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For the Love of Sumo 2

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It had been two months since Kirihito had “taken care” of Reo to save the Sumo club from the class president, and luckily the student council had given him a wide berth. He certainly deserved it after what Reo had done to him, at least temporarily giving him the extra mass to make him feel like a boat. He’d needed the wider berth to be safe from objects around him keep from colliding with them. Considering it was a shock he had been able to eat Reo at all, Kirihito was glad that he himself had been unharmed. He couldn’t say the same for Reo, though he thanked the sumo gods that Reo hadn’t remained on his waistline, instead seemed to be put to good use.

After all was said and done, Kirihito had put on nearly 15 pounds of muscle, distributed around his body. He was more muscular all over and had nearly a physique to match some of the bigger members of the sumo club, though he noted currently looking like he hadn’t had a trace of fat on him. For a while, all his clothes had been tight; shirts, sweaters, trousers, and blushing at the thought, a bit in his underwear. While he definitely hadn’t mentioned that he had actually eaten another student, he swore that he would take to his grave some of the other effects that Reo had had on him.

While he had been bloated from Reo’s form in his gut, it seemed like everything that Reo or his body did made him as horny as possible. First squirming on his crotch, then his belly shifting trying to digest, then additional hormones...He was embarrassed to admit that he nearly couldn’t keep his hands off his sensitive manhood, finding new ways to get off and reach despite his belly’s size and nearly rubbing himself raw. It seemed that after every successful climax, within minutes his manhood was aching and ready to go again. He shuddered to think of how much cum had been over himself, clothes, and sheets. Kirihito wasn’t sure if it was because of Reo or the result of himself spending days doing nothing much digesting, sleeping, and getting off that left him with a slightly bigger endowment than before. It might not be super noticeable to anyone that looked at him, but it was enough that aside from having to get larger clothes, Kirihito had to constantly spend time adjusting his nether regions in his now tighter boxer briefs.

The class president seemed to regard him with a bit of fear, barely wanting to look at him for more than 2 seconds before turning around and heading the other direction. Kirihito couldn’t help but smirk each time it happened. It was something the president had brought on himself and underestimating Kirihito’s fire of sumo within him and willing to do anything for it and his friends. Still he viewed it as a one time thing, never to be repeated again, not unless the president decided to blab.

His stomach gurgled. Kirihito placed a hand under his shirt to feel it growl under his touch. Aside from his muscle growth (and other appendage growth), there had been some other side effects from eating Reo. Thanks to having to carry around all that extra weight and the compression of his lungs and still being forced to breathe, his lung capacity had actually improved to help him fight longer. It still wasn’t up to snuff compared to the rest of the team but it was enough to help him be a more serious contender in the club. Plus thanks to his new muscle and weight, he was much stronger, able to keep his own even better against bigger and stronger opponents. Hinomaru had praised him that he was taking his training seriously and it was really starting to show off before Hinomaru slapped Kirihito’s muscular bubble butt in his mawashi belt. The other side effect, which he wasn’t sure if it was from Reo or if it was from his newfound muscle, was that his appetite had doubled. He was hungry often and even though Kirihito had increased his portions, he hadn’t gained any fat, which was just the way he wanted it for now.

At the team’s occasional trips to the buffet, Kirihito impressed all of them by out eating all of them, enough that everyone couldn’t help but marvel at the roundness of his bloated out abs. He would be beyond full, but he knew if pushed he could eat more. That increased hunger sometimes got so severe that he randomly would drool and think about how someone might taste and feel in his stomach along with a knowing stirring in his loins. Still he promised himself he wouldn’t ever eat like that again. That is, until Hinomaru got injured.

