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(I don't want to) RESET

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Sans was furious. How dare you try to leave him again. He was having the most horrible nightmare about you being taken from him once more, and then he woke to the sound of the car’s engine starting. You were leaving. Nobody was taking you away from were taking yourself away from him. He couldn’t have that.

It was child’s play to stop the car. While his magic might have been weakened by the famine, his physical strength had only increased. As he rounded the car to where you sat, he breathed heavily, taking in your scent, making sure you were still there. His senses were filled with the scent of your fear. Normally he hated smelling your fear but right now he needed to get it through your head that you can’t leave him. He wasn’t going to hurt you, obviously, but you still needed to be punished.


As you sat quivering in the driver’s seat, Sans ripped the car door from its hinges, making you flinch. As he reached out to grab you, your self-preservation instincts kicked back into high gear. You awkwardly propelled yourself over the center console into the passenger seat, and yanked the door open. You fell out into the snow and quickly scrambled to a standing position and took off running. You hardly made it two feet before you were snatched up into the air and pulled against a familiar t-shirt clad chest. No! You did your best impression of a caught fish, wiggling and struggling violently but it was all for naught. He easily held you still against his body, obviously not hindered by your struggling at all. He leaned his head down to speak directly into your ear, causing you to flinch, “Looks like we need to go over some ground rules, babe.”

‘Babe’? Who the fuck did he think he was calling babe? “I’m not your babe you sick fuck, if you’re gonna kill me or whatever just do it already! I’m tired of waiting!”

At that he pulled you away from himself, and you dangled in his arms like a naughty cat. He looked confused, and oddly a bit upset. “‘M not gonna kill you, what the fuck? Is that what you think?”

He had the gall to sound hurt! “What the fuck else am I supposed to think?” You took another opportunity to flail against his grip, although it proved to be fruitless, “You kidnapped me and carried me off to this creepy cabin in the woods! Of course I’d assume you wanted to kill me! It’s a perfect horror movie set-up!”

“ALRIGHT, IT’S TIME FOR A TIME-OUT!” The blessedly loud voice of your savior broke through the burning tension like a bull through a glass door. Papyrus deftly plucked you from Sans’ arms and strode back inside the cabin. Sans immediately started complaining, following at his brother’s elbow and reaching out for you.

“Bro give them back I wasn’t done!”

“Well you are now! Both of you are going to take some time to cool off and then we can discuss this like rational adults.”

“Rational- Are you fucking kidding me!?”

“Language, tiny human!”

“Put me down Papyrus!”

Papyrus ignores you until the three of you are back inside the creepy murder cabin and then he finally places you back on your own two feet. Sans pops up beside you and wraps you in his arms again, pressing his face into the back of your head. You are uncomfortable.

“Sans, what did I say about giving each other time to cool off?”

Sans simply grunts, tightening his grip on you. Papyrus, with a long-suffering sigh walks out of the room, leaving the two of you alone. You whine, “Don’t leave me with hi-”

A bony hand covers your mouth and you retaliate by biting into the hard surface. You immediately regret it.

s t o p

You freeze. The dark tone in his voice frightens you to your core, it makes you feel exposed and vulnerable. Sans sighs heavily, his breath ruffling your hair and raising goosebumps on your neck.

"'M serious. I'd never hurt you. If you'd just stop fighting-"

All this is becoming too much for you, you can feel the heat building in your eyes, signaling tears. You're just so exhausted and stressed and confused by what's going on, you had to break eventually. And you did. It was silent at first, just tears crawling down your cheeks at a rapid pace until you can't hold it back any longer and sob brokenly into the hand over your mouth. He swiftly removes said hand and spins you around to face him. You can't really see his expression through your tear-blurred eyes but he appears almost anguished. Fuck him though. If he thinks you're going to be an easy, quiet, and compliant prisoner he's got another thing coming. You're not giving up.

"Please, please don' cry," he murmurs, and attempts to wipe your tears. In retaliation you slap his hands away, not wanting those claws anywhere near your face.

Since you won't allow him to wipe your tears, he instead pulls you into a tight hug. It would almost be comforting if it weren't for the entire context of why you were here in the first place. None of this is right. None of it is right, but you're tired and scared and weak and you need the comfort, so you take it. You hate yourself for it but you can't help but bury yourself into his embrace. It's warm and soft and feels almost protective. Such a contrast to how he normally feels to you.

After a couple minutes of sobbing and Sans drawing comforting circles on your back, you finally start to calm down. Sans seems to notice and murmurs against the top of your head, "You're still getting punished for that escape attempt, you know."

You stiffen. Sans takes that opportunity to pull his coat from your body (you'd kept it on throughout the night) and puts it back on himself. You're too stunned by his quick motions to even consider running and soon enough he has his coat back on and his hands back on you. He lifts you up to his chest, and deposits you inside his coat, which he proceeds to zip up. It's a tight fit with both of you in it and your head just barely peeks out the top of it. Humming in apparent satisfaction, Sans wanders off in the direction Papyrus left in. Is this your punishment? Coat jail?

Slightly hysterical from your ridiculous situation, the moment you make eye contact with Papyrus, you can't help the desperate bark of laughter that escapes you. Papyrus turns completely around from where he was standing at a basic kitchen counter and shakes his head at his brother's antics and raises his brow bone. At the quirked brow, Sans mutters, "punishment."

As if that answers anything, Papyrus nods sagely and returns to whatever he was doing at the counter, leaving you to your sentence.