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Wine and Coffee

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I sat up in my bed and notice a note attached to my Forehead, I pick it up and read it.


Dear Papyrus,

   It's me your brother Sans, Apparently when I took the day off yesterday, Hotland has gone into chaos and Alphys is trying to fix it, but It just get worst. Anyway, I made you a soup downstairs, eat it and rest which mean NO VIDEO GAMES, NO CREAM CAN, AND NO SMOKING.

- Love, Sans (rest well)


Oh yeah, I was sick and now Sans's work became harder because of me. Why am I this stupid? My mental problem is just making it worse for Sans.. 

I stood up and went outside my room then downstairs, On the Kitchen counter there was a pot of Chicken Soup. I grab a soup bowl and put some soup in it, until I spilled some "Ow!" Due to this, I accidentally dropped the bowl on the floor "No!" I panicked and grab the nearest cloth I found, which is my pajamas and wipe it out to the floor... I'm such a failure.


After I washed it, I tried it again and successfully have a bowl of soup to eat... Drink? I don't know. After I finished the soup, I washed it and went outside to smok- oh yeah, I wasn't allowed to smoke, or play video games.. dang it, guess I have to wait.




I can't stand it anymore, I put on my hoodie and went outside the house and felt the cold breeze hit my body. I grab a stick of cigarette and was about to lit it until I remember that the townspeople can easily see me smoke and tell my brother, so I went in the back of the house. When we move here, my brother told me to never go in the back, I don't know why? But he seems really serious about that. 


I hope he wouldn't mind it, if I stay here...




What the actual Heck!?


There was a door, I tried to open it but it wouldn't budge.. I should probably leave it, I mean my brother did say to never go in here- SCREW IT. I looked around the house, but I couldn't find the key of it. I tried to open my brother's room but he locked it. I looked around the house again until I found a hairclip under the sofa. 


I teleported at the back and lockpick the doorknob again.. again.. and again, until it open. I looked inside and check the side of the doorway and found a light switch. 


I turn the lights on and saw.... A machine? I checked the table at the side of it and it's filled with blue prints with the writings of my brother.. it looks old. While checking the blue prints, I notice a drawer. I open and saw three poorly drawn people with the writings but it's different, but for some reason I understand it.


'Don't Forget'



I was too foused on the picture, I didn't hear the phone ringing..