There was a cry out in pain as Hinomaru’s left arm was torqued in a way it wasn’t meant to by Tsuyoshi Kanamori. He had just performed a backwards belt throw on the smaller sumo and Hinomaru felt to the ground clutching his injured arm. It had been a bout between the two schools that was supposed to be a friendly match but Hinomaru’s stubbornness made it so he wouldn’t give up and was injured before the bout was called. Hinomaru winced on the ground, clutching his elbow and fought to hold back tears in pain. Tsuyoshi showed some concern towards Hinomaru as a rival but he didn't want to show weakness as injuries like this could always happen in a professional match. “Sumo is not to be trifled with. We must be ready to give everything to it, and in cases like these, submit to it when we are bettered,” he said as he walked off to join his team.

Hinomaru got up, babying his arm with a dejected look on his face as the whole team worried about Hinomaru and his dream of becoming the Yokozuna and overcoming his height deficiency. Kirihito face went from a look of concern for his friend to a look of scorn and disdain towards Tsuyoshi and his team. He swore that if Hinomaru was permanently injured he would blame them for ruining Hinomaru’s dream. Already his mind was racing over concern for his friend and bubbling hate toward Tsuyoshi Kanamori. He wasn’t going to let this derail Hinomaru’s dream. While Kirihito loved Sumo, Hinomaru adored it, and was fighting impossible odds to obtain his chance to pursue the sport and he wasn’t going to let some brute ruin his friend’s chances. Kirihito from the sidelines, still touching Hinomaru’s back and trying look over Hinomaru to see if he was okay or not, glanced back at Tsuyoshi and sized his up. His stomach rumbled despite having joined the team in eating a few hours before the match.

Kirihito kept his anger contained as best he could, going up to Tsuyoshi after the match. “That was a dirty move when the ref would have called the match,” Kirihito said as he slipped Tsuyoshi a folded slip of paper. “We need to talk. Be at the address on the paper at midnight. Bring your mawashi belt. Tell no one.” He turned and walked back to his team determined. “Hey, it’s not my fault, it’s sumo. There are risks,” Tsuyoshi tried to cry after him. Kirihito muttered under his breath as he walked off, “Indeed there are. To you.”

Later that night, Kirihito waited at the address he had given Tsuyoshi. It was the address to a public park near his house, but was closed after dark. In a sparse corner, he had constructed a sumo ring in the sand, ready for Tsuyoshi to arrive for Kirihito to have his revenge. Just when he thought that the rival team member would not dare to show, a dark figure in a hood showed up. He could ready tell that it was Tsuyoshi in his mawashi belt. It was hard to hide those thighs and bulk with just a hoodie.

“Listen I don’t want any trouble. I was just trying to have a friendly match. It just got out of hand,” Tsuyoshi said trying to defuse the situation. “Well you should have thought of that before you potentially ruined a lifelong dream just because you couldn’t hold yourself back. I’m here to teach you cruel lesson of sumo, just like you had to teach Hinomaru,” Kirihito said getting into position in his makeshift ring. It had been hours since the match and Kirihito’s decision to take matters in his own hands and what had been a low rumble during the match, now was what he felt must have sounded like a dragon's roar, an angry yearning organ desperate to be filled. Tsuyoshi quickly got into position, seemingly unaware of what Kirihito thought was a deafening noise coming from his stomach.

The start of the match was called and immediately the rival sumo wrestlers were fighting each other. Kirihito’s time had indeed increased due to some improved lung capacity, but he was still on borrowed time compared to the stamina of a more seasoned sumo wrestler like Tsuyoshi. His limit had nearly doubled from when he had eaten Reo but Kirihito hid the full length of his stamina even more than he had before to still have some advantage. However, that time was quickly being used up by Tsuyoshi. The bigger wrestler used his weight advantage to try to push Kirihito to the edges and out of the ring. Smeck, smeck, smeck! Tsuyoshi kept on slapping Kirihito as if to knock sense into him. Kirihito tries to push against him but with only some trivial progress.

