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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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Yoongi’s least favorite part of the post concert ritual was taking the picture. He was tired, cranky, &, in this case, wet & cold from the rain during the show. Why did they have to play all outdoor venues? He’d googled it. There were plenty of indoor venues that held the same number of people or more. He heaved a sigh as they walked back to the green room.

“What’s the matter, baby? Tired?” Namjoon came up behind him & hooked his thumb in one of Yoongi’s belt loops. In the back of his pants. So his hand grazed his ass.

“I’m cold & wet,” he grumbled.

“I’ll warm you you up when we get back, baby. You’ll probably stay wet, though,” Namjoon put his nose in Yoongi’s ear so it looked like he was just teasing the older to an outsider. “Hobi can help, too.” That’s when Yoongi perked up.

“I thought you’d like that,” Namjoon smiled as he gave Yoongi’s ass a quick pinch. “Even though it makes me feel unloved.”

“You know I love you, Joon,” Yoongi replied quietly so no one would overhear. “And I love you more when bring Hobi in.”

“Did I hear my name?” Hobi pulled up next to them.

“You did,” Namjoon replied. “Our Yoongi is cold & unhappy.”

“We can’t have that, can we?” Hobi said. He put his hand on the small of Yoongi’s back as Namjoon unhooked his thumb. “We need to keep our hyung happy.”

“Hurry up!” Jin called. “I want to go back & shower.”

“Coming!” Hobi called back.

“Just like you’ll be later,” Namjoon whispered in Yoongi’s ear. Yoongi felt his jeans start to get tight. They all piled on the couch with Tae & Jungkook on the floor. Namjoon purposely let his hand fall between Yoongi’s thighs & Hobi squished next to him where it was obviously too tight for him to fit. The heat from Hobi’s body & Namjoon’s hand between his legs made Yoongi’s breath hitch. He tried to smile for the camera & not think too hard about what they’d do when they got back to the hotel. That look would definitely be inappropriate on camera. Hobi put his arm around Yoongi & Namjoon slid his hand the tiniest bit up toward Yoongi’s crotch for the second set of pictures.

“You’re done,” the photographer said.

“Finally,” Jungkook sighed. He was probably itching to go back to the hotel & let Tae fuck him. It was no secret that those two regularly fucked each other. Tae being loud as fuck when he came gave them away. The rap line, however, had done a pretty good job at covering their tracks.

“I cannot wait to get in the shower,” Jin said as they got in the SUV.

“You’ve said that like 5 times already,” Tae said.

“And it’s been true every time,” Jin replied.

“I might just go to sleep,” Jimin said.

“We’re in a hotel. Jin can’t take all the hot water,” Hobi pointed out.

“Fair,” Jimin replied.

I can’t wait for Namjoon to come in my ass, Yoongi thought. They’d been seeing each other in secret for almost a year. Hobi had walked in on them about 4 months ago & agreed to keep his mouth shut if he could join in periodically.

They pulled up to the hotel & the 7 of them poured out of the car & up to their rooms. As the leader, Namjoon had his own room while the rest had to share. He’d let Hobi sleep in there & they swapped back before the staff did the rounds to make sure they were all awake in the morning. They said their good nights in the hall & Namjoon made a show of going into his room. Then he slipped through the adjoining door into Yoongi & Hobi’s room.

“Come here, baby,” Namjoon said as he pulled Yoongi into him. Yoongi flung his arms around Namjoon’s neck & kissed him hungrily. Namjoon grabbed his ass, picked him up, & dropped him on the bed. He stretched out on top of Yoongi & started kissing under his jaw. “How can we make you happy, baby? What will make our hyung beg for more?”

“I have a little something I brought with me. I thought it might be fun to try,” Hobi said.

“What's that?” Yoongi asked, pushing himself up on his elbows. Hobi pulled a silk bag out of his suitcase & produced a vibrator.

“I was saving it to use on myself, but maybe hyung would like to try it first?” Hobi said.

“What do you say, baby? Let one of us put a toy in that tight, perfect hole of yours?” Namjoon kissed him.

“Yes,” Yoongi breathed.

“You’re such a good hyung , letting us play with you,” Namjoon undid Yoongi’s jeans. “So hard already. So eager.”

“He’s so sexy when he wants us,” Hobi crawled on the bed. He pulled off his shirt. Namjoon stood up to take his clothes off.

“You can kiss him, baby. I don’t mind,” Namjoon said to Yoongi. Yoongi rolled over & crawled to meet Hobi in the middle of the bed, his hard cock hanging out of his pants. Hobi yanked off Yoongi’s shirt as he got up on his knees to kiss him. Hobi’s tongue entered Yoongi’s mouth immediately. Yoongi put his hand on the back of Hobi’s head & held on to his ass with the other. Hobi’s kisses were more aggressive than Namjoon’s. Hobi kissed Yoongi like it was his last day on earth. Namjoon could kiss him hard, but generally his kisses were slower & deeper. His left an impression. Hobi’s kisses sometimes ended with scratch marks.

