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Super Trouper

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Their encounters were often stilted and awkward.


From Shouta’s viewpoint, they were two ends of the spectrum. They could easily be nothing more than just acquaintances. If they were both stubborn and willing, they both could test the limit and push for the title of friends. 


Shouta could admit that he wasn’t the easiest person to deal with. Often times, he is grouchy. Easily irritated with a splash of apathetic comments, sometimes with a pinch of sass. He was anti-social, strictly so, focusing more on his dreams of being a hero more than anything in this world.


He was intense. With humor so crass and dry that it toed the line of passive-aggressive friendliness. He was mean to his friends and meaner to those who weren’t a part of it.


It was by a miraculous force that his so-called friendship with Yagi Toshinori managed to work.


As he said, their first few encounters were awkward. When paired with a man whose muscle mass was frighteningly large for a high-schooler, anyone could understand the pressure of being near a said man. 


Especially when both men, skinny and jacked, were part of Yuuei's hero course. Acclaimed to be the best in the world, pushing out heroes who dominate the charts with a ferocity (with kindness) that brought a sliver of safety to the people they help. It was frightening, thinking that the man who was built thicker than a brick house was his senior, part of the big three which they looked up to. If Shouta, who crawled and suffered just to take a seat in the hero course, was supposed to look up and follow a man whose body was a building - in summary, he felt faint. 


It was even worse knowing the said man was his senior, in school and in internships. He thought the fated big-three speech, it would be the last time he would see the powerhouse. Just as he thought about it - as if the universe wanted him to drown in anxiety and coffee - he meets him once more in Streak's agency. Streak, ever oblivious to the Shouta's shoulder rising in tension, decided to tell Toshinori freaking Yagi to take Shouta under his wing.


Cue gay panic.


He was jovial and strikingly handsome. His smile brightened everything around him as if he was the living incarnate of the sun. His dedication and drive have yet to waver from the expectations brought to him. His passion fuels him in every sense of the word.


His heart made the decisions and his brain was just for show. Though Shouta doesn’t doubt that he is smart, he can admit that the man was a bleeding heart that didn’t think twice before jumping in a fight.


Somedays, he is overbearing and intolerable. On others, he was a giant teddy bear whose great joy in life was finding someone to love and to help those in need.


By - probably the same - miraculous force, his friendship evolved to flirting which grew into courting which brought them together as the lovely - albeit chaotic - couple that they are.


“Shouta,” the muscled bafoon of a man - that he so affectionally calls his lover - dropped to his knees, jutting one knee out. “I think we both know that your heart is colder than the mightiest taundras.”


 With a smile that rivaled the sun, Toshi pulls a velvet box from his pocket and opens it. “I can not even express the utter affection I have for you, to tell you that I am so happy to be the one who thawed it.”


Toshi reaches over to the frozen Shouta, grasping the shorter’s hand in a shaky grip. “You bring me so much joy in life that I can’t believe I am alive. You make me feel as if every moment with you is a dream. As if I can’t believe someone as special as you could be with someone like me.”


Shouta feels a prick in his eyes, a trickle that is beginning to slide down his nostrils, an itch in his throat that tells him that the frantic beats of his heart were not just some sadistic dream. He, not once expecting this relationship to bloom, is on a romantic restaurant by the sea, overlooking the nightlife of Musustafu and being proposed to.




“You have every piece of my heart and every bit of my soul. You are my night and day, my every day, my tomorrow and yesterday.” Toshi smiles despite causing his trapped tears to leak down his cheeks. “After being with you, after getting to taste what your love fees like, I don’t think I could ever bear to live a day without you.”


The ring glints as Toshi shifts. His grip on Shouta’s hand is still shaky but it grounds the both of them to the ground, to each other. “Shouta, will you marry-”


His words drift into the air, lost in the sharp pop that fills their ears. In a second, their eyes meet in a confused glance, searching the night sky for the cause of that weird sound. Toshi stands, pocketing the ring while clasping Shouta’s hand, mind racing in the thought that this could be a possible villain.


“A distress signal?” Shouta asks, casting a side-eye glance at the blonde before clearing his throat, cheeks flushing gently as the blonde answers with a grin, both of them bathed in the colorful lights of the city.


Pretty. Toshi thinks aimlessly, softening at the sound of Shouta’s voice. “I think not. Distress signals are usually-”


Another pop echoes. This time, the two heroes flinch as the night sky flashes in green.


They lose sight for just a minute before they regain it. With shackles rising, the two heroes separate and sweep their surrounding, assessing any threats with their backs touching - a silent assurance in tonight’s events.


Silence gulfs them. Their breaths light and their feet lighter as they shuffle about. It took a few minutes before they hear the telltale sound of a child’s tinkling laughter.


They glance around again, hearing the giggles quickly increase in volume.


Shouta deduces that it might be an attack. Subtle in nature but definitely clever in execution. Whoever was baffling the couple was most definitely new to the scene, most likely to be clever and sadistic, going by the sounds of soft pops in the air and the giggles of a child that follow.


Another minute passes and the heroes are starting to freak. This was clearly a deceptive plan orchestrated by a group of masterminds, wanting to take out the two most promising heroes on the rise, Underground and not.


A pop booms directly above them. Shouta meets the flash of green with his crimson eyes while Toshi raises his fits in preparation.


Shouta feels their quirk factor turn off. By the abrupt stop of the green flash, he knows that Toshinori also is aware that the vile, sickening villain who thought they could mess with them, is currently quirkless.


The green flash pops out a blob clad in white. Shouta moves aside to let Toshi deal with the villain, eyes trained at the blob to keep it harmless.


Closer and closer, the giggles increase. Closer and closer, Shouta can see the blob form. Closer and closer-


“Shouta, it’s a toddler!” Calls Toshi, dashing after the squealing little thing at it nears the ground.


Shouta blinks and Toshi jumps from the edge of the shoreline. As if in slow-motion, Shouta witnesses Toshi dive mid-air to catch the toddler, who laughs even more.


A second suspended in time, they hover over the sea before the two crash onto the waves.


Shit, indeed.