Finally, though only seconds had passed, Kirihito had to make his move and turn the match around. Seeing an opening, Kirihito grabbed onto Tsuyoshi’s mawashi and heaved him up, even just slightly as a way to walk him back to his side of the ring, grunting as he did his best to set the larger man off balance. Then before he could recover, Kirihito went low to help his own center of gravity and used his finisher, the Head Twist-Spinal Cut, and sent Tsuyoshi to the ground on his back.

Instead of trying to help Tsuyoshi up and finally trying to talk out their differences like Tsuyoshi had thought, Kirihito came over and straddled the larger sumo and sat on his chest. Kirihito struggled to catch his breath again, having gone over his limit once again during the match. Sweat covered the usually glasses wearing sumo and he looked a little pale. But he didn’t that stop him from his intention. Tsuyoshi, exhausted as well tried to get up but Kirihito immediately pushed him back down, hard. “Hey! What’s the big idea! You won! I get it, I should have let the ref end the match so your teammate wouldn’t get hurt. I’ll be better alright?” It was then that he noticed the rumblings of hunger from Kirihito’s as it almost seemed to make both of their bodies vibrate from the movements.

Kirihito, still looking a little weak, looked up at the sky as if he was trying to enjoy the moment and soak it in before looking down at Tsuyoshi with a dangerous smirk. “A wise sumo wrestler said something to my team once. It was this morning I believe. ‘Sumo is not to be trifled with. We must be ready to give everything to it, and in cases like these, submit to it when we are bettered. There are risks.’ Or something to that effect. Well I think it’s high time you learn to submit when you’re bettered. Thanks for the food...” Kirihito said as he licked his lips and opened up his mouth impossibly wide as he cradled the back of Tsuyoshi’s head, tilting it toward him. Just as Tsuyoshi was about to protest his world went black and he felt his head slide down with a gulp.

Kirihito winced to himself as he started to swallow the larger wrestler while sitting on him. It was an awkward position for both of them but it helped keep him in place until he got more of him down. It was hard, his mouth and throat were screaming in protest as he worked down on Tsuyoshi’s head and neck, then slowly stretched over his massive shoulders. Already he thought he would tear himself in two but he had no choice but to keep going. He was determined to show the larger wrestler his place and defend Hinomaru. He wasn’t giving up at any cost. Despite the elder wrestler’s struggles, once Kirihito had him pulled his chest into his mouth, he thought it was safe to attempt a dangerous move that he’d have to attempt or his progress on eating would be stalled. Gathering his energy, Kirihito put his new muscles to use and pushed Tsuyoshi’s above him while he leaned back, essentially pulling the larger man out from underneath him and making his bulk rest on top of him while Kirihito was now on his back. It was the opposite of strategy during a sumo match but when it games to eating someone else it was a much easier position for him to eat in. Not only that but the maneuver had helped slip the nearly 300 pound man further into his own.

As he adjusted to being on his back, Tsuyoshi’s body started to enter into his, his stomach starting to steadily swell as he worked on stuffing the bigger man into his maw. The rising of his belly only helped him eat as it pushed up Tsuyoshi’s body and helped gravity to lower him into his overstretched mouth. Each gulp was like fire as his body protested about having such a huge meal already knowing he was attempting to put in something 3 times the size Reo had been into it. However, Kirihito’s mawashi was getting tight as the intense eating awoken his sleeping giant of a dick and started to signal it too was ready for the meal. Gulp after gulp, the much larger sumo was dumped into the younger, his stomach swelling out. He used his arms to grab onto the large butt and used it as leverage to cram his ass into his mouth. Sweat streaked down his face, his task nearly done. He gulped, the pain in his mouth, throat, and now stomach as they were forced pass their limits and on fire from overwork until muscular legs, then only toes were outside his mouth. Then with some final forceful swallows, Kirihito’s mouth clothes and he focused on sending the last of the bulk into his swelling belly. He could finally breathe and gasped for air while he looked down and watch his gut grow in front of him as Tsuyoshi was forced into his tight confines. Then it was done and over 300 pounds of cramped wrestler rested in Kirihito’s gut.