“Put the toy in my ass,” Yoongi breathed.

“Why me?” Hobi asked.

“Because I want Namjoon to come in my ass,” Yoongi replied.

“I’m happy to come in your ass,” Namjoon got on the bed behind him & kissed his neck. “As much as you want, baby. I’ll come in your ass all night if you want me to.”

“We’ll see how much energy I have,” Yoongi replied, wrapping an arm behind Namjoon’s neck & kissing him.

“Then pants off & let’s play,” Hobi said. They all wrestled out of their jeans & Yoongi lied on his back. Namjoon stretched out next to him & Hobi got on the other side. He lubed up the vibrator & slid it in Yoongi’s pulsing hole.

“Not too much stretch?” he asked.

“Perfect,” Yoongi replied. Hobi turned it on the lowest setting. Yoongi let out a surprised yelp.

“No good?” Hobi asked.

“It is. You just surprised me,” Yoongi said as he settled onto the vibrator. “You can turn it up.” Hobi put it up a level. Yoongi moaned & squirmed against it.

“You like that, baby?” Namjoon’s lips tickled Yoongi’s ear.

“God yes,” he groaned. “More.” Hobi turned it up again. Yoongi started to grind his hips against it.

“Hold still, hyung. Let me pleasure you,” Hobi said. He started moving the vibrator in & out of Yoongi’s ass. Yoongi started to whimper.

“That’s your happy sound, isn’t it, baby? You want more?” Namjoon skimmed his fingers down Yoongi’s torso.

“Harder,” Yoongi whined.

“This is the highest setting,” Hobi told him as he started to move it faster in & out of Yoongi.

“My baby likes it hard. Of course you do,” Namjoon kissed his ear. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard when Hobi’s done with you. You’ll forget all about earlier. All you’ll remember is the feeling of your ass being wrecked & how much you loved it.”

“Fuck,” Yoongi clawed at the sheets. “I’m so fucking close.”

“Let me help you along, hyung ,” Hobi said. He kept thrusting the vibrator, but he changed positions & took Yoongi’s cock in his mouth. He ran his tongue across the tip which was oozing pre-cum & that sent Yoongi over the edge. Hobi kept thrusting with the vibrator as he sucked up all of Yoongi’s cum. Yoongi balled his fists into the sheets & arched his back in an effort to stay quiet. He whined & whimpered as Hobi kept at his dick. He flopped down, panting like a dog when he finished. Hobi turned off the vibrator & slowly took his mouth off Yoongi’s cock.

“Was that good, baby? Do you like toys?” Namjoon asked as he ran his hand back up Yoongi’s chest & kissed him.

“Yes, I like toys,” Yoongi breathed.

“Then I’ll get us some toys,”

“You’re welcome,” Hobi teased.

“Thank you, Hobi,” Namjoon sat up & leaned over Yoongi to kiss Hobi. “You need a minute, baby?” Yoongi nodded. Namjoon crawled over Yoongi to meet Hobi on the other side of the bed. Namjoon settled between Hobi’s legs as he kissed him.

“Only rule is you can’t make me come,” Namjoon said.

“But you can make me come,” Hobi replied, kissing Namjoon’s collarbone.

“Did you have a preference?”

“My ass hasn’t gotten much attention from your tongue lately,” Hobi ran his hands down Namjoon’s sides.

“Are you prepped?”

“Would I ask you if I weren’t?” Hobi nosed at Namjoon’s cheek before kissing him again.

“Trust but verify, Hoseok,” Namjoon rested his hands on Hobi’s thighs.

“Are we gonna play that game, Namjoon?”

“If you want your ass eaten, then yes,”

“I very much want my ass eaten & especially by you,” Hobi moved himself closer to Namjoon.

“Then get on your goddamn knees & show it to me,” Namjoon ordered.

“Yes, Namjoon,” Hobi kissed him again before getting up on his hands & knees, then resting his chest on the bed with his ass still in the air. Namjoon got behind him & carefully spread his ass cheeks.

“You can’t make any noise, Hoseok. You have to be completely silent even when you come,” Namjoon said. Hobi nodded. “Good boy.”

Namjoon teased the puckered skin of Hobi’s hole with the very tip of his tongue. He slowly dragged it across & flicked right at the opening. Hobi grunted.

“Sssshhhh, you need to be quiet. Be a good boy,” Namjoon’s tone was silky as he ran his hands over Hobi’s ass cheeks. Hobi nodded. “That’s my good boy.” Yoongi had rolled over on his side to watch. Namjoon had never rimmed him before. Of course, Yoongi had never asked.

Namjoon slid the tip of his tongue into Hobi’s hole. He slowly undulated his tongue just inside his opening. Hobi started to breathe harder to stay quiet. Namjoon pulled Hobi’s cheeks apart even more & pushed his tongue in further. Hobi moaned. Namjoon smacked his ass. Hard.

“What did I tell you about making noise?” Namjoon picked his head up.

