear the faint steps inside of the hive, they’re quite heavy and you don't really what that could imply.

The hive’s door opens.