He was on his back and finally he splayed out, arms and legs out with his belly rising above him in the middle, like he was some bloated landlocked starfish. He sat there, trying to recover and catch his breath, his chest and belly rising and falling heavily. His lungs burned and twinges of pain hit him as his stomach tried to cramp around the massive meal. He laid there in the middle of the makeshift ring in the dark of the park save for one street light that now both highlighted and cast shadow on Kirihito and his immense belly.

Tsuyoshi was not going lightly, struggling around, though he was even more tightly packed then Reo had been. Kirihito turned green thinking that the larger man may make his stomach rebel and he’d have to face him again but he clenched his stretched abs and tried to keep his stomach intact. He bluffed, “Just give up already. You’re not getting out. I defeated you and now you’ll pay for what you did to Hinomaru and just serve to make me a stronger wrestler as well.” He hoped that would help him give up and let his stomach settle but instead he only squirmed more. Just when Kirihito thought he was indeed going to lose his hard won dinner and opened his mouth to heave, instead out popped a huge belch that sent crows flying from the park. He quickly covered his mouth, worried the sound would attract attention in the middle of the night. He tried to pass the rest of the belch and several other ones under his mouth but was relieved when it seemed to help his stomach settle.

Still Kirihito wasn’t exactly used to having an extra 300 pounds added to his body so it took some work to rotate his body enough so he was on his side and then with grunts of effort so he was on all fours with the heavy belly underneath him. He was so large that it touched the ground and slightly even lifted Kirihito off the ground and his shapely butt high in the air. His erection protested painfully in his mawashi and he slightly humped his own belly as a way to try to get his nether regions to calm down. He dragged himself across the ring, erasing its presence with his belly until he reached the light pole and was able to use that as a brace to help him finally get to his feet. He stood there using the light pole as a prop as it swayed a bit thanks to his newfound weight but enough that he was able to rest against it to again catch his breath.

He was exhausted, covered in sweat. He felt like he’d run out of his internal water supplies days ago and was stuck in the desert thanks to his water loss. He was thirsty, he was tired, and had a person in his gut while he was mostly naked in the park. “Great I’m the beginnings of a urban legend.” Still he stood up straight and then leaned back as he tried to counterbalance the weight in his gut as he waddled back to his home. He had had some practice after eating Reo and had even gotten used to waddling around the house as he was digesting and his body put him back in that mode despite a much heavier meal. He had planned this and had made sure that the park was near his house, but still it was a trek as he had to brace himself against walls and rest often to let his legs and lungs have a break. Everything burned, his muscles scream in pain. Still he rubbed his stretched belly as a way to congratulate himself on taking down the much bigger man and coaxing it into settling down.

Nearly an hour after the beginning of their match, Kirihito arrived at his home ready to collapse. He trudged up to his room and half asleep, struggled to remove his mawashi and set himself free. He instantly felt better once he was free and his dick, eager for attention sprang forth and instantly erect, nearly slapping again the bottom of his bigger belly. As if understanding he was home, Tsuyoshi struggled making his already tired body struggle to contain him. He rubbed the sides of his belly, the rest jutting out in front of him and winced, trying to will a cramp to loosen and Tsuyoshi to give up. “Listen asshole, I don’t care how big you are. Mess with my friends or with the rules of sumo, and I will devour you. You’re nothing but food for me now.” To prove a point and to try to help his body recover, Kirihito waddled to the kitchen and grabbed the extendable faucet and tipped his head back and gulped down water from the kitchen sink as fast as he could. He winced a bit as he felt himself stretch and swell out more but he was desperate for water and toying with his meal was an added bonus. He drank what he felt was a gallon or more of water and let his body recover from the quick drinking. “Consider that one last shower before you become part of me. Now if you excuse me, you’re making me horny as hell.” He said returning to his room. He made a quick detour to check himself out in the full length mirror. Considering his state, he was pleased with what he saw, toned body, large erection, and a massive belly jutting out from the rest of him. He sneered a bit as he took himself in, his manhood enjoy the view it saw as well.