“Don’t do it,” Hobi said.

“That’s right. If you do it again, I’m going to stop & spank you like the ungrateful brat you are,” Namjoon said.

“I’m sorry. I’ll be good,” Hobi replied.

“This is your last warning,”

“Yes daddy,”

Yoongi wondered when they’d developed this kink. Probably when he was asleep after Namjoon had fucked his brains out. That happened a lot. It was a bit much for his tastes.

“Good boy,” Namjoon put his head back down & stuck his entire tongue in Hobi’s ass. Hobi started panting. Namjoon started bobbing his head up & down similar to if he were fingering him. Hobi clutched the sheets & his chest started to heave. Namjoon backed off & went back to teasing barely inside his entrance. He waited just until Hobi caught his breath, then put his whole tongue back in. Hobi swayed his back, forcing his ass up toward Namjoon’s face. Namjoon smacked his ass & Hobi straightened his back again. Yoongi saw Hobi’s cock start to shake. He was panting & sweating. Namjoon held his head in place & just moved his tongue. That finished Hobi. He squirted all over the bed & his thighs as he breathed like he was going to pass out. Namjoon kept his tongue in him until he’d worked Hobi through the orgasm. Hobi fell forward into his own wet spot & Namjoon sat back.

“Did I do good?” Hobi asked as he rolled over.

“You did very good for daddy,” Namjoon replied. “Let me go clean out my mouth before I kiss you, baby.”

“Thank you,” Yoongi said. Yoongi looked at Hobi who was still lying on his back recovering.


“It was a kink we wanted to try & we liked it,” he replied. “You were dead asleep.”

“I figured. You two can keep that kink. Though I might try the rimming part,” Yoongi said.

“It’s awesome. Definitely get him to do it. I’ll show you how to prep yourself,”

“Thank you?”

“It’s an integral part of the process,” Hobi told him.

“I see,”

“You ready for me to fuck you hard, baby?” Namjoon asked coming out of the bathroom.

“Fuck me to sleep,” Yoongi replied.

“What, so Hobi & I can play without you?” Namjoon teased.

“He’s already half asleep & you’ll wear yourself out,” Yoongi replied, pulling Namjoon on top of him.

“You got me,” Namjoon replied. He lubed his dick, pushed up one of Yoongi’s knees, & pushed into him. Yoongi always loved the feeling of the dull pop of the head of Namjoon’s cock entering his ass. It meant his boyfriend, albeit secret boyfriend, was about to have his way with him. Yoongi pulled his knees up & draped his arms over Namjoon’s shoulders. Namjoon put one hand on the wall & the other by Yoongi’s shoulder.

“Ready, baby?”

“Fuck me,” Yoongi replied. Namjoon started pounding into him.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” he moaned.

“Maybe you just have a big cock,” Yoongi said.

“You know how to flatter me,” Namjoon leaned down & kissed him. He tasted like very strong mouthwash & toothpaste.

“I don’t flatter. I tell the truth,”

Namjoon bucked his hips up into Yoongi & Yoongi squirmed under him.

“That’s what I like. I like to see you move on my cock,” Namjoon growled. Yoongi moaned in response. “Do you want more of my cock, baby? Do you want more to squirm on?”

“Yes,” he groaned. Namjoon went longer & deeper until he was hitting Yoongi’s prostate every time. Jin & Jimin were in the room right next door, so Yoongi desperately tried to stay quiet. He dug his nails into Namjoon’s back & stifled cries of passion.

“Someday I’ll be able to fuck you & you can be as loud as you want,” Namjoon leaned down again.

“I’m so close,” Yoongi whined.

“I know,” Namjoon replied. “Which is why I’m going to finish you, baby.” He thrust into Yoongi one more time & Yoongi came for the second time that night, panting & clawing at Namjoon’s back. Namjoon grunted & pounded into Yoongi, his own orgasm swelling & pumping his cum into Yoongi’s ass. They were both sweaty & panting when they finished. Namjoon lowered himself onto Yoongi.

“Are you warm now, baby?”

“Very much, thank you,” Yoongi replied, petting Namjoon’s hair. Hobi had dozed off at the edge of the bed. Yoongi was able to just barely poke him with his foot. Hobi jumped.


“We’re done,” Namjoon said.

“Oh. I guess we should shower & actually go to sleep,” Hobi said.

“You have your own shower,” Namjoon said.

“Gonna make me do the walk of shame? Thanks Joon,” Hobi stuck his tongue out at him.

“It’s an internal door, jackass,”

“Fine. You two have a good night,” Hobi pretended to be angry as he picked up his clothes, but he was really too tired to care. 

“Shower together?” Yoongi said.

“Is there any other way?” Namjoon asked.

“No,”’Yoongi grinned at him.

“I love you, baby,”

“I love you, too,”

Five hours later, someone knocked on the door.

“Yoongi, Hobi, you awake?”

Namjoon picked up his head & looked at Yoongi.

“Oh shit,”