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villainous love

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//izuku's pov\\
I was walking around the city of Tokyo looking for new recruits for my new group. I wasn't having much luck but I kept looking. I let out a small 'tch' when I passed by UA and kept walking until I saw a boy how had yellow hair with what looked like a lightning bolt on the side. giving me reason to believe he has a electrification quirk, perfect for my group. I walked up to him and tapped his shoulder,
"Excuse me I need some help, im new around here and I cant find out how to get back home and was wondering if you could help me find my way" I said faking the fact that I had a tranquilizer in the hand I have behind my back. he turned to me and smiled nodding his head.
" yeah sure I would love to, my name is kaminari denki what's yours" he asked I gave him a fake smile and gave a small bow.
" my name in ackitaro mukumo, thanks for this is really nice to meet you" I said standing back up properly.
"what's your address?" he asked I gave him my 'address', he nodded and turned around and started to 'lead' me to where I need to go. while we were walking I pushed him into a dark ally on a not so crowded street and knocked him, and drugged him up with the tranquilizer dart. I smiled to myself and picked the boy up and created a warp gate then we disappeared seemingly off the face of the earth.
//denki pov\\
I woke up to complete darkness which is weird. I mean one moment im helping this cute dude find his home and the next im apparently tied up with a blindfold. I heard the sound of footsteps approaching to my left and froze. Not having all my senses was nerve racking and I was on edge and going into a panicked state of mind. I flinched when someone spoke
"I know you awake your breathing to fast for you to be unconscious" said the voice that sounded strangely hot.
"who are you, what do you want with me, were am I" I blurted out in a rapid session until I was blinded by the sudden change in brightness. I hissed at the light and blinked at a rapid pace trying to adjust to the blinding gammer rays. when I finally could see again I looked up to see the same kid I was helping but with black hair instead of the forest green he had on before.
"hey what are you doing, why am I tied up, let me go" I said he grinned at me and walked closer.
"my my my, your just bursting with questions now aren't you, you know the saying curiosity killed the cat I kinda don't want to do that your quirk could prove useful, and I don't think your in any position to ask questions. you see I'm not the one tied to the chair completely helpless, your life at my disposal your mind completely mine to destroy. you see my real name is izuku midoriya the leader of the group of villains known as the sirens you heard of us" the man now known as midoriya said I was shocked the sirens were ruthless. even tho they only showed up around three months ago they have the highest death count when it comes to villain groups. they say the leader the man that is standing right in front of me has killed over 2000 people and has never been caught. there has never been a clear sighting of the big bad boss but here he is standing right in front of me in all his evil cold hearted glory. basking in the fear of the innocents that seem to fall off them in waves every time they show their faces. or the masks they ware over their faces. I felt my eyes widen and mouth drop open.
'god dam it, its always the hot ones not to mention he's cute as well' I thought surprising myself.
"the reason your here tho is simple, I want you to join my league you seam worthy and someone who gets along with others, now before you start spewing all that shit about being a hero your not, you don't have your license and not one person at that god forsaken school of yours truly cares about you. they just want to train you to become walking targets to 'protect the public' well I'm gonna give it to you straight. there are no such things as hero's and if there are then the only true ones are underground or vigilantes that actually fight for the good of humanity not for fame witch most heroes do take Endeavor for example he had kids just so he could surpass all might. abusing them and sending his wife insane, he is a bigger villain them me not even I harm or kill children. not directly at least if they commit suicide because i killed their parents or something its not my fault and i don't care but i would never purposely harm a child, you would be better of in my group were excepting here we wont bully you or harm you because you make a mistake we don't care about that we care about you, I'm gonna give you some time to think this over and come back later for your answer i hope you have one by the time i get back" the man said before leaving pulling out his phone and made a call yelling about some sort of deal and payment with deadlines and before the door closed i think i heard something about fire. i sighed in exasperation midoriya just told me alot and my brain trying to comprehend the information handed to me was hurting my brain and i needed a break so i fell asleep thinking about his request.