Then with a bit more effort, Kirihito finally made it to the bed back on his back once again. However, this time he was much more eager to be in the position, as he let his hands quickly go to his rod and nearly moments after even touching it, he came violently. His stomach clenched again and shot his load over the underside of his belly. “Oh god, I’ll hand it to you Tsuyoshi, you certainly know how to turn a guy on. Even if it’s as food. There, there, I’ll put you to good use. Trust me.” he said caressing his belly and giving it a light pat as he waited for his body to recover. It wasn’t more than a few minutes until his body was aching with need again and Kirihito took it upon himself to hump his own belly and cum again. This time upon release, his stomach made him queasy and after moment of trying to rub his belly to try to settle down, he finally felt something travel up his throat with a loud burp. Disgusted, Kirihito pulled Tsuyoshi’s mawashi belt out of his mouth. “That’s more like it. Now the real fun can begin. I hope you’re ready for a long weekend. We’re going to have a real intense bonding experience,” he said shaking his overly full gut. “How do you feel about video games? Movies? Not that it matters or get a say in anything.” He burped again but with a bad aftertaste. “Ew you even kind of taste greasy...good thing this was all for Hinomaru’s sake. Now settle down and let’s enjoy this weekend as much as we can. I know I will. Ooff you’re so freaking heavy. Good in sumo, good in a meal...Except in heartburn...Where are those tums,” Kirihito said in part to himself and part to his stomach occupant as he got up with a struggle and made his way naked to the kitchen for antacids, his penis thwacking against the sides of his thighs as he walked. “Though I can’t say you aren’t without some added benefits…” He soon went back to his room to enjoy the extra hormones his body was being inundated with as his cock twitched again with yearning. “Some nice benefits indeed.

Several days later, with some additional sick days taken off for good measure, Kirihito arrived back at school. “Hey Kirihito! We missed you! Are you feeling better?” Hinomaru asked while the rest of the team surrounded him. “Yeah, I just had a little stomach bug is all. Something I had to work through my system. More importantly, how are you?” Kirihito asked the smaller wrestler. “Oh I’m great! The doctor said there were not major injuries and I just needed to ice it for the swelling to go down and I’ll be good as new!” Kirihito let out a sigh of relief and felt like a big weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

Kei Mitsuhashi, the other smaller wrestler of the bunch kept staring at Kirihito, looking over him with amazement. “Kirihito? Are you...bigger? I mean you put on a lot of muscle lately but you’re looking super swole!” he commented. Indeed the changes to his body from Tsuyoshi’s donations were noticeable. He coughed to try to change the subject even as the action of bringing his arm to his mouth bulged out the sleeve to prove that there was indeed a larger muscle there. His shoulders and pants were all clinging to him as they had after Reo but now even more than before. “I-I don’t know what you mean. I’ve just really been training hard lately!” Still his cock twitched at being called out on his muscle and size gain. “Everything’s perfectly fine! It just shrunk in the wash!” That excuse worked until they were all back in their mawashi belts and all that he had gained was on display. Kei brought it up again. “Holy crap man! You’re definitely jacked! You really got to put me on that training plan. You look almost as big as Chihiro!” Kirihito looked a little embarrassed as he was called out and everyone kept staring at his muscles.

“Alright everyone. It’s time to get ready for our next match. We against Eigadai Affiliated High School this time and they have a lot of big guys so be on your A game!” Hinomaru said as they all got into a huddle. Suddenly there was a loud grown and all of them stopped and looked at Kirihito’s growling stomach under his impressive abs. “Sorry. The thought of another match made me...a little hungry,” Kirihito said. His expression turned into a sneer as he wiped some drool off the corner of